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Healing Session

I’ve had reiki healing sessions done before but nothing can compare to the ones I’ve had with Rackie!

I first met her in a group setting and was astounded that within those short moments the connection she transmitted was so incredibly powerful and all the information she received was spot on! Nothing I had experienced before! I must admit I was left intrigued.

I went on to book a personal one-on-one over the phone, hoping the connection would still be as strong even though we were miles apart, and she definitely did not disappoint!

Even over the phone, the energy was felt! She emits such a positive, soothing and calming energy that leaves you at ease. After my session I felt not only lighter, as if heavy weight had finally been lifted but also much needed tranquility.

After my experience with Rackie, my friend decided to also book a session and was left speechless at her accuracy and like myself the sense of ‘lightness’ felt afterward.

I’ve just concluded Rackie’s energy protection workshop and I would highly recommend it. Her classes are very detailed and provide much useful information. Not to mention, she gives such great tips.

All around she’s an amazing teacher/healer and I am thankful to the universe to have placed her upon my path. Without a doubt she’s an angel upon earth.

Energy Healing Journey

One of the best things that happened to me in 2020 was to meet Rackie. My go-to-person when I need guidance and clarity, not only on decisions, but understanding and pointing out what truly needs attention. Her Energy Healing program (Learn How to Heal Masterclass) has taken me back to past traumas and inner child work that was preventing me from experiencing personal growth. Again, it is a life’s work and I am very thankful to continue on this path with her support.

A life-changing experience

I've taken the first of a four-part private energy session with Rackie. Life-changing is not an over-statement; it is a fact. Learning how to heal and re-connect to whom I really am is exactly what I needed, and Rackie is facilitating my healing/learning process. Thank you Rackie for helping me grow.

Energy Healing Private Session

I highly recommend a private energy session with Rackie.  The experience is like a visit to an interactive art museum where you are the chief artist.  The tapestries that form in your mind; the amazing colors; the sensations; the emotional rollocoaster; the ensuing release; the feeling of well being are hard to describe because they are hard to imagine before you experience them with Rackie.  Her no pretense demeanor and gentleness are humbling.  The experience is undeniably real.  This is part therapy; part 4D video game; part artistic journey and most of all unforgetably healing hour and a half.  Try it.  You won't regret it.

Wonderful healing experience

After the energy healing experience, I feel a real alignment in my feelings, sense of purpose.  I discovered many aspects of my life and talents I wasn't recognizing.  Your guidance through this experience is of unlimited help.  Thank you so much for showing me I am an unlimited source of love.  Love you Rackie.

Private Healing and Energy Healing Class Review

Energy Healing Class

I received this amazing course in which so much detailed knowledge and simple techniques are integrated with a perfect harmony.  Rackie walked me through the healing concepts and practices, step by step; making the Energy Healing process an easy accessible tool for my own and other's benefit. I really recommend this course and I can't wait to take Level ll . Thank you so much Rackie for your dedication and patience.


Rackie is insightful. Her healing session filled me with much needed peace and a sense of purpose to focus on my healing.  I have been suffering for three months with severe plantar fasciitis. I am hopeful that after my first session I will see improvement. Nevertheless I found a new focus through her affirmations  to bring some needed calmness to my daily hectic life. Thank you.

Powerful and intuitive

Rackie is very powerful and intuitive!  Her healing and guidance are very deep and compassionate!  I felt supported and understood!  She has a beautiful heart and is very wise!  She has helped me in my healing process, out of darkness and into the Light!  Thank you!  You are truly awesome!  Marilia

Incredible experience!

Raquel is a fantastic healer, teacher, and a very intuitive person. She sheds so much love and light, and her messages are very empowering and eye opening. Her energy healing circles hold amazing positive energy. In my experience in the circle, I felt I came to total centeredness and alignment. Best to you and all you touch! 

