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Elite Virtual Assistant

So Thankful

Alisa came to me just over 5 years ago as a referral from another local agent. In the past 5+ years she has been instrumental in helping me grow my business. Each year since she’s been what I call my Client Care Manager, she has been there to handle pretty much all aspects of all my transactions as well as marketing. Every year until this year, my sales volume by 10-15%, but this year my sales volume increased over 20% from last year & I know that I would not have been able to do it without her. I know without doubt that when I hand over a transaction over to her, that I need not worry that she will ensure to stay on top of all the deadlines. Keeping in contact not just with my clients, but with all parties (co-op agent, title/escrow agents & lenders), to ensure we are all working together to get to settlement. She even texts me to tell me how far I am away from my next sales volume goal & encourages me towards it. Really, so thankful for her.

A Great Asset

We've known Alisa for years. Knew her when she was a Realtor and it was just perfect timing to run into her at a workshop back in 2015. Since then she's been a great asset to our team. Handling all aspects of the transactions from scheduling photo shoots for upcoming listings to coordinating inspections for buyers, along with the myriad of tasks that we Realtors all know are an integral part of all transactions. Besides being a TC for us, Alisa has the talent for designing some impressive marketing materials and websites. We'd highly recommend her to help you too.

She knows her stuff

Alisa came to me as a recommendation from a mutual friend. She helped me when I lost my assistant. Helping with TC work as well as techie stuff, that I have no idea about. Since meeting her back in early 2015, she has helped me & my teamwork on streamlining our costs. Helping us figure out what works & doesn't work for us. Although she no longer does any TC work for us, I do hire her for all our internet stuff, as she knows her stuff.

Peace of Mind

We were frantically trying to find a TC to fill-in for us when our full-time gal went on maternity leave. Having seen her in action working for another Realtor we were co-oping with was what sealed the deal for us. She stepped right in & took over the reins for 3-months. It was a pleasure having her & gave us total peace of mind.

Rare & Gifted

Alisa is one of those rare people that truly have a gift for meeting others where they are. She has been an indispensable source of mentoring and information since I joined the Keller Williams family. I have had the pleasure of assisting her with several of her out of state clients. I must say that they all gush about how knowledgeable, attentive and professional she is at all times. Its no wonder that her business continues to flourish even in these challenging times! It is without hesitation that I would proudly recommend Alisa Young! (LinkedIn Review as a Realtor)

Can't Say Enough!

I can't say enough on how Alisa helped me to get my business back on track. I knew I had to change to grow. Her years of experience and knowledge in real estate and marketing was invaluable. I'd happily recommend her to any real estate agent.

Knows the Business

I was referred to Alisa through a mutual friend, who said that she might be what I was looking for. I have to say, not only did she meet my needs, she exceeded them. With her being a former Realtor, it was easy to explain my needs to her. She helped me with the systems I had purchased, but just didn't have the time to learn. She got me setup fairly quickly and trained my incoming assistant in how to use it. Even though I don't use her on a regular basis anymore, she is my go to gal, when we're in a pinch and need things done on time and as expected. I'd definitely recommend her to my fellow Realtors


Alisa is very knowledgeable and will go to great lengths to make sure you have the best possible shot at selling or buying a house. She makes sure she is up to date on the market for each area and shares that knowledge with her client. It's much easier to make informed decisions when you have Alisa on your team, she keeps you informed.

Right time, Right Person

I believe that people enter our lives for a reason. A few months ago I happen to run into my old friend Alisa on a personal trip she did to Northern California. We met to catchup on how life was and I found that she had started a new business venture and to find this out couldn’t have come at a better time. You see, I had just made a move to a new brokerage and also had to let my personal assistant go, between the move and the dismissing of my assistant, I was a bit frazzled. She offered up her assistance even though she was in the area for personal reasons. Since, I knew her for decades, knew how she worked, I trusted her to help me get back on track. She spent some of her time while on her trip, helping me with getting my marketing materials changed. ¬¬Before she left, we sat down to discuss the game plan to get my contacts imported and setup in Top Producer, get my automated campaigns setup, along with tweaking my website and several other technical stuff, I’m not too familiar with, but I trusted her enough to know it was what I needed to do. Once she returned home to Maryland, she kept me informed via email, text and phone on how everything was advancing. If there was any issue, she contacted me immediately. Within less than a couple of weeks, she had me back to where I was before. Alisa, is one of those unique people that you know when she says she can help, she can. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone needing help in business

