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Our Patients Love Bioxtra

Hope all is well and you're safe during these times. Just wanted to let you know I have had great feedback from patients with the samples you provided me. They all preferred it over Biotene 🙂

Take care and stay safe!

Dr C


Very good works and would be lost without it


Helped me during Gem/CLS/Chemo and has an instant relief


Gave me instant relief from dry mouth

It was recommended to me

Hello Bioxtra,

Could I please have some samples to give patients. Small samples of gel would be great. I tried your toothpaste and it was great!


Works better than anything I have tried

My doctor gave me samples and I really like your product!! The gel has been a lifesaver. It is mild which I like.

Best Product EVER for dry mouth!

I have Sjogrens Syndrome and experience severe dry mouth. As a professional speaker I need my mouth to be free from sores and I need moisture! I've tried everything and, now thanks to Bioxtra, my mouth is not only free from sores, but it actually feels like I have my own saliva! The real test was using the mouth get at bedtime. Heaven! I don't wake up in the middle night having to hydrate my mouth anymore!

Love Your Gel!

Hi, my oral health specialist gave me (a patient with severe Sjogren's and xerostomia) samples of your products. I am so grateful, because the gel is so much better than Biotene! Lasts much longer, is gentle, and much more the consistency of real saliva (of which I have none.) I have let Shoppers Drug Mart Corporate know that they should get this product in!

Since your products are so great (I'm spreading the word), could you conceivably also come up with a better lip balm or product for the very dry, frequently sore lips of desperate Sjogren's patients?

I do some community theatre. Your mouth gel just helped me immensely get through a play! Thank you!

Great product!

Purchased this for my father in law who was experiencing very uncomfortable dry mouth. He had tried other products but they were far too strongly flavoured to the point that he didn't want to use them.He tried Bioxtra and loved it. Said it was very mild and has been using it ever since. Thanks!

Life saver

Due to radiation I was unable to eat properly. This product has allowed me to eat a more normal diet with normal tastes and far less discomfort. Much superior to Biotene.

Testimonial for Bioxtra

I have used Bioxtra gel moisturizer for about 5 years after radiation and chemo for Head and Neck cancer which caused a very dry mouth and oral discomfort. I used a competitor's product but when it was bought by another big company and the formula cheapened I found it was no longer comfortable to use. I found Bioxtra on the internet and tried their product with great success. I love all their products and they make a huge difference to my quality of life every day!!! The distributer is also very kind and helpful!

The best I have found

Dry mouth can be brutal, especially after radiation therapy. I tried every dry mouth product to alleviate my dry mouth so I could sleep. In my research I discovered that one of the other products I had tried used to work until that company dropped enzymes from its ingredients, rendering it useless. Only Bioxtra made a real difference for me. The gel is quite effective. It continues to provide me with more restful sleep!


Once other manufacturers changed their formula to one I could not tolerate, or stopped production, I turned to Bioxtra and found a great night-time relief for dry mouth. If you suffer from dry mouth or a sjogren’s type syndrome, Bioxtra is the one to use. It has a pleasant, mild flavour and stays on the mucous membranes all night long. Thanks, Bioxtra! Without you, I could not cope!!

Great Product

This works really well. I use it at night and it lasts almost all night. It has the same enzymes as the original Biotene Oral Balance. The new Biotene formula has been changed and no longer has the enzymes and also does not last long at all.

It's very mild and it works

I have been using this product for some time now and it works very well