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El Sojourns & Training

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Cape Town Western Cape , 7441
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Private Self-Love Retreat 2019

My whole life, I’ve been searching for answers Ive never got. Until I met Eleftheria. She made me realize what real love is and how I can feel it again. She made me realize how important it is to have a sisterhood, and what the powers are of being surrounded by divine goddesses. Because we all are. She made me trust in love again. Knowing my self worth. She gave me the strength to finally stand up for myself and follow my dreams. I've always wanted to write a book to share my own journey, and after seeing Eleftheria I finally found the courage to start a platform to empower woman by using my own shadows. Thank you Eleftheria you have changed my life.

Evolution, Truth, Empowerment and Self love

I have been working with Eleftheria for a number of years and I have participated in her retreats, boundaries master class and personal sessions. Each process has had a profound impact on my life. Even though each process was done separately, the lessons learnt have been intuitively guided by Eleftheria to form a cohesive understanding of my personal truth and purpose.

Through every interaction with Eleftheria I have feel seen, heard and valued as a human being. This act alone has allowed me the willingness to learn firstly, self- love and then it inspired my courage and willingness to do the "hard work" to journey towards my personal truth and empowerment.

My fear of how unworthy I was prevented me from opening pandora's box. Through Eleftheria compassionate guidance, catalytic questions, laughter and pain while doing the work: I have opened pandora's box to discover inside it is
1. A compass to always guide me towards my authentic self
2. A ball of divine loving light that is always present to guide me when I can't see the way forward.

I have always felt that Eleftheria has been as deeply committed to my journey as I have been. This commitment has never waivered over the years.


Eleftheria has been invaluable in helping me to awaken my most authentic self through our sessions together, and she has helped me to overcome some of my greatest personal challenges in an honouring, safe and healing space. Her profound gifts of understanding, sensitivity, wisdom, intuition, empathy, compassion and perception have nothing short of changed my life in the decade that I have known her. It is a true honour to have Eleftheria in my life.

Boundaries Masterclass

I knew for some time that I needed to look at boundaries, but I put it off for ages because it didn’t sound very sexy. It sounded cold, harsh and clinical and I could feel my resistance bubbling up. As usual with these things, life forced me into a place where I really had to examine my boundaries for the sake of my own health. Once I’d committed to the course, I was enthusiastic, but nothing could have prepared me for how fascinating, interesting, powerful and insightful the Master Class Training was! I never knew there was so much to boundaries! This work uncovers deeply hidden blind spots, unconscious childhood patterns and forces you to really ‘know thyself’. I found it incredibly refreshing that my boundaries were not going to be dictated by someone else: I get to choose what they are, it’s ok to have them and it’s ok to be who I am.Because Eleftheria is an experienced counsellor and facilitator, she’s able to uncover a great deal in a very short time as well as hold the space for personal challenges to be discussed and resolved. I really felt held. All of us were able to talk through immediate, current problems which we faced within our lives. Understanding everything behind boundaries - what underpins them, what they are, why it’s important to have them and how to put them in place and maintain them - has been a valuable life lesson. I highly recommend this training!- Bridget Finklaire, Author & Psychotherapist


The work which Eleftheria does is that of a gentle guiding hand, towards knowing and accepting oneself more deeply. She provides a safe space for self-inquiry helping to lead one closer to self-mastery and self-love.
The tools, meditations, courses and 1:1 counseling which Eleftheria gifts her clients with an opportunity to be open to receiving the beauty of all of oneself. The masculine and the feminine. The light and the shadow.
Through Eleftheria’s teachings, I have gained an appreciation for the power that comes from learning to embrace all of myself. Her teachings help others to find the courage to go within, to learn, to love and to accept. Is it in our ability to fully appreciate and accept ourselves that we are able to live a life of purpose, passion, joy and above all love. Her work is transformational and I consider myself lucky to have such wise mentorship and guidance.