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Kristine Sinner, MS, RDN

8501 E. Morgan Trail Suite 12
Scottsdale AZ , 85258
United States

I will always be grateful to Kristine for helping me navigate eating around an endocrine condition that has felt scary for two decades. With science, compassion and hope, she helped me to feel safe and empowered around food again while supporting me in making the nutrition choices that best support my body. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to release their food fears and find a sustainable and wholly nourishing (body, mind and heart) path forward.

Kristine Sinner is everything you want in a dietitian - knowledgeable, personable, and passionate about the people she serves. I work with her daily and completely trust her with my patients.

Kristine Sinner has been given such a wonderful gift- her ability to encourage and lead others toward healthy eating, focusing on what to eat, instead of what not to eat! Through humor and sincerity, she has helped me make better choices, thus improving my own well being. Her tips on meal planning and overall approach toward food choices, makes me realize food is not to be an idol, but fuel for my body. I am so thankful for how she has helped me and would highly recommend her support and services to others!

Thank you for your genuine caring approach in helping. You have a way of listening and advising that makes it easier in difficult times. Thanks for being you.

Kristine is fabulous and has provided caring, helpful treatment for me. She really is the best. Thanks so much for all that you do.

I’ve known Kristine for many years. She’s a fantastic registered dietician and entrust her with my patients and athletes I refer to her. I highly recommend her for any dietician and nutritional needs and goals.

The best dietician and person I know. I’ve been going to Kristine for 4 years now and she has definitely saved my life. She genuinely cares about her patients and I am glad I came to her for nutritional health. She is amazing and I recommend her to everyone.

I appreciate you, thank you!

It's difficult to put into words really...There is just something about the way she made me feel within 10 minutes of meeting her that told me I was in the best possible hands. I don't trust easy and she somehow made it just that...

Kristine is by far the best RD I have ever had! She has taught me things I will never forget and has the biggest place in my heart!

As a young adult with Type 2 Diabetes and a history of disordered eating, I can’t recommend Kristine Sinner enough! When I first started working with her, I came in with the baggage of a thousand diets and carrying so much shame over my medical issue and “diet failures” that I could barely talk about food without crying.

What really sets Kristine apart is that she doesn’t just believe in and understand the science of nutrition and eating behaviors—she lights a path of healing with positivity, honesty and safety.

I knew instantly that I could trust Kristine, but I didn’t know, when we first started working together, that she’d give me the tools and confidence to trust myself to know how and when to eat. With her help, I have been able to release so much of the shame and discomfort that I’d been carrying with me, around food and my body, for over two decades.

I started working with Kristine less than a year ago and, with her steadfast support, I’ve found peace with food, my body and my health. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to move past food fears to a place of lasting health and recovery!

I had the pleasure of working with Kristine Sinner for several years in both an inpatient and an outpatient specialty environment for the treatment of individuals with eating disorders. Eating disordered individuals can be difficult to help, because of their ambivalence about recovery and their fears can cause them to stubbornly cling to harmful behaviors. They are often medically compromised, so treating this population is not for the faint of heart.

Kristine has a remarkable combination of clinical knowledge, sound teaching practices, warmth, and firmness that enables her to excel at her work. She is an excellent team player while still being an independent thinker not afraid to express and defend her opinions. In addition, she has published a nutrition and meal
planning manual that is useful for anyone desiring to have a better understanding of sound nutritional principles.

So whether you are searching for someone to guide you in your recovery from anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder; or simply hoping to establish a healthier lifestyle, I can highly recommend Kristine as one of the most capable individuals that I know in the field of dietetics.

Kristine is consistently and effortlessly compassionate. She has a true desire to help others and get them to a place they can thrive in life and in recovery.

From the moment I met Kristine, I instantly knew I liked her and she was the right dietitian for me. She pushed me with a perfect blend of tough love and genuine compassion.

Kristine was not only my dietitian, she was the person who would give me the truth, no matter how difficult it was, and pressed me to not only start the journey of recovery but to push forward. She helped me realize that I am worth being happy and free

She has made a world of difference in the way I approach food and life. I’ve learned so much from her, not only about concrete facts like my dietary needs and portion sizes, but also how to love myself and others

Kristine was my angel when I most needed her. She changed my world and taught me to listen to my body and give it what it truly wants. I know it’s scary to take the step, but believe me you’ll be so glad you did!

I was amazed not only at her cutting edge knowledge of treating clients with eating disorders, but her compassion and the time she took with each client.