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Don't Die in the Pew

This is a great resource!

Don’t Die in the Pew is such a great read! This book is a great resource for questions that many of us wonder about our Salvation and the author adequately gets her view across and provides biblical truths to back it up. I appreciate the sincerity from the author and the in-depth analyses provided! Definitely recommend this book!

A compelling message that God's people need to hear and heed.

Thorougly researched and rooted in God's Word, a challenging and convicting read that I highly recommend. Dispells many superficially 'feel good' theological views while serving as a call to action to live out our faith.

Loved the book and could hardly put it down!

This book challenges you to dig into God’s Word to seek a deeper understanding of key messages in the Bible that were either not fully understood or known previously. It encourages you to stop relying on what you thought you knew and why you must open the Bible for yourself. It reiterates the importance of why we need to seek the truth and examine our relationship with Him! It is scripture based and has you examine the full message and context of what you are reading, and the history digging into the Old Testament. I learned things I never saw before and am so thankful for the authors willingness to share her testimony. Scripture is brought to light in a way that is easy to understand and brings forward things we often just pass over. I am inspired to continue to strengthen my relationship with The Lord and press on to glorify His kingdom!

Wonderful Book

This is a wonderful book that speaks to all the things that I have discovered over the years. I recommend it as a great read for everyone!


In reading Don’t Die in the Pew, I was truly CHALLENGED to look deep beyond the surface of what I thought I knew about God’ Covenant with Israel and how it relates to my salvation. A common theme throughout this book is the need to, not only read the Bible, but to STUDY the scriptures. I particularly liked that throughout the book as concepts were presented, scripture references were given. These will be helpful as I hope to begin my own journey toward an understanding of the history of Israel and God’s chosen people.

While this is not a heavy, theological book. I am left with a realization the time has come when I need to understand Israel if I am to understand the Bible. Equally important to me is a need to understand God’s plan for the Israel of today. The author proved her point. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

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Theologically-astute, fair, focused, challenging, stretching…

It was a joy to read a book on a controversial topic that presents a strong position, but with a gracious tone. Smith’s work, is a wonderful resource both for the reader who has no background in the history of the church as well as for the scholar.Smith writes to be understood and is a wonderful and gentle teacher. Her work is divided into small, well labeled sections, which allow the reader to digest history in easy to handle bites. It explores the topic of, What is Salvation and examines the question, Does “Once Being Saved” Mean “Always Being Saved”? The book encourages one to discover the hidden mysteries in the Bible.In the end, most of us would agree that life is not all that easy to understand, that the messages we receive from within and from others and from God are not always clear. The book is a wonderful beacon to help in understanding and finding true salvation in the modern church.

Very in depth

I like this book because it has very detailed research. Salvation is a very important subject and we need to pay attention .