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Shirley West Midlands , B90

Naughty Fun!

Fantastic. Deep passionate kissing, slowly removing items of slutty outfit. Wanking, blow job, face fucking, throating to gag, slowly lifting up and allowing all the spit to cover hard cock. Removing bra, releasing fantastic tits. I reach under and cover her holes with her own spit. More wanking, throating, face fucking, tit job. And we are only ten minutes in! Leans on side allowing me to to reach around stretching both holes open. Wanking me hard. Hold pussy open and fill deep all whilst playing with a naughty little asshole. Out of pussy and after watching her stretch ass open with fingers I fill it up. Grabbing tits, tongue to tongue whilst I feel myself deep in ass. Time for a big toy, the same size as me and things get filthy. I sit in the chair wanking whilst Minx bends over the bed exposing her holes. Next thing I know the 9inch dildo is deep inside her delightful ass, right in front of my face. I am instantly hard and replace the dildo with my cock. All to the sound of Minx telling me to fuck her ass hard. Position change as I sit back in the chair. Minx now sits on edge of bed with legs on either side of my chair. The dildo goes straight back deep into ass whilst she tells me to fuck her pussy! DP time as I accommodate the request and wank my cock off inside pussy whilst feeling the dildo deep in her ass. As the dildo gets pushed out I feel the need for one final anal penetration, wanking hard over both holes before deep, deep ass fucking. Plenty of naughty talk as I get back on the bed to face fuck some more whilst Minx fills her holes and makes me watch. Talk of filling her mouth and covering her face starts to heat things up as Minx gets on her knees in front of the mirror. More deep face fucking and throating as I wank all over face and tongue. With a countdown, I explode into her mouth. Everything slows down as Minx shows me a mouth full of come as I continue to wank in her mouth. The grand finale of swallowing the lot. This is what you call a PSE. Incredible.


I was in Birmingham on business and managed to get a booking with Minx. Oh My Life, what an AWESOME Shag! Really attractive, sexy as hell lingerie and as dirty and horny as they come! Fantastic deep throat sloppy blow job, great rimming, never had a tongue that far up my arse before! Shagged her all round the bedroom in her dripping wet pussy and tight arse. Ended up shooting my muck in her mouth, then she swallowed the lot! A truly AWESOME Shag!


Minx was stunning on arrival and sexy in dress and black stockings and high heels. Minx was understanding to my needs to the full going at a slow pace. Her sexy tight body along with great bum and firm tits was getting me horny. After a short chat we started kissing with loads of french kissing. My hands all over her body and squeezing her firm tits through her sexy dress and whippec off her bra. I sucked her nipples greedily and my hands sqeezing her firm bum. After intense foreplay which was mind blowing. Minx gave me a sensual massage which was great with her rubbing her lovely titties on my back. We then had a 69 and her wet tight pussy and a couple of my finger in her cunt and she sucking me off was out of this world. She then sat on my cock as i sucked hard on her nipples along with some more deep french kissing. Fucking Minx tight pussy got to much for me as exploded over her tits. A must for high sex drive guys

Does any one want to join me with Minx ?

i have been fortunate to fuck and play with Minx on many thriling occasions. However due to a lack of adventurous friends i have not experienced the delights of DP with her yet. so if any guy client out there would like to join me with Minx in order to full fill this dream please let minx aware and hopefully the 3 us can play soon. cheers cx

Sex Bomb

Sex bomb, you're a sex bomb applies 100% to Minx. Always perfectly presented in high class lingerie which shows off her body to the full. Then the fun begins with passionate deep kissing, exciting sex spiced with honey and cream. What a peachy arse this wonderful lady has, just ripe for rimming. Minx is a professional, mature escort, who genuinely enjoys her work, ensuring you have a magical time together. A lovely lady who is a joy to spend time with. Until next time. Luv xxxx John

First time threesome

First time as a couple having a threesome woke up one Monday morning and thought let’s do it, booked Minxy and straight way was put at ease, the experience was all about us not her and with in minutes after some three way oral M was fucking her arse it went up with ease and was sucked in yet still tight as fuck, Minxy wanted it harder and faster and let us know, whilst this was happening my girlfriend H was underneath sucking her great tits and glorious pussy. Minx loved it and appreciated H licking and finger fucking her arse and pussy so much M had to stand back and just admire, the stand out moment was when M was ready to come both Minx and H sucked every last bit of cum out of his cock then passionately kIssed passing it back and forth before individual giving it to M, Minx has the most amazing body and her arse and tits would be worthy of any porn star, the whole experience was amazing and both M & H left with massive smiles and very very horny we fucked all day thinking and talking about the dirty time we had together, we will definitely book again soon we know Minx enjoyed it so much she was convinced H was an escort!!!! Till next time we can’t wait X

Oh Wow, Dear God and thank you

I booked Minx for an hour and with the PSE option, my porn star experience/switch experience started with Minx taking control, she had me kneeling, calling her Miss and made me look her over, drink her all in. I was then ordered to sniff her pussy, I was naked and rock hard. I could smell her wondrous pussy. I then was ordered to lick her while she stood before me. I started on a glorious oral experience, tasting her pussy, her tits, her arsehole. She made me lick and tongue her deep in her pussy and ass. She sat while I licked clean her boots, licking her stocking clad legs, then back to pussy and ass. She made me lay on the floor while she crouched and sat on my face, grinding and rubbing her pussy and ass over my face, letting me breath occasionally. She then ordered me to the bed, where she 69'd me, expertly grabbing my cock and giving me a heavenly blow-job while i worked on her ass and pussy with a toy and my tongue. Using toys to stimulate her asshole and pussy I played like a kid in a toy shop. Then I took over, I turned it around and took control, which she accept with good grace. I spanked her naughty ass cheeks for making me feel like a naughty boy and then made her suck me again. I then ordered her to cum on my face. What happened next was wondrous, as she ground her pussy on my face she suddenly came and squirted in my mouth, a gloopy, sticky, sweet squirt which I drank down. By this time she wanted cock and she wanted it bad, i bagged up and duly obliged, first fucking her pussy, hard and fast as she told me to, before moving on to her arse, again she told me she wanted it hard and deep. I shot my lot deep into her arsehole and flopped onto the bed, I was spent and I was grinning from ear to ear, this lady is a marvel, you have to meet her to believe her!

Wanted PSE had to dash though my GF kept ringing.

I wanted to have a real Milf and Minx was gorgeous.Far better than I hoped for.
Looked fabulous in stockings and high heels . Looked even better than her pics.Gave her arse a go and lasted all of a 30 sec and my balls exploded into her.Would give 5 stars but I had to leave early my gf  kept ringing me throughput .I  will be back my gf ain't half as good at sex Minx is. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Love Aron xxx

xxxx  xxxxxxx

Outcall to my house

Another special encounter where minx let her self control go with me . After sucking my cock and balls licking my arse she spread apart as I lay ontop kissing and feeling her boobs my cock slipped into her wet pussy as I rode her passionately and for a long time. The. her moving on top so I could suck her boobs as my cock firmly shoved in her wet pussy she kept snogging me as we made love I could feel the pulling of her pussy she wanted it badly . I absolutely rammed it home as she likes it best of all you could here the juices slapping out as she leaked it out . I took her pussy doggy style as hitting my balls on her pulling her back into me what a ride I gave her as indeed she went away knowing sexually worn out when home . She gave me her souls and body what a team . Luv ....  Tony xxxx

Slurps the cum down nicely

Sexy mature milf that gulps down cum .Bloody amazing when I can divert my wife I am back again . What an arse I would love to get double cock  in there . Richard X


Top Escort you won’t find better and reliable communication brilliant website all go to make this the best booking I have ever made . Certainly booking again . What a horny woman. Rob  x

She love anal and what a lovely arse to pound.

My god what a horny woman destroyed her arse and she wanted more. Fantastic lady. More next time W please . Carob xxx

2 of use next time

My friend knew Minx well and recommended I try her.  
Much of what I think Is said already In other reviews . Fucked her arse all I could  pumped  loads of cum in her mouth seemed to love that,  licked  my cock spotless clean . Great lady will see again soon. Hope with some mates I would love to dp her . Daniel

Got the very best from minx as we romped openly.

After booking on her website and no getting around it I tried . I have to admit how well organised and brilliant communications confirming each step of the way so you know exactly what you booked. Open the door in sexy lingerie and heels .I certainly hope she wears such sexy lingerie in public underneath every day . I chose the PSE and wanted the full work , finally a very slutty woman that encourages you to enjoy her fully and I did . The encouraging text I got when I arrived only made going up to the room more exciting , not just ‘see You soon text ‘ but go for it ‘ pse style demonstration her semi professional porn star status. A superb appointment and sex was genuine varied I did it all kinds of things to her and no way held back minx was loving the our meet , really gettimy into it with numerous near clenching orgasms which were a joy to behold as juices flowed . My cock pushed into her pussy As we swapped tongues kissing for ages delete , also as I pumped her wonderful round arse hard all the way in with ease ,thrusting hard was such a massive turn on and she kept asking throughout for more harder she yelled pulling me into her , unlike many escorts Minx wanted it for real and likes domination you could tell As she purred underneath my shaft fully inside that butt . Later I pulled it out and spunked into her eager mouth puddling inside as it flowed in, she loved it and sucked , swallowed all of my cum really enjoying it . Pure gold , high class and yet proper slutty lady the very best a woman can be. Give it balls deep and she will reward you. I stretched her good ate her arse and pussy out In 69 got my right inside . Sucked on her hard nipples and had my hands all over those lovely tits. Her poor fella won’t get a look in tonight I am certain . We thoroughly made love to each other total chemistry shared as she whispered in my ear bitting eat Hand clenched on my buttocks. Mark x

Incall best sex ever experienced.

My goodness best female I ever had sex because she likeS the women clearly very much . Lick her arse pussy and sucked on her nipples while her hubby missed out on any fun Poor chap. My partner fucked her as I licked up her pussy . A definite must try item in life . Thanks xxxx


Minx is absolutely stunning and her photos do not do her justice, she’s beautiful and well her body is just perfect. Minx was dressed as a secretary as we agreed and I have to say I was immediately hard we started kissing and undressing each other until I revealed that truly stunning body in all its glory so all minx was left wearing was a suspender belt seemed stockings and heels........perfect after a shirt mutual play she dropped to her knees in front of me and sucked my cock in front of the mirror. I commented wow you can nearly fit all of me in your mouth to which she replied oh I can do and proceeded to spit on my cock and really go to town taking my cock in her mouth all the way I will never forget that sight as long as I live perfect. I thought it was time to taste her now so I got minx on the bed and started licking her pussy and what a gorgeous pussy, the taste is out of this world and I have to say what a gorgeous looking pussy as well because let’s face it some escorts look like day old Delhi meat down there let me assure you minx doesn’t like I said she really has got a gorgeous pussy. Anyway I digress I licked her pussy and arsehole giving her deep rimming. Pushing my tongue in her pussy and licking her clit to great encouragement then moving my attention back to her arsehole running my tongue around it before pushing it inside her again to great encouragement at which point minx asked me to fuck her arse..........oh fuck yeah, so on with the raincoat, minx bent over for me a I fed my very hard cock inside her sliding in and out gently to begin with and gradually building up the pace with minx at this point really encouraging me fo fuck her arse which of course I did nice deep and hard. It was at this point I flipped minx over and had her laid on her back because for me there is no better sight in the world than a mature brunette laid on her back in stockings with her legs open and watch my cock inside their arse, all while watching their tits bounce as I pound into them especially when you get such encouragement from said brunette who obviously loves a good arse fucking and minx does love a good arse fucking it was at this point I had to cum as I hammered away at minx’s arse I shot my load all up inside that tight gorgeous arse. It was a great way to start a Sunday morning, I just wish I could go back to last week and do it all again. Honestly lads this woman is stunning treat her right and you will get everything you could ever want from her great woman easy to talk to and get on with and just absolutely fantastic in bed until next time minx xxxxxxx

Return of the Minx

What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the magniificent Minx. This lady is pure class, blessed with a sexual appetite to keep you happy. All services are delivered with confidence and a willingness to please you. A lovely person, a class act in the bedroom. A real sexual goddess who is a joy to spend time. I cannot wait for a next encounter. Luv J

Wow wow wow

I’ve been hoping to book a meeting with Minx for a while but not had the chance. At long last today I was lucky that it happened it was certainly worth the wait . Began by kissing and rubbing each other I than got to work feasting on minx’s delightful pussy and arse . She then got on her knees and gave me the most amazing bj in front of the mirror. On to the bed for a 69 I couldn’t hold on and released into her mouth . I was back up in a heartbeat and gave her a pounding first min on top then from behind and then me on top. She then finished me off with her amazing mouth. She really is lovely to speak to too xxx


Minx is in one word; perfect. I have been using escorts for years and very rarely have I met anyone quite so engaging and down-right horny as Minx. Everything from her website, booking and directions to her hotel room is on such a high professional level. Perfect. Minx is not only beautiful but has a stunning body and dresses to thrill. Perfect. Such Intense passionate kissing from the outset. Perfect. This lady is scorching hot and clearly absolutely loves what she provides in a relaxed yet confident manner. Perfect. Deeply rimming her beautiful peachy arse with plenty of verbal encouragement from Minx was a truly exceptional experience. She does enjoy being fucked hard anally too. In fact I usually tend to focus my attention on pussy, (oh and hers is, yes, perfect) but there is something so appealing about her arsehole that I just couldn’t leave it alone. Perfect. Minx really knows how to suck cock too, yes, perfect. Not many ladies prepare so well as Minx did for providing water sports either. Crystal clear and a copious flow on demand. Again just perfect. Minx is without hesitation the perfect companion, not only for seriously steamy sex but a lovely personality included. A lady who I won’t hesitate to see again and again. Besides there is still so much more of her repertoire that I need to experience! Minx by name and totally a Minx by nature. 100% Perfection.

Food sex

I went too see minx on Saturday we had a great oral food sex and had great sex,I would mark it 1000% great.xxxx Luckyguy

Lovely woman I think constently about seeing .A+++++

Am so glad Minx is back I have missed that gorgeous body and a thoroughly decent romp with this top escort.  All I can say is I continue booking her, amazing ,and she gets even better each time. Nothing is held back and your get the best value coming away satisfied ,having such a wonderful lady.  Clarke x

What a find!

A superb mature professional escort milf who genuinely loves anal which is a good thing as I like to give it. Minx really enjoys sex and evident in our encounter. Dressed in high heels and sexy lingerie with a tiny dress on, everything matches and immaculate pussy.  Two hours booking we tried many positions and I went for it; Minx is a true nymphomaniac in every sense of the word, I asked for PSE when I booked and got the best sex of my life. I will certainly be booking as often I can and avoiding my wife finding out.   Thanks Bunny xxxx

HOT HOT HOT great 10/10

Attended an incall with this horny MILF and all you read is true and more she loves having her ass fucked properly and relentlessly keep gagging for more which is just what you want to hear.  I love all about her head to toe ,sexy, though could do with longer nails they are more fun on your balls. But beside that this is one fucking hot woman. Who can fuck like a hammer drill?  Anonymous x

I was Minxs hubby substitute it felt that intense for us both.

After meeting Minx again in Solihull its keeps getting even better. As always Minx was looking ravishing in suspenders and all matching lingerie, she goes the extra mile to get the look just right. Minx really makes you feel wanted and I genuinely love her work. After mutual rimming extensively the hat was popped on and I can only say we made love kissing for ages, in missionary position my cock slips easily into her tight arse with a little handheld guidance from her. Minx love kissing and kept pulling my lips to that moist mouth, her tongue delved into my mouth and mine to hers. My cock rock hard worked all the way in balls slapping on her as we rock and moaned in harmony for a very long time. All throughout out, mouths clasped firmly together, Minx in full control, knowing just what she wanted. I could feel her purring as time when on her arse was now stretched nicely, Minx was moving her hips working my throbbing man hood all around inside her. Still we kissed as we made real love in missionary position. It felt amazing in her arse, not to tight but easy and sliding fully in and out as we continued to kiss. The more we made anal love the better it felt in there. About 30 mins had gone on by now we hardly stopped for breath. Cock yearning to fill her but I held on as Minx slowed it down and tugged on my lip as she held my buttocks pulling me in. Minx was clearly enjoying it which made it just perfect. Minx started to whisper in my ear asking if it felt good, I feebly nodded lost in the moment as the temp picked up digging her grip in my buttocks more firmly, she softly spoke asking for my spunk. “Give it me give me your all your spunk make me cum, I want you”. What man could resist my cock rock hard rammed into her, Minx pully hard on my bum to drive it home. She grasped my head, her mouth wide open my toughed thrust in her she was sucking it as I kissed her, and we shared the moment. She was ready and so was I. Minx once again whispered make love to me give me it you know I want it. I thrust it hard into her arse she 

gulped and twitched and my pulsating cum flowed out into her lovely arse, my goodness what a feeling of euphoria as my spunk surged into her to cries of delight. Then one final soft cry in my ear her hands covering over so others may hear “give it me empty your balls, fill me up I want you” and the deed was done. The most truly lovely anal with no rush sex for a full hour in total we kissed cuddled and made tender love. 


This lady love anal and you can go at it all you want Minx can take it and truly loves it. It doesn’t get better than this.


