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Testimonial #3

I know of Denika Laurie from about two-three years of personal observation and experience with her work. Ms. Laurie's brilliance is directly associated with her intuitive skills in connecting with what her clientele. I heard her clear, concise and very inspirational words and have read one of her books on women's health, incredible is but one word to describe it.

Ms. Laurie has also assisted me in my spiritual growth as an empath and as a clairsentient person. These two skill sets have given me that which I need to do my own work as a healer and guide. The teaching and work involved was pretty intense while allowing me to make my own decision in how I would grow further. In affect it is a lifetime commitment that she guides you through to make for yourself as opposed to some who give you momentary information.

Denika Laurie is very courageous in her work and rather creative, continually unfolding new thoughts around healing. I am a witness that her workshops, seminars, guided meditations are truly healing. My life partner has participated in an online class delivered by Ms. Laurie as well. She had described how Denika's work has helped her in her path towards wellness.

Thank you Denika Laurie, please keep up the blessed work it is much needed and called for in this time.

Testimonial #2

I just recently completed 4 private sessions with Denika focusing on Subconscious reprogramming and Womb Fragmentation Retrieval. The experience was beyond words. The healing that I received from her happened immediately after our FIRST session!

The whole process and experience was very new to me but Denika provided incredible amounts of compassion, empathy, and genuine caring nature. I felt nothing but complete JOY after our sessions.

Before I met Denika I suffered from sever menstrual bleeding that lasted for 7 whole days, plus severe pain that came in the form of cramps. I unknowingly had disconnected from my womb even more so after years of experiencing this by acquiring an IUD, hoping this would be a solution to my distress. It lessened my flow moderately but did not alleviate any of my other symptoms.

2 months prior to the sessions I had my IUD removed as I dedicated myself to a more natural lifestyle. Immediately all my symptoms came back full blown. However, after my FIRST session with Denika my cramps/pain was ELIMINATED..completely NON-EXISTENT, I was in total shock to see that it was gone. My flow had lessened a moderately as well, and my cycle only lasted 4 days! I'm actually excited to see what this cycle will bring!

The healing did not stop there, it has helped me become WHOLE again and feel even more connected to my true essence/core. I am so grateful that I was lead to find Denika aka Kelareeus she has my upmost respect, gratitude, love, and I HIGHLY recommend her services!

The experience for me has been such a blessing and I'm so thankful for the entire experience!
Thank you Kels!!! It has deepened my Spiritual Journey and opened more parts of myself that I was unaware of. I can't thank her and the Angels enough!

Testimonial #1

Denika is a bright light whom I have engaged with in spiritual and energetic well being consultation, teachings, inspiration and guidance for several years. I found her originally on Blogtalk Radio some years ago and was immediately drawn to her resonating voice and the truth that she speaks in a way that is bold and loving at the same time. Her honesty, integrity, authenticity, genuine compassion, and devotion to the highest expression of Spirit is what has compelled me to seek her guidance on many issues in my life over time, including sexual well being, deep seated chakra issues, soul loss, and communication with the spirit realm. Her book, Secrets of the Yoni Gates, has changed and reaffirmed my life, and her Womb Wellness course is a profound step that all women can benefit from in re-centering and clearing the hurt, pain, toxicity, and blockages of the womb. Denika's work is a divine offering to us so that we can rise to the auspicious occasion of our birth as energetic catalysts to usher in a new paradigm on earth. She helps a person to see that the responsibility for wellness is in one's own power, which in collaboration with Spirit, will lead to wholeness. Denika reminds us of accountability, and she tells the truth. She offers no sugarcoating on the truth we seek; she delivers healing with compassion, and with a delightful sense of humor as well. Denika is a Major Voice, and a Major Player in the shift of consciousness on the planet, and as a woman of color, she represents the most ancient spiritual power of the Great Mother. I am profoundly grateful to Denika and support her every effort. It is rare to find one so genuine and generous, and we are indeed blessed to have her here with us now. The angelic realm is visible around her, and she tells the truth in a way unlike any lightworker I have thus encountered. Denika ranks at Number One on my list of lightworkers, and I highly recommend her to any who seek true guidance, wisdom, clearing, clarity and wholeness."