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Dr Jeremy Ayres DO, NC, SBRCP

Menopausal Blues of a 911 Responder

I heard about Dr. Jeremy Ayres on the CarnivoreCast podcast with the group called “The Human Unleashed” in May 2020. They talked about healing that can happen with natural solutions like aligning circadian rhythm with sunlight, earthing and more. I had been eating the Carnivore way for 5 months at that time and lowered my blood pressure, solved severe heart burn issues and had steady weight loss but was still suffering with hot flashes and menopause unless I remained on bio identical hormones. I have always felt that my body was not designed to need medications but every doctor told me “You’ll be on these meds for the rest of your life”. I refused to believe that but every time I tried to go off hormones, I’d get the horrible hot flashes again. Dr. Jeremy was the first doctor to say anything different! He said we can solve this but it may take up to a couple of years. It’s been nearly a year that I’ve been Dr. Jeremy’s patient and since going off all medications including the bio identical hormones and I am so much better. I still have hot flashes but they are very mild and not nearly as often. I sleep like I’ve NEVER slept before. Right now I’m getting more than 8 hours a night. I have never felt so good and refreshed when waking up as I do now. I love not needing medications to just “survive life” - I am thriving and living 100% authentically now. I look forward to how I’ll feel after 2 years of this! Thank you Dr. Jeremy for teaching me to trust my body and heal naturally! Nothing feels contrived or artificial. Life makes sense again!

Help to heal from cancer

I first heard Dr. Jeremy Ayres speak at a carnivore health summit in Spain, May 2019. I was impressed then by his wide view of how to heal body and mind. I did not know that when sitting there, I had a tumor growing slowly in my bladder.
Later in october, same year, I was faced with my growing worry ; Something is really wrong! Diagnosed and then surgery, the next step was to undergo treatment with BCG (Bacillus tuberculosis) instillations in the bladder for three years to prevent a new tumor. This treament has been used as a standard of care for 40 years and still nothing better and safer have been found.
I was shocked and knew that this was not to be my choice.
When I got in contact with Dr. Jeremy Ayres, though Phil Escott, I emidiately knew I needed to work with him for a whole year.
It is impossible to describe in a few words the work he guided me through during this year. He gave me a protocol to work from and our talks helped me realise how I lost my health and also how to work with myself to get it back. It is important to tell that the healtcaresystem in my country totally respected my decision and that I have still no signs of new tumors growing. I can not imagine any other person who could have given me a better help to heal, and I could never ever have done this on my own.
From the bottom om my heart,
forever grateful for the work you are doing.
Kind regards from Norway

Life Changing

When I first met Jeremy I had been ill for approximately 14 years. I had always wanted to get to the root of the issue and had refused drug treatments entirely. I had, however, had extensive surgery and had been left with some debilitating issues which had, slowly but surely, taken over my life and left me anxious, depressed and virtually housebound. I had lost any confidence that I previously had, having hardly left the house for approximately 10 years.

I had sought and found ways to keep myself physically healthy in terms of avoiding the return of the progressive disease, but the situation had left me constantly tired and lacking in energy, focus and motivation. The addition of family problems around me had left me feeling powerless to change. I did not believe I had a future and felt strongly that I had wasted my life. It was hard to understand why I felt so stuck in what was an intolerable situation. I consider myself reasonably intelligent and resourceful, but I was unable to see a way out.

I met Jeremy in person and had a consultation with him. It was an act of desperation. I didn’t think it would make any difference but I had nothing to lose. At that point in my life I did not want to go on.

I’m not sure how he did it, there was no drastic lifestyle change involved, but over the following few months I started to believe that there was hope. Jeremy was the wisdom, the catalyst and the guide. He managed to subtly change the language that I used about myself and my life and the way I saw myself changed slowly until I started to believe in myself again. Always positive and endlessly patient, Jeremy has a special quality of understanding and getting to the heart of the matter, however painful that may be at the time.

I can’t quite find the words to express how grateful I am and how much better I feel. I have worked hard to get here, very hard, but without Jeremy’s direction, insightful observations and endless optimism, with just the right level of nagging, I do not think I would have been able to change. It is not over, I have work to do, but I am going forward and that’s all I could have asked for.

Partner in Healing

I first met Dr. Jeremy when I heard him speak live at a health conference. His approach to healing was so unique that I sought him out immediately for help with an auto-immune condition. I was exhausted, suffering from extreme stress, and my health was on a downward spiral. During our first session, he showed a unique ability to get right to the heart of the of the issue. He followed up with an amazingly detailed protocol - several pages filled with targeted recommendations to address my specific health concerns. I was so impressed that I signed up for a package with personalized sessions via Skype. Dr. Jeremy not only addressed my health condition, but - more importantly - he helped me transform my entire relationship with myself - how treat myself, how I relate to others, and my very approach to living life. With his help, I’ve gone from a place of fear, stress, and fatigue to a place of joy, energy and well-being. Today, I can honestly say, “I feel great again!” And for that, I’m forever grateful!

Miracles CAN Happen!