Passionate about what she does

Having met Alisa years ago and both given/received referrals while she was a Realtor, I knew how she does business. So, when I heard she retired and had started up her new business, I had to find out what she was doing. When she told me that she had taken her two passions and put them to work for her, I knew she would not only be professional, but her infectious way of doing business would make her a perfect fit for my business. She helped me focus on growing my business by freeing up my time. She, helped me with getting all my marketing materials to be consistent, ensuring my branding was setup just the way I wanted it. She got my systems where it needed to be, got campaigns automated. She got me to a place where I was able to bring in more team players, including a full time executive assistant, who she gladly trained to do what she did. I firmly believe, that if not for her, I would have either never grown to where I am today or it would have taken me longer. She knows her stuff and is truly a joy to work with

Invaluable and a time saver

I first met Alisa when she was a Realtor in Southern California. She worked with commercial investors while I worked in residential. We sent each other referrals on a regular basis. We kept in touch over the years after she left SoCal and moved East, continuing to send each other referrals. Then she contacted me in late 2011 to let me know she had retired and opened a virtual assistant services to Real Estate Professionals. Some may think after a very successful real estate career, to become an assistant to Realtors would be a step-down for Alisa, but having known her for so long, I knew that this was just another aspect of her talents that she was able to explore and share. She knew I was in the market for a full-time assistant, as mine just shifted to becoming a full-time buyer’s agent on my team. As I didn’t have the time to interview and vet a new assistant, I gladly hired her to help me in the interim. She not only stepped into my former assistances position seamlessly, but she was able to streamline some of my systems and also helped me find and hire a new full-time assistant. She continues to handle my transactions from contract to close and steps in when needed to help with assistant tasks and marketing materials. I believe hiring someone like Alisa, who already has a firm understanding of the Real Estate business from a Realtors point of view, is invaluable and time saving.

Tech Savvy

Alisa came to me through a referral from a Realtor friend. I did have concerns that it seemed her primary business relationship was with Realtors, but we sat down and talked to discuss my needs and to see if there was anything she could do to help me take my startup business to the next level. Based on our initial consult, she felt I needed the most help on getting my business on the internet, importing my contacts into an online CRM and to setup all the social media portals that she felt would work best for me. I decided to hire her on short-term basis to see if we would work well together. What she did for me within a month was get my bricks & mortar business on the internet, market me to my existing customers and to attract new customers from outside my area that I don’t think I’d ever have reached. After that month, I continued to use her to help me with tweaking my marketing and online presence. She always has some unique and interesting outside-of the-box ideas. I know she works primarily with Realtors, but if you’re a startup business owner and struggling to figure out how to get your business online, I’d suggest you hire Alisa.


I’ve known Alisa since childhood, she’s almost like a sister to me, so many may think my recommendation may be biased, and well it probably is, because she’s great! We both grew up watching our parents, her mom and my father work in the Real Estate industry. I’m sure with her growing up around Real Estate, it was a natural progression when she became a Realtor. At the same time she had another passion for art and design, in fact her first job out of high school was a graphic designer. So when she told me that she had retired from Real Estate after nearly 26 years in the industry and started a new business as an assistant/marketing person with the niche markets of Real Estate Professionals and entrepreneurs, I knew she had probably struck gold again. With her decades of knowledge as a successful Realtor along with her success in starting and running a successful web hosting & design company, I knew that she was going to be amazing. I didn’t hesitate in contracting with her when I needed assistance with setting up my technology and dealing with my branding and marketing. I will continue to use her services in the coming years as I know she’ll be here to help for years to come.

Dedication to Excellence

Alisa's due diligence to get the job done is excellent. Her service and dedication from the time you first speak with her is carried throughout the process until completion. Her follow-up is second to none! I would highly recommend her.


Alisa is very focused and client service orientated. She has mastered her profession, yet still seeks to stay competitive with new and innovative marketing. (LinkedIn Review while a Realtor)