Love J Flash xxxxxxxxx

Minx does it all !!! WOW OMG

Met with EscortMinx after a much anticipated meet. Exceeded any expectations great woman very comfortable and had a great night with lots of fun and laughs. Minx had an amazing body and will do anything you want as long as you fuck her hard lol.. Look forward to another meet with her.

Minx sucks all the way down the shaft loves cim too.

You will definitely book her again.. She is the legend girl of blowjob deepthroat she has the talent and sweetness to make a man feel a man ,certainly will book her again 
Josh xxx

Magnicient and a true MILF finally!

What a beautiful , friendly, Elegant lady. Fulfilled my every wish , from a slow sensual start to a bit hotter and dirtier as when went along -would highly recommend to any gent wanting a totally fantastic time ,and a dream meet -oh and she’s a stunner loves sex all ways. Rob

Perfect Package

Minx is the perfect packagewith a slim figure,pert breasts and a curvy peach of a bum. A sexy face with a hint of naughtiness in her eyes. This sexy temptress is a goddess in the bedroom and soon i was exploring her sweet tasting , smooth pussy. What followed was an intense period of oral , before we both exploded with orgasms after sex with Minx on top. After a period of playing with toys, we both enjoyed another round of exciting and passionate sex , both climaxing with pleasure. This lady is a true artist in the field of escorting. One in a million, who is good company, she delivers sensational sex with enthusiam and skill, as i said one in a million!!! Until we meet again, Luv John xxxx

Birmingham outcall

There is little I can add to the previous comments. Minx is elegant, sensual, passionate, and adventurous. I had two hours of uninterrupted pleasure and excitement with her, and cannot wait to find another opportunity to be with her for much longer.

An amazing , beautiful and sexy lady ... can't stop thinking about you...

Cannot stop thinking about the marvelous evening I spent with you . You are an exotic lady. A tigress , yet kind and loads of fun to be with. Lucky for me that you visit Birmingham and Solihull ever so often ... I will surely meet up with you ... again ... and again...

Outcall Heaven

What an absolute pleasure it is to entertain Minx in the comfort of your own surroundings. A beautiful, charming and very sexy lady, what more could you wish for. Minx provides all her services with enthusiam and gusto. We enjoyed a session which included some Anal acrobatics, several bouts of pussy pumping , and her BJ's are out of this world. A true professional, elite escort, who is a goddess in the bedroom. You will not meet better! Thank you for a wonderful time, until we meet again. Luv xxxx

What a SEXY Lady!

Report On: EscortMinxReport By:windalickaukMeet Date:Monday 10 
FebruaryMeet Location:Birmingham (In-call)Fee:£150Extras:None (Unexpected)
Rating & Feedback...Positive - What a SEXY Lady!Would visit again:YesWould recommend:YesValue for money: ExcellentOverall Rating:10.0 out of 10 About the VenueScore: 10/10
I met Minx in a big respectable hotel very close to Birmingham New Street Railway Station (Thankfully not far from where I live!)
I'd already booked the meeting via A/W and Minx's own website (Address on her A/W profile page) Where she'd given me all the details about the venue, so it was really easy to get to her room without drawing attention to myself.Busy enough inside so I didn't feel out of place.Felt totally safe at all times.
About EscortMinxPhysicalScore: 10/10
Even though I'd seen photos of Minx on A/W and her Website, I was pleasantly surprised when she opened the door and I saw her standing there dressed exactly as I'd requested.
Her pictures are accurate and she's one hell of a Sexy lady!
PersonalityScore: 10/10 
Minx is a really nice, warm and amiable person, with a pure filthy side when the action starts.ServicesScore: 10/10The hour flew by, but I managed to cram in the following: GFE, Lots of DFK, Oral both ways, Using toys, Deep rimming both ways, and covered penetrative and anal sex in a variety of positions, CIM and Swallowing.
About the MeetingScore: 10/10 
As I said previously I was pleasantly surprised when I actually set eyes on Minx and thrilled when we got our hands on each other. She has a fit body with gorgeous tits, a pretty face and a lovely smooth sweet smelling pussy with just a tiny strip of pubic hair. She was dressed exactly as I requested and her make up and hair were to a really high standard, in a nutshell she looked bloody LOVELY!Started off with lots of passionate kissing, where she undressed me, then on to a really good deep throat blow job with me standing up and her squatting in front of me next to a full length mirror, so I got a brilliant view.
Next Minx proceeded to rim me, she really knows what she's doing and this was awesome, the deepest I've EVER been rimmed! Then my turn to return the favour, by then her sweet smelling pussy was dripping wet, so then followed lots of oral and using toys of various sizes on both her pussy and arse, which she loved and became quite vocal.
The site of this nearly pushed me over the edge so I got her to put a condom on me, then I fucked her in a few positions, including up her tight little arse. She then suggested sticking a vibrator up her pussy as I shagged her up the arse! This was Awesome!After a while I realised I couldn't hold off much longer, so we stopped, I took the condom off, then Minx laid on her back and sucked me off as I fingered her arse and pussy. She took the load in her mouth and swallowed the lot!
Afterwards we lay on the bed chatting and cuddling. Will I be back, You bet I will!
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Incall with a sexy Minx

Booking is pretty simple by going to her personal website and using her booking menu. An exchange of email and text and you’re all set for the meeting. Location is a busy hotel on the outskirts of Birmingham. On arrival, texted Minx and got a detailed reply explaining exactly how to get to her room. The door opened to a very attractive dark-haired milf wearing a sexy outfit. We got the paperwork out of the way and started with some DFK before we undressed each other and moved to the bed and continued the DFK. She has lovely soft well-proportioned tits which we’re begging to be sucked. Well I had to oblige didn’t I? Then on to the pussy - shaved and very tasty. Her juices were really flowing after a while and lubricating her arse, so I pushed my thumb deep inside which she seemed to enjoy. After some time giving her pussy attention, she returned the favour sucking my balls, running her tongue around my cock and taking it deep inside her mouth. We then moved to 69 and some mutual rimming and a lot more oral. Time to put on the raincoat and some anal cowgirl action before slipping it into her pussy. After a while she stood and bent over the bed for a few minutes of doggy before she rolled onto her back and we finished off with missionary. She is fairly vocal and encouraging throughout, which I quite like, and is clearly enjoying herself. She is very friendly and easy to talk to, so we had a rest and a chat and sadly, following a shower, it was time to go. Minx is highly recommended and I would very much like to make a return visit.

All Action Outcall

What a fun filled, all action encounter with the wonderful Minx. A classy, exciting lady who delivers with a smile all the services on her enjoys list. A pleasure to spend time with someone who devotes her time fully to you. An elite escort, blessed with class and confidence , allied with great bedroom skills. If you want the highest levels of service, look no further tha Escort Minx. Until our next meeting. Luv John xxx

Amazing pse

Had a amazing meet with this naughty lady, she doesn’t disappoint and is very naughty with it telling me to use her three holes, can’t wait to go back

The sexiest woman I know does is all and more. Great fun

I had had another 2 hours with Minx; even better than before! She welcomed me wearing a dress, but was naked underneath! She lay down so that I could savour her beautiful and delicious body. I then had the best prostate massage ever, her fingers and toy were sublime! It was then my turn to bring her to a climax with 2 vibrators! She then knelt over me to view her arse, at the same time vibrating mine and giving me a very happy ending. Unlike some girls she  gave me the full 2 hours. I will be back very soo again. 

Made love many times super sexy woman. Love sex

Minx is a great girl, absolutely first-rate. Great looking, great personality, funny and friendly and a great club date. Spectacular in the GFE as well.


What a woman A++++++++++++++++++++++++

Meeting Minx was a fun and exciting experience! She is sexy, beautiful and very eager to please you in every way she can!  From the sexy outfit she has on for you when you arrive, to being the perfect hostess to help you relax and enjoy your fun time together.
And looks even better in real life which is a pleasant  change to many escorts. She is the real deal. 100% what you read is as good if not more. Mick xxxxxx

Sublime sex

PSE was fantasticooooo!!! 10 stars

Ali xxxx


BEST MILF EVER. What a great f**ck her arse and  Minx loves it. The sweetest MILF I ever met. She makes you feel like a king. I highly recommend her.


Incall meeting

great serive will book again 10/10

Some Enchanted Evening

i have just spent in the beguiling company of Minx. She is pure class in the way she is dressed from arrival to the bedroom where she complements her figure with the finest lingerie. Minx is sexy, erotic and delivers the most mind blowing sex you will encounter. Passion flowed for the two hours . Minx adores sex in all its forms which makes her the star of the bedroom she is. You feel wanted and she shows this in many ways which makes you feel desired. A special escort, she is a truely lovely lady, gorgeous, sexy, totally creative and thinks only of you. The perfect package , the brilliant Escort Minx. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Luv J xxx

New year treat

Met minx at a discreet location in Solihull. Wow, an incredibly sexy lady, her photos are great but do not do her justice. Minx knows how to please and her oral skills are fantastic, taking every inch. Minx is a very energetic lady and we tried various positions, and she doesn’t hold back. Book Minx and you won’t be disappointed, thanks for a wonderful time

This lady knows how it's done!

Met Minx for the second time and i'm addicted to her fully now. Minx is unbeleivable!


Three is Not a Crowd

I invited the curvy J to join minx and myself for the best sex ever. Minx was engrossed with sucking Js boobs and pussy it was marvellous xx

In 12 hours at Christmas

Santa brought to me :- 1 Super sexy escort with 2 lovely eyes, 3 lovely assets peachy bum, shapely legs and lovely boobs, 4 sex toys and 5 condom i could go on !!! We started the day with lots of kissing, touching and oral pleasures in my front room, before long we were have wild sex rolling around the floor, testing the sofa and having Minx bent over a chair was a sight to behold, After a short break for lunch the fun continued in the bedroom. Minx's oral skills are amazing, deep throating me soon had me ready for more fun. A prolonged period of anal sex, which Minx enjoys to the full, followed by more pussy pounding made a memorable afternoon. This is one sexy lady. More fun followed in the bath together drinking Bucks Fizz. We rested by having dinner at a local pub where the conversion just flowed. Minx is classy company, blessed with a caring nature, humour and incredible sexiness. We arrived home to continue our sexual marathon, the reverse cowgirl position is a sight i will not forget for a long while. What a lovely bum , Minx has. We finished the day with more oral, what a sweet tasting pussy using the honey and cream i had to hand. This is one classy lady who engages fully with you to provide a magical experience. Good company, great food and brilliant sex with this Elite escort. I had as the song says " Simply having a wonderful Christmas time" Thank you for a brilliant day and i look forward to seeing you in the New Year, Merry Christmas Luv John xxx

Double Penetration turnsMinx on massively.

Me and a mate love giving DP and EscortMinx was a bloody good choice. She loves and get very turned on by two thrusting cocks which we did for almost two hours with only short breaks. She was well into it and did all positions frantically. Got to have much more we will be back for sure. 

We arrived at an incall in Solihull late in the evening Minx answered the door in sexy lingerie and boots we were both soon ravishing her boobs and hands all over her already wet pussy. Did not take us both long to have out cock in her hands and she sucked them full all the way down. We eventually spit roast Minx taking it in turns as we moved around. Finally time to be  giving her arse a good stuffing, we decided to get both our rock hard cocks in her and ride Minx  as hard she wanted. Thrusting in together Minx moans of pleasure grew louder. I pulled he hair as I was on top and thumped home my cock time after time. We were both pumping cum out like a tap it was so sexy into this lovely lady. You have to give Minx DP to experience a woman in uninhibited lust , not put on at all Minx adores DP the full.


Mex and Taff xxxx

Filled her arse well and truly.

Arrive wanting a good session with Minx after my boring wife hum drum bedroom sex light out . OMG Minx I destroyed Minx arse again and again, but she still wanted more as we moved around the house. Trying all the rooms and positions you could think of. She looked very sexy in black lingerie stockings and porn star shoes and omg she wanted it. I have never known such a horny lady. You have to give this a go guys. 

Love Andrew xxxx

Great A level with Minx really good f**king amazing in fact

Wow what a sexy mature woman, whose pictures do not do her justice! I was in the area for work and set up an appointment with Minx Found she was doing incalls in Solihull Booked her right away literally right around the corner 3 minutes away so I was with Minx within the hour. Minx is wild or passionate and wow is she a sexy Minx, reminds me of a maxim model. Great at deepthroat with her eyes watering. The sight in doggy is wow. Once she warmed the moans and kisses got very good. Indeed, worth seeing, you'll almost lose it just from her model mature looks, seeing that sexy body ride you hmmm what a turn on.



Love Jack xxxx


Gave her arse a lot of pounding Minx loves it.

I recently saw Minx and it was a great time. I got to see her once a year ago when she was local, but schedules never lined up again till now. I saw that she was in Birmingham what an encounter I had she even better now I think. The pics are 100% accurate, she is as sexy as a milf can be next door and loves to play so look forward to trying to see her one last time before! Brian xxxx

Incall - pulled down her panties tasted divine.

Saw this beauty when my regular weren't available. Just kicking myself that I haven't seen her sooner. Booking was easy good comm. Wanted a PSE Incall. Open the door in bra and panties and stockings, high heels, which looked great on her and a very pretty face to match. Minx is busty and with an amazing butt, perfect. Got comfortable and chatted for a bit to break the ice and then right to business. Her BBBJ are awesome and would have been good with just that but I wanted the full PSE Threw on a cover and pounded away in every way we could until I blew in the cover. Great experience and will be my new regular now, best sex I ever had. Treat her nice and she will take good care of you guaranteed. xxxx

Makes you remember sex is still fun in life.

I only wish my wife dressed as sexy what a gorgeous lovely lady Minx is, met her several times now and it's just getting better.   Minx makes sex fun in every way possible because she really enjoys it which makes for completely different experience.  Any married guys out there you have to try Minx to remember how good it can be with a woman . Be warned your be back for more I promise you.
Love Marston x

By far the best escort around.

Waited some time to see Minx and having seen numerous younger escorts in the past wanted to try a mature milf and see how the GFE would fair.

Hit it off right from the start with this gorgeous escort, what a fabulous arse minx has. After lots of heavy erotic passionate oral I repeated tonged that wonderful arse deep as I parted her peachy bum cheeks. Minx licked my balls and pushed her tongue in my arse as I delved with my two fingers’ deep inside her while doing 69 which she enjoyed immensely. Then after some time Minx turned around put on a condom and with ease guided my cock inside her as she lay on top. Once it started moving inside her welcoming pussy she came forward and holding my arms outstretched , our hands intertwined, Minx licking my ear and breathing heavily then she gasped as each time my cock slid all the way in, I could feel how hard it was getting inside her very receptive wet pussy. Minx’s gasped and hands clench as our bodies were joined as our tongues twisted on each other’s, within firmly clasped mouths pressing together within a slow loving embrace. I had to control my excitement I wanted to cum, but Minx slowed it down to savour out moment longer. My cock was aching to cum, out bodes rived in harmony her kissing grew more vigorous until my spunk flowed into her body as we kissed hardly drawing for breath. Minx gently bit my lip clamouring for my spunk to flow into her and with a final whimper of pleasure she orgasmed over my cock I could feel how we she had become, and she clearly enjoyed it as much as I did. For sure be seeing her as a regularly when I can organise things, we really hit it off sexually and both wanted more. This is one dirty woman just what you want in any wife or gf be in no doubt. Amazing escort.

Nov 25, 2019

Minx looks pure class in high heels and stockings they really suit her.

Bloody fantastic sex! Words do not do this lady justice. She looks even better inn real life than the photos and they look hot. Definitely a  high heels and stocking  lady she looks amazing in them. Great legs . Luv Tim xxx

Amazing experience

I met Minx for the first time, she is an amazing lady. Shall be seeing her again soon. Best escort experience i've ever had.

The Perfect GFE

A sexsational time with the Magnificant Minx. A great meet with lots of laughs, fun, and mindblowing sex delivered with pure class from this Elite escort. You will have the time of your life with this lovely lady , who is genuine , kind and extremely sexy. A joy to spend time with someone so gorgeous and insatiable, who ensures you leave smiling and totally satisfied. Until our next playtime, luv John.xx

This lady is bloody amazing a sex and truly loves it.

'Im mostly retired from the stress of life , with an occasional adventure from time to time, but recently I was lucky enough to discover Minx when she was in Solihull Thankfully, due to my past activity, she felt comfortable enough to see me back  once more, we have  had several mind-blowing experiences in the past .(each better than the last). Minx is a rare bread! She's the perfect blend of sexy, erotic and down-to-earth. Words really can't describe and do justice to the time her and I have had together. It just must be experienced. Like everyone says , I heavily suggest you run to Minx , Love Roy xxx

DP with Minx was out of this world sex. FANTASTIC SEX!

My friend and I met Minx at an incall . If you want to experience the ultimate sexual climax form a woman DP this Minx and your get rewarded with an exhilarating exciting time, truly memorable encounter. Something we will do again for a Christmas treat. Worth every penny and more. If you can grab a friend, then give DP a go with Minx your love it AND so will she!! Trust me.


BRILL BRILL BRILL BRILL BRILL BRILL BRILL BRILL BRILL BRIL still get hard thinking about it again.



Zeb and John xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Went at it none stop Minx gives you ultimate fun.

