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Titan Drones Inc.

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Testimonial #36

As a physician, research scientist and FAA 107 Drone Pilot, I’d like to commend you for your Titan Switch antenna system. I purchased the unit in view of significant interference and even dropouts experienced when routinely flying the Inspire 2 over a specific area with homes (approximately 1,500 feet away with an altitude of 200 feet AGL).  This persisted even after purchasing the Cendence Controller with the Patch antenna. Analyzing multiple flights with Airdata UAV, minor signal error readings as high as 78 have been noted, as well as signal dropouts and screen freezing. It should be emphasized that my goal is not to fly beyond line of sight, but rather to improve transmission and reception in a reliable manner. Today I tested your unit extensively and the improvement was rather impressive. Signal errors did not exceed 1.9. I hope my experience helps others who are searching for a reliable means for optimizing performance. I was also rather impressed with your design and attention to detail.

Barry Bittman, MD

Testimonial #35

The Switch system coupled with my Mavic Pro provided unbelievable gains in all aspects of performance. The best results I have gotten so far was with the Switch and the 9dbi optional whip antennas that can be purchased on the site.In the distance department, I easily got a 100% gain.I live in a very heavily congested area and did the test from a deck in my back yard. Before with the stock set up, I could only get out about a mile from this bad location. With the Switch, I easily got out to a two mile point which I could not believe. I did try the Switch with the directional also. But, this set up did not yield the same gains because this set up certainly is not for the environment I was flying from because of the vast obstacles and interference. I will be testing the directional as soon as the weather breaks and I can select the proper area to test it. Also, will try and post some videos. I am totally satisfied with the awesome performance. Titan is definitely on the cutting edge also of innovating new products that enhance your drone flying experience.

inspire one mods, and downgrades

it was not to hard to install and it looks great and packaged great, i cant wait to get another for my phantom 4, i will be doing testing once the sun comes out, but so far happy with the product

DJI Inspire 1 Titan Cyclone mod

Testimonial #34

I have ordered the new 9dbi Whip antennas and am extremely happy! Bought the antenna wiring kit to mod the controller and those were awesome! Titan goes above and beyond to helping customers! Fantastic customer service! Awesome YouTube tutorials and overviews, etc.. 

I didn't know that the length was going to be so much on the 9dbi, so emailed them a suggestion to add the lengths. They replied quickly and listened and on top of that, send me the smaller 5dbi Antennas! Literally some of the best customer service I have seen in a long time! 

Testimonial #31

Command Case.

Best Support I have ever seen Period.They go the Extra Mile! I have had the Command Case for a couple of weeks now and it Works actually Better than I had anticipated. It's Fantastic. I fly in some VERY BAD Interference and it hasnt missed a Beat. Great work Guys you have a Customer for Life! And a Big ^5 To James.  ( I can be a pain ) Thanks Buddy Yall are Definitely the BEST!

Superior Customer Service and Product

These guys answered every question with exceptional patience.  I bought two products just because of the outstanding service before AND after the order.  I look forward to new products and hope to connect with others that have experience and usage of their products.  Best experience in unmanned systems yet! Even helped out when DJI could not. 

Ok, What I Think!

My thoughts are simple. I strive to be a little ahead of the “game” in all of my numerous hobbies (and my career for that matter). When I started to become hooked on multi-rotor drones I quickly wanted more. I own seven top of the line drones, although I do not use them for profit, only for fun, thus Hobby. I now have many friends that share the Hobby with me. Because of my background with a doctoral degree in Automation, I take interest in making things better. I stumbled across Titan and over the coarse of about 8 months I purchased the Command Case, Cyclone, and Atlas antenna systems; plus odds and ends. I cannot say less than these products are incredible. Each has its place and performs better than anything else I’ve tried; and let’s just say I’ve wasted a lot of money on junk. I NEVER fly without a Titan product attached and I have never lost or worried about losing a drone with Titan as my co-pilot. I’ve flown through wooded areas and congested cities to distances of 20,000 plus feet with very little video loss. I recommend to Everyone that owns a quality drone to purchase a Titan antenna system for the sake of stability and reliability. No one can guarantee a failure, but why not reduce the chance of video or control loss by adding a Titan system to your shopping list. Not only are the products top notch, their costumer service is absolutely the best. Immediate replies and out of this world support. I think I’ve asked a question at a crazy late hour and had a reply almost immediately. I’ve taken up enough space here, but there are so many positive things to say. Let’s not even get into the ease of installation and the new T-Lock mounting system. Just get one. You will not be disappointed.

