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Your Task Genie

1939 Vintage Dr
Easton PA , 18045

Basement Clutter

Tracy was tremendously helpful when I no longer wanted to attack my disorganized basement. Her attention to detail has been extremely beneficial in helping organized the chaos. She always has a plan of action and will make recommendations without you even asking. Her expertise in organizing made this project effortless and pleasant. What I appreciated about working with Tracy is she generously shares her wealth of expertise and knowledge. She is reliable, friendly, and self-directed and knew exactly where to focus in specific areas. I would highly recommend her for any role through which she can contribute her remarkable creativity and dedication. I’m truly grateful for her services. I would highly recommend Tracy for any job!

Puppy Care

Tracy is taking our puppy out for potty breaks three times a week mid day while I'm at work. Not only does she let our pup out to do his business, but she runs him around and plays with him-outside or in depending on the weather. It's such a blessing to know our pup is well cared for during the day while we are at work. I was pleasantly surprised to get pictures and updates to reassure me those first couple weeks that things were going smoothly. I would whole heartedly recommend Tracy for any pet sitting need!!!

She is Awesome!

Tracy is very professional from start to finish. She assisted with regular day to day errands, created my daughters birthday flyers, assisted with laundry, helped us find a contractor for our closets. She definitely holds true to her company’s name. She is definitely “your task genie”. As stated from the previous review, you really cannot go wrong. Thank you for your amazing service. My family really appreciates it.

Tracy rescued me from a garage full of stuff accumulated over many years and misadventures. She's a gift, knows how to get things done, plus she's sweet and thoughtful. You can't go wrong with her.