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If you feel like you have ADHD please take the assessment. There is no way better to change your life than to know what you are up against!


Although I haven't received any diagnosis/feedback yet, it was worth it to take just to get to know myself better. The questions were very in depth.


Taking the time to get assessed in an office was difficult for me because every time I would make the appointment, by the time the appointment date came around I would cancel. To be able to do this assessment when I had the courage was a wonderful and possible alternative for me. Do it!!! It doesn't take a lot of time and it's comfortable to do it in your home in private.


I would highly recommend this assessment. You can complete it at your own pace (so long as you keep it all open - if you close the window, it does not save your work). My doctor had no problem accepting this results.


The biggest thing I appreciated was the speed and simplicity of the assessment. It takes so much time normally to receive a diagnosis, and as an adult who pretty much knew the problem, I didn't have the time, money or patience to go through rounds of psychologist visits.


Take your time, answer honestly.


It is easy


Parts of ADHD are honestly superpowers if you have ever experienced them, this lets you learn or at the least a starting point to harness those for good and not destructive.


No sure, as I haven't receive my results yet. Although it was easy I'm not sure of the dr.s response so my assessment in my mind is not complete.


Find a quiet place to complete it


I feel you do a remarkable job of presenting the information well.

Will recommend

I think you've touched a little bit on the emotional aspect of ADHD, but I really think that is important especially for females taking the test because I feel like that's how their symptoms are shown is through emotional regulation.

Customer service

Customer service was great


Likely to recommend


I spent a lot of time researching to make sure that my Dr. would accept this diagnosis.


Do it. Get the answers you’ve been craving. Get some real insight on your challenges.


The assessment was very easy to complete, even for someone who has a hard time staying focused.


Take your time and be honest


I discovered this website during my search for an affordable option for getting a new ADHD evaluation done. It was fairly priced considering the costs of other options in my hometown. I loved that I was able to complete the evaluation, not only from the comforts of my own home but also at my own pace. It was incredibly helpful as a single mother that I was able to start and stop the evaluation as I needed to. I also loved how quickly I received a response with my evaluation results. I received my diagnosis within about 3 business days which was awesome!


If you have had any doubts in regards to ADHD I highly suggest you try ADHD Online Diagnosis Online. It has completely opened my eyes and I finally have hope that I can get the help I need.




Its great and quick but thorough. My doctor had no issues accepting it and moving forward with a plan of care.

Definitely do it

I would say if someone thinks they may have ADHD they should definitely do it. I really liked that I could keep it private, the price was very fair, and it is helpful as a starting point, even if it had come back negative for ADHD. In my assessment, the psychologist listed what other possible conditions I could have based on the screening and this was extremely helpful in identifying what issues I deal with and developing a treatment plan with a counselor and doctor. So no matter the outcome, I think it is well worth taking this assessment.

Complete with a parent

I would let someone know that the assessment does take a while to complete. Additionally, I would also let them know that if their child was completing the assessment, they would likely need help to complete it with the parent's assistance.

Ingenious Innovation

Excellent service and very professional. It is an absolute relieve to take your mental healthcare into your own hands from the comfort of your own home. I had always suspected I had ADHD, but never took action because I feared the insurance companies and making the appointment. It felt like so much to overcome. With this service, I was able to take this process at my own pace, on my own time and decide what steps I wanted to take after the fact. This is an ingenious innovation that will revolutionize healthcare for the common doctor's office avoider. Thank you!


I like how we could fill out some of the assessment, take a break, and then come back right where we left off.

No insurance

I was in-between jobs and did not have health insurance --so the question of having insurance pay for a formal ADHD diagnosis was out of the question. Nevertheless, I still experienced ADHD symptoms and left them untreated. After over a decade of struggling with ADHD symptoms, I was referred to the ADHD online diagnosis. Not only does the cost of the online diagnosis pale in comparison to the other formal evaluations available without my insurance in the area, but also, the time I received the diagnosis after taking the evaluation was quick and efficient. Because of the detailed evaluation and results I received from the online diagnosis, I was able to have a better starting point for determining what kind of treatment options I should seek. Moreover, the time and cost of my subsequent treatment options were reduced because the online diagnosis was so thorough. I appreciate that I was able to take advantage of this online diagnosis because I was able to do so at times convenient for my extremely busy work schedule AND at a cost that I was able to bear, considering I was unsure if I actually had ADHD or not.
Thanks to this diagnosis, I have sought the appropriate treatment and have never been more pleased with my performance at work and in my personal life.


Affordable and easy to complete. Testing for ADHD or learning disabilities in general is tough to schedule, especially with inadequate insurance. Your website provides a great service at a price that is generous. I received much needed accommodations in school as a result. Thank you!

