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Thank you Faithful Platform!

I knew nothing about buying a ring or what questions to ask but the Faithful Platform made each step up the process easy and everything worked really well with my budget. The ring is absolutely beautiful and I recommend using them to anyone who is planning on purchasing an engagement or wedding rings!

Quan and Makayla

The Faithful Platform made the process of getting an engagement ring really easy for me. Gave details about different characteristics about rings and really helped me find what I was looking for while having great communication and flexibility! Highly recommended!

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Andrew Martinez

Matthew Bobbitt

John Hines

Quinten Harris Jr.

Meadors engagement and wedding

Tyler Newton

Daniel Summers

Kyle Best

Elliot Fowler

Zack Burgy-Vanhoose

Matilyn and Garrett

Matt Lillard and Aubrey Walter

Sterling and Cara

Brian and Blair

Paul and Susanna

Wayne & Morgan

Jared and Catherine

Jimmy and Sammy Jo

Trey and Chelsae

JD and Emma

Hayden and Marlee

Caleb and Grace

Emmett and Molly

Travis Clapp

Micah and Brianna

Kevin and Jill Ross

Lauren & Brian

From beginning to end, I have had an amazing experience with this company. Excellent and friendly service, and top notch merchandise! The staff was bery knowledgable on what to look for and accomodating as the process went along to find you that perfect ring! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to make that special day that much more amazing!

Brad and Megan Shearin

Great Service! We loved it!

Darren and Rachaka

I really appreciated Austin's personal service and attention to detail. He made me feel like a friend and not just another customer.

Alex & Jenelle

The Faithful Platfrom was extremely helpful and were an answer to prayer.  Thanks for being FAITHFUL with your PLATFORM!

Isaac + April

Connor and Haley

Chris and Macee's Review

These guys save me a lot of money and helped me find the perfect ring, I would recommend them to anybody that is looking for and engagement ring.  


Cody and Jill

Zach and Lauren

Sean and Maddie

Ryan and Ruthie

Tyler and Kristen

Evan and Emily

Tanner and Erin

Savannah and Gabriel

Colin Perrier and Coco Delph

Logan and Kara

Spencer and Kathleen

McClellan and Jessica