Had another outstanding dream with Minx the and as always she never disappoints from the moment you make contact and from the moment you leave she will have you in A state of mind you will never forget from her intoxicating appearance amazing personality memorizing GFE skills she truly is one of A kind, she has all her focus on you and only you she truly makes you feel like A King during your time together her GFE menu is truly elite and dangerously addictive you can never get enough she always has something up her sleeve that you will remember for days and waiting for your next visit, as you can see from her stellar r reviews she provides one of the best experiences you will ever have she always has, she screens for her safety and yours so be prepared for that after your cleared you are in for A treat you will never forget I can't wait for my next dream with this amazing lady always an outstanding time.

I'm feeling A double session coming soon. Love Ricky x


Sexy woman loves anal

WOW! Got to meet & see Minx twice and what a pleasant surprise. Minx is smoking hot! Beautiful face, blue eyes & the sweetest personality. Big tits with a nice tan all over, She gets my vote for the all-around hottest body girl for the West Midlands area. Everything was very professional with her, both times her appointments were prompt & on time. Good communication with text. She arrived per my request wearing her sexyclothes, booty short dress. She has some special booty sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Hygiene is excellent, service excellent, She is pure class so. Hell yea! I will keep seeing her.


Jordan xxxxxx

The best you can experience

Minx is a phenomenal lady, attractive, engaging, intelligent and considerate. When it comes to the art of sex, she masters it, wonderful kissing, but tongues everywhere else as well. The more effort you manage, the more she responds. She loves anal - my favourite pastime, she eagerly took it as hard as I could give it, for as long as I could thrust and still encouraged me to go harder and faster. She clearly enjoys sex and is not shy to say what she wants. I don't think that there is a limit to her abilities. You just have to take the plunge, quite literally. She is the ideal partner for the PSE, your pulse will go sky high - trust me. Mark

Threesome sex

Married couple with family we wanted to expand out sex lives to boarded experiences and live a little. After taking a long time to find the perfect escort for us we decided on Minx and want an inspired choice it turned out to be. There are so many positive with Minx it’s hard to know where to start. Firstly, her professional way of working is amazing it’s not hit and miss you get just what you book and uplifted by both the communication when booking to get the booking just right everything was confirmed back reassuringly. We wanted a threesome and noting held back to be a naughty as possible. Minx not only did this but way more it was truly mind blowing how good the sex was. Minx took my hubbies cock all the way down her throat, rimmed both mine and his arse. When my hubby did cum in Minx mouth with a good fulling of his spunk, Minx then lay my on my back on the bed lifted my bum up to her then licked it all into my pussy Woking it all around with her tongue. After all, now inside me I straddled Minx on the bed and let it ooze back out into her out again swallowing it all down, gulp after gulp. If you do one thing in life is try a threesome with Minx it will be thrilling fun time.  Luv Lila and Aron xxx


I met with Minx at an incall and really wanted the full porn star service. Tight form the start Minx opened the door in a sexy black see thru dress full suspenders and sexy high heels which make for a drooling tempting start it could not have ben better. We went at it for the full hour deeply riming that wonderful arse in 69 and Minx took my cock entirely. After plenty of DFK I hammered home thundering rounds into her arse leg open hands against the wall. She really enjoys anal and love it with plenty of extremely fast pounding, not just halfway, but the entire shank and balls flattened out all the way rock hard. Did this is endless potions all around the room she is very game for it all if you suggest something Minx gives it her all. Now, I am fit, and I did give her arse a thumping believe me but still cried out for more she was really turned on by now. Wiggling her bottom to get the extra feel as I exploded inside pumping it felt like rivers into her as she gasped for my cum. It was utterly best sex ever by a long way.  Second one we went for in her pussy this time kissing and cuddling for ages then erupting my load between he legs as she pulled me into her and kissed me passionately as it flowed in. The 3rd time was from the most awesome blow job ever, Minx ravished cock for ages then loads of thick creamy spunk flung into her mouth, Minx opened to show me and gargled it around like mouth wash before pushing any spilt on her face in with her fingers then swallowing it all down. Like her fingers then my cock smiling she really enjoyed it. This chap is a staggering experienced escort that’s 100% naughty and creates sex to be something rather very special. WHAT A WOMAN!

Love Anonmous   xxxxx

Stuck my tongue up my arse for ages WOW!

 We fucked all over the room in every way possible I love this escort she is simply the best in every way. Love the sexy lingerie looks pure class in high heels.


Love N xxxxxxxxxx

Made love under the sheets Mins pussy was soaking wet xxx

Minx made love with me cuddled down in the bed sheets for a very long time we kissed and made love my cook wedges firmly in her wet pussy sliding in and out as we played. When we both climaxed, it was tremendous feeling you forget the escort and get lost in the arms of this beautiful lady. She genuinely loves make love a fantastic appetite for sex just want you want in any woman.  Love Rxxxx

What a body Minx has made for sex.

Minx loves a hard ride ad I was up for it That’s arise of hers is such a lovely feeling to have your cock rammed into it relentlessly she was screaming for more. We were both covered in perspiration as we fucked hard, I held her hips over the best as she bent over and pumped like a stream train to her request for more and harder. I was shoving my cock in so hard I was knackered, so Minx went on top, my long thick cock firmly all the way in her arse as she bounced fully all the way done on it for ages. Even putting her finger sin there with it

Then I could not constrain myself anymore I propelled cum in her arse it just kept flowing I was that excited. Amazing sex omg it was that good, you must try this,  Minx is very busy so good luck booking her but so worth it.


Daz xxxxxxxx


an Amazing PSE Session thanks Minx!

Minx gushed into my mouth

I got to meet this beautiful sexy woman recently and Minx wow! I have to say I appreciate anyone whom takes care of themselves and she does so very well Minx has perfect milf look , curves in the right places and lovely boobs. , She answered her door and I almost immediately felt like I was there for her to have fun with, which was a very nice change! For what seemed 30 minutes I felt like I was lying there letting her do all the work but she seemed to really be enjoying ravishing me! I was feeling guilty so we kind of switched so I felt like I was doing my part LOL. As I said she is firm, well figured, sexy, toned, classy, confident, just very good at making a man feel and experience the episode. So thanks to Minxfor the meet and I will see her again! And I love the watersports its tested divine as Minx peed into my mouth her lips clasped to mine as she gushed in.


Lee  xxxx

Great body goes wild really loves having sex

Got a chance to visit this beauty again at a 4-star hotel in Solihull. Awesome body with those amazing twin peaks (lick and suck on those babies and watch them grow to skyscraper status).

Very friendly and responsive. Minx is top shelf. My poor piggy bank will take a beating.

Catch her while you can gents.

Stuart x

great time

had a great time with minx, did lots of nasty stuff across the room, she was definalty worth the wait, regards from Walter

It Started with a Kiss

as the song goes when Minx first arrived, before long we were in locked in a full on embrace. Exploring Minx's wonderful body as the kissing continued, i soon found her wonderful moist pussy. Discarding clothing the fun continued , fingering her pussy and arse. Before long we retired to the bedroom, where the French kissing continued, sucking tongues, whilst playing with her breasts and nipples. I continued finger banging her pussy and arse, before donning a condom and entering her gaping arse. Minx enjoys anal sex to the full. I then switched to her eager pussy, a lovely sight in the doggie position. After a break, a serious amount of rimming both ways took place, followed by some face sitting. We then went for some reverse cowgirl. What a joy watching your cock slide in and out of her wonderful pussy. Lastly we finished up with more oral and some toy play, and plenty of kissing. This wonderful lady is a joy to spend time with. Her personality ensures you have a good time and her enthusiam knows no bounds. A true Elite escort, the wonderful Minx. Until next time, luv J xx

2nd Encounter with the Minx

I had to come and visit the Minx again after the first encounter. Could not believe how she turned me on and believe me the second meeting was as good as the first sexy welcoming and witty again and the sex awesome. Guys this lady is a pure treat anything goes she is worth meeting in every sense pure pleasure and fun to boot. Thank you Minx xx

Incall threesome fantastic time had

Met with this phenomenal sexy woman with my partner and we enjoy both girl on girl and a threesome play which was tremendously exciting right from the start. A sure-fire way to Add some excitement into sex which we bath relished in. Minx was superb doing it all with great enthusiasm and left us both thoroughly exhausted but very content. Minx is a professional who enjoys what she does immensely.



Emma and Joe xxxx

Stella sexy woman can give and take a

Adorable woman I booked and Incall and wanted a PSE to see what it would be like. Minx answered the door in heels and stockings looking very sophisticated and alluring I instantly knew this was going to be fun. The effort she went to for my arrival was amazing everything matched from her toes to nails including lippy, beautifully manicured nails and very expensive looking lingerie. Minx is pure class in every aspect. If you’re lucky enough to meet her you will want to keep come back for more.  Stella woman, Paul xxx


hello,i had a great time with minx we did the porn star service and it was great,we had loads of fun playing with custard on each other,can't wait for my next

Pounded that lovely arse non stop

Totally pounded Minx wonderful are for ages she was loving it kept wanting it harder and more was such a turn on to hear. Sex can be brilliant with this kind of lady; she blows all other out the park. I would marry her in a shot if I could. 


Steve xxx

One Sexy Lady

Minx is an amazing,beguiling, sexy lady. A stunning curvy lady with a perfect figure, emphasied by her lovely breasts and pert shapely bottom. Everything about Minx is first class from booking to arrival. She wears top end lingerie and always smells devine. Sex with this lady is extraordinary, she does all she can to please. Her insatiable appetite for sex makes your encounter very enjoyable. Her liking for anal sex is a joy, as is her perfect pussy for your enjoyment. She is blessed with a good sense of humour as well as being kind and patient, a lovely person to spend time with. A super sexy , scintillating package that's known as Minx, a real sexpot !!!!!! Until next time, Luv J

Easily the best GFE I have ever had

OMG 2 hour non-stop with Minx was best fun I have had in ages. 10/10 I wish all escorts were this good what a woman. I wished she lived near me be there most days. Back for more incalls very soon. Thanks Minx …. T.

10 out of 10

Minx looks even better in the flesh than her photo show her and there great, what a welcome change, this lady can shag for England totally blown away by her DDK and Deep throat. Minx swallowed every surge of cum I could give her, and it was in buckets I was that excited.  

anon x

First encounter

My first time meeting Minx I found her very friendly and totally enjoyed my experience with her, she is witty and welcoming and our oral extravaganza was a pleasure. I truly recommended Minx to all she is a joy to be around and a very worthy experience. Thank you :)

Amazing fun

Arrived at my first every incall which was at Solihull and blimey what have I been missing, Minx soon made me feel comfortable and straight into some very naughty fun. No messing about an I could cum ad many times I wanted, indeed encouraged it. Though two was my limit, Minx emptied my balls fully and I did feel much better for it. I have probably been spoiled with such proficient escort who clearly loves sex. Easy o book great communications it all went very well from the first contact. Certainly, back for much more. Love Ed x


All runs like clockwork a truly professional escort sifter being with quite a few it good to find one that is so well organised and professional.Christ this lady can screw for England what an experience, lovely blow jobs also! Took all my cock easily and sucked it and my balls while she fingered my arse. Wow is the only work I can say if want to meet the best this is definitely it guys. Zebedee  xxx

The weather outside was awful

Minx arrived in the wind and rain. Once inside she quickly raised the temperature by stripping down to her classy lingerie, which complemented her perfect figure. Heaving breast and a pert bum matched with caring manner and sense of humour. Perfection in a small package. Over the next 2 hours we enjoyed the most brilliant sex, getting into some inventive position. This lady really enjoys anal sex to the full and the taste of her pussy smoothered in Honey is a joy to behold. She gives her all to ensure you have the best time ever during your get together. Sensational sex, a joy to spend time with, the best escort you could wish to meet. Until we meet again as Vera Lynn would sing, hopefully soon. Luv John xxx

Thressome fiun

My husband and I had a wonderful time with Minx, very much opened my eyes. My hubbly was so turned were at it like rabbits. Thank you, Minx, it was amazing fun. Where be back for more absolutely for Christmas treats and will book some incalls early to get out place sorted. 

Love Mr and Mrs Anon x

Finger banged Minx Hard

I wanted PSE at my incall with Minx after a recommendation for someone else. We fucked in every place possible and its was none a stop pounding of her arse. And it was a good session for sure Minx loves it very hard and enjoys deep cock as she pushed back on mine full as it went all the way in. When we were in 69, I stretched her wide open slid four finger in her arse all the way as I licked that juicy pussy.  I gave her a good finger banging with her loving it. Best escort your find. Easy to book and a pleasure to communicate with a true professional. Mr X  xxxxxxx

Outstanding Frend style Kisser

Another lovely incall had with Minx in Solihull absolute goddess and certainly never met anyone loves sex as much as this lady does. We kissed and cuddled as I rode her hard her grip tightened as I climaxed inside that lovely pussy.  A short break and were t it again this time Minx knelt with mouth wide open n as I emptied my balls into her. She washed it about like

a favourite drink and snowballed it around scum dripping out over her lips and chin she brushed it up with her hand licked it all up and swallowed the rest down not missing a drop.

If you do nothing else in life have to woman and see what having a woman who genuinely loves sex is really like. Bloody amazing no other word for her. Love Andrew xxxxxxxxxx

Sex tornado

I booked a 2 hours session with Minx a couple days in advance and she shown up almost on time (there was some traffic) at my hotel room. I offered her the 2 gifts I had prepared for her, we had a sip of Australian Chardonnay and started to kiss passionately. Without stopping, we started to undress each other and after a couple minutes I was already hard as rock, as she could verify by stroking me gently through my underpants while I kissed and sucked her perfect tits . She finally knelt in front of me, removed my underpants and immediately engulfed me, giving me the best blow job of my life. Alternatively licking me on all my length, and swallowing me entirely... this lasted a very long time. Then I wanted to return her the favor, so i removed her last clothes and started to caress her pussy with my fingers. To my biggest surprise, she was already totally wet, so I couldn't resist, laid her on her back and started to lick her delicious pussy and sucking her erected clit. Doing so I also noticed she has a very nice asshole. I tested my luck and started to kiss it and lick it very gently. She then encouraged me to lick it harder and harder, and to finally stick my tongue into it, which I did with great pleasure, putting 2 fingers into her pussy at the same time, looking for a her G spot, while she became more and more vocal, reaching I believe a first orgasm. Then we switched to various 69 positions and she made me understand the real meaning of "cock hungry"... never seen that in my life, she was literally eating and pumping on my hard cock as if she had not seen one for decades! In the meantime, I was enjoying the great and clean taste of her juicy pussy, fingering her asshole simultaneously, listening to her moaning and groaning. At that time, one hour has already passed, without a second of interruption. She then put me on my back and gave me a perfect ass licking. I would never have thought it could be so good, and i returned her again the favor, which she particularly liked. Then she asked me if I wanted to have sex, which made us laugh a lot. Weren't we having sex since 1 hour? OK, message understood, she put me a condom and asked me to take her from behind first, doggy style, which I happily did, taking her ass as slowly and deeply as possible . Then we switched positions, her on her back, feet on my shoulders, while i took her again, pounding her ass hole as hard as I could, licking and biting her perfect feet and ankles, and listening her shouting her pleasure... and listening to the loud cracking noises from the bed.. I guess that at that time, all the neighbors were jealous of me... During the pauses I needed in order to take my breath again, she fingered her pussy, giving me then her fingers to lick... Probably a sign pussy time had come... Indeed... So we first stood on the carpet, her bending over an armchair, while I took her doggy style... Then she sat me on the edge of the bed and just sat on my dick, simply riding it at her own rhythm for an eternity. Then she went on her back and asked me to take her as hard and as fast as possible... Which I obeyed... and the neighbors could again enjoy the action, I believe. Out of breath, I then stopped, asked her to remove the condom for another blowjob. She asked if I wanted to finish in her mouth. I said yes, of course, provided we do this in a 69 position... and here she was again, sitting of my face, rubbing her ass and pussy on my mouth and tongue and moaning of pleasure, until i finally exploded in her mouth. She then came and sat close to me, my sperm still in her mouth, and she slowly swallowed it, looking into my eyes, and finally showing her empty mouth. Waouw, what a view... 2 hours had already passed, without any interruption. I've never seen such an energetic and sex hungry woman , a real sex tornado, and probably the best experience in my life... And her pussy tastes so good...If I could, I'd come over to Birmingham every week...Thanks a lot Minx, you're truly the best ! You deserve 10 stars, not 5

Breakfast for two

First Half - Every time I meet Minx it is sooooo special, soooooo exciting, soooooo sensual and so fucking anal amazing.She greeted me with her lovely beaming smile, her shapely boobs tempting me straight away.She was in all red lingerie as i requested.After some very passionate and very deep french kissing we got naked.Within minutes my hard cox was pounding her arse while she lay face down of the bed wanting me to give it to her harder and harder. Then we moved positions so I was underneath Minx as she rode my cock hard.You can always tell when Minx orgasms by the moans and groans of pleasure .Marvellous Half Time - Breakfast was served to top up the our energy cells. Second Half - Minx knelt in front of me and sucked and wanked my cock for a long time asking me to fill her mouth full of my creamy spunk. She was gagging for me to come all over her face. We both got very turned on by Minx putting her fingers first in her pussy and then in my mouth so I could taste her juices. That did the trick and I pumped my balls empty into her mouth so we could do a very sloppy cum kiss. Very lovely time. I really really enjoyed it. She is definitely MY favourite person xxxx

Afternoon Delight

Met up with Minx Friday afternoon at her hotel and spent two wonderful hours with this high class escort. Minx certainly knows how to put you at ease and is excellent at what she does, with no holes barred! Will definitely be booking again.

