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Dynamo Coaching

Lake Albert Road
Wagga Wagga NSW , 2650

Truly can't say enough about the valuable resource Jacinta has been to starting our business. Making big things simple and practical, giving us perspective that we can do business well. Highly recommend to anyone who's thinking about working with Jacinta and Dynamo.

Jacinta came to speak to us about communication and giving & receiving feedback. Her presentation was thorough and she also provided follow up material for each of us. Great for small business who want an external to come in to help with business improvement and coaching.

6 stars! I can't recommend Jacinta enough - she's really got an amazing talent and passion for getting the best out of you. I'm amazed with what I acheive each session and grateful I found her!

I started with Jacinta during a very difficult season in my life. I was in the middle of a major life transition. I felt lost and empty and had no passion for life. Through a 6 month period of sessions with Jacinta I have come out a much more self aware and mindful version of myself - I've learnt how to have fun again, to make time for myself and mange my stress levels.

Jacinta has a gift to take the 'big picture' and break into smaller chunks to achieve goals. Highly recommended to anyone looking to create change and struggling to know where to begin!