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585 rose garden drive
McKinney Texas , 75060

Shedding spray

I love the de-shedding product.  My GSD named Bruzer is so much happier.  We did it twice and had enough hair to cover 2 - 20 pound dogs!!! Here is a quick before and after of the first time we did it.

So pleased

I have been so pleased using Doggie D-Shed and Doggie Anti Iitch! I have a non-shedding dog (poodle mix) and he loves being outdoors. That often means he gets dirty, matted and at times itchy. NO problem! I spray a little, rub it in and aaahhhhh, he again looks good and smells GREAT! Not like perfume, but a subtle, fresh scent. No need to bathe him (except maybe 1-2 times a year) with Doggie D-shed and Groom. When I see him scratching ... I spray a little Doggie Anti-itch, rub it in, and he's immediately comforted and I'm no longer annoyed! I love my fur baby more with these GREAT products! 

Awesome product

The product is awesome, my dog loves it!It also lasts for a while, so you're getting good value for your money.