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E(M)POWERED Health & Fitness Coaching with Marisa Hope

I feel the best I have in years...

I think you already know how much your classes have changed my whole world. I feel the best I have in years thanks to your workouts. 

I love the set up of all the classes!...

I love the set up of all the classes! I think the circuits are so helpful, especially if you aren’t familiar with a certain exercise, you have three or two rounds to get it down. Having access to your workouts is great for the days where you don’t have a live class. Thanks so much! 

I’m loving it!...

I’m loving it! I think the exercises are easy to understand and I love that you do modifications - helps a ton!

Love the fact that you vary the workouts...

Love the fact that you vary the workouts every time! Love the weekend morning classes!  As close to my pre-Q routine as can get.

I really have loved the classes!...

I really have loved the classes! They are super challenging, and i feel stronger from taking them for the past month. 

My experience has been great...

My experience has been great- the VOD and live classes have kept me on track and have given me a structured exercise schedule.

This has been amazing so far...

This has been amazing so far. I appreciate how you modify exercises so you are meeting all members needs. I am looking forward to continue working out with you. Thank you!!!


Marisa is THE BEST TRAINER!!! I was looking for a more challenging workout routine, and joining Marisa's classes was the best choice I made. Even in uncertain times like corona, she won't give up on her clients and will find creative ways to keep pushing us. She really puts everything in her sessions and builds a unique routine for every class and adjusts it precisely for each client. Her classes also offer so many types of training so whatever you want to work on, you're in the right place. Can't wait for the next session!

Amazing Fitness Coach

Marisa is an amazing coach. Not only does she create specific targeted workouts for each training session, but she motivates you to push yourself. The workouts are challenging and show results. Her kind personality and hard work show up in every workout. She helped get me ready for my wedding and showed me that I can enjoy working out.

Training Queen

Marisa is a FANTASTIC trainer in every way: she is knowledgeable, compassionate and motivating. Take it from someone like me who will literally make just about any excuse not to work out! I have been training with her for several months to prepare for my wedding and she is by far the best trainer I've ever gone to! She motivates and pushes me out of my comfort zone, way beyond what I thought was possible. Marisa is extremely passionate about about the health and fitness field and really makes sure her clients are getting the most out of her workouts (in and out of the gym). She customizes her workouts weekly per client and her sessions are ALWAYS different so you'll never get bored! Marisa is SUPER caring and dedicates a lot of her time to checking in with me to make sure I am staying on track in order to reach my goals. She really wants to see her clients succeed and leave her sessions feeling truly e(M)powered. If you aren't training with her you are missing out! I highly recommend Marisa because I know she will never give up on me!

Best session ever

Marisa not only has tremendous knowledge about fitness and body mechanics but a true understanding of what it takes to juggle a busy lifestyle with a well rounded fitness program. She makes that attainable and fun, not something to be dreaded. Working with Marisa is always the highlight of my week! I am so thankful for her patience, her knowledge and her complete and total dedication to her craft. 5 stars is not enough!!!

One of a kind trainer!

I am SO glad that I came across Marisa’s health & fitness coaching services!! She is truly a one of a kind trainer that puts her heart and soul into this. I have already started to see exciting changes not only physically, but my mood and energy level has greatly improved as well  from working with Marisa. I can’t wait to see more improvements to come in the future!!

Amazing personal trainer

Marisa truly puts her heart and soul into her work. She puts the time in to make sure every session is challenging with new exercises to keep you from platueing and truly has created an amazing workout plan for me. Highly recommend her!