"This might sound cliché but miracles do happen! What started in November 2017, as a common cold and a small “infection” my wife was prescribed (over three months) three different sets of antibiotics by our GP and in a short space of time was the beginning of 18 months of very poor health for her.
During these 18 months she had 10 different investigations/X-Rays/consultations (so many tests that I have now lost count), more medication and in the end, they kept saying that they can’t find anything wrong with her and made her feel that nothing is wrong with her. They said to her to keep taking the medication!
By now she had to give up her job and was unable to drive and was now walking with a walking stick, as she just could not bear the pain walking upright. She always felt tired, had to sleep a lot and was losing hope of ever being well again and just could not see an end to her pain. In addition to this her confidence had been knocked tremendously.
Then Jeremy entered her life. After her initial Skype consultation, Jeremy made her see that she was Tox-sic!. Two days later, Jeremy came to see her and laid out a plan how he would treat her.
In one weekend, the treatment she received from Jeremy allowed her to “bin” the walking stick. For the 1st time in 18 months she was able to walk up the stairs unaided and WITHOUT a walking stick and the pain that she had had for 18 months subsided completely.
Three months has now passed, and she continues to have monthly treatments from Jeremy. Thanks to Jeremy she now has her life back and trying to make up for lost time.
Jeremy’s ability to listen to her is what has made all the difference. His treatments have allowed her to get her life back on track.
If you are unwell and cannot find the answers through the traditional methods and want to be well again, Jeremy can AND will help you. All you have to have is open mind and willing to introduce a little bit of change.
Thank you Jeremy for giving my wife back to me and making her well again."

A true professional to work with

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ayres earlier this year. Having worked in the Alternative Health field for over 25 years, it's rare to find such a professional and knowledgeable person with such a wide range of expertise. Dr. Ayres doesn't approach health issues from a singular viewpoint but addresses all underlying causations, environment, diet, as well as childhood traumas and emotional discordances. Working together in a business environment, he has shown incredible organizational skills, perseverance and enthusiasm for new projects and potentialities. I sincerely look forward to some future endeavors together.

Great Multi-dimensional Approach to Health

It's so hard to find a doctor that realizes that diseases can be caused by emotion turmoil, poor diet, inadequate sleep as well as infections, toxic exposures and physical trauma and that the best answer is usually not a pill. As a fellow doctor with 30 years experience I feel that Dr. Ayres is definitely a doctor that understands and know how to use this approach.


For the last two years I was experiencing pain in my lower back and hips due to what I think was a serious fall and being hit from the rear in my vehicle. I was told by a medical doctor that it was sciatica that was causing the pain. I was given a muscle relaxant and told to do various exercises like swimming and walking etc. I did.

However, the pain was still there so I went to an acupuncturist for a series of treatments, this did not help! So I tried a chiropractor, I got some relief but the pains were back again and manifested itself in other parts of my body. This pain was of and on for a while so I had seen the sign for the Pain Free Clinic months ago as I walked by Enterprise Coast road when I go walking for my daily exercise. I said I must try this place to see I they could help me because on Monday 13th May 2014 the pain was unbearable . I am happy to say they did.

The initial consultation was very good and accurate and what was identified that was causing the pain was shocking. My right hip, shoulders, and spine were all out of alignment. I had an idea that something was not right with my right hip because it hurt more than the left hip. Once I got my first treatment I felt so different and the pain is fast disappearing I feel a whole lot better now.

What I also like about the clinic is that they educate you on total health.So far I have recommended the Pain Free Clinic to so many people already and will continue to recommend it to everyone I know that may have a health problem.


Thank you THANK YOU!! After years of suffering with dizziness, and thousands of dollars to the best doctors locally and abroad, and being told that she had vertigo and had to learn to live with it, as there is no cure, I am so pleased to report that after just 5 weeks of visiting your clinic, my Mum is a NEW human!! She says she feels alive again, and can function normally again!She no longer spends entire days as a prisoner in a recliner chair, but she feels well enough to cook, sweep and even return to the gym. She is even talking about driving her car again! The dizziness and fear that she had a brain tumor that was not being found, which was crippling her, has dissipated, for after all, feeling so ill every day something had to be wrong! Well something was wrong, she was dehydrated to cell level and full of toxins - she is well on her way to recovery - but even if no more progress is made goimg forward - my Mum, who had NO quality of life, is ALIVE again - Her own words!!! I know that every day can not be a good day at her age, but at least I have the comfort of knowing that she will ENJOY a quality of life that will bring her some joy for the time she has left in this world!Thank you Jesus for introducing me to Jeremy, and at a time when I was desperate to help my MUM, as this left me open to new ideas!! Thank you Jeremy for giving me my Mum back!!!

Breast Cancer

Having been personally recommended to contact Dr Jeremy I did so by Skype from England. After three one hour consultations and following his suggested regime I feel like a new person and am confident that the changes I made to my life will bring the desired result. His methodology has been a real eye-opener and a blessing and I would highly recommend him to anybody. 


Thanks so much for your help and I am feeling so much better it’s amazing to me that just the small things I have done have made such big differences. I am now only on one medication (blood pressure) instead of 4 or 5 and have not used my inhaler since I talked to you. Thank you so much Dr Jeremy.


I have been in pain for the pass three years from the moment I am awake to when I fall asleep, saw varies doctors who put me on a cocktail of analgesic which had little effect but just made me sick. I have had all the test in the medical book completed and at one point was told that it is something that I will have to live with. What a daunting prospect to life.

