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Dr. Andre Pinesett: The Study Doc

MCAT Course

Dr. P is straight to the core. His MCAT course goes all the way from definitions to how to ace his exam! His QBL technique that focuses on learning from the questions is a unique and measured approach! I recommend Dr. P's MCAT course!

Finally, Real Study Advice!!!!

I've just finished Dr. Pinesett's first pillar in his 5 Pillars course and it was really great. As a premed who's looking to refine my study skills, I've been looking at a lot of content out there. I've been suckered into a lot of content out there, too. The difference about Dr. Pinesett's material is that it ACTUALLY gives you ACTIONABLE advice. He doesn't just fluff you up and try to make you feel good and tell you to get enough sleep and send you on your way. He thoroughly lists what you should and should not be doing and then TELLS YOU how to achieve your goal. It's a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend his stuff! The courses I've done are legit and his youTube channel is uncompromising and real.



Dr. Pinsett gives students step by step strategies on not only how to how to study efficiently, but also lists factors that may impede your study time and makes you reevaluate your routine. He touches on points that I do not consider being important and highlights the necessity of those factors that will take your studying to the next level.


I am so grateful for Dr. Pinesett and his program...He gives real advice for today’s pre meds and medical students. I am so happy to have found Pre-Med Productivity!!!
Thank you Dr Pinesett


I recommend Dr. Andre Pinesett, The Pre-med Productivity Expert for authenticity, passion for his work and helping others become fully aware of what lies ahead to the journey of MD or just dominating any area of the life. He is smart, funny and speaks the RAW truth every time. He's the BOMB!!!! #COGG


Thank you for your videos. It helped a lot!!! I appreciate them. �keep up the great work.


Dr. Pinsett ONLY SPEAKS THE TRUTH! He offers authentic advice and genuinely wants the highest form of success for all those who are willing to listen (& execute). His enthusiasm for medicine is palpable, incredibly motivating and he is a prime example of the beauty in relentless hard work and mental toughness! His YT videos and Facebook lives are FREE CONTENT so there's no excuse not to watch:)! #noexcusesjustdominate


The one-stop shop if you are serious about getting into (and dominating) medical school - no matter where you currently are in your journey. Not to be missed. Dr. Pinesett does not deal in generalities or theoretical dogma. He provides detailed, proven, step-by-step strategies for succeeding in college, professional school and life. He is thoroughly invested in his students, holding them accountable for actively putting the strategies in place and successfully executing the tactics. The non-serious need not apply.


Expert advice no matter what field of medicine you are going into or even any line of work. I only wish I found this earlier.


I'm glad I had found the one person to answer all of my questions.


This channel and Dr. Pinesett himself has been a very great help for me in my walk to becoming a doctor. I really appreciate how he finds time to help pre med student while he is doing his residency. He has really motivated me to become things I though I could not do.


Best study courses that I have ever seen! Phenomenal! If you want to get serious and dominate, this is the place to be! #justdominate


Love all the info and studying tips! Great motivation!


He is honest and compassionate! His courses will change you.


A very motivational mentor and coach for students! Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom.

Really Helpful!

Your youtube videos helped me get a 4.0 GPA in my first year of undergrad

Motivation and information!

Amazingly motivating and enriched with information! Even if it was long, I appreciated the attention to detail and prefer thoroughly going through everything rather than rushing! I was skeptical about the idea of paying for the webinar honestly but I was happily proven wrong! would recommend!


My son, the future doctor, and me, his admin assistant in all things application, thoroughly enjoyed 3 hours of the presentation and learned a lot for $25. By sharing his own personal statement and a reference Dr. Pineset personalized his journey to make Chad's journey seem reachable.

Game changer!

Dr. Pinsett provides quality, in-depth information that answers question you never even knew you should be asking! This webinar was the best!!!!!

Testimonial #35

Dr. Pinesett is the real deal. A true expert on the MCAT and the medical school admissions process.

Informative & worth every penny!

Dr. Pinesett is extremely thorough with his webinars and you leave walking with confidence, knowing exactly what you need to do to succeed!

Best tips ever!

This webinar has totally changed my view on the medical school application process and has definitely made me more confident in myself. I 100% recommend this webinar to all premeds.

Excellent Webinar!

This was hands down the best information I have gotten about how to write the personal statement. All the information I garnered from other sources left me confused and without clear steps on how to actually write the statement. I feel properly equipped now to put together an amazing application.