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Erica Twitchell Special Education Advocate

Alexander Road,707
Princeton New Jersey , 08540
United States

Erica is the best

Working with Erica has been like having a team of Superheros in my back pocket.
My daughter has struggled in school since kindergarten. I truly believed that's just the way it would be for her.
Until one day Erica Twitchell heard me venting and came to the rescue. 
I'm not over exaggerating when I say a team of superheros. From start to present, Erica has not only pin pointed Maddie's strengths and weakness, made the testing comfortable for Maddie, provided clear description of the entire process, even possible road bumps with the district, advocates for me at meetings with Delaware Township School, and #1 on my list.... she has also provided emotional support for my daughter in the process. 
My daughter is more content and our family life has improved. I wish Erica was around when I was a kid. Would have saved me years of struggling in school and negative self-talk.

Thank you, Erica!

I absolutely know I would not have gotten the services for my children that they need AND ARE ENTITLED to without Erica. As a parent going up against the school district child study team it feels like you are going up against a firing squad. It shouldn’t but our school system is broken. Erica helped make the process simpler for me and knowing that I could trust her expertise at every turn was extraordinarily comforting. Erica was supportive throughout the whole process, explained everything at each step and incredibly thorough going through ALL the files. Going to the Child Study Team meeting she was the upmost professional with the attitude of cooporation but when we did not get what we asked for turned into the bulldog that was required. I’ve recommended Erica to everyone I know going through the challenges and difficulties that as parents of children who have special needs face. Thank you Erica!!!