Overday Delight

Had the pleasure of an overday meet with Minx on Sunday. It was an amazing experience with this exceptional gifted elite escort. Minx wore several different outfits throughout the day all of the highest quality which showed off her amazing figure to the full. Over the day i experienced the full range of services on her likes list. It ranged from hot dirty sex to gentle and very close intimate encounters. Minx is a lovely person, blessed with good looks, personality and a sense of humour which makes for a relaxed and most enjoyable encounter. This lady is pure class and makes sure she is there to deliver a unforgetable experience to you. An Elite Escort and lovely person. Thank you. You are pure class and i look forward to meeting again in the near future. Luv John xxx

Threesome with my husband and myslef

I booked Minx to join us for threesome with my husband at an incall in Solihull. It was an excellent evening we all thoroughly enjoyed.  Minx is unlike many is truly Bisexual. My hubby both watched us having sex and took part too. Minx is excellent choice if like us you enjoy a good romp, it could not have gone any better for us. Absolutely booking many more encounters.  

 Mr x and Mrs x

Does it all and more

Wanted to liven things up after sex dried up at home so decided to liven life up again by booking Minx a very professional escort for an incall . I arrived and knocked nervously on the door a stunningly sexy lady greeted me stood in high heels and matching set of black lingerie, seamed stockings and a tiny thong. I knew it was going to be good, but I honestly can tell you it was beyond any expectations I could have had. Where do you start so many things I liked about Minx? Firstly, she is immensely sexy ever care taken to look perfect spotless clean smells divine and oozes sex.  The sex is pure dirty uninhibited dirty fun loving anal as hard you can give it, all the way too. She took my entire cock down and tugged my balls while doing 69 then rimmed my arse for ages. Minx turned me on to the max I loved every hour I had with her. Very honest, genuine loving person I am so lucky to find her , lots more incall date already booked.  Xxxxxxxx Mike

Really loves deep anal sex

What gorgeous and high sex drive. Met Minx for 2 hours incall recently, Minx gave me an excellent non-stop 2 hours of non-stop action in every position you can think of. Loved the demands form more and harder from me I gave her arse, pussy serious pounding she loves it. My goodness the sex was mind blowing best I have encountered.


Rob xxx

Perfect woman perfect sex very naughty lady bloody brill

I booked her for an hour incall with Minx , and it was amazing, great personality, fun. 10/10 will book her again. Luv Phillip xx

I loved the golden shower I received gushed into my mouth

Gorgeous Minx is a lady you will love to spend quality time with, Minx is as talented as she is beautiful. Minx is sweet and sexy and very open minded, an intoxicating combination that will leave you happy but crying out to see her again. She gets great pleasure from sex and will not leave her disappointed. Minx us truly great fun to be with.


J. xx

Just the best escort you can get .

Booked Minx incall in Solihull and got the train nearby. A lovely warm and friendly welcome when I arrived. Minx is just stunning with a beautiful face and the most amazing body - and thankfully she is very willing to show it off. A great experience. I almost never write reviews, but she is right there at the very very top. I would highly recommend Minx she is very hot at sex.  BB xx

DP Minx with my friend in a hotel non stop. Minx love DP really goes wild doing it.

Minx arrived looking very glamorous with a big smile elegant high heels and short skirt. Synchronised DP made sure Minx got a good work out as out cocks pushed deep inside concurrently, one is the arse one in the pussy thrusting in harmony. There was no holding back by Minx who did it all. Brilliant meet, thank you. Adam and Josh

Stunning woman very sexy

Held Minx legs spread wide open in the air lay on the bed as I hammered in reasonable size cock in her inviting pussy emptied my balls fully into her as she yelled in delight. The more I gave her the more she wanted we were like rabbits, very hot rabbits. Minx devoured my cock and pushed down all the way fully. More bookings for sure. Love Andy

Balls emptied fully for days .

Spent one-hour incall with Minx; she is lovely; left very relaxed; she listens to you and take pride of delivering a great service; will come back!  Love Anon xxxxxx

10/10 all round

I enjoyed every moment we shared. Minx is beautiful,
very soft spoken and gentle. She is very good in what she does. Al xxxx

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All I can say is WOW. Minx is one classy lady who knows and understands how to treat a man.  

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Top class escort, brilliant communication always replies promptly and courteous no matter how daft my questions were. My first time booking, and escort was a charming and sexually superb woman Minx is. Made me feel at ease quickly. I wanted a pornstar experience though very happily married but sex has vanished replaced with light out once a year I am lucky my wife prefers sex with women more these days. Minx put back the fire and lust in me reinvigorating myself belief that sex is a good thing something to enjoy and be proud of.

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Nervous about meeting Minx? I certainly was, but not for long! Being a man of mature years - my 60th birthday has been and gone - I was concerned that I was losing my virility. I need not have worried, I was in excellent hands with Minx. As soon as she opened the door I knew I had made the right decision. She was very friendly and easy to be with, and she looked sensational in purple and red lingerie. Minx has a wonderful shapely body, which coupled with her lively, outgoing personality and maturity makes her irresistible. You just want to touch and explore her. We started kissing straightaway, which produced stirrings down below! It turned out that whilst I thought I had asked for the GFE, Minx thought I had asked for the PSE. As she had clearly made up her mind already, who was I to argue? More kissing soon led to her pushing me onto the bed and straddling me, then pulling her knickers aside to allow access for my appreciative tongue. But I soon thought " too much clothing" so stood up and took all my clothes off. Much to my delight, my cock was already quite hard and Minx soon had it in her mouth, doing the most delightful things. And I mean all the way into her mouth, right down to the bottom of my shaft. She even tongued my anus, and my balls, so the range of sensations I enjoyed was amazing. Minx then put a condom on me, climbed on top, and rode me cowgirl style - and was she ever vigorous! Then I fancied a change so she obligingly got onto all fours and I fucked her pussy from behind. All the while she was talking and telling me to fuck her harder, which I did, and eventually I came with one of the best orgasms I have had in a long time. What an amazing woman - she really loves sex and she makes the experience so much more horny by being vocal and giving you encouragement. Marks out of 10? Eleven!


My boyfriend and I booked 2 hours of fun with Minx and I don’t usually leave reviews, but I felt I had to as such a fantastic experience we had. Any couples wanting to try to spice things up then we can whole heartily recommend Minx. WE will be doing many more MFF from now on and only with this lady, exceptionally outstanding sex, wonderfully funny person, Minx made us feel very relaxed and it all flowed effortlessly.  PERFECT. Love and thanks Cheryl and Marcus see you very soon xxxx

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My wife and I have been talking about a 3some for years, but, have never put it into practice. That changed this week when we were away for the week celebrating my birthday. We were looking for an escort that was bi sexual as my wife was curious, my wife liked the look of Minx when we came across her ad and nervously took the plunge and booked her for 2 hours in the late evening. When the day came, my wife became more and more nervous about things, to the point I thought she might cancel but said she definitely wants to go ahead. Well, when the time came and Minx arrived, she was amazing, we had a little chat and she very quickly put my wife at ease, Minx is a genuine caring person, we went to the bed, my wife quickly led on her back and Minx started caressing and kissing her breasts while I took my tongue to her pussy which was already wet. Minx then came to my wife’s pussy and really went at it saying how wet it was, I kissed my wife to kind of check how she was feeling, I could see she was very turned on. I then went behind Minx while she was looking after my wife’s pussy and smoothed her bum cheeks, her figure is amazing and her skin felt so soft to touch, I took my tongue to her arse and slid it into her tight hole, then, to her pussy, this went on for some time until it was my turn, my trousers and shirt were gone before I knew it, Minx gave me an amazing blow job, over the next half hour my wife and Minx took it in turns sitting on my face and riding me while they played with each other, i fucked Minx again doggy style while she licked my wife’s pussy again. We finished by spending the last half hour in the hot tub with a drink and a chat. My wife and Minx kissed passionately and Minx finished by giving me a final blow job while I sat on the edge of the hot tub, sliding her mouth the total length up and down my shaft, I have never had a blow job like it, if she hadn’t have ran out of time I would have exploded in her mouth. Needless to say I loved the experience and after her apprehension so did my wife who is now a lot more bisexual than curious. Thank you so much Minx for being so understanding and thoughtful to an older couple who have never experienced anything like this before. We very much look forward to another encounter with you sometime in the future.


What a delightful lady and utter pleasure to meet someone that is both English and can hold a conversation. I spent 3 hours with Minx, and it was a instant success from the start. I am going to book her for overnight stay soon when I am back her with work.  

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Minx gave an remarkable porn star experience wearing high heels mini dress with stockings all her lingerie matched was spotless clean and look way too good for me in honesty. I can’t stop smiling all the sex I gave Minx and the things she can do. Sucked my cock all the way down easily and it isn’t small if I say so myself. Still Minx gobble on it and I cum inside her mouth skunking loads out to her.  After a brief rest we went again this time I rimmed her arse fully as she did mine in return. Astride me she rode me, pushed my cock up her arse and rode me remorseless until I had to cum, squeezing her tits I thrust it all the way deep into her arse and pumped into her it just kept coming out. FANTASTIC ESCORT 10/10 Definitely booking again I highly recommend the PSE guys.

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Stella woman magnificent tis and does it all and total professional. Top communications always replies to emails and goes extra mile to make you feel very important. Pleasure to meet her charming, sophisticated and well educated. If I could sum up Minx in a word besides sexy it would be ‘reliable’. I have booked her a few times and always does what she says and listened to what I wanted her to wear fully. Lovely arse and had the best anal sex with her a truly erotic and beautiful lady in many ways.  George xxx

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Met Minx for in a hotel for 3 hours sex was best I ever had, and she has a very high sex drive. I bent her over the bed and gave her anal sex hard for ages eventually putting forward on the bed and rammed my cock all the way in thrusting down on her till I was exhausted. Whipped my condom off and I ejaculate onto her face and mouth she licked my cock clean and never missed a drop of my cum. Thank Minx great evening. Steve xx

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"i had nothing to do on a hot afternoon", so the song goes. But enjoy the company of Minx for a perfect 2 hours of sexual delight. The sex was as hot as the weather, we needed the shower to cool down. Minx's service is very professional from booking to arrival at your address. A very stylish lady with a huge desire to please. Minx is the best escort i have seen, a lovely person who will deliver the best sex you could wish for. Until our next encounter xxxxxxx

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My first lesbian hookup was spellbindingly AWESOME and the first of many bookings with the Marvellous Magical Minx. She was immaculate and sweet smelling, had the most moist pussy to taste and hard nipples to nibble on. The pleasure she gave me with her lips  and tongue was just AMAZING. Whatever your sexuality is book this lady and you will never feel so alive and  fortunate. Life is good and richer for me Thanks lovely xxxxx

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10 years of predictable and boring sex has just be wiped away for myself and wifey after a 3 hour booking with Minx. At first Minx put us both at ease with gentle kissing and caressing.  I then watched with delight  as Minx excited my wife to almost an eruption of an orgasm. She was the most vocal I have ever heard her be with desire. Three hours flow by in a blur of sex, dirty talking,  toys and much more. Even a strapon appeared from Minx's lovebag. Minx is  down on the christmas card list  from now on but most importantly she will be entered into our joint diary joint ñs she eillnrhad list as well diary  Sent from Samsung tablet.


I caught up with family and had been single for a while, trolled the escort sites but kept seeing minx...I requested she dressed normally as it was a small guest house type dump LOL she contacted me through out the day and I told her I was veyr very very fucking nervous...she kept me reassured it will be ok "god I sound like a virgin lol" she showed up in jeans jacked normal clothes. beautiful we spent such a nice caring four hours and she travelled hours to be with me. in the room she kissed me hello said why are you shaking ? God she is soo pretty so sweet and it was the best four hours id spent in ages...I experienced both sides of her services she offered and Im coming back with my other half as she is a big fan. Minx provided a evening of care compassion hugging, GF and total total mind blowing experience and Ive been around the block she rates up there ...she is such a special experience...cheers Minx your a bad girl see you soon for a ffm...that's if you haven't retired or become a nun....M


After booking Minx my partner and I met with Minx in a hotel for 2 hours of fun. Minx was punctual and highly efficient arriving promptly to our hotel. A gorgeous looking woman was knocked on the door dressed as requested smartly dressed in mini dress and heels.  We all go undressed, Minx wearing red matching lingerie, full suspenders and shiny stockings with red high heels. It was not long, and we were on the bed both sucking my partners cock. Minx then did 69 with me and we licked each other’s pussy and arse thoroughly, this was interspersed with    Minx lifting her head sucking his Richards cock and his balls. After much smooching and cuddling with all of us both myself and Minx when doggy style on the bed next to each other and Richard fucked when from pussy to pussy for some time while finger the others arse as he did. Repeating this again with his cock in our arses this time swapping form one to other as me and Minx snogged side by side. Finally, Richard I jockeyed Richard on the bed as he fucked my pussy Minx had her tongue up my arse as I did. Richard ejaculated in me releasing loads of cum inside obviously very excited. I climbed off and straddle Minx who now lay underneath my legs open Minx’s face looking up mouth gaping as the cum seeped out of my pussy dripping into her open mouth licking all around my lips. A lot did leak out and Minx made sure to not miss any licking deep inside my pussy as I moaned in pleasure.  A truly spectacular threesome, certainly our best so far, Minx is very naughty and love sex as much as we do the evening was perfection for us. This if something we are now going to do very often with Minx it’s more fun than going out and something extraordinary, we can share. Love Gabby and Richard xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Finally, a real easter egg moment, a totally reliable escort with an amazing website and is brilliant with communication, always confirms everything back with you every step of the way. Minx is the ultimate professional escort. Stunning figure very stylish and very sexy with it. Dressed in lovely elegant all matching lingerie tiny thong was impeccable all over spotless clean and smelt amazing too. Her desire a willingness for sex had no bounds I will not go into graphic details here, but we did it all. Minx is the very best of the best if your lucky enough to book her. A word of advice not to mess her about though once banned you stay banned. Lovely adorable sexy woman a real find for me best sex I ever had by a long way she is truly amazing.  Love Sam xxx

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Another meeting with Minx and soon got my hand up her dress lay back on the bed licking the juiciest pussy you can imagine. We soon got into 69 Minx pussy dripping into my mouth as I licked all around. Parting her butt cheeks, I delved deep into her arse with my tongue and all my fingers frantically made their way all the way in. It was a very steamy 69. Minx eventually came forward and facing away slipped my long cock right into her arse with ease. Then she moves her buttocks back and forward while I watched my cock move in all the way and out for ages. Later facing forward Minx rode me hard bouncing on my cock for all she could while I explode me cum into her, she gripped me hard and smiled loving the flow of my throbbing cock into her. Would I recommend her GOD YES best arse fuck ever!!!

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Had a fantastic meeting with Minx looking stunning in matching black lingerie and stockings. Minx was sensational for the star giving an impressive blowjob full on deep throat all the way down . Truly wonderful evening spent with the woman, kind, funny and love sex beyond imagination. I pounded her arse every way I could Minx wanted it more hand harder. Best booking I have ever done her desire and passion knows no limits.   Tom xx

Threesome and my first FF it was even better than every thought it would be.

My partner and I booked Minx following recommendation from a friend. Both nervous and wanted to get it just right. Minx was brilliant, made us feel very relaxed and made the meeting incredibly erotic for both of us. Minx was my first FF experience and utterly fabulous it was I was soon up to all kind of things all of which I wanted to try but was a little shy. My partner has sex with us both and even alternating between us then ejaculating over our open mouths lay back on the bed.  Lovely lady very sexual and confident really go the ball rolling l am so pleased we found her.  This is something we will be doing frequently in future and we will 100% be booking Minx many more times to continue spicing things up. Any first-time ladies or couples this is the right escort to choose,  no doubt of it, the only issue your have she is extremely busy so book in advance and don’t worry Minx is very professional so will show and always replies to direct personal emails. 