I left England with my cocktail of medication for Barbados still in pain, then the Pain Free Clinic was then recommended to me, with nothing to lose I contacted Jeremy, this was the beginning of a change of life for me, I remember sitting in his office thinking where have you been all my life.

Within the second week of following his suggested Health programme,, the back pain had started to subside and I was also able to discontinue the acid reflux medications. I am now into the four week and having days with out pain, the programme also gave me a different prospective on how I live me life.

I feel truly blessed and grateful to dr Jeremy and to the person who recommended him to me. I therefore would not hesitate to recommend Dr Jeremy & the Naturally Better Clinic.

Thank you

Prolapsed Lumbar Disk

On behalf of my husband and myself we would like to thank Jeremy for putting my husband back on his feet again. For the past seven months, my husband Jay was suffering from back injury and could not walk straight because he was in constant pain, but then one day sis Rudder heard about Jeremy and she told us about him, so i decided to make an appointment for my husband Jay to see Jeremy, which was on the 20th of June 2013. i could not go with him on that day so i send my neighbor to accompany him, That was a day i will never forget, when i call 2 find out how he was doing i was greeted with the news that he could walk again. I was overjoyed. I thank God for giving Jeremy the ability for helping others to get well again, and that God will continue to bless him and his family.
Thank you.


I have been in pain for the pass three years from the moment I am awake to when I fall asleep, saw varies doctors who put me on a cocktail of analgesic which had little effect but just made me sick. I have had all the test in the medical book completed and at one point was told that it is something that I will have to live with. What a daunting prospect to life.

I left England with my cocktail of medication for Barbados still in pain, then the Pain Free Clinic was then recommended to me, with nothing to lose I contacted Jeremy, this was the beginning of a change of life for me, I remember sitting in his office thinking where have you been all my life.

Within the second week of following his suggested Health programme,, the back pain had started to subside and I was also able to discontinue the acid reflux medications. I am now into the four week and having days with out pain, the programme also gave me a different prospective on how I live me life.

I feel truly blessed and grateful to dr Jeremy and to the person who recommended him to me. I therefore would not hesitate to recommend Dr Jeremy & the Naturally Better Clinic.

Thank you

A true Healer

Jeremy may be called a doctor, or a physician or an naturopath or any of those names that we know. But what he is in essence, a creative, talented and a very connected true HEALER.


Hey I would like to begin with my name is Patrick K... and I reside in Brooklyn New York. I came down to Barbados at the beginning of July and stayed till beginning of October. I have had an addiction problem with heroine and felt the need to better my life and take action or I would not be around here today to tell my story. I went down to Barbados and stayed with my Aunt who lives there. My Aunt heard through friends on the island about Jeremy. I had severe back problems due to my to toxicity levels from all the drugs I was on. I did a 12 week program with Jeremy. At first I was a bit skeptical about the program he wanted me to cooperate with, being that I had never been to an Osteopath. I had always been to the regular M,D who had really never any intentions of getting me better. They were interested in wealth, opposed to health. I had noticed day by day since beginning the treatment I had started to feel better he had put me on a all raw food regime and to fully rehydrate myself by drinking nothing but water. He had also introduced me to the miracle medicine named Moringa which I would take every day. He had also put me in to Apple Cider Vinegar which would balance out my acidic levels. By week 6 I really started to feel a good 75% better and felt light within my life from being in the dark for so long. At week 12 I felt 110% fully up to par and felt like my old self once again. Jeremy had opened my eyes to show me there is so much more to life by fully understanding the addiction problem and sincerely caring about me as a human being. I could tell he really took pride in his line of work and really wants his clients to fully prosper to there full potential. He had not only helped me save my life as a client, but we had become good friends in the process. The actual treatment he worked on with me pertaining to my back not only played a significant roll, but it was also the conversations we had with one another and truly opened me up to the world with his wisdom and intellect. I highly recommend seeing Jeremy for his all natural treatment because he had turned my life around. Till this day since being home I am still sober and still live day in day out by continuing his treatment. I can't begin to thank him enough for helping me. Yours truly Pat!


Hi Doctor, John is under your care about 6 months already. The progress is grate. You asked on the last Skype conversation how John would rate his pain level if one is the strongest and 10 is the less pain. He wasn't at home that time but I asked him and his answer is 9. I know my husband since 12 years. I didn't know, he is not healthy. He was working his daytime chef job in the restaurant and in the first 6 years he always had a night time second job. Of course he was always tired. He had arthritis that bothered him on his knee, or ankle, or wrist, or his back. He always had pain somewhere in his body. He had overweight snacking all day long on the fried food in the kitchen and he got every little virus in the work. He had cold or flu symptoms very often. But he didn't pay attention to any of this. He told me many times “ this is the old age” what I never wanted to except. He was saying it since he was just 54-55 and now he is 63.

Then he started to worry. First he just felt to loose his energy, and physical strength. Then in October 2013 he thought he slept wrong one night when his neck started to hurt. Then his shoulder, his arms started to get numb – he thought he has an heart attack – and finally he went to the emergency room. After visiting several doctor offices and $12.000 healthcare bill, they figured it out, he needs to have a surgery on his four discs in his neck and he would loose 30% of his flexibility to “heal” him. Eventually he even had an accident when he fell and damaged his discs in his neck extremely.

