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Ruff on the Road

19216 Hamlin St #1
Reseda CA , 91335


Super recomendados los collares, que belleza y originalidad. Lucky mi querido amigo de cuatro patitas lo luce increíble. Muchas gracias

Autumn loves her new collar

We just received the Forget me Knots collar for our boxer mix, Autumn. She looks great in it. The collar is very well made and has several features which are a plus for a dog collar. The large stainless loop for attaching a collar and the black plastic triangle to attach Autumn’s tags to are very secure and large enough to make walking and keeping ID a breeze. We’re hoping Autumn has this collar for many years to come.

My wife loves the leash and Lacy loves sporting her new collars. With your great customer service and unique line of products we will be back for more.

Ellie Mae is really loving her new Neon Electric collar!!! It definitely grasps her personality. Her brother Jethro went for the Urban Jungle collar and says it’s the perfect collar to relax in 💜

Thank you so much for the collar, my dog looks great with it, I also bought the design for the carrier, get wait to get riding with my best friend behind me.

Great invention ! Lovely people that care about their pets and you can truly see the love for animals and each other.

Luke can't wait til the weather improves to show off his new bandana!

Hi!! I received the two collars and they are beautiful!! Thank you!! Alaska with one of the collars. 🙂

My thanks to you and Greg for speedy shipping. My sweet girl rocks the "Beastie" quite well! Happy Trails and Tails!

I just got back from vacation and found the poop bags, they are so cute! I’m giving them out on Father’s Day, I think it’s appropriate, right???

I bought two collars for my new Pups. I love the colors and the workmanship! this is Sadie

Jeff looks great in his new collar. When it warms up again, he'll get to show it off in public again.

Received a lovely, well-made collar from Jess and co. Highly recommend!

Phoebe loves her new collar. Brother wants to know where his is... 🐶

We got an awesome new collar for Zero from our friends Jess and Greg at @ruffontheroad. We stayed with them while traveling through Guatemala on our motorcycle trip of the Americas. While there we visited some really amazing craft markets as they searched for the perfect materials and craftsmen to make their really beautiful and unique dog collars. Definitely check them out for your dogs next collar.

I just love Dingo in his new Forget Me Knots Collar!

I bought two collars for my new Pups. I love the colors and the workmanship. This is Blue.