Love Rachel
and Jack xxx

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Booked an incall in Solihull which Minx held in a hotel. It’s easy to book and Minx goes that extra mile to give great comms, so it goes just right for you the day.  Minx is very attentive super sexy and looks even more gorgeous in the flesh that her amazing pictures. Best of all she is great company and a nymphomaniac truly loving sex. This is woman does exactly what the can says I had a wonderful hour with her it won’t get any better guys than this if you feel fit enough go for the PSE which I did. Minx unlike many other escorts really give you a PSE feel, and you can fill all holes as much you want and as hard you can.  Amazing sex booked again already for on the 12th in Solihull for much, free parking and costa. A very horny woman loves anal very
much. Steve xx


Honey & Cream

On a sultry afternoon, Minx arrived looking like a Goddess, wearing beautiful white lingerie , matching stockings and high heels. Minx is a sexy, beautiful, beguiling person blessed with a gentle personality and caring manner. She also has a huge sexual appetite for your enjoyment, giving you her undivided time and attention. We enjoyed both anal and pussy sex ,spiced up by using Honey and Cream during our erotic time together. This lady is the best you could wish to meet, great company, good conversation and great sex . A beautiful escort that I look forward to meeting again soon. Luv John xxxx

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Wearing a sexy black net dress, I arrived for an incall which was run like clockworks Minx is very reliable and great communications she knew exactly the PSE I wanted to have. Hammered home both in her pussy and arse even gave her arse bent over a drilling with a vibrator in her pussy while slipping my fingers in around my cock as well.  Minx got the temperature soaring and straddled me on the bed. Riding me hard my cock right up her tight arse I squeezed her lovely tits as she took it in. Thrusting right down on my cock it was awesome sight to behold. After 20 mins Minx turned around and faced forward and holding my ankles as she worked my cock into her pussy. That peachy bum was enveloping my cock sliding in and out juices shining with the sound of her pussy pulling my cock in. Did this for ages I was in love, it felt that good as she withdrew to the top and pushed back inside her repeatedly. We changed from the bed to a chair and Minx sat forward slipping it back into her arse and rode me once more. Nearing climax stood up Minx on her knees mouth wide open, I whipped of the condom and spunk pumped over her face and into her mouth. Minx licked her lips and wiped up the bits that missed and licked it into her sticky mouth. Taking my cock in her mouth fully she licked it clean.  I am planning and overnight and saving up already.  A  xxxxxxxxx

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Ultimate professional escort from the first contact. What can I add to help others? Firstly, this is by far the best sex my wife and I had with another woman joining us I won’t got into graphic details, but Minx goes ways beyond expectations.  This woman is top class and be in no doubt of it. Communications is excellent and booking her easy, her safety is paramount so don’t mess her about or you have no chance booking her. She is honest and straight forward and always goes the extra mile to be discreet.  A lovely friendly beautiful escort thatis great fun to be with. Dam sure we will book again as often we can. 

Love Emma and Duncan xxx


What a charming lady Minx is very sexy and amazing body, huge tits and love only the best lingerie. A massive fan of anal and unlike many others really goes for it, really encourages you to give it hard and deep. Minx rode me on top boobs bouncing as she thrusted down all the way on my thick cockin her arse. Absolutely the perfect woman a real desire for sex you will be in for a fantastic time I assure you. I also wanted water sports which she gave enthusiastically
gushing direct into my mouth. Bring on the next time. Stewart Lee. Xxxxxxx

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Had an incall with Minx in Solihull omg this woman fucks more that any I have ever knows she has sex bloody exciting really puts lots of effort into it. Dressed immaculate, stockings and heels with a tanned body and heaving boobs. I could not wait to have her, started with face sitting and, in every position, you can think of. When I that arse was ready, I got my cock right in there all the way I could and made her demand more and more as I pounded it extremely hard for ages until she orgasmed out loud. I wish I lived nearer but I still will pop up to see this amazing woman whenever I can.  Paul xxxx

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Minx arrived looking stunning wearing short tight dress with heels. Fully matching lingerie and seamed stockings Did not take me long to have my head firmly between her legs wide open licking flowing juices. Bent Minx over the bed and gave her arse a good finger fucking four all the way in and Minx was loving it. By now my cock was rock hard and I slid it into her well open arse banging away all I could, she does like it hard. I pumped loads of cum into her my condom filling like a balloon. This is sex at its very best for me. I only wished she lived nearer me and my wife went out more often.


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Marvellous sexy escort we had an amazing 3 hours passionate sex with lots of oral and Minx loves sucking cock all the way to my balls really going for it. Rimmed my arse all the way. Pounded that sweet arse for ages stretching her wide open. Brilliant evening was had you name it Minx did it and she really enjoys herself. The hottest erotic kinky sex I have ever had. Many more meeting planned. Love Roy xx

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I organised a gangbang stag night with this sexy lady, easy via her website and extremely reliable did exactly what she promised.  There were 20 of us and Minx arrived on time and looking amazing. When everyone was ready Minx came out for the adjoining room 6-inch heel and black gloss stockings extremely sexy. We had a central big bed formed and Minx was brilliant taking everyone three four and four at a time and the guys kept coming one after another. Both anal and oral and pussy were all fully stuffed most of the time. It was a fantastic evening no one was left out and everyone had more than their share of the fun. The event was a huge success Minx is super porn star and consummate professional. The guys are now arranging more of the same each month it was that good! Thank you, Minx, for a lovely sexy fun and highly enjoyable evening. 

Alan and the all 20 guys. 

See you next month. Xx


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Two hours we fucked non stop . It was hot outside but in the hotel room it was sizzling . wthin 5 minutes of us meeting my cock was in her arse sounding away to the groans of this beautiful lady. we finally had to stop when the mobile alarm went off at the exact time I came all over her tits. . I was worn out and even minx that's was a good one.xxxxx

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 Brilliant incall at Solihull Village hotel with Minx OMG she is wonderful I could not hope for better. Minx is very sexy and game for it all truly enjoying the sex. I had her in several positions, and I pounded her arse until exhausted she can take a lot and unlike many other escorts you really do get a PSE.  I would recommend her without hesitation. ACE!  Still on a high, her arse feels so good fucking it. Love Willis. xxx

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Minx is full of sexual energy as she tells me to pound her arse as hard and as long as I can. The words Fill me up with your spunk drives me wild as I cum first in her pussy and then in her mouth . The resulting cum kiss is very naughty and kinky. As is the watersports we do in the bathroom later. As I'm lying in the bath Minx stands above and pours herself all over my body. So exhilarating...I will see this excellent high class erotic lady as much as I can . you leave her presence knowing you will see her again very soon. She is so moreish .So good at fucking and deep throating. I cant wait for my next appointment as i want to get another guy who sees Minx regularly to be involved in a 3some so we can do DP and spit roast her so one of us cum in her mouth while the other guy can fill her arse at the sametime. I can only imagine tthe groans of ecstasy that Minx would make. Pure pleasure, pure kinkiness and fucking wonderful tits. Xxx


I spent a delightful 2 hours of sexual enjoyment with this absolutely wonderful escort and person. Minx is friendly, charming and fun, putting you at ease and encouraging you to enjoy all the delights on offer. She is a very sexy lady who ensures she pleases you in every way. A very classy lady whose personality and professional attitude, puts her in a class of her own. A truly elite escort. Until our next meeting. Luv xxxx

Perfect start to any day

Purrrfect start to any day... My phone vibrated with the eagerly awaited txt from Minx saying "Come up and get me. Fuck my arse as hard as you want  please. " I knocked on her hotel room door walked in and then thought to my this is the sexiest woman i have ever known and will ever know. She was stunning in a black tight cat suit with all the curves in just the right places..bloody marvellous.  Passion went full steam ahead with deep French kissing which Minx is excellent at.My cock was soon deep inside her  and  erupted filling her gorgeous pussy.  The groans of pleasure minx gave out made it even more sexy. She clearly adores sex which makes a huge difference to the way she makes you feel. You feel wanted and she has so many little ways which make feel like she is  the lover every man desires.. I just can't get enough of this  special lady.. Minx thank you thank you thank you xxx

Threesome with my wife and I

My wife and I had a amazing two hour encounter with Minx sipping my cum form my wife’s pusy was the sexiest thing I have ever seen.Spread open above Minx’s  mouth it drained into her, Minx clasp her mouth over and sucked the last drop out absolutely best sex we have ever had.Very kinky full of fun and good laughs nothing was taboo for this fabulous woman we both enjoyed the threesome fully. Only thing is we now need to book many more meetings this if definitely going a weekly bookings from us ongoing. Any couples out there you have found the perfect lady tomeet up with 100% for sure.  

Sally and Callum xx

I filled her pussy with buckets of cum

Minx began neck kissing me slowly and biting gently, I was savouring her smell. I made my way to her belly and grazed my lips over her navel, watching her tummy rise and fall as her breathing became more enthusiastic. I positioned my shoulders under her thighs and gazed at the beautiful site between her legs, kissing the inside of her right thigh, then suckling the inside of her left. I revelled in her scent and moistened my palate with the thoughts of tasting her flavour. My tongue slipped inside hr moist pussy and worked it all around as I sipped her juices that flowed. Minx wanted me so I made my way to her mouth kissing as my throbbing cock touched her rose teasing, I could feel the inviting wetness. Pinning her down holding both hands I slipped my long stiff cock in. Synchronised our hips went in time her our picking up as I grasp her wrist hard bow thrusting hard between her stoking covered legs. My cock almost out and tremendous thrust I pushed it all the way in hard as I could Minx asking for more franticly we made love pounding for ages in her pussy Minx kissing me for all she could then my balls full I emptied into her filling her pussy with my cum ramming it deep inside. Minx screamed out in pleasure, biting my neck and through her arms around me pulling me even more into her whispering to me to as cum entered her my cock pulsing it in. We has incredible sex together I certainly gave her pussy a good hard fucking and I am going to give more next time which I eagerly await Mr X

“Fuck my arse make me have it, come on give it me!!”

Fantastic incall at Solihull Minx was unbelievably horny absolute  immense sex. As she opened the door in tight dress suspenders and stockings all matching lingerie. I hammered home couple of round sin her mouth and arse which is feels super sexy as you enter it. What even better Minx gave a true PSE  letting you thrust vigorously  slapping her bum as I as my cock rammed in balls deep Minx kept asking for it “Fuck my arse make me have it, come on give it me!!” , really a big turn on for any fella lucky enough try PSE with Minx.  As I was about to cum Minx yelled out “FILL MY ARSE WITH SPUNK FILL IT” bloody wonderful sex noting comes close to this PSEI had with Minx this is what sex should be like exciting and full on let be honest chaps. Book her and enjoy while we can. Got to have much more of this dirty horny sexy Minx. 

Adrian. xxxx


I cannot speak highly enough of this absolutely wonderful girl the sex was fantastic but apart from the sex she was friendly chatty and fun to be around immaculately turned out smelt lovely and was great company I will definitely see her again if

Extreme pounding her arse over the sofa Minx asking for more. Anal dont get better than this.

Minx was stood in my room with Minx lovely black dress and high heels. We kissed stood up my hand making it ways along her stockings onto her knickers where I pressed her lovey pussy through them. Not long I had them aside on the bed and licking Minx pussy as the juices flowed. Working round to her arse lifting her legs up and open wide I delved into that open are with my tongue. Minx purred in delight as I slid 1 then two fingers into her arse working then all the way after well stretched I frantically finger banged her with all three, thrusting deep into her.  Time for my long rock-hard cock to enter the game and it felt amazing as I slid it all the way in right to the balls Minx is incredible and thoroughly love anal.  I gave it her hard as hard I could while bent over my sofa until finally I cum with an almighty thrust making sure I filled her as much I could I could feel it pumping in filling her right up. As I withdrew Minx too my cock and sucked it all the way down kissing all around. This is woman is truly everting and even much more what the other say, it’s also true Minx love sex clearly which makes all the difference because you really get her to orgasm and she certainly goes for it.  Back for more often as I can.


Met this lady for an incall in Solihull and what a wonderful afternoon I had in her company. Everything about Minx is classy from the start utterly professional website easy booking and keep you informed all the way. I arrived at my allocated time Minx was opened the door wearing 6-inch-high heels stockings suspenders and a bra her boobs filled very nicely indeed.  I rimed her arse as she did mine her tongue entering all the way, sucking on my cock she took it all the way down pressing firmly on me. Her nails rubbed my balls as she sucked slowly up the shaft.  After a while I just had to fuck that arse missionary at first while we kissed, and I sucked on her gorgeous tits.  I gave her arse all I could she loved it there was no holding back Minx went flat put for it. I managed to cum twice once in the arse which she then licked my cock off and hour later one in the mouth filling it full it just poured out it was very exhilarating to say the least. Truly magnificent and will be back for much more and for longer next time. Ten out of Ten an extremely horny woman. Jazz  Manson xxx

First Class Elite sexy escort

 This is simply first-class sex I has an few hours of pure enjoyment I did it all to Minx. Emboldening me to give her harder and harder as we made love in every position I could think of, arse, pussy and mouth. Minx gave plenty of 69 and face sitting I even at the end wanted some watersports which was great fun as she stood over me in the bath filling my mouth and all over my face gushing out loads. Mike xxxx

DP Minx with my mate for two hours FULL PSE OMG WOW !!!! fucking great

Met this fantastic sexy goddess for DP for 2 hours of absolute pleasure. Minx drained us empty with insatiable appetite for DP. Dressed in the sexiest lingerie with black seamed stockings we continually pumped in tandem to the sounds of excitement from her. My friend and I had constant double penetration both climaxing almost together it was porn sex at its very best. We have got to have much; more do not miss this on the bucket list with this sexual deviant. Guys its worth a team up with someone you will see how much Minx really enjoy her DP, Brilliant evening thank you.  Robert and Ted

Had a brilliant time with Minx

I wanted to explore some sexy anal fun with another woman and decided to give it go and booked Minx for 2 hours in the evening at my home. A lovely lady who is funny, easy going made me feel very special and put me right at ease. This was exactly what I hope our meeting would be. Minx did some very naughty things with me which was extremely pleasurable. The next time my boyfriend is out I am booking again the sex was astonishing it certainly satisfied my desires with another woman vastly better than I ever dared thought it could possibly be. Any other women out there I recommend  you just go for it and give it go at least once. 


Love Nicole xx

Truly a stunning, intelligent and extremely sexy woman

An incredible and wonderful time spent with a fantastic sexy woman who does her upmost to make sure to please in every possible way. I thank you again for such a great time Minx and look forward to seeing you again x

We gave Minx DP all around the hotel room

I booked Minx with a friend while away for work together both eager to meet Minx for some DP. OMG do this guy’s it was unbelievable Minx was one HOT woman she loves DP we did it all in every position and I mean we did give it hard both cocks thrusting. Minx loved it

she is an absolute find of our life. Using all the available furniture and the floor this amazing woman too both our cock fully demanding more all the time. We are now arranging o come back to Midlands for more DP meetings with this fantastic horny woman.  Carl and Rob x

Thressome with my boyfreind and Minx

 We met with Minx at a hotel for a threesome and what a great night my boyfriend and I had Minx was insatiable equally with both of us. I have had a few threesomes with my partner, but this was by far the best because Minx arrived looking beautiful dressed veer smartly. It got even better removing her dress, looking exceptionally sexy in fully matching lingerie, seamed stockings and high heels. A sheer evening of pleasure with Minx we were all very naughty, brilliant sex thank you. Unquestionably going to be booking many more.


 Mia And Ashton xx


Exploring Female on Female and loved it

Wanted to explore more fun with another woman and Minx was recommended to me by a friend. What can I say that others allude, Minx is even better than her reviews extremely sexy, fun, relaxed and very considerate person, thoroughly loves sex with another female enthusiastically and it made the encounters very erotic?  I have never fisted a woman before and something I wanted to try which turned us both on after that we played kissed and did lots of anal sex both in 69 and face sitting. Totally adore Minx I really has a good time one I never imagined this good. I fully intend o continue seeing Minx as often I can if you wish to explore another woman this is the one you must do it with. Don’t miss your chance you can do it all with Minx if you wish to go and try you may enjoy it more than you think.


Love Susan x

Oh What a Day !!!!

I treated myself to an Over day appointment with Minx, consisting of 12 hours together. Booking was made via Minx's very professional website, which is so easy to use. This lady is amazing, totally tantalising and very horny. It turned into a breathtaking experience, utisling most of my house and furniture. Minx is very proactive and has a large appetite for sex , and a willingness to make the sex and your time together exhilarating. During the day i sampled most of Minx's service, these included, anal and pussy sex to the max, role play and uniforms, fisting, watersports, toy play, GFE & PSE experiences. I will not go into graphic details, apart from to say we both experienced some of the most intense orgasms together throughout the day. This lady is an elite escort, attractive and blessed with a caring and warm personality. She makes every effort to please and dresses to the highest standards . You will not meet a nicer or more professional escort than the brilliant Minx. A firm favourite of mine. Pure class. Luv John

100% perfect what awesome woman

Minx arrived looking gorgeous I soon had my hand up her dress feeling her lovely pussy. When stood in her lingerie I was starstruck this goddess was in my house suspender and high heels massive boobs incredible curve and the best ass I have ever seen.  I had minx on my sofa legs spread wide open while I liked her juicy wet pussy soon after, my erect cock had to enter her after a while it was eager. Rock hard it glided inside pussy he lips apart as she smiled, I squeezed her tits in both hands, soon I was thrusting exceptionally hard into her Minx demanding more and harder all the time this woman loves it truly like know other. You must try this is life at least once. Minx stood up from the sofa and bent over waiting for me to enter again her pussy. This time pumping until my load exploded inside to her with screams of lust for us both.  I had a short break as I was knackered this is a better workout than any gym.

The next time doggy style I took Minx gaped her peachy arse wide open and my long thick cock stretching it fully wide open reaching all the way in just murmurs of pleasure form Minx. Hammering it home hearing her bum slap again me as Minx yelled for more, I pulled that gorgeous bum fully into me with both hands my cock stiff thrusted deep in her arse repeatedly, unbelievably vigorous I gave it her. As I was about to cum, I pulled it out can Minx took it all the way down her throat as face fucked her my spunk pumping out into her clasped mouth around my cock, loads of it came out she opened her mouth and snowballed it around blowing bubbles with the sticky cum then licking her lips swallowing all of it down then licking my cock clean. Wow bloody amazing woman this is the best sex I ever experienced I had not real ideal it could be this bloody amazing.  I must have more Minx spoiled me nothing else comes close to this lady miraculous in every way possible.