Fortunately I heard an interview with Dr. Ayres. I felt right away he is really knows how our body works. He handles the body as a whole. With his program my husband started a new diet, and with the necessary supplements and drinking a gallon of distilled water daily, he started to clear his body out. All the toxic accumulated in his body over many-many years came to the surface with pain, weakness, burning sensation and even pealing his skin off.

He is in the sixth month of his recovering; he is on half way. He lost 40 Pounds, his energy level is coming back (it is about the same level when we thought he is not sick), he has no more pain just sore from using his muscles again after several months of weakness. His skin smoothed out and he didn't have any cold symptoms since six months. People who didn't see him for a while can't even recognize him.

We learned a lot from Dr. Ayres about how amazingly our body works and heal itself from any disorder. It should be common knowledge for everybody on Earth. Thank you.

AIH/PSC (Auto immune Hepatitis/ Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and Ulcerative colitis- HEALED

Our Journey back to health.
Seeing your child chronically ill with an “incurable disease” is a devastating and soul destroying experience that no parent should have to endure especially if they don’t have to. However, bringing them back to health is the most rewarding, uplifting, powerful thing a parent can feel. To buck the trends of mainstream medical advice and “expertise” and put it all on the line for a chance to heal your child is fraught with danger. We live in a time where the system does not allow the patient to seek alternative methods healing.
Our daughter was born healthy in 2009, the first medical intervention started the day she was born receiving a vitamin K injection, the following 12 months she had more vaccines (as per the schedule) from DTP, polio, HepB, HIB and Varicella that year she had constant problems with constipation on and off as well as the inability to sleep through the night. We tried our best to alleviate her issues with numerous Doctor consults to no avail. At the end of 2012 she was diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis.
Early Jan 2013, now 3.5yrs of age she had diarrhoea motions for 4-6weeks the stools contained mucus, pale in colour and contained blood as well as abdomen pain. During her overnight stay at hospital her skin on her feet and legs become covered in bruises. She started to have pain in her joints and swelling. After a few days the purpura subsided.
In May 2013, she suffered another 4 weeks of abdomen pain, fever and diarrhoea which can only be described as alarming. They contained large blood clots sometimes green and pale in colour. We again went to seek medical help and they did bloods and discovered her LFT’s (Liver Function Test) were elevated. They gave a diagnosis of HSP (Henoch-Schonlein Purpura)
In June 2013, another bout diarrhoea, the eczema worsened with no relief in sight.
In July 2013, her LFT’s were still elevated, her bowel motions were more explosive and she now developed black dots and ulcers on the inside of her cheeks.
In September 2013, We were sent to specialists in a larger city to do further testing as the Doctors from our home town now suspected IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)., They ran numerous tests on her such as comprehensive bloods, ultra sound, Endoscopy, colonoscopy, liver biopsy, bone scan. The duration of these tests took about a week and a half to come to a diagnosis of AIH/PSC (Auto immune Hepatitis/ Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and Ulcerative colitis. The doctors informed us that these were lifelong diseases and that she would be placed on immune suppressants as her immune system is attacking her liver and intestinal lining. We were given a possibility of 5-8years before a transplant would be needed. They informed us that the drugs that were going to be prescribing may cause her bones to become brittle. When it would come time for the liver transplant they would most likely remove the large bowel so that would “cure” the Ulcerative colitis. That would mean she would be fitted with a colonoscopy bag. The treatment requires suppressing the immune system and they recommended she have further vaccinations.
With this devastating news the Doctors were satisfied they had come to the conclusion and with this news we drove home battered, destroyed and helpless with a future painted so bleak.
After those final vaccinations, she suffered from an adverse reaction to one of the vaccines. She was unable to put pressure on her leg where one of the vaccines was given. It was red, swollen, extremely painful and hot to touch this it made it difficult for her to walk. We tried to advise the doctors about it, however, they didn’t want to record this as an adverse reaction because they didn’t know which vaccine was given in the leg at the time.
Upon arriving home we set to work and trawled the internet to find an alternative way to help heal her somehow or another. We changed our diet to include fresh whole foods cleaned out the pantry of all things processed. Anything containing wheat /gluten was out, sugar gone and as we started to become aware of the negative affects these foods and what they do to the human body. We wanted to give her the best chance to heal so she would need nutritious clean and wholesome food. Research, research and more research……
2014 was again plagued with abdo pain, cold /flu, sore throat, rashes, itchy scalp, and tender glands behind ears, tooth abscess, ear infections. All the while on prescribed medication –Prednisolone, mesalazine and then 6mp came on board.
In Sept 2014 We spoke to various specialists in our country who kept giving us the exact same outcome -unhappy with what they said as I was desperate to find a better outcome for our daughter. Onto the internet again and found Denise Otten’s book “Curing Courtney”. I bought the book and read it.
