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DJI Mavic Pro Folding Drone - 4K Stabilized Camera, Active Track, Avoidance, GPS

Review from ebay

I have had the phantom 2 vision plus for a few years and it was time to upgrade. Glad i did. Please read the manual there are so many features you wont you or understand if you don't crack it open

He loved it!

I ordered a mavic drone for my husband for Father's Day. We went ahead and gave it to him early since it arrived early! He loved it! He tried to activate it that night but it was unsuccessful. I contacted the company and they jumped right on helping us by contacting the product company and getting a replacement! Great company and will use again!!!

It hovers well

It hovers well, it adjusts to adding propeller guards (after adjusting controller settings), it flies extremely high and returns back to you when signal is lost. Very solid construction, but I do recommend the option to buy DJI $99 insurance within 48 hours of 1st flight ... and buy propeller guards. I have broken a few propellers in the first week.

Bought 2 of these drones

Bought 2 of these drones, purchased 1 of them 4 days after the mavic was announced... took 3 months to receive... While waiting for this drone, I purchased and recommend many aftermarket accessories for the mavic... drone landing gear, waterproof decals, extra batteries, props, carry bag, SD card, drone mat, remote control 3D stick protector, and control adapter for ipad, etc. I had plenty of time to take my time and purchase these items, and also read up on and seen a lot of how to videos on youtube... so I was very prepared to know somewhat how to operate the drone. Now after receiving this drone, I had been waiting so long, so there was no reason I could not take my time to calibrate, go through most of prep before I flew this, changing modes, from stick control to drone control, for very smooth footages. When flying indoors... make sure your radio control reads between drone and controller, do not fly if this is in the red, even though the screen says it's ready to fly... the obstacle avoidance symbol can turn read and can't read, the drone could drift off real fast not giving you much time to control and land.. ( learned this the hard way, damaging props ). I love the tripod mode on this, follow me mode, point of interest, etc... second party apps I recommend to go with the drone is the litchi app, you can do more with this... I am still learning more each time I fly... my first week in a half I always flew in line of site, I am now taking it a little further, still with caution... This thing is a beast, and I love the convenience and portability of drone... I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend.

This is a must have

This is a must have if you are even slightly into making drone videos. It is far superior to my old Phantom 2. The new controller is great. The fact that the drone folds up and can practically fit in your pocket is great. It connects to your controller and gps satellites almost immediately. And I've flown well over a mile away and had no connection issues whatsoever. The active track is a really cool feature that makes this thing a 10/10.