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D's Kitchen & Grill

5023 w ardmore rd
laveen az , 85339


I ordered their BBQ Ribs and surf n turf tacos and the cheese burgers and they were really great!


That food is so good , when I say it's definitely a must . I definitely recommend this place!!!


I definitely recommend this place to others. Please try this food cause it's soooooo scrumptious the fish and fries, those tacos are bomb, and the chicken is so amazing. Best I've ever had!! 🙌❤


I'm glad I had the chance to eat some of the food from D's kitchen because I'm from Memphis 10 and I really miss the food back home. Thanks for bringing a little of the M-Town to Phoenix.


I'm so pleased to write this review, that food was absolutely delicious. I ordered the ribs and smoked sausage and slaw and those wings and my family was very pleased with our order. You have great service and we will return.

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The food is Absolutely delicious... Today is my 3rd day in a row for the 1/2 slab of ribs and the double cheeseburger platters. I also ate the wing dinner too. I highly recommend D's kitchen if you are looking for a new down south taste. 5 stars


Omg this is the best food in Arizona and I'm from down south and I've been living in Arizona for bout 10 years and I could never find no food that tastes like down south food . It's clearly nothing like it. I absolutely love the Catfish, the Ribs are tender and falling off the bone and not to mention those double cheeseburgers, I promise you I will be back weekly for something on your menu. Thanks so much for this experience.


Melt in your Mouth Catfish ! Definitely will be back and recommend more customers to try the food.

Best Fish In Arizona

Fish was the most delicious fish I have taste since my trip to the south 4 years ago, and those wings was amazing and the season fries was even better. It was so good I had to put a second order in just to see would it taste the same and everything was still delicious so I give a thumbs up.

Amazing Food

Best Ribs I have Ever Had!

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The Food Was Scrumptious. My daughter will also write
a food review as well . We loved your wings, catfish and those delicious ribs they was falling off the bone delicious. The Loaded Fries Next time put the cheese on the side because by the time it made it to us the fries was a little soggy but other than that no complaints. We Loved everything and you will definitely be hearing back from us very soon.