Anonymous guy xxx

What great way to spend the afternoon. BRILLIANT

 Wanted the full PSE and I got more than I ever dreamed of what a wonderful sexy woman. I requested some water-sports and after a serious amount of anal pounding her arse as hard I possibly could. Minx squatted down over me gushing loads directly into my mouth as I gobbled it down then covering my face completely. 10/10 this is one seriously perfect horny escort who goes the extra mile.


Edward xxxx

DP with a toy was great fun

What a woman I fucked her pussy and arse together with my cock slipped into a ring with a vibrator. Minx was on all fours as I thrust my cock and vibe into her giving a very erotic DP Experience Minx clearly enjoyed.  I held notihng back and thrust it in both holes Minx gasping for more. Later Minx had me on all found as she rimmed and entered my arse reaching a long way in with her tongue and fingers for ages. By now I wanted Minx to take my cock in her mouth and she gave me the ultimate deep throat right down the length pushing it all the way firmly in as I pump my load into her mouth Minx licking my shaft clean as she played with my cum it was a site to behold. Would I book Oh certainly this little Minx is now on the must do regular list for me she is sensational.

Professional lady and greta communications all the way. Goes that extra mile.

Firstly, brilliant communications and fantastic website is by far the most professional I have seen and looks very expensive super impressive. I believe Minx does it all herself which is even more amazing brains and beauty rare indeed.   The entire booking process enables you to get just what you want, and you feel this woman is going to be professional before you meet her. Minx does not disappoint arriving in a tight dress high heel sand stocking. We had sex in every position leaving noting off limits I slapped that lovely round bum as my cock slipped in and out of her pussy. Minx loved it and just kept going till we were both exhausted and I filled her with cum , one final slap a I poured inside her. Then we kissed lay on the bed for a good 20 mins slowly but passionately even lovingly at a times. It was the best se of my life.  Book for more surely book this woman and have a lot of fun.  Ass man

After making love we lay on the best kissing passionately

I remorselessly fucked Minx arse sat in a chair, stood up, missionary and doggy style This lady love anal and pulled her arse wide open for me to enter repeatedly. My cock reached all the way in and she still wanted more I frantically work my tool in there and the harder you give it her the more she enjoys it. If you wish to book the best escort ever who loves sincerely love sex and loves to talk dirty while you ride her. A pussy that is soft and juicy very inviting we made love for ages deep French kissing and I reach climax in her Minx squeezing me in pleasure as we become one. Fantastic sex. Knocker x

Watersports over filled my mouth absolutely loved it. Definitely try this.

After rigorously pounding her arse to Minx’s demanding cries of give it all to make me have it which I found a huge turn on factor. When booking I wanted water sports, so   Minx pissed all over me from above, while I swallowed down her golden rain my mouth over flowing which tasted divine. Brilliant escort and fantastic at water sports Minx is very game to give you just want you want and more. 


Rain man xxx

Wow what woman

What can i say about Minx.. She is truly one in a million. Exceptional in every way and position. Her passion and love of sex is deep and geniune as is her bi sexual desires to satisfy her clients. Many couples as well as her male clients cum back again and again she is that good. I personally cant get enough of her red lips, tight pussy and amazing tits with the must glorious nipples. to suck on. She is a truly lovely lady who takes pride in her appearance and looks so enticing in anything from thigh high boots ,naughty  uniforms and even better naked. I have never know a escort  like her. I will not book any one else only Minx . The day i cant book Minx is the day  i give up sex.

Super reliable and professional escort

Brilliant escort everything is so easy with her and well organised. Super reliable and great communications all the way. It was extremely simple to book and I am not good with computers  from the website (idiot proof) and everything confirmed back to me makes you feel very at ease with such reliability which is just what I wanted. Minx arrived on time dressed just as I requested, and we had a wonderful time together exceeding my expectations more than even all the reviews say believe me the sex was that good! Back for more without any doubt. Lovely woman in every regard. Perfection,


Thanks love  J xx

Minx is high class.

 Book my first time with an escort and what a find Minx was. Looking even better in the flesh than the photo’ show.  I very friendly, funny and not hurried appointment made me feel very at relaxed with no pressure. Beautiful lingerie looked very classy in high heels and black stockings stunning sex legs and a bottom to behold.  The entire occasion was very exciting, and I could not contain myself filling Minx mouth full of cum as she took my entire cock. Booking again a real super escort I cannot believe I found her. Love Avery xxxx

Worth every penny

What a great time. This lady loves sex and the pictures and videos do not give her skills justice. Book her and you won’t be disappointed. The service is second to none and Minx is great company and highly sexual. The experience is not one I will forget in a hurry. The reviews are spot on. Book her, you won’t regret it.

Don't burn your bridges with this beautiful escort she is very busy.

This was my fourth booking with remarkable woman. Minx is professional throughout punctual reliable remarkably honest and above all does what she says. This is a supremely confident lady at the top of her game in all Minx does. If you book her you will certainly have breath-taking sex and a real yearning to please. The flip side she is exceptionally busy and does not shy away to ban people when messed about take my word for it you will not get many chances with her and you will be missing out on the best sex of your life for sure.

As always Minx fantastic evening thank you.

Luv Adam xx

I never leave reviews these days but Minx deserves one.

I never leave a review but felt Minx deserved credit where it's due. Brilliant daytime meeting Minx was amazing, beguiling, tantalising and extremely horny.  No holding back Minx gave me everything and I in turn gave her what she like best. A hard long and powerful fucking my balls slapping on her as I shafted that juicy pussy with big vibrator all the way in her arse, I could feel it throbbing on my cock as I went in and out. I loved every minute with you and only wished I had  booked you longer. Next time!

Love Mike xx

Loaded her mouth and she gurgled my cum in her throat.

Fabulous meeting with Minx I especially loved taking all my balls in her mouth and wanking my cock just as I was ready to cum, she opened her mouth wide, knelt on the floor as I pumped in loads of cum and I mean a lot.  Minx swished it around gurgling my spunk in her throat head tilted back then dribbled it all over my cock and licked it all off until all clean. Minx genuinely loved it which made it even more erotic. I must have much more of this in my life ,best blow job by far I  have ever received. Colin x

What a find Minx is can't believe my luck.

Beautiful mature gorgeous milf and a lovely person absolute pleasure to be with in every regard. Lovely happy outlook in life it a truly sexy lady I adore being with. Regular bookings guaranteed. Top Class Escort 

A. xxxxx

Minx is very kinky indeed and does it all ask my wife Carol

Minx joined my wife and me for an evening of sex without limits at out home. Could not have gone any better for us it was a wonderful saucy and fun evening. Suffice to say noting regardless how kinky was off the menu.  It was think tried it was a tantalizing encounter one we will have many more of Minx is gorgeous, sexy and very creative totally at ease having sex with a woman as with men. 

Love Carol and George x

Porn Star Experience will blow your mind and load.

Everything about this woman is too class including her sexual appetite which is boundless. After requesting the Porn Star Experience, I had a brilliant and intensely orgasmic time of my life. Sex has never been this horny with any woman. Minx arrived and sipped off her black dress as we stood my one hand on her round bum the other fondling her enormous boobs. I soon had her doing 69 with me as she sucked cock my very hard cock all the way as my tongue pushed firmly into her arse opening it wide. After much fun we went for doggy style over the bed where I gave it her exceedingly hard and fast interspersed with slower breather breaks  then going full at her again drubbing her arse with my thick cock reaching all the  way deep inside  balls squashed against giving rise to her audible pleasure wanting more. As I gave her arse a thrashing, I spanked her bum as I thrust home, we went at this for ages until I had to ejaculate buckets into her, pulling her hair as  I did and I plunged it deep inside totally euphoric as I pumped and expanded my cum into her lovely arse. Would I book again, dam right I would! This experience has opened my eyes what sex can be like with a ravishing nymphomaniac bloody astonishing sex. Minx is a lovely naughty woman.

Double Penetration sex for full two hours with us in a hotel.

My friend and I booked a double team session with Minx. She arrived wearing short black dress seamed stockings with elegant high heels. Minx favourite sex is DP and was clearly showed. After some sexy play we both soon got to taste the delights as Minx slipped my cock in her arse and then another. Minx was limitless in her pleasure as both our stiff cocks slipped in rhythm inside her Mix pushing down hard to get them fully in. Absolutely gave Minx a serious hard drubbing with both out cocks she kept asking for more throughout. We did double cocks in pussy also and several potions throughout the two-hour booking completely satisfying all of us it was even more amazing that we expected. Minx is utterly brilliant woman and well up for fun we had a fantastic two hours besides both cumming almost together as we filled her at the same time, we also pumped a load into her mouth as she knelt by the end of the bed us stood up. Minx mouth was full of our spunk she swallowed it all down then licked out cocks clean for more. Hard to put into words the superlatives giving Minx DP it felt that good, highly recommended you try DP with Minx is an amazing experience. One that will become a frequent occurrence for us and already booked the next encounter for more DP action. xxxxxxxxx

What a woman OMG awesome sex and lovely person to be with.

Minx gave me a wonderful PSE experience full on in every regard. The best cock suck I ever had, and she goes for it nothing held back swallowing down my cock which is not by any means easy task. Minx took the entire length with ease.  You need to be fit and be able to keep up with the PSE Minx can take a lot of hard pounding which she totally enjoys. I had her bent over the chair and the bed rick hard I thrusted non-stop till exhausted then slowed up to regroup and give it her again, each time Minx wanted more it was lovely to hear as I pounded her sexy arse. Throughout Minx talked dirty which really got things heated up and a massive turn on. We had sex just about everywhere and, in most positions, I could think of even on the room sideboard which almost collapsed for the frantic sex we were having. I gave it her doggy style while pulling her hair slapping that round bum throughout Minx was asking for it remorseless, I cannot imagine how anyone could give it any harder certainly did give her what she wanted. Wonderful lady with a great sense of fun a passion for sex like no other woman I ever met. Perfection is how I describe her, and she gave me a total Fulfilment in all aspects what am breath-taking sexual experience. Certainly, a regular booking for me with this lovely lady.  


Love aka

Jam xxxxxxxxxx

Sizzling Saturday Afternoon

Wow, what a sizzling Saturday afternoon, spent with the magnificent Minx. This is one classy lady, who delivers all services with energy and enthusiasm. An Elite escort, blessed with a wonderful personality and caring manner. Already looking forward to my next encounter with Escort Minx. Luv John xxx

My husband watched us doing 69 then joined in

My husband and I had fun with Minx at our house for a few hours. It was a sexy sex packed evening with Minx really taking the lead. Minx exceeded all out expectations and I especially loved the anal play she gave me as we did 69 with my husband also joining.  Juliette and Ray

Thank you for ticking loads form my bucket list with another woman. xxxxxx

Minx did everything to me. OMG!

I wanted a dirty PSE meeting and I got more that I could ever wished for. We did that much I cannot list it all here. However, I loved the gaped arse open as I tongued her deep before the most frantic fuck, I could give her, and she loved it gagging for more and harder I pounded in her arse God it felt dam good fucking her.  This is one heck of a MILF. Lots more bookings from me to come.  JJ xxx

Hardcore sex WOW!

More hard-core action with Minx never disappoints she is wild in bed and loves sex. Make a lot of effort to be perfect for each meet I have had with her. Minx has a lovely tasty pussy her juices flowing easily. Top class woman worth the extra as she does it all and then some. Minx is happy to have as much sex you can give her and will not surrender clearly a loving her escorting. Luv Dazzle xx

Minx deeply tongue my arse for ages then rode me hard.

Superb incall Minx was on fire was an incredible woman and a figure to match her beauty.Straight forward  to book and highly efficient all ran like clockwork I arrive Minx opened the door and was looking very sexy in heels black stockings and a little dress.  I quickly grabbed her arse and we went at it straight away. Minx enjoys her deep throat and soon has my entire cock in her mouth squeezing my balls. Then licking my balls as I was stood up by the bed she sucked and tugged on them in her mouth as I lay back on the bed Minx had her tongue well up, my arse working it in deep really going for it.  Later moving up straddled me then guided my thick stiff cock inside her lovely tight arse of hers. As Minx rode me hard her big tits bouncing I grabbed them pulling her on to me  even more. As she leaned forward putting her thick rock-hard nipples in my mouth, I sucked hard on them Minx still thrusting up and down her arse grasping on my cock. Minx orgasms were intense letting it all go fully then French kissing me as I pumped inside her I had been fucking that arse for a good while it was the best time of my life she loved it which clearly makes the difference I have to have much more of this undoubtedly top escort. Love AKA

ANON xxxxx

Another female threesome Minx is incredibly self-confident, uninhibited and boundless fun ladies.

Lovely genuine and honest Bisexual Minx was a pleasure to have another evening of fun at our home in Hereford. Minx joined us for a threesomes and shared pleasure with my partner and myself. Boundless evening of covetousness sex you think of it we probably did it. Minx arrived impeccably dressed just as we requested and oozed sex appeal, a happy deposition and lovely smile which melts your heart. Everyone was exhausted when Minx let the sex, we all shared was the unsurpassed in every way possible. 

Amelia & Mia xxx


Minx had fucked me on my desk, chair, bed, floor in as many positions we could. Nothing held back rimmed my arse for ages sat on my face loves being talked dirty to when having sex. Best of all she loves it the harder you give it her. I has her on all fours pulling her hair slapping her bum as I rammed my cock inside that wonderful arse taking it all the way whileI thrusted it repeatedly. This lady is a fantastic find one I will be having many more appointment with surly. Minx will keep going for as long you can I fully recommend seeing her. Mike xxxx


Minx goes all the way

Just wanted to say Minx is gorgeous and has the best bum I have ever seen. Extremely sexy legs which look a magnificent in high heels and lovely curvy hips which invite you in. Unlimited sex and will fore fill every yearning you have don’t hold back give her all you can and your get an even raunchier time with her. Wonderful Escort . Love Mark xxxx

Minx love Anal sex very much and I gave her hard as hell.

Easy to book make sure you look at her diary though this it one busy woman. When you meet her you will  see why? I fucked the hell out of her she still was up for harder she really likes it. I booked two hour and I went at it like a train Minx was amazing what a lovely bum Minx has you can really thump your cock in and the harder the better, unbelievable sex Minx kept going till I was exhausted. Not like most escorts who limit you this babe wants as much you can give her. Will book again big tick in my book. Sim xxxxxx

Water sports flowed in my mouth

Met this awesome Minx for 3 hours of a hotel. No disappointment here I sucked those lovely tits and finger banged with all my fingers both pussy and arse.  We kissed and cuddled and interspersed with my cock being sucked fully all the way in her mouth. We 69 and I tongue fucked her arse while Minx lick my balls riming my arse all the way in.  I wanted Minx to give me water sports which she did effortless peeing into my open mouth her warm wee my head tipped back. Another good gush flooded my mouth as I swallowed. Numerous escorts but Minx was the best escort by far up for it if you get her going. Anon xxxx


Rock and Role

What a stunning sex woman passionate too. We rocked and rolled the evening together. I always try to have as many escorts as my age every year before each birthday and don’t double count. This beauty is worth booking again though.   Rocker XXXXX



My first bisexual encounter Minx is so lovely and kind thank you.

My first bisexual encounter and Minx at my apartment in Worcester and it was a cracker. Minx was adorable very respectful caring and happy to take things slowly putting all my nerves ta ease. That aside we ended up have lots of passionate sex because Minx makes you feel completely relaxed with her; as if natural chemistry. I could not have chosen a kinder escort to experiment with and something I want to do much more with her. Booked my next meeting on the website already think that says it all. WOW.  Carla xxxx

I loved how we kissed when I cum inside her arse.

Great booking process very professional service. Minx arrived bang on time no drama and looking better than I even imagined wearing sexy lingerie and stockings looking very classy. We started French kissing and taking it slow as my hand went up her skirt, I could feel her moist pussy through a skimpy thong. All my fingers made their way in and finger fucked her I could hear the juices slapping in her pussy as I pushed deep inside. It felt fabulous we did this for dome time then moved to 69 and I lapped up the juice running from her pussy her pussy into my mouth. Minx sucked my balls rimmed my arse and took my cock all the lay down as she lay on top of me her legs spread wide open. I spread her bum open and tonged deep inside her arse which she loved. I managed tongue four fingers stretching her arse hole wide and gave it some thrust I can tell you. My cock was read to explode and I need to pull back a little we changed position to the chair in the room which  I sat on, Minx pushed my cock in her arse while sitting in it facing forward and bounced hard down on it . I clasped her big breast firmly squeezing with both hands as she rode me. Minx was wild and wriggled her bum into my lap working all the way in as she thrust my throbbing cock inside repletely deep. She switch to face me and we continued this time kissing and as I was about to cum Minx whispered to me her tongue tracing over me ear “fill my arse with spunk you know you want too” I want you to pump it in then kissed me for ages  as I erupted into her arse.

