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Awesome Tutor, Highly Recommend

Alex arrives with a positive attitude and leaves with meaningful feedback and encouraging words. He is very knowledgeable about the standardized testing process, including the different categories, the best strategies, the timing, and the scoring. He also has patiently adjusted to our hectic schedule.

Thanks for your help!

Alex tutored both my sons for SSAT. He was dedicated and knowledgeable. Alex was a good match for my sons, they liked his teaching techniques. He gave them a lot of insight into how to take the test.

Very professional and helpful

I found Alex to be very prompt and professional. He checked in several times throughout my daughter's tutoring season to make sure she was making the progress we had expected. Her tutor, Amanda, was exceptional! She tailored the tutoring sessions precisely to my daughter's specific needs , which resulted her increased confidence when approaching the ACT and SAT exams. I would highly recommend this company!!

Good physics tutor

Ben (physics & engineering tutor) is a real professional: knowledgeable, concise, thorough, and presents a well-planned lesson each time. He helped my high schooler pull up his physics grade dramatically and pre-taught an electrical engineering course to my college-age son to get a jumpstart on his fall class. Alex/director is extremely responsive, provides quality tutors quickly, and stays in contact to ensure client satisfaction. Every company should operate this way.

Helped Build My Son's Skills and Confidence

My son's tutor has worked with him for more than a year transitioning from elementary school to middle school. The tutor showed great flexibility in subject areas and was able to help in virtually any school subject including English, science, math, world studies, and French. My son's improvement and added self confidence has been fantastic!