In Early 2015, We made contact with Denise to talk to her on what she had done for Courtney; I wanted to hear her voice to see what it was all about. Denise couldn’t have been more helpful. We spent long periods on the phone discussing the finer details and kept in touch by messaging. During this time we weren’t mentally ready to stop the pharma meds as fear of retaliation from our doctors remained and that the actual belief of these drugs were there to help her. We spoke to our doctors about this and they stated they did not support this (vitamin protocol) and that if things were to decline they would take “legal action.” I understood this to be a threat to report us to the legal system to remove our daughter from our care if we were to deviate from “mainstream medical recommendations” They highlighted to us that their methods were backed by “science” and that it was the only method approved by the government. A lot of possibilities race through your mind in this situation. We decided to use the vitamin protocol in conjunction with the drugs.
In May 2015, less than a month of starting the protocol her LFT’s were the lowest they had been since diagnosis. Even though the LFT’s were still not within range it was very encouraging to see such a dramatic response. These dramatic results from what I can only attribute to the vitamins were denied by our doctors saying “the disease can do this, there’ll be times of highs and times of lows”(referring to the LFT levels)
We searched for more ways help resulting in sending her stools to be analysed, they found imbalances within he gut bacteria. We worked on making changes to her gut flora through specialised probiotics that were specific to what she required.
We continued with the vitamins as well as the pharma drugs and her Lft’s stabilised, some even dropped within range, others stayed elevated. Seeing her LFT’s reduce was fantastic, however, she still was ill regularly and suffered with colds, sore throats, ear infections, etc. For a period of about 3 weeks she was absent from school more than she attended.
Again we looked for more help and we found Dr. Jeremy and organised a Skype session. He reviewed her detailed history and planned to bring her back to a healthy state which he said he needed 3 months to a year. He stated “she is not sick she is Tox- sick” from all the vaccines she was given. Her “issues” according to the body’s natural process were showing up as symptoms that the mainstream doctors were suppressing with pharma drugs. He also said “That the body doesn’t know how to work against itself” what the body was doing was not in fact attacking itself but trying to rectify itself and get rid of the toxins. He explained that we (and our doctors) were not facilitating this process (we didn’t understand what the body was telling us). Dr. Jeremy also explained to us that we needed to stop the pharma drugs (as Denise had advised earlier) as they would hinder the recovery process. The chemical drugs will do more harm than good he advised, so we finally came to a decision, through desperation and feeling that time was running out -we agreed to do it this time round.
So, off we went to the next phase of our journey. We purchased the recommended vitamins and minerals that Dr. Jeremy advised. We also started a detox diet with bone broths (like GAPS) and regular visits to a sauna while still taking the ALA. We bathed in Epson salt baths and just observed the changes in our daughter. We included regular time outside to soak in the sunshine and walk with bare feet contacting the ground daily. To our surprise things gradually got better, week after week her condition improved, contrary to what the mainstream doctors would have you think (when someone stops taking their medications.)
We had purchased a 3 month supply of Bravo yogurt (GcMaf) and suppositories to assist in making her immune system stronger. We took Moringa supplements and ACV (apple cider vinegar) with Celtic sea salt mixed with juice for taste and Colloidal silver, with a few drops of Fulvic minerals before each meal. Our diet contained mainly organic and as fresh as we could get as well as seasonal produce. We still didn’t consume sugars, wheats and packaged foods as these would only hinder our goal. He explained to us the moon cycles and the influence it has on the human body. Her body was going to be doing what nature intended during the detox cycles. What we observed was absolutely amazing just like clockwork her body responded to the full moon just like he had said. This happened not just once but several times through our healing journey.
We regularly kept in contact with Dr. Jeremy throughout our period of healing fortnightly then monthly as things improved and we gained confidence. I remember on our last skype session ( the “3 month” mark) he asked for any occurring symptoms ….where my wife and myself just looked at each other (shaking our heads …No, and shrugging our shoulders) and looking back at Jeremy and couldn’t think of any symptoms. Jeremy then sat back into his chair’s backrest started nodding his head (in a yes motion) and said “How does it feel to have your daughter back?” I get emotional every time I think of that, as it this was the realisation that it is possible to bring her health back from this terrible illness or if you like state of toxicity. It’s absolutely amazing that our dreams have come true.
We would like to thank Dr. Jeremy Ayres and Denise Otten for their encouragement, support, expertise and caring nature for giving us our lives and our daughter health back.
I have absolutely no doubt this would have been otherwise unachievable with mainstream medical intervention. We owe you guys so much I cannot find the words to describe how we feel- we have our daughter’s health back!
I thank you for sharing our story in the hope that more people will make the shift to better their health and healing journey.
Thanks for bringing light, health and happiness back to us, love always …..