A Whole New Level!

After an intensive research I got my Cyclone Powered Antenna from an authorized dealer and its simply the best accessory I've ever bought. This thing REALLY works! took my drone 3 1/2 miles out with no problem and no loss of video. Made me fall in love with my drone again. Will be recommending my friends! GREAT JOB GUYS!


I have the first version of the Conquer by Titan and really like it. You can't go wrong.  I use it most of the time. I also like the quick connects they use, much better then other's mods. You can also use "whip" dipole antennas if you wish, they sell those also. Great customer support also and ease of installation make it a mod most people can handle fi they watch their installation video first.


First test with the Titan Command case piloted by Joseph Chrisman! 100% success! Thank you to Titan & Allen Newland! Great product and well worth every penny if you are in need of equipment to help boost signal interference in congested areas or for S&R work.


Tactical Case.  I've had this case for over a month and it's amazing!


Hey guys, Marty and Bill at the Drone Cafe have a Titan Drones “Tactical Ground Station“ for the Mavic Pro going on ... its an amazing setup and a great way to get on the cheap!


The Conquer Antenna & the Phantom 4 just go together thanks Titan. 


The Titan Conquer rocked out on our p3p. Had a little signal blip at the 7k mark 30’ above a cell tower and then at the 18k mark around another cell tower. All farm houses with multiple radio towers and satellite dishes with thick old hardwood lots. I’ll wait for a cooler and less windy day to go more, but I’m very happy. John Crutchfield James Crutchfield. The Control worked great on our i1 lol. We’ll get that distance flight soon too.


Had a question about my Command Case so I called Ralph. Answers on the third ring. Explained my problem. He says I'll have the guy that makes it call you. Less than 15 minutes James from Titan calls. He tells me what to do. Less than 30 minutes problem solved and I am back working. WOW!!!


I received the Conqueror and had a few issues that these folks fixed in record time, so that I could meet a deadline for an Extreme Long Range (ELR) shooting event. They were texting with me, sending pictures, and doing everything to get me squared away. And when it turned out that it was mostly due to my errors, they were still really nice and I will DEFINITELY work with them again and recommend their entire product set. I have a buddy who has a Command Case he's rigged for both his Inspire and his Matrice 600 so you guys ROCK!


Ready to take you Mavic to the next level.. Titan Drones inc. has got what you need. the New Tactical Case...Amazing. 
This is for Police and Fire Depts.. But it does not mean you cant use it.


The Conquer is a great system. Even with 5 other Drones in the air I had no issues with signal. It's well made and does the job I need it to.


Comfort Grip Knobs.  I got these in my Command Case and from the moment I installed them on my Tx I realized "How have I lived without them all these years?" They make those days of flying for hours not so grueling and really do add a level of precision to your touch. 

These are a Must-Have in my book.


Let's Conquer the airwaves. 
For the ultimate Penetration and directional signal retention.


Guys, just took a second long distance flight at Wrightsville Beach NC. I flew from the Holiday Inn Resort to the south end of Wrightsville beach. It was a 5 mile round trip. I flew 2.5 miles one way and still had plenty of signal to continue. However, the Phantom knew the battery was low and kicked in the RTH feature. This Conquer Antenna is a beast!


Titan Conquer and Titan quick connect whips testing complete!!

-- MUCH increased noisy RF performance
-- Increased Range
-- Improved FPV image
-- Little improvement on penetration

-- Slightly improved range and performance vs. stock DJI antennas
-- Light weight
-- Very quick to switch between Conquer and Titan whips

Is a Conquer and Whip system worth the upgrade? Absolutely yes. It greatly increases the usability of an Inspire1 platform in multi-UAS environments, usable range, and noisy RF areas. The quick connect whips are a gem because you can pick and choose how much "push" you need in a given scenario.

Before the Conquer, flying an older DJI Inspire1 V1(600 model) and a newer DJI Inspire1 V2(601 model) near eachother was often impossible. In fact the 601 will even cause transmission issues in my M600 (happened yesterday). The M600 is getting the upgrade next !! 


Love ,love,love the Conquer!! What a great working antenna.


I got 10,000 feet today without even trying. Turned around just because. This antenna is a stud! Beautiful design work and craftsmanship. These boys have their s*** together!!! 

But what really blew me away was their customer service. I've called twice. Once at 9:30ish pm, (the night I ordered) and someone answered the phone! The guy answered the question I had (before pulling the trigger and buying) and didn't rush me off the phone. The second time I called, I left a message and they literally called me back in 15 minutes (the message I left wasn't a 911 or anything...very general)!

