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lexington KY , 40517

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What you should know about me is before I started working with Eddie is I had tried other trainers and gotten no where. I was at a point in my life where I felt truly hopeless. Being the largest i had ever been in my life i was even ready to consider surgery. In just the few short months I have been working with Eddie I have seen results in every area possible. Strength, weight, balance and possible most important, confidence. Eddie saw where I was at physically and started my weight loss journey there. He is also the only person who was ever able to successfully correct my squat. When you work with Eddie you know you are working with someone who really wants to help people. So what are you doing still reading this? Go ask for your custom plan right now!!

Eddie's training changed my life!!!

I have been training with Eddie for over a year.  I was over weight and very out of shape.I started down the life changing path.  Not only have I lost weight, I am stronger, and in great shape.  What I really appreciate is that Eddie took the time to teach me proper technique (very important) and nutrition.  The work outs are constantly changing so we never plateau.It is a fun atmosphere and I look forward to my morning work outs with Eddie and the group.  More importantly, working with him has made me understand that my work outs now are part of my daily routine.  So now getting up is just what I do in the morning.I would and do highly recommend Eddie as a trainer, you will not be sorry.


Eddie is amazing. 
Under his supervision I've lost body fat, inches and pounds!  He's patient and
attentive; professional, proficient and progressive; and also very kind.  I'm so blessed to have
him as a trainer/teacher.  My favorite thing is how he creates plans that
allow you, if you work hard, to really surprise yourself with new levels of
strength, fitness and ability [I did a strict form pull up and was QUITE proud
because I never thought I ever, like ever, would!].  I love that mid
workout...even mid rep as I tend to ask questions on the fly...he will explain
the why while closely watches and corrects form.  I feel empowered and
skillful now!  I am excited about what I'll learn next!  I HIGHLY recommend him!