26 breast cysts - ALL GONE!

After constantly being ill most of my life, with one illness after the other, thousands and thousands spent on Dr's , scans, test and then finally being told I had 24 breast cysts with a prescribed treatment to have a double mastectomy I had reached my lowest point. I had heard of Dr Jeremy before and decided to go for the consultation. Thank-God I did!! He managed to make sense of my entire health history and identified the main cause of my dis-ease as mercury poisoning from all the dental work I had, pus I used to play with mercury as a child. We began a treatment protocol until I could raise the funds to have the dentistry done. After 16 weeks I threw up a huge fever and flu, my breasts where on fire for 3 days with gunk coming out of every where. I felt I would die. After three days all my breast cysts had gone!! Since then I have improved and improved and now just had the last dental filling (poison) removed from my mouth and I have never felt better in my life. I finally feel alive!! Thank-you so much Jeremy and Natalie. Love you and may your god work continue and spread far and wide. Always grateful, Raihanah, Barbados.

Severe Postpartum Depression

I sought out Dr. Jeremy Ayres' help after months of struggling with severe postpartum depression nearly a year and a half after having my second child. Prior to being introduced to Dr. Ayres, I had a gamut of tests done by medical doctors in my city that all came up showing that I had nothing "medically" wrong with me. I knew on a much deeper level that things were not right and I was not about resign myself or accept my situation and state of dis-ease. During that period of my life, I would wake up after 8-10 hours of sleep only to feel more tired than when I went to sleep. My energy was at an all time low during the day, I struggled with muscle aches and constant body pains, among a long list of other ailments. I remember telling Dr. Jeremy early on in my treatment plan that I felt closer to being 80 years old than my true age of 40. Fast forward to today and I feel energetic, vibrant and back to my old self. I have Dr. Jeremy Ayres to thank for this. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful doctor who listened to my concerns and treated me as a whole - body, mind and soul. He is a talented and caring physician who will set you on a path so that your body can naturally heal itself. Dr. Jeremy Ayres is a true healer and a passionate teacher. I can't recommend him enough to anyone looking for a better way to restore your bodies natural balance.

Lyme disease autoimmune disease.

I have been suffering from Lyme disease, leaky gut, candida, heavy metals and the ebv virus for over 5 years now. I had seen so many functional doctors naturopaths and was not making any progress. Supplements after supplements and protocol after protocol with no progress. I had depression and suicidal thoughts by this stage.

I was given Dr.Jeremys details on a Facebook Lyme disease group. I thought another functional doctor. I told myself keep trying until you find the right doctor. I contacted Jeremy and he put me on his protocol for an initial 3 month period.

My depression went, no more suicidal thoughts. My gut problems improved . He addressed my emotional physical and psychological symptoms and to be quite frank pulled me out of a hole I thought I was never going to get out mind was clearer and my strength improved.

His approach to my healing is a breath of fresh air. Stripping back all the bs and getting to the root cause of the matter. I e. A toxic body needing detoxing and nutritional support along with gut health. No bombarding of mountains of supplements as done by the previous naturopaths.

I am on the right path now, I have seen improvements in my health, big improvements. I still have a way to go as I was ill for a long time.
However I have found the right doctor and I am happy to recommend him to anyone.

I have Dr Jeremy to thank for all of this and I can finally see a future for myself whereby I will be 100% well. I am confident of that now.

Cause of mysterous illness identified!

Jeremy helped me identify the real cause of my almost 24 year mysterious suffering! I falsely believed it was an autoimmune disorder. I was disappointed that despite his protocol not being as effective as I'd hoped, he lead me to an area I was completely unaware of. It required surgery. Im so grateful that he was so outspoken about this topic, it resonated 100% for me. Iv since had the life saving surgery and literally feel like Iv got a second chance in life. I will be doing his protocol again, knowing with certainty that it will be effective this second time, as now the cause has been removed. Im appreciative of practitioners like Jeremy who have the courage to speak out and educate humanity about all the hidden causes of our suffering...and offer simple advice thats common sense and practical to implement. Thank you, ill keep you posted with my healing progress!

CIDP, or Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

I found Dr. Jeremy Ayres when my ex-husband was in the dark days of a serious auto-immune disease (CIDP, or Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy). Basically, he could barely walk ten paces without having to sit down. His skin had erupted in horrible black patches and sores on his hands, arms and head. He was chronically fatigued, suffering serious brain fog, and a host of other symptoms. He had been a vegetarian for 54 years. Dr. Jeremy put him on a new diet that included bone broths and probiotics. We also took him off statins. Three months later, the results were extraordinary. His skin cleared up, his energy returned, and his depression lifted. And he was able to walk a whole kilometre without sitting down! He still has a ways to go but is now committed to his health in a way he has never been before. I highly recommend Dr. Ayres to anyone dealing with a loved one who resists looking after themselves. His humour, humanity and knowledge are incredibly valuable. I am so grateful to him for helping me to reach this wonderful and stubborn individual! Thank you!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Healed

To me Dr Jeremy exemplifies the ORIGINAL Hippocratic Oath (which has, in modern times been lost and inverted from it’s intended purpose) to not only ‘do no harm’ but also to treat a person (not patient!) that has a state of ‘dis-ease’ with respect, dignity and compassion using all knowledge and faculties at their disposal.
Jeremy is indeed a very knowledgeable and wise healer whose intent is evident in the very first communication with him – to help the ‘whole person’ heal in the most effective and synergistic way possible.
I’ve personally had the pleasure of seeing my ‘dis-ease’ of M.E./ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome abate dramatically in just a few months, having spent many years and thousands of dollars on every known modality, alternative health remedy and latest best shiniest new supplement out there.
I thought the knowledge and experience I had gained over the last 15 years was sufficient to ‘cure’ myself but I was just getting worse. Until I met Dr Jeremy.
He quickly, skillfully and deftly got to the point and gave me the missing pieces, for which I had been so desperately searching, to complete the jigsaw of my multi-faceted health puzzle.
Chiefly, he impressed upon me the idea that it’s not about finding a ‘cure’ or 'magic bullet' because the body is perfectly capable of curing itself – if given the chance!
I am eternally grateful to him for this and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else – especially those who think they already know how to heal themselves but are continually not getting results. Even more especially – the Doctors who don’t have (currently) the good fortune of a semester on Dr Jeremy in their medical studies…..perhaps the world would be a better place if that were so!
Thank you!
K. Holland, Caribbean

Saved My Life....Twice!

