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Fast Delivery Does what it says

Works great, as advertised


Works Great

Very easy to install

After reading all the reviews i thought id give it a try - it was only 13 pounds after all. Amazingly it worked upgraded the computer from windows 8 to 10 in no more than 15 minutes with no problems. Im not very tech savy but it was very easy to install.

Worth a poke

Upgraded a rather old Vista laptop to the 32bit version with ease thanks to the clear guide which came with the dvd. I have noticed an improvement on performance from Vista, so may be stuck with my old laptop for a few more years!

Great Product - Just got the job done.

Ordered 50 for my company. Arrived in secure well built packaging. The disk just worked - definitely happy with the pre activated disk - did not have to enter a product which sped up the entire process by 1h30m for all the computers. Would 100% recommend.

Gave computer a new life

Upgraded from windows 7 i did not have to enter the license key and it gave my old computer a new breath of life.


I wanted 2,000 for my firm as we needed an upgrade. Came in amazing, secure packaging and came within 2 days and despite the fact that i live in Australia. I would definitely recommend this as it is cheap, has a very easy instruction manual which helped me download it. So, this is one of the best!

Will be ordering again!!

Im a business owner based in london. I own a law consulting firm and we have thousands of computers - they all run windows 7 which is running out of support next year so we needed a quick and cheap upgrade. This was it - i placed an order of exactly 3,560 disks. They arrived promptly 2 days later and me and my team got to installing them. We put the 1st disk in one of the computers - it literally took 10 minutes to install. When it had finished installing it was fully activated with no problems. It never once asked us to type in a product key. I was impressed and still am whilst writing this review as all of the computer were full activated. In the future we are buying more computers for our office as we are expanding rapidly - i i will definable be buying more disk.


I accidentally used a corrupt windows 7 disc on my laptop and rendered it basically useless. I did a search for a cheaper alternative than spending nearly €100 on a windows 10 installation disc and came across this products. I was a little skeptical at first but thought I would give it a try, I already messed up my laptop install so had nothing to lose! I was sent a DVD with install guide. Once the DVD arrived a booted from DVD and followed the on screen steps. It did not ask for product key and installed windows 10 without issue. The only thing I needed to do was change the resolution of my screen once I got to the home screen as the resolution was setup totally wrong. I have to say this product is excellent and works 100% as expected with no issues what so ever. I would easily recommend this to anyone looking for a fresh install of windows 10 or an upgrade from 7

Full legal copy of Windows 10 at an unbelieveable price.

Did the job. I now have genuine Windows 10 for a fraction of the official Microsoft price.

Cannot Recommend Enough

If you need a windows disk - just purchase from this website now. I own a computing cafe in Connecticut - state funded and are annual budget was being cut due to not enough people going to the cafe. The people that were coming in were leaving due to the computers being slow and outdated using windows xp software. So to at least try and save the library i started looking for windows 10 disks - but they were all very expensive i then came across this website and the disks were incredibly cheap so i placed an order for 1300 disks. They arrived 4 days later in great shape - i loaded them up and 1 and a half hours later all 1300 computers had upgraded with not a single problem. Now more kids are coming in to use the computers and the funding may just be saved. I just cannot recommend this company enough.