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Empower Exercise Physiology and Health

unit 7 16-22 Cross Street Brookvale
Sydney , 2100


After years of back pain due to my trade I have never been able to find a way of controlling and maintaining my back issues.  After taking classes and working with Matt I have not only been able to stay on top of these issues but also have fixed a lot of my other problems too. The great thing is Matt works with you on a personal level individually to assist your issue, I couldn't get this personal assistance from other practices and classes I took in the past. Matt has given me a lot of confidence and strength going back into work and enjoying my hobbies again, I would recommend to anyone that has any back issues or injuries.

Active Tradie

Adventure Junkie

Massage Therapist and Lifter

I saw Matt at the end of last year. I had come back to training after a broken wrist & broken leg. I was getting pain when moving & my mobility wasn't the same. This is quite frustrating when you're a personal trainer & massage therapist. After about 3 sessions, he had me pain free & I was well on my way to training how I did before I got injured. His knowledge is amazing & I couldn't recommend him enough to everyone.



Matt is intelligent, dedicated & should be an integral part of any athlete's team. My back story - several marathons, some serious distance, topped off by a 100km Ultra... All in six months, whilst juggling a busy life-load & fighting niggling injuries. Ending in a serious injury. Matt has rebuilt me from the ground up & I will be a better athlete & performer thanks to his amazing perceptions, knowledge of anatomy, physiology & movement.
Sometimes the exercises look simple, but no...They are complex & tailored to one's individual biomechanics. I have seen incredible change. If you want to be a better athlete, perform more efficiently, have a better physique then let Matt design a better version of you.


Matt has been fantastic in my rehabilitation/back to running program after I suffered a stress fracture and ongoing biomechanical (and related) issues as a result of scoliosis. My attention to form and progress with strength and conditioning have improved significantly since beginning my EP program with Matt. Furthermore, Matt is now working with my son, a dancer, to improve his strength and stability, since he sustained a stress fracture in his foot. Each program/session with Matt is always carefully tailored, challenging but also enjoyable. Matt is also very happy to communicate with other care providers we use, including our physiotherapist, sports physician and GP. Would highly recommend Matt Donovan at Empower Exercise Physiology.

Weightlifter and Trainer

Can't recommend Matt highly enough. After only a handful of sessions my movement has improved incredibly. He is very thorough in his approach and extremely skilled at what he does. 
Do yourself a favour a book in with him. No matter what level you are he will be able to help.


Matt is just simply a wonderful trainer. I have felt ten times better since starting my PT sessions with Matt. Returning to exercise after a severe injury last year has been very difficult for me, and I was really nervous about getting into a gym environment. But Matt always gives clear instructions, is full of encouraging words, and is able to push me to challenge myself so that I feel like I am making steady progress each session.


I was very impressed by Matt's professionalism and knowledge. He had a thorough understanding of my medical problems and gave me an exercise program that totally suited me.

Mother and Executive

Matt has been a fantastic coach who has really put together a tailored plan for me and my needs. I have enjoyed working with Matt and am thankful for his support in improving my health.