Written to another client: "Antonio, I know you don't know me but we have something in common, Dr Jeremy. Jeremy has saved my life twice. He got me out of a 6 week coma and off of life support. Then a year and a half later after my kidneys started to shut down and I was back in the hospital I was preparing to die. I was so sick and I was on restricted fluids I knew I didn't have much time left. I once again turned to Jeremy. The first thing he told me was I had to get out of the hospital ASAP. If I stayed in I would surely die. So I did just that I walked out. I figured I was dead either way so why not at least die at home. Well that was about 3 years ago. The vast amount of antibiotics that were pumped into me when I was on life support made me extremely toxic and had clogged my kidneys. I have been working with Jeremy ever since. A few moths ago I hit a plateau. Jeremy spent a great deal of time investigating, consulting others and eventually came up with a new protocol for me to follow. I have only been on it for about 2 weeks now however it is a game changer! I cannot ever remember feeling so good, so alive, not only do I feel better physically but also mentally. That fog I'm sure you also have in your head right now lifted. I feel amazing. I've lost a total of 14 lbs of the approximately 80 lbs of toxins that have built up in me. This new protocol is absolutely amazing. Antonio I with all of my heart sincerely encourage you to trust Jeremy. If you knew me 5 years ago I would say there is no way natural remedies would ever work let alone be vastly superior to convention medicines. I was almost "dead" wrong in my beliefs. I encourage you to just try the protocol Jeremy suggests for one week. Don't think forever just take small steps. You can do this. You have so much to live for. Jeremy is a gift you need to take it! I wish you well."

The BEST of Hands

There are a handful of doctors worldwide who, if you follow what they are saying, will lead you to good health (not just suppression of symptoms which will pop up again in your body a short way down the line).
Dr Jeremy Ayres is one of these doctors. If you do not have your health you could not put yourself in better hands

Suggested heart attack and heartburn

My mum age 80 had an episode one month ago that alarmed her to go to the hospital. Her blood pressure had risen and she had a strange feeling in her heart area. She had a previous Stent 10 years ago. The doctors immediately did a procedure on her and pushed the old Stent forward and added a new Stent. The doctors only spoke to my mum, who is hard of hearing and just nodded yes out of politeness. After the procedure they sent her home with 10 different medications. I contacted jeremy and he helped me to get my mum to understand that these prescription drugs were poison. She was also on a previous Stent medication and a heartburn tablet. She came off everything at once and started to follow Jeremy's protocol. She detoxed quite badly and was in discomfort especially her heartburn. She stuck with it and two weeks later atarted to feel so much better. Her cardiologist confirmed that she in fact never had a heart attack but that at her age better to be safe? Her doctors ate horrified that she stopped the drugs but couldn't help notice how well she looked. She had dropped 18 pounds in a very short time, her heartburn was much better and her legs were feeling better. The Statin drugs made her legs feel like they were full of bricks. We have a long way to go and will continue to work with jeremy. Will be updating this again shortly. We all have learned so much from Jeremy it's amazing.

Dr Jeremy it is rare to come across a doctor like this!

I am so glad to have the pleasure of knowing Dr Jeremy Ayres. He has a unique approach to health restoration. He is very sharp and zero's in on the root cause of Dis-Ease. Dr. Jeremy shows us that being naturally better is our normal state of being and getting better doesn't need to be exclusively for the rich. Jeremy is a leader and a light for all of us who desire to live in a world that can be Naturally Better. Valerie Warwick RN

Simply The Best!!

I personally think Dr Jeremy Ayres knows more about chronic dis-ease than anybody I've ever met. ❤ u Dr J!!!

Shelly Coles

Dr. Jeremy has been so kind in sharing such beneficial and positive information on his pages. The energy emitted from his advise and congruent suggestions on health issues, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually hold love, truth and compassion. When my beautiful cat companion Tara was poorly this summer his verbal care and kindness was invaluable. I would never hesitate to seek healthcare guidance from him now or in the future. Heartfelt thanks Jeremy for all you do for  humanity and the animal kingdom. It is very much appreciated.Warm smilesShelly Coles ( Complementary Therapist and Soul Midwife )

Amazing Knowledge

My first stop of call whenever there is an issue with the health of my family members....  A fountain of knowledge worth tapping into. 

Colon Cancer

I was fortunate enough to meet Jeremy at a lunch party in Barbados over 4 yrs ago. We spoke intimatly for several hours about so many important issues and I was so intrigued by his knowledge and insight and passion for healing and giving hope to others...I had felt immediatly blessed by the encounter and remember telling.myself that this individual could really help me in so many ways I had yet to know .I have a history of colon cancer starting back in 1997 and have suffered through the brutal treatments and psychological trauma that the medical profession and the cancer society project as the solution to fighting dancer.. cut, burn and poison policy and had a poor state I'd health and a negative disposition as a result. Christmas of 2012 I had returned to Barbados for holidays and was so depressed that all I wanted to do was end my life. I booked an appointment with Jeremy and he brought me in immediatly for a consultation. He asked me the oddest questions and I answered them as honestly as I could and after some time he had completely opened me up and had me looking at myself and understanding my condition. Through poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle I had over many years driven my system into mass dehydration and neglect. In the course of an hour he was able to tell me more about myself and my condition than any doctor ever could and Instead of breeding despair In me...he had for the first time In 12 years...given me hope.He put me on distilled water right away along with Briggs a.c.v. and within 3 days I was already feeling better and looking forward to waking up each day. Jeremy had overloaded me with insightful information to equip me for the journey ahead...learning the art of undoing. Several years had passed and I started feeling weak again... turns out I had grown another tumor in my colon ... the doctors wanted to operate immediately and follow up with chemo and radiation... something I knew I could not endure again. I contacted Jeremy and we decided to starve the tumor and do everything possible to avoid surgery to the shock of the medical institution as well as family members and friends. Jeremy put me on a 12 week protocol of no sugars or carbs and GcMaf ...along with a.myriad of other things including enemas to reintroduce water to my colon as it had become hard. By the time I had finished the program I was feeling great and we were certain we had beat it. Half a year went before I began losing energy and it was determined that I was losing blood and becoming anemic... I had a colonoscopy which determined that the tumor had inflamed and was bleeding.... they booked me for surgery 9 weeks away...what happened to their urgency a year ago ? One week later. .. dec 11, 2015 I experienced tremendous pain almost immediately and was rushed to emergency where they went in and removed the tumor. To the doctors and staffs surprise and amazement , the pathology report determined that the tumor was "dead" and was scooped out like ice cream. The pathology report also determined that the initial pain was from a blockage in my small intestine and was unrelated. I was not able to avoid surgery due to the bleeding but surgeon was able to remove only a small portion of my colon due to the fact that it was completely soft and clean ans he had even remarked " what did you do to it to soften it up" .... and he just looked at me with this big smile and stunned look of amazement and said " keep doing what your doing.. it seems to be working ". It's now coming up to a year since and am doing great ...I now look forward to many years of enjoyable living with the promise that the knowledge and wisdom I have learned from Jeremy has and will continue to change and enhance my life. I am a living witness to miracles that this man has performed for myself and many of my friends who have reached out to him because of me and who are now living richer , better lives. I encourage any and all to to take the risk of discovering yourself and awakening to new and more promising possibilities for your own health and well being and becoming a better you...naturally of course. Forever grateful. Byron Parker.

Terrible Migraines for 30 years!

I went to Dr. Jeremy Ayres in Barbados after years of severe migraines, weekly throwing up, lots of back pain, food allergies, and the list goes on.  It's been 4 weeks without a headache nor throwing up! I cannot express the relief, mentally and emotionally far less physically that I am experiencing right now! Thank you Dr. Jeremy!

Gnawing Stomach Pain and Fatigue

I went to Jeremy some years ago and he immediatley saw what my body was lacking and needed. He identified the causes and educated me.Let me say that again, he educated me on so many levels of my health and health systems in our society. I felt like new again after about 2 months, not taking one single drug!Since following his advice my health has never been so good!Highly recomended! 

A genius in Natural Healing...

For the past three years, I have had the honour and pleasure of working closely with Dr. Jeremy and seeing the global impact his body of work has made on so many people who have been given little hope for recovery from the world of allopathic medicine.  I have seen his work in action in broadcasts we have done in Natural Health Solutions as as one of our key panelists in 'The Owners' Manual for the Human Body' in video and radio and later on as anchor of his own show Naturally Better Television where he features some of his clientele and their conditions in order to facilitate the education of others in acccessing the information that allows them to heal themselves. Callers are also welcomed for an impromptu mini-session. I have witnessed many epic recoveries of wellness from some of the most dire cases. Cancers in all stages, emotional disorders, Autism, chronic pain and loads of skin issues are just a few of the ailments that Dr. Jeremy is able to trace back to the ROOT CAUSES and onsets--which allows him to approach the healing from the core of the problem rather than from a point of view of merely 'stopping the manifestation of symptomology'. That is what true wellness looks like.  I am constantly in awe of his bedside manor, his sincerest committment to each and every client and his availability to walk with each one (as if the were the ONLY ONES) in their journeys back to optimum health.  I have learned so much myself that I implement in my own life as a survivor of various health challenges and through working with Dr. Jeremy, I am able to learn--and share with my family-- how to live a life free of the toxic habits  that make us all so sick.

Healed the Mind, Body & spirit

I have always used emotional healing to do the major part of healing in general for my body. However I have always felt something missing.(the physical) though main stream medical didn't provide real proof to me that they are the go to. Yes they can perform operations, and give antibiotics etc, but I see all that as detrimental to the body, and would only ever turn to it if I found no other way, and believe me when I say I usually found another way.
I watched one of the Skype interviews of Dr Jeremy's on rhythms of our body and water, and became a believer in Jeremy's work at it just fit with my understanding from the bible, (we become like trees planted by streams of water. Come and I will give my water free. And many many other connections to water through out the bible) the moon cycles I kind of knew about also from the bible with the woman leaving the towns together when they menstruated to keep the town ship clean etc. so to me the things Dr Jeremy was talking about fit the physical aspect of healing that I was looking for. So now I feel complete with the spiritual, physical and emotional , and I truly believe you can not be fully healed if your missing just one of those parts.thank you Dr Jeremy, you really don't know how much you have helped me.

Healed from Chronic Body Pain

When we first met Dr Jeremy my body was riddled with pain as a result of a Motor Vehicular Accident. Even after the first visit I actually was feeling better and over the twelve weeks period I felt like a brand new person. I would highly recommend Dr Jeremy to anyone!