Healing Circle

This was my first time joining the Energy Healing Circle. It was truly a wonderful experiance. I got to learn somethings about myself that I need to work on improving. Rackie is awesome at what she does.

Energy Healing Certification Student

I signed up for the “Energy Healing Certification Class” because I was fascinated with Rackie’s work and the positive results I received from my personal healing sessions with her. I have been to a number of energy healers, but her insight is truly special. Like the healing sessions, I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I have gotten out of this learning experience! … even more personal healing and a great deal of knowledge about the human energy field. Rackie has a way of breaking down the information into easy to follow learning steps. The weekly breaks between each class gave me the perfect time to review, digest, and process the information. I was amazed by the “aha” moments I experienced about myself in each class and then even more astonished by the synchronicities and miracles that happened outside the course in my daily life. Rackie encouraged us to share our experiences and reflections during class and I felt so comfortable discussing them with my class mates. It seems we were meant to be there together. I learned from my peers as well. We had fun together and were incredibly supportive and respectful of each other sharing reflections from our learning. Most importantly, I now understand myself on a deeper level and have the tools I need to live my best life and process and understand events, emotions, experiences etc. in a more effective way.Thank you Rackie for your wonderful teaching style that is so relaxed and insightful. I wish I had learned this healing information years ago! I am looking forward to taking the Level Two class and helping others.

Rackie is the real deal!

When I attended my first healing session, I was skeptical at best. I went because I was having trouble meditating and felt like I was tethered to something negative that I couldn't cognitively describe. You can imagine my shock when the first thing Rackie said to me was "you're tethered to something negative". She quickly worked on those blocks, and then mentioned a few other 'skeletons' I'd never told anyone in my entire life. Since then, I've attended another healing session and interviewed Rackie for my blog (and also because I want to know more about the science of energy healing). She's incredible. I've reffered all of my students and friends. 

A truly gifted healer

I rarely write reviews, but when I have an exceptional experience I feel I need to share it so others too may benefit. I booked a session with Rackie after speaking with her about her work. I have been dealing with digestive and skin issues (for the first time in my life) during the past two years. I have seen countless doctors and spent so much on medications and creams. None of them worked, which was so frustrating. All the while, I knew somehow I needed to keep searching for a way to heal. Let's just say that after my first session with Rackie, I immediately booked a package of three more sessions. I went to Rackie hoping to improve my physical symptoms, but I have gotten so much more from our sessions. During our sessions, I can literally feel Rackie working on my energy and afterwords I feel so much peace, love and physical well being. She intuitively knows the work that needs to be done. Her energy healing comes with wisdom, insights, and suggestions to take home and work on. I am now not only improving physically, but making progress with my life's purpose and intimate relationship. I am also releasing past pains and fears that do not serve me. You will also be impressed by Rackie's warmth and humility. She is truly a gifted and beautiful healer... and you can feel that while you are with her in session, her whole intention is to help you be and feel your best. Thank you Rackie!


My experience was really great, different, and felt very confident afterwards.  I really wanna continue after my trips and would like to expand myself, with Rackie's healing hands and aura.

Healing Session

Rackie's one on one healing session was something I had never experienced before.  I had a wonderful eye openning experience. She is very comforting and explains everything during the process.  I look forward to attending future workshops. This is something that everyone should experience.  It was truly a blessing and step forward in my healing process in overcoming PTSD.

Truly powerful

Rackie's energy healings are truly powerful.  I could feel the energy tingling as she did the healing.  I was left with an unexplainable feeling of relief and a deep sense of peace.  THANK YOU!

Genuine, Accurate, Gifted!

I cannot put into words how amazing Rackie is. She's genuine, caring and humble, and I truly believe she's on her path as a healer. All of her techniques used in my session and the messages delivered were accurate. All of her suggestions made sense to me as well. I've seen reiki and energy healers in different states (AZ, WA, CO, and NM) before, but my experiences have not been as powerful as the ones with her. I have to say Rackie is truly gifted.