Magnificent could not of been any better. WOW Love Sunrise xxx

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Met Minx for incall and I had an amazing time I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her. I especially loved tongue banging her arse and then with her on all fours she parted her bum cheeks asking me to put my cock I her.  I thrust my cock into her arse and really went at it hard Minx wanted more and more. I could her my ball slapping against her as we went at it. I pulled her hair as I rode this stunning babe, she was insatiable demanding more and more. I was thumping my cock in all the way deep Minx was loving it and that made all the better by our dirty two-way dirty talk.  After a respectable going in her arse and pussy I stuffed my cock into her mouth all the way and cum flung into her mouth in torrents which Minx gobbled down eagerly. Minx made me feel very relaxed and I adored her attitude to sex this is a hungry milf eager to give a good time noting is held back. Weil certainly book again. Love Andrew x

“Fuck me hard Matt – I like it hard,” Minx begged

Incredible time spent with Minx we met in Birmingham not far from New Street Station for an Incall I arrived. trued to Minx word I got a text giving me the thumbs up to her room. I was met by the superlative sexy Minx. High heels and stockings stunning red lips Minx undressed me and sat me on the bed where we French kissed for ages fondling her silky skin and hands running between those stoking’s to that wet pussy. Pulling her knicker to one side I licked her pussy and drove my tongue into her Minx willingly opened her legs wide apart so I could get all the way in.


After exploring Minx in full Minx quickly spun around and ended up with her ass sitting on my face and her crack spread out across my mouth. I reached up and held onto her tits as I licked and sucked her cunt. When it started to quiver and vibrate, she began to hold her breath and then suddenly let out a piercing scream. Minx wanted me to ram my cock into her arse as she sat on it, however, I quickly turned her over so that I was on the top hammered home non-stop holing her legs wide open. We both started to yell and cling onto each other. I was not able to hold back any longer, bent forward and started to furiously suck on Minx’s hardened nipples. As I licked and fondled her tits, she became very tense and within a few seconds she called out, “I’m cumming, I’M CUMMING!” , “Give it me”“ Minx cried I Cired out It’s cumming – it’s cumming,” Minx rained kisses all over me her body shook uncontrollably. My spunk gushed into her warm pussy as Minx screamed out ‘Fill me full, keep filling me” , One decisive scream ‘”I love it , give it me” . I was shattered and given Minx a very hard fucking it was the unsurpassed raw sex with a woman who clearly enjoys having sex and does not hold back in anyway whatsoever. I will always think of Minx when having sex, Minx made it very special. Back for more definitely as often I can.

Love Matt xxxxxx



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This woman is first class all the way everything about her is extraordinary a beautiful sexy mature milf which does absolutely all you want and more.  I met her for an incall in Birmingham City Centre and it was so simple and well organised I arrived she answered the door looking sexy from the start. Made me feel very at ease and I really wanted to get in her knickers shortly after I was giving her plenty from behind doggy style right up her arse all the way extremely hard and just keeps wanting it really enjoying the frantic thrusting both in he arse pussy. This woman can take a lot of sex believe me. I wanted the full PSE and she did just that the list of what we did would be enormous, but we did really go at it every way you can think of. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant wow it was fucking brilliant. If like me your booking incall for PSE then be prepared for this to blow your mind. I am booking Solihull next and there will be many more form me. I have found a real gem here! Don’t hold back and enjoy the chance when you get it. Number one fan T xxxx

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Booked an incall recently with Minx what an absolute goddess in every way possible.Fun very sexy, classy and so dirty with sex it’s mind-boggling how naughty she is I wish my girlfriend was like this. Never experienced sex like this before, sod all the loving with partner crap creates better sex. Minx gave me the best sex of my life so far and don’t know her, the reason I think this to be the case; is like other have said she really loves it. Thanks Minx I will be attending all the in-calls I can with you, believe me. Love Tan man xxxx

My first incall made very at ease. We had great fun.

Boke her for my first ever incall and  I love how  effort she had put in , immaculate clean and looking sexy perfect in fact like a real top class porn star. Minx took my entire cock down while gripping my balls as I filled her mouth as her mouth full of cum while she was till at the bottom of my shaft it felt very horny because Minx was gagging for it. Best blowjob by a long way I ever had, and I have had a few. More bookings forth coming for sure.  Charlie Chaplin xxx

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Minx arrived removed her dress and looked stunningly sex in her high heels and stockings skimpy thong and suspenders. Tits filling her sexy bra to the full. Everything about Minx was classy immaculately clean and tidy, soft skin and smelling heavenly. Her pussy was wet and ready for fun, she stood in front of me as I sat on the sofa spreading her legs open, I finger banged her while she stood up. All my fingers in her pussy as and then into her lovely arse as she lowered to forced them all in. Stradling me I sucked her wondaful tits nipples which were rock hard. Minx pussy was teasing my cock on with a condom and this time she sat right down onto my cock it felt bloody gorgeous as her juices engulfed my thick shaft.  I finger her arse deep Minx rode me hard as I was about to cum then gripped me and we kissed passionately as I pumped loads of spunk into her pussy. Sucking my tongue, we held each other till I put all I could into her. OMG bloody marvellous. Got to have more of her.  You will not get more raunchy sex. Love Longshank xxxx

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A beautiful women, an elite escort skilled in the art of seduction. During the course of our meeting i enjoyed the full range of Minx's services. I will not go into explicit details , but suffice to say i had many fantastic orgasm's, Minx provides a service full of passion, hard at times , then very close and soft at other times. everything about this Lady is pure class, an exceptional escort and lovely person. Already looking forward to our next encounter. Many Thanks.xx

Minx is kind , polite and considerate, thanks. Your an amazing person xxx

Beautiful woman lovely relaxed evening together lots of fun and was not  hurried I thoroughly enjoyed out time together. We shared plenty of passion and got up to all the naughtiest of things many if not most new to me. Minx made me feel very at ease and it allowed me to fully experience another woman a huge tick of my bucket list and one I very much want to much more of with her in future. Thank you so much Minx for making it special.  Love Gemma xxx


Minx arrived at our house for a threesome with my husband and myself. Minx gave plenty of attention o both of us and is just like described totally bisexual which made the evening an amazing experience.  Minx 69 me as being taken by my fella and I licked my guys cock and her pussy underneath. After many positions and lots of sex we both knelt and took turns licking and sucking Mitch's cock until he climaxed massively into Minx mouth where she snowballed it around lent over to me and kissed me mouth still full of my hubbies cum. We swapped from her mouth to mine paying with the sticky warm spunk as we French kissed.  When Minx managed to finally transfer all to me, she lay down mouth open head back and I dribbled it form high above downwards to her. This time minx lay me on my back arching my back,  hubby helping holding my legs around to my head Minx filled my pussy with cum from her mouth as she licked it all around, worked it well inside it was the truly sexy, a highly recommended experience and one Minx did so well. I have never done anything like this before and we are both gagging for more sexy encounters with her. Minx left us both wanting her back again on a regular basis and the next 2-hour encounter is already book in stay tuned.  


Love Karen and Mitch xxxx


We tongued fucked each other arse's for ages.

Another erotic meeting with Minx. Arrived looking sexy as always gave the furniture a good work out as Minx got a very hard pasting with my stiff cock in her pussy on a desktop legs spread open pulling me into her pleasure very audible.  We kissed and I fondled her magnificent tits pumping her juicy pussy all the while. Balls finally my spunk inside her for all I could it felt tremendous as we both held each other tightly kissing while her pelvis raised into mine.  After short break we were back at it again this time riding her hard pulling on her hair Minx in doggy style wanting all I could give her, Minx is one hell of a horny woman. Never had as much fun having sex with any woman as with Minx . 10/10 xxxxx

I wanted to explore my bisexual side with my hubby still joining in

Minx arrived early morning dress very smear and with lots of sex appeal. Neither me or my husbands had done this before, and Minx made us very relaxed early on and everything about her is professional. Arrived right on time of our booking dressed just how we asked and was even better in the flesh than her lovely photos. We had booked a 3-hour meeting, so we had plenty of time for fun and savour the encounter. Sex with another woman was amazing and with my husband taking part I had the best of all worlds. As Minx and I kissed my hubby he was making love with her a role we switched around a few times.  As he made love with me Minx sucked his balls and licked his cock. It was t truly erotic experience for us one which we will repeat as often we can. The time evaporated quickly and by the time Minx left everyone was swell satisfied by the evenings of pure pleasure we all shared Thank you Minx. Lot of love Gabriella and Lawrence xx

Very sexy in stockings and heels and my goodness loves anal.

Hotel meeting Minx arrived on time looking delicious in a sexy dress huge tit heaving out. All I wanted had arrived and eager to please. We kissed stood up I slipped my hand up her skirt feeling her stoking’s on the way parting her kickers I quickly got all my fingers in that gorgeous pussy. Pushing her against the wall I ravished her passionately. We had sex on may positions and I cum once on her pussy and Minx also held her arse wide pen face down on bed. I wanked into that wonderful arse hole my spunk running inside her then sticking my cock in there to push it all in further. Minx span round and sucked me clean licking every tiny bit away of my worn-out cock.  OMG it was fucking hot sex xxxxxx

Married but Minx gave me what I needed

I wanted a GFE and was worried I could not take the pace, but Minx was fantastic we rurally had great sex and good laughs too. I will be booking overnight next time again soon. What a stunning woman you are without all the hassle of married life. xxxx

Lovely bum

Minx arrived I asked and got ta PSE like no other. If you want, you can do it with this well named Minx! Amazing woman we fucked in every way you can think of fantastic thanks Minx love every min with you. Will do it
again for sure. xxxxx

Animal lust we shared

Met with Minx for 2 hours and she arrived heeled up and in beautifully sexy lingerie , shiny black stockings. I forced the animal inside to slow down and control its instinctual determination. My hand slipped around Minx’s waist and pulled her in, skin against skin. The other slid up the arch of her back and grabbed hold of her ponytail so I could bite her neck, collarbone, lips. Minx arms wrapped around me tight, and in a moment the whole universe was concentrated into the sound of stealing breaths. We dropped to the floor. On top of her I found my way; pausing at first, we loosened the beast for a few moments. Her hips dug into the rug, I kissed every inch of her until she was at her event horizon, all muscle control disappeared, and her entire body dropped to the floor. The point of no return came, and she moaned as I grabbed her hips tightly. Minx  found the strength to push up off the floor and looked back at me from her primal pose. Minx  threw herself on top of me and the control was hers I wanted this woman as she did me. Anonymous  xxxxxx

Minx lay on her back, raises and spreads her legs

We kissed and cuddled making love non-stop slowly at times and
passionately my cock pressed deep in her arse she felt superb such a sexy woman. Her stockings rubbed against me as I put her legs onto my shoulders then tipping them back onto the bed. I could full perpetrate deeply into this glorious arse. I held her down as I began to stuff it in there all the way in bumping her cheeks my balls slapping against her squashed flat. I continued holding her ankles pushed into the bed by her head as I worked it extremely hard into her arse hole. I kept at it for ages really making sure Minx got what she wanted she let out an almighty orgasm gripped me hard and pulled me in as I continued to ride her. Finally, I pumped round after round into gasping boding it was simply the best sex I ever had encountered. You have to try to lady the only issue you will  have sex will never be the same with anyone else it really was that good .Many of the reviews say it but it’s true I could nit of asked for any more ,perfect Minx just perfect!. Love XXX

Rode her hard and still wanted more. Fantastic sex

Fucked her in every place possible and every position Minx is insatiable the harder you give it her the more she wants. 10/10 BBx

Filled her wanting mouth full of my spunk

Oh, my goodness this goddess was on top form the sex was awesome! She rode me rock hard cock deep in her pussy as she rubbed her enormous boobs in my face sucking on her rock-hard nipples.  Minx gives the veer best blow jobs sucking my cock all the way down her and then her tongue under my balls as she presses the shanked firmly all in her mouth. Red lips gripped me as she slowly worked her way up to the tip and pushed all the way down again right into her throat. She gobbled and, on my cock, and I started thrusting harder into her mouth and while stood up I could pull down onto my rock cock frantically. A I was about to cum Minx mouth was open waiting for it and I watched cum pour in it just kept flowing I was so turned on. Minx mouth was full of my warm spunk which she gurgled around it was certainly very full. Eventually after snowballing it all around Minx swallowed it all down ever drop and started back on my cock licking it clean for every drop I had left.  Absolutely will book again I had amazing time with this very naughty lady. A+++++++ Brilliant thank you love A xxx

My bit on the side is perfect !

Another sex packed encounter with Minx becoming my regular lover which bundles of sex appeal. What Makes Mix special is how enthusiastic with sex it makes such a difference to making it fun. From the beautiful cloths exquisite lingerie and high heels make her radiate a wonderful feminine side. As for the sex we had I rimmed and tongued her arse as she did mine fully. I lap up her juices with her legs spread wide open for me to get all the way in. She sucked my balls and lick all around she took my cock all the way down pressing it entirely into her mouth. Moist lisps clasped the shaft up and down as I pushed it in and out stood up in front of her. Bent her over and rammed fingers then my cock into that wonderful arse she held wide open for me, we went at it ages me pouring in sweat as I stuffed her full non-stop.  I even had a massive toy in her pussy my cock thrusted into her welcome arse. Minx was begging for more and harder, so I notched it up a bit more pulling her hair I delved as deep I could with my rock-hard cock in her. Minx then took me to the sofa sat on my cock again in her arse and rode me frantically it slid right into her all the way as he bounced and forced that last little bit right up there. I sucked her huge boobs and lovely big nipples as we slowed it down a little to have some passionate erotic sex making love together which really turned her on wiggling, her bottom onto my shaft as I bite down on the hard nipples. Switching again this time to her pussy I flooded her with my spunk as she cried out gripping me hard as we reached our peak. Slowly kissing now to savour the moment we shared tongues and hands entwined as my throbbing cock subsided in her my ball full emptied into her warm soaking wet pussy. This was by far the most intense sex I have had and the best with any of many escorts to date. Minx it’s just too good to miss out on a definite regular booking for a very long time.  Mr X xxxxx

Birthday Present

I booked Minx as a birthday present to myself- what a present! A beautiful voluptuous lady who greatly enjoys sex with incredible passion. All the other reviews are true, and a birthday present I'll never forget. Birthday boy XXXXXXXXXX

21 year old randy guy takes Mature MILF in the arse again and again again! Minx still wanted more!!

I always wanted a mature MILF, even though 21 Minx could take more than I could give her, and I certainly did it a lot she is a very fit babe. A truly tremendous woman and lover of anal which is even better! Fucked this very horny MILF extremely hard in every way you can possibly think of in my bedroom her arse was well used from my cock. Minx is amazing at sex, because she really does enjoy it, holding her arse fully open with both hands on her cheeks I stuffed cock many times into her open arse as she leaned forward end of my bed. We were both sweating buckets form all the sex we had I could not of booked a better escort a real darling. Must book her again for round two. Boner xxxxx

Overnight exceeded my expectations by miles. wow! Will be having many more.

Had a wonderful overnight booking with Minx. I think we had sex every location in my house and on surly all my furniture.  Minx was brilliant fun, very funny and my god she loves sex. We were at it like rabbits on and off all the time.  After a night of pounding her wonderful arse undeniably loads of times Minx would always want more and she loves it hard. Both sharing a bubble bath we sipped our drinks and Minx caressed my balls  stroking my shaft as we chatted what a way to spend an evening . Jason x


Female/Female/Male BRILLIANT ! THANK YOU

Thanks, Minx, for a wonderful relaxed playtime with my partner and me we both enjoyed it immensely your worth every penny it was pure sex at its best. Never has a woman do half the things you did to me and it was mind blowing pleasure with another woman sincerely thank you for giving me and my partner brilliant sex. Great evening you made my nerves go away quickly as soon you arrived. 
Thank you Cheryl xxx (& Rob)

Couple playtime with Minx who is a very hot lady

Minx was lovely as always and made out daytime meet simply the best fun in a long time. My husband watched us play on the sofa together getting him in the mood to join in later when we all moved to the bedroom. Noting was left not done we all played intensely for ages it was very erotic sex and Minx was game to play fully with both of us. The time went by so quickly everyone lost on the exciting sex we were having.  This is now a routine booking every two weeks for us it’s a far better way to enjoy sex and explore additional experiences in life. Love Ellie and Sam xxxx


Incall meeting just pure class

Marvellous Incall meeting in Solihull with Minx in Solihull a truly sexy beautiful woman with an appetite for sex like no other. Enjoys anal immensely and feels magnificent in her arse takes a truly good buffeting. Everything about Minx is pure class from the website which makes booking experience both reliable and easy to big smile and sexy inviting take me to bed eyes when the door opens.
Road Runner xxxxx

Overnight next time my love xxxx

Minx sucked my balls and rimmed my arse even tongue it all the way in before taking my cock fully down which was very impressive. Minx frantically suck my cock keen to get some spunk, she really went at it. I flooded her mouth with creamy warm cum which she gargled around and then we French kissed for ages swapping my cum between us. I finally dripped it all into her open mouth from mine and she swallowed it all. Again, back down she went to work on my cock again licking it clean. This lady can give mind bending blow jobs and love the taste of cum. I really want to Double and this lovely lady and spit roast too if any guys want to help me out I will pay someone to join us. Overnight booking next time wanted.  Back again very

soon. Jazz xxx

Gaped arse wide open for me ready to fill

Minx did everything I loved the way she held her arse wide open while I tongue her deep. Straddled me cock and rode it hard forward and backward facing so I could see my cock going all the way in her arse. Minx really pushed done on it and wanted it without any doubt. Holding my kissing fully nothing held back whatsoever, she whispered softly in my ear, reassuring me I was the best as we made it felt like real honest love. I think she really did get as much out of it as me. Truly amazing woman does it all and lots of it. If only my wives were this fucking good I would never of left any of them. ! xxxx

20 yer and old my first mature MILF .ACE!