She got all A's

I came to because my daughter was struggling in school. I had taken her to an expensive psychiatrist and they said she was fine and all she needed was to talk to a therapist. I came here and completed the assignment and one of the psychiatrist was able to diagnose her with adhd. I then took the printable report to her doctor and was able to help her. She then got A's in all of her 9th grade classes including a college course. so glad I found this site.

Worth the price

I'm a busy mom who, at twelve, was given ADD medication to try. Although I have had the symptoms my whole life and managed them well, I never had an official diagnosis. I decided to use an online tool for diagnosis purposes, and I'm glad I did. I was concerned about my mental health and this online tool really helped me by giving me not one, but three possible diagnosis. I not only have ADHD inattentive type, but anxiety and depression (very common as a disorder alongside ADD/ADHD. I knew I was feeling like everything was a struggle, but didn't know if it was all linked to ADHD or other factors. I feel like this assessment provided a lot more clarity. I would recommend it to anyone who is suspicious but not ready to go in for a long day (or days) with a therapist just yet. Well worth the price!

Not just ADHD

The website provided an wonderful experience of assessing the proper diagnosis, through a multitude of assessments.
Not only it surveyed for ADHD but also, it did work hand in hand with other life aspects, concluding the real cause of ADHD or if was another ADHD like disorder.

Open on Sunday

I don't get many days off work and making it to see specialists was very challenging. The ability to complete the assessment on a Sunday was the best part for me.


The name of the website is ADHD DIAGNOSIS and I paid for a diagnosis and they said I have anxiety and bipolar and not ADHD. Nobody I go to will diagnos me! Thanks for nothing!


Im grateful for this site. My daughter now has a the diagnosis we've known she's had since she was 3 and we have been able to get her the help she needs. I really like that I didn't have to take her into a facility to be assest, pay hundreds of dollars to be told something we already knew. I also like that my daughter who is 6 didn't have to be uncomfortable being asked questions that she may or may not have understood.


Assessment was for my son. When I could not get an appointment for him locally in a reasonable amount of time I turned to the internet and found you . When we received he diagnoses we were able to take it to his pediatrician for medication management.

Will recommend

I found the assessment to be very thorough and the results to be very informative. I satisfied with my assessment results and happy with the recommendations I received. I definitely will recommend to friends who might benefit from this service.

Eliminated anxiety

Really like how thorough the exam was, eliminated anxiety of in person meetings and questions were very focused. Cant afford multiple in person sessions and my insurance wouldn't cover neuro-psych testing so this was a great realistic alternative.

Thank you!

The service offered on your site, an ADHD assessment online, has been a dream. It was so amazing to be able to do an assessment for my son from home at a convenient time. I was so impressed with how detailed the assessment was in every area of ADHD. I also appreciated the speed of the results and the professional write up from the psychologist who reviewed my son's assessment. Thank you! Thank you!

Very fast

The ADHD online diagnosis is great. It is time and cost effective. I have always felt judged talking about my symptoms with health professionals so I find it way more comfortable to take the assessment at home! A very fast and effective way to
Uncover what is going on in a one hour test! Results are quick too! Thank you!


I liked the ease of which I could start and stop, complete when I had time.


I liked the amount and type of questions asked. It made me feel like you were really trying to help diagnose and not just quickly write me off as ADHD.

No insurance

It was so simple. I did not have to go through insurance, and I could complete the assessment on my own time.


The ease of access and being able to return to the assessment while doing other tasks was very helpful.


I appreciated that questions were structure to asl about my life experiences from childhood to know.


I love that Dr. Morin didn’t suggest our son go on medication. He is only 7 so that was a concern. She gave us some really helpful advice and other ways to handle the hyperactivity. We had our results in 1 day.


I liked how thorough it was and how it asked about my past. No other ADHD assessment has gone into as much detail as this one did.


It was quick and easy. In a busy lifestyle, finding a proper doctor for your mental health is a fulltime job that this assessment handled for me. And the cost of it all was less than a tenth of what I would've had to pay elsewhere My life has been infinitely better since.

No time off work

I can take it on my own time and dont have to take off work for a doctors appointment. It was long winded but I feel it should be to get a proper diagnosis.


I loved how easy and straight forward this test was but it was also very thorough and detailed. I think the types of questions asked were spot on as far as telling whether or not someone actually has ADHD and it took the work of diagnosis out of my drs. hand which was nice.


It asked several questions about developmental development questions and
Learning disability questions and asked several behavior disorders questions. After doing the quiz I it really pin points your weakness.


I like the fact that i could complete it at home and that i didnt have to feel like i was being judged.


I was skeptical at first but after doing more research I knew it was a trusted site.

No judgement

I was scared to visit a doctor for a very long time. I liked that I could take the assessment at home and not feel judged.