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Everything for Healing

Flawless Beauty Face Oil

The Beauty oil has my pores right and tight. Some blemishes faded. I have a glow without being greasy. All I can say is FANTASTIC which means:

Face And Neck Totally Absorb Serum To Incur Compliments🤎

Best Recovery for Gym

My goodness! Thx you body must of been craving it cause I was charged for my run and the gym!
Hey Shakima! The tonic have been great and very needed! 💪🏾- Eddie


The tonics and powder help me out whenever I am feeling ill. I always make sure I have some on hand. Shakima is very knowledgeable in her craft and always available if you have any questions and can recommend just what you need to keep your body fine tuned.

Testimonial #19

I love these products. My mother and I both take them.

As a man I feel stronger in every aspect: mentally, sexually and physically. My mood has improved tremendously. I was skeptical I must admit, then I drank the tonic and I just can't even put in words the improvement I've experienced.

You are truly a gift from God!!!

Words can not express how powerful these products are. I was dealing with a leaky gut and the tonic along with the bone broth cleaned the toxins out of my body and now I have a stronger stomach lining and much better eating habits. I have them on reserve in my fridge and drink it whenever I need it.

The body butter is also amazing!! It is relaxing and moistures and heals any light forms of psoriasis on the hair or skin.

Thank you Shakima for all you do for the community!! You are truly a gift from God!!!


The tonics are phenomenal! My husband had Covid & his energy was down. I began to give him shots of the tonic through out the day and he felt better! Now Everytime someone I know gets Covid I quickly Oder them some tonics! And when I feel low energy or sick in anyway I also put an Oder in! Tried other tonics, none like this! Keep up the great work!


I wouldn’t want to go through an illness without it.


The Refuel Tonic is "everything" I needed, an all in one energy and immune booster. I am a marathoner and participate in all types of road races. I have used this tonic over the years as part of my regimen during training before and after running or cross training. It continues to be my favorite recovery solution, packed with all natural minerals and ingredients it has many benefits to rejuvenate and maintain total body health.

Healing Tonics

The healing tonic are amazing, you can taste and feel the drinks working in your body it’s amazing !!!

Regeneration Tonics

For me the super boost that I received while using the special tonics allowed me to bounce back in the shortest possible time.
I use my servings over three days using at least one ounce at every time that I drank my shots.
My regeneration was beyond excellent

Restoration Tonic

The product is definitely very conscious with all the herbs and other ingredients added to it. It needs to be a little lighter to smoothly go in the right areas. It made me feel very stimulated and Horny when I tried it and then it relaxed me, I think it’s overall genius and I respect it. I can live off of it but it needs to be much lighter and then it will be beyond perfect by overall I’m really grateful this product exist.

Rebalance Weight Loss /Diabetic Tonics

To be honest your products are very good to my body especially when taken regularly. Since l cannot afford to get a monthly supply. I try to hit- and- miss my usage.

Potent & Powerful products


Words can't express how potent & powerful your products are, it has greatly affected the way I look at food as a whole. It's one thing to eat for the pleasure of eating but it's a whole different approach when U eat for fuel and nourishment. But you've somehow managed to combine both in your products 💪🏿🤎

Thank You!!!

Weight Loss

Hi my name is Claire I have been on the weight loss tonic for 2 weeks now - I hv lost 5lbs, sugar cravings hv gotten better and my BM's hv never been more consistent. I genuinely feel better and lighter. I need to incorporate the bone broth into my regiment next!

Hair and Body Butter

I've been using the Healing Butter after I get an haircut on my beard & after my bath. It has my skin feel smooth & soft, I need it because the work