My first encounter with a beautiful Escort her pussy felt very welcoming. Really enjoyed my first encounter and all though I was over excited I got to play fully with this goddess for a couple of hours rimming, sucking her nipples doing 69.  Will have more sure. Great fun Mr Broom xxx

Cum Kiss

Minx is stunning in the photos and even more horny in the flesh. Her tits are a delight to suck and kiss especially the way she reacts to every sensation. She is easily the best french kisser ever and encouraged me to give her my spunk in her mouth so we could cum kiss . WOW She is exceptional as an escort and woman. I will be back on a regularly basis for more mind blowing fucking. Xxx

Cracking arse Minx has and boobs too. Definitely loves her work.

 Wow from the min Minx arrived I was eager to get my hands on her. Straight up her skirt with hands sliding all my finger in both her pussy and arse as I finger banged her hard, she wanted it. I felt her suspenders as I dived between her legs licking that juicy wet pussy and fingering all four fingers in her arse. Not long after I was shafting that arse with all my might as we kissed and cuddled Minx biting my ears and pulling me into her as she orgasmed just when I too erupted into this sexy siren. I will be seeing her again and much longer I think required had the best sex ever thanks Minx. Michael xxx

Mouth wide open as I filled it full of cum


I had an escort earlier in the day, but Minx was the ultimate woman to fuck, Minx was very much up for it and love anal very much. We did it on the couch and bed, stood up lay down and near the window. Minx made love with me in my hotel room for about an hour, but we never stopped. Stood in skimpy while pants and stoking’s as she arrived it was lust at first sight.  Minx rimmed my me fully, her tongue fucking hard into my arse for a long time working it all about really enjoying it. Her finger made their way in and she sucked my cock all the way down. We kissed and cuddle making love on the bed for ages her breast big and she loves having them sucked. After a lot of play face fucking her mouth, Minx caressed my arse pulling me into her, slipping finger inside again she kept sucking till I emptied into her gaping mouth filling it also most full of cum. Minx swilled it around and swallowed evert drop, then started to lick my cock clean. If I am back, here again I will surly book this amazing escort.  Sticky xxxx

It keeps getting better the more times we make love,


Another great meet with Minx lots of French kissing and intense snogging. Open her up on the sofa to explore that wonderful pussy with also most all my hand. Made love intensely on my bed more kissing and my cock firmly in her arse as. As we made love Minx whispered into me ear all the while how much she was loving making love with me and did my ego lots of good if not my balls. We rived around both masking the sound of utter joy our passionate and dare I say real love for the sex we shared. My cock was firmly up her arse and she rode me astride slowly at first working my thick shaft all the way in which clearly felt good to both of us.  Minx got greater into the moment getting more intense all the time, I sucked her thick hard nipples which she enjoys and continued to ride me. Minx Slipped many fingers in her own arse I could feel them on my cock in her pussy pushing against my shaft as it glided in and out of this amazing woman. The pace picked up Minx was going for it now as she snogged my face off her tongue searched for mime. Her pleasure moans increased, and penetrated deep into her arse thrusting upwards harder, Minx fingers thrusting inwards with me. God this girl lady can take a lot!Minx started to push down hard on my cock we at been at it for ages her arse still gripping my cock firmly but sliding easily in and out speedier all the time until I was thrusting her arse with force her check rattled as I did. Minx was going flat out for it now wanting my spunk , out love  we were sharing grew as the feeling built up from moderate to really intense evidently for Minx , when she actually orgasmed  she shuddered her eyes firmly shut as she has a powerful release, her clit pulsing which slowly subsided within her, Her cheeks felt hot as we kissed softly, breathing heavy and still pulsing but completely venerable yet  relaxed Minx  for that moment was mine.  Have a few steady escorts but non have I found anywhere near as open or genuine with her feelings as Minx is with me it always very special and get enhanced the more, we meet each time.  Love J. xxxxxxxxxx


Minx snowballed my cum and swallowed it all down every drop and licked me clean.

This is a very classy stunningly beautiful lady who looks superb in stocking and heels. Even her pussy was trimmed neatly, and silky-smooth skin made it very tempting for my tongue. Had sex in variety pf positions easily taking all my cock in her mouth and I spunked it full as she was gulping it in. Brilliant fun doing this a lot more with Minx. Love M xxx

Insatiable sexy woman.

Minx looked stunning very sexy lingerie and was ready play for the start. Laying her down on the bed I her knickers off around her high heels. My tonged worked its ways way deep into her wet pussy. My fingers sliding into her arse full. Amazing woman I finger banged her arse lapping up her juices. Time to enter that wet pussy my cock was rock hard she looked and felt so good. As I entered her moist lips, she whispered how much she wanted me. I rode her slowly at first as Minx passionately kissed me and pulling my body into hers. Her moans of pleasure genuine and evident in her rock-hard nipples against my chest. We made love for ages rhythmically sliding in and out. As the pace heated up, I put her legs up in the air on my shoulders and drilled her hard her huge boobs jiggling about as I screwed her harder and harder. A brief interlude to dodgy style Minx was on all fours on the bed, my face firmly pressed into her pussy moving up to her arse my tough delved deep inside, Minx held her bum cheeks wife open so I could get all the way in. I started to slip my all fingers into her pussy including my thumb as worked my fingers round inside her full.  By now Minx was dripping wet, and we went to 69 where minx rimmed my arse for ages and pushed her tongue right inside me and started frantically tongue fucking my arse.  She moved me to my back my legs in the air as she continued at pace to tongue fuck me hard.  I switch positions again as she stood at the end of the bed putting her heels back on for me. I slide my cock into her well worked arse and vigorously fucked her for ages, really giving her all I could. Minx still wanted more harder which really turned me on even more, I exploded by balls into her arse releasing torrents of cum.  Unadulterated sex we Minx offers truly an amazing experience and she thoroughly enjoy sex and willingness to make it exciting makes it unsurpassed sex by a long way.  Fantastic fun needs lots more with her.  A. xxxx

Pussy very inviting


Fisted her pussy and fingered her that sweet arse all I could before temptation meant I had to taste her delights. Wow mind boggling sex, excellent woman every man’s dream. Tony x x

Best blow job ever

Met Minx in a hotel certainly gives the best blow jobs, taking the cock all the way down and pushing for more. Fully filled her mouth full of cum she snowballed it around showing me and then swallowed it all, promptly cleaned my cock up for me. Another load later emptied into her pussy and were hard at it for ages. I nailed her pussy and spanked her beautiful arse as I did buffer her butt with every thrust, I gave her. Minx loves sex and harder the better as you make her cum its worth, the effort. Mal xxxx

Hubby watched us play

Great sexy evening thanks Minx, my husband and I loved your enthusiasm especially all the kinky stuff we got up too. I got as wet as you were doing 69 together while my hubby watched on. I really enjoyed all the anal the we did it was a surely did   turn on for me.  We will both be booking many more evenings with you. Love Kelly and Nicholas xx


Looking to flirt with my female curious side

Thank you, Minx, a wonderfully sexy and great fun evenings with you. You are ever better in person than I ever could wished for.  Steph xxx

Hubby and I wanted another female for fun.

Couple from Cheltenham wanting to have a naughty evening with another woman joining my husband and me. Minx was the best choice we could have made. Looking very stylish and sexy from the minute she arrived.  Minx licked my hubbies’ cock as he made love to me and tonged my arse as I gave him oral. There was nothing much we not manage in the three hours. My hubby filled minx up and I licked all inside her pussy it was a very erotic evening had by us all. This is going to a monthly must for us now with Minx, perfect in every way. Love Trish and Aden x

Mouth wide open as I filled it full of cum

Totally fantastic daytime meet with Minx. This lady did absolutely everything, dirty sex at its very best, wow she is horny, and loves being fucked in every hole and place. Minx kept going the entire time until I my balls were emptied completely from filling her pussy and arse. I pumped an entire load into her wide-open mouth which she washed around gargled and even blew bubbles then swallowed it all down fully licking my cock after. Sex at its very best I only wished my girlfriend did all what Minx does. Ashely xxx

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Very attractive sexy MILF that enjoys sex very extensively. We did everything all over my room lovely afternoon thank you Minx. Your insatiable. I wanted PSE and I got more than I ever could have asked for.  Amazing sex noting comes close You were on fire such naughty lady just how it should be. Minx takes her time and you can fuck her as much you want. No hurry to leave I really felt over the moon I booked her. Vip

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Arrived bang on time, hands up her skirt into her pussy and arse. Obviously take a lot of time to get ready before she arrives everything matched, I mean everything! Lovely full red shiny lips with matching nails, lingerie set, black stocking, high heels all made her look very feminine and sophisticated indeed. I could not wait to go at this amazing opportunity in my house ready to play. Really finer fucked her extremely hard. Then taking my long cock all the way down the shaft, not many women are able to do that fully. I fucked her mouth as she gobbled on my bell end.  Then Fucked her pussy before going into her arse again all the way in no problems at all. I destroyed Minx arse hard and I mean bloody hard she wanted more and more I just kept going. OMG this woman is such a good fuck.  I pounded for all I could thrusting all my cum into her it felt fantastic then we did it again and again three times until my balls were drained empty and could not cum anyone. Minx has it all and was still up for more. I love this escort never had better I fully intend to book her often I can. Lovely, lovely lady who really enjoys anal sex, it could not be any better the entire Porn Star Experience form the minute I clapped eyes on her. I have had many escorts nothing compares to the package you get with Minx, beautifully sexy and definitely, great fun, very high class as the website shows. Many more bookings for sure Thanks for a lovely evening. Xx

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Met this stunning lady a few times now, we had lots of passionate kissing, oral and rimming, made love in the bedroom Minx clearly having a good time which made it even more exciting. Whispered in my ear as my cock slid slowly into her moist pussy.  Licking my ears and neck Minx rode me till I pumped my throbbing cock fully into her holding her tightly as I cum. Lovely afternoon together and a true GFE loving sex we share.  Brilliant as always thank you Minx lots more meeting needed, I feel. Lord N

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I arranged a Gangbang party with some friends Minx was highly efficient and reliable, arrived on time.  Got straight into the flow of things Minx made the party a truly brilliant one. Everyone left worn out except Minx who could have taken even more of us. Absolutely got to do this again very soon. Fantastic woman can fuck non-stop.  A xx

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I met this wonderful Lady while on business in the West Midlands.  Wanted a real GFE Escort which Minx gave me an amazing loving experienced making love. Dressed in beautiful lingerie high heels and stockings certainly set the scene for a good time. We made love slowly and passionately on the bed by cock rock hard inside her pussy. On top Minx kissed non-stop using full tongues together all the time my cock sliding in and out her soaking wet pussy. Minx gasped and whispered in me ear kissing it licking it and sticking her tongue in, her hot breath and gentle moans were such a turn. We were both getting in the love making and her nipples were rock hard as she sat upright then pushing my cock deep inside her then back to kissing as we held each other the paced heated up, Minx made me feel truly wanted as indeed she was. It does not get better than this I ejaculated her holding me tight then kissing me as it pumped inside her pussy. Perfect timing for us both I filled her full to the brim it kept pumping out deep in her pussy I could feel her flinch in enjoyment as it entered. No doubt of it this is far more than an escort a thoroughly erotic afternoon for us both. Thank you Love Mark xx


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I asked for the full Porn Star Experience and Minx delivered
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2nd meet with this lovely lady.. she is the complete package .. absolutely no disappointments, just an hour of pure fun and frolics !
Minx arrived at the arranged time, looking delectable but more importantly was clean, fresh and as always very friendly, down to earth and genuinely ensuring that my satisfaction was her priority. Will be booking Minx again soon for another 5* experience

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From the minute Minx arrived her appeal was alluring, I could not have asked for nothing better than this stunning curvy MILF, her appearance immaculate. I could not keep my hands off her we stood and kissed I fondled her arse through her tight dress then squeezing her enormous boobs. Got my hand under her skirt and fingers made their way into her pussy and arse, finger fucked her hard and decided to head to the bedroom. More great kissing deep tongues interwind as we snogged my cock now rock hard. Minx took it in her mouth all the way down effortless while fingering my arse. Got her in 69 position and tonged her sweet arse more as far could get in there. Minx deep throated me more her legs wide open over me I finger banged her arse with all four fingers really hard as she sucked me off. Then she straddled me and slipped my bursting cock into her arse and rode me very vigorous pushing it all the ways in. I switched to more fingering and oral this time my fist went all the way in her soaking wet pussy, and she kept asking for it. OMG it was so good. Doggy style anal followed and then pussy non-stop, my balls were giving it some slapping against her as I fucked Minx as hard, I possibly could clearly enjoy it as much as I was. Minx pulled her arse full open lay on the bed face down and I fucked it with fingers with my cock in there, then into her pussy while I finger banged the arse almost my entire hand in there now.  With just a few mins to go Minx had drained me completely I felt totally relaxed and chilled the amazing sex I have ever had.   Her reviews are brilliant but if anything, Minx is even more sexy, horny and naughtier than you can imagine. I have no choice to give her a glowing review as I had the time of my life with her. No GF will get even close to how great sex can really be I am spoiled for ever now I will always be thinking of Minx. Cannot wait to book her again very soon. Minx charged nothing extra for her entire services list and I did it all with her and a few extra this is a top escort easily the best PSE I have ever had. Ethan xxxxxxx

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I asked Minx for a real GFE and I got the most love time with this wonderful lady. She was kind caring and patient it was not rushed at all it really did feel like a Girlfriend with me the entire time. What you don’t often read in the reviews is how utterly lovely a person Minx is just to be with a chat with kissing and cuddles.  We had a real laugh together Minx dispelled all my fears of been eaten alive. I cannot reamended this gorgeous lady enough and the massage I had afterwards was one of the very best from anyone.  If you asked for GFE you get just that a slow erotic seductive side to Minx put me completely at ease. A totally lovely lady in every regard and refreshingly honest, very worldly with who loves skiing, theatre and animals, not so hot on understanding Brexit but then again who does! Thoroughly enjoyable 3 hours spend with the attractive lady. Love Collin xxxx

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Stunning woman best Escort I have had the pleasure of seeing. Was very professional arrived stunning dress dripping in sex appeal. I cum in all right place’s pussy, arse and mouth. As long you can keep going Minx is up for fun, she does not try to rush you and you get the full booking time. Top escort because the sex was out of this world and loads of it, a genuinely nice all-round person too. Very up market woman and super sexy with it. You will not go wrong with her I promise you.

 Love Tim xxxxxxxx

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Bloody gorgeous escort the sex was full on we did it all and she kept at it. Had a brilliant evening. Logan xxx

Breath-taking experience Bi experience

I opted to take the plunge and book a bisexual female and see how it goes. I was delighted I booked Minx, a thoroughly thrilling evening was to evolve; far better than I could have ever wished for even. Minx was charismatic, sexy and really funny great to be with, I felt very relaxed by her very pleasant demeanour she made me feel very sexy and special indeed. I was keen to explore my bi-curious side fully and just have some fun and see where it goes. Minx certainly showed me how legitimately Bi-sexual she is and with the right chemistry how erotic sex with another woman can actually be. I will explore on a regular basis my new-found sexual confidence with Minx from now on.  Thank you for being my ultimate fantasy and doing so much with me, I had a fabulous time and will be having many more. You are so very sexy my babe. Love Kim xxx

PSE sex OMG it was fabulous . Did it all ! I had all the goes I wanted.

I booked 2 hours with Minx and wanted a full PSE OMG I got it. I read many of reviews left and Minx was every bit if not more so even sexier, hornier than words convey.  Arriving dressed in a stunning black dress and high heels. Everything about Minx is extraordinary even the professional way Minx handles bookings and communication is excellent making it feel ultra-reliable.  Minx arrive on the dot we kissed stood up and I could not wait to get my hand on her bum and in those knickers. I don’t know where to start Minx saying what we got up too Minx did every possible thing I could think of a lot more. Best of all Minx kept playing the entire two hours only resting if I needed it she is incredibly fit love sex and goes at it like no other woman I have ever known.  Pounding her arse all the way in with my cock then into her pussy, mouth and back for more. I cum in her mouth the first time Minx licked my cock clean snowballed it around and swallowed it all down licking he lips like a cat with cream. This woman is limitless, and no sex has ever come close to being so much fun because I genuinely believe Minx was loving it. At no time did she feel like an escort rushing me out the door, Minx wanted as much sex form me I could give her. I managed 3 times to cum mouth, pussy and arse all of which were beyond perfect.  I have to mention Minx’s tits they are truly massive and full, her thick rock-hard nipples lovely to suck on which I did for ages as she rode on top. If you want to be blown away make it clear to this lady, you wish a real ‘PSE’ meeting and you will get what it says on the can. It's far better than possible to describe Minx will go all the way for you.  Love Liam xxxx