Guy I spoke with told me to lock his cell in and call if I have any future questions. Good group of guys. Would recommend to everyone looking for a more cleaner, sleeker, sexier looking, easy to setup long range antenna with amplifiers (all of that is how I feel about it IMO).


Top Notch service. Quick response an service.A++++


I had a chance to push the limits over a heavy wifi and signal area. I made it to 14,000' and returned home with no signal lose the entire time! I'm really excited to do a max range test on my next day off !


I'm currently testing the Titan Drones/Command Case Ground Station. Talk about SWEET! I've not even tried to max out the distance but the exact spot where I would often lose video signal (approx 9000') I still had FULL signal with the Ground Station.


Great to see these guys helping out the industry providing such great products!! 

Go the conquer!!! 


Hi all fellow pilots, I want to show you a very well made range extender that I'm currently using for my p4p, see attached pics, this thing is a beast and I love it, it performs great in every way from providing great penetration in clustered areas where signal can be easily interfered with and in open areas your battery is your limit. Why choose this one you might ask? Well look at it! How sexy does it look and it is very well made with the option to have the LEDs on or off, has its own built in battery so you don't need to worry about killing your RC battery and it performs well in every way, another great thing on this that I love and to note is that it is mounted on a magnetic bracket that you can attach and remove this in a matter of seconds, also the mount will be compatible with any future products to be released by the company. I had replied to a few threads really giving this unit a wrap and talking it up and a few people have purchased it, on person in particular has received the unit and posted his feedback on it and was very satisfied like myself. Before purchasing I had done a lot of research into range extenders and was considering the fpvlr maxxuav and illite ones but had heard mixed reviews and also how they can be very directional and loose signal if your not pointing it correctly, which further pushed me towards this one, it offers insane penetration which is what they promote as they don't like to advertise range results as it could be frowned upon from certain people and illegal to fly BVLOS in some countries but I can say the range is incredible, and another thing to note is the customer service they provide, the guy there will ensure anything you ask or any questions you have he will do the very best to assist you, I started a new post to raise awareness of the product as it's not well known and most of you wouldn't have heard about it, if you have any questions feel free to ask, 

Also if you do purchase get the whip antennas as well as they are like the stock antenna but provide slightly better results. Best part is once you have done the mod to the controller and mounted the bracket all the items and future items will be able to attach to it. Also it takes a matter of seconds to detach the range extender and add the whip antennas. Also this will fit it the stock casing that the drone comes with and any other bags or carry case you have for the p4pro as the mount is about the same as the stock antennas are on the controller before the mod you just need to unclip the conquer- another major thing that steered me towards this and **** what a great purchase it was. Definitely best one I have made for my p4p

Any questions please ask

On a side note I'm am not affiliated with the company I'm just a very happy customer and I feel like I should share my experience with you all and if this is something your after then I'd recommend it.


Holy crap guys! I might live under a rock, but I just saw Titan skins for the Mavic. 2 words come to mind. DEAD SEXY


We got our first shipment of Titan Conquer Boosted Antenna's in today. I have been testing this now for a few days in this thing is off the charts good the distance is phenomenal but better than distance the penetration is amazing I have repetitively flown 18,000+ feet while sitting in my office in my easy chair next to my fireplace LOL
I've done several test by going indoors flying beyond and behind large buildings were normally I would get a signal drop out and I have yet to lose signal with this beast...


Working on this movie, with the x5r, had a blast shooting on set today with Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.Sorry cannot post any more pics
By the way, the command case has been working very well, today out to 3.5 kms for one of the shots, 0 drop outs!John Crutchfield thanks!


I finally found a break in the weather and I got out to try my new command case along with a few other mates who brought their drones too.
I can tell you straight up that this case is so well made and very robust. The attention to detail is spectacular. 
The area we flew in is subject to high interference. But what better place to test this awesome set up! Prior to the command case I'd only ever get my i1 to fly no further than 600m in this particular spot. But this time was different. My i1 flew out to a whopping 2km without losing signal strength once. My poor mates with their drones couldn't fly any further than 500 to 600 meters without losing connection to their drones. Which were 2 P4's and another i1 V1 same as mine.

I'd like to thank the guys from TITAN drones for this awesome kit as from now on, flying my drones will never be the same! I've had my i1 since it was released and now with this awesome kit it feels like it's new again! I just can't wait to explore all the places where I couldn't fly before due to heavy interference.
Thank you so so much TITAN drones!
Money bloody well spent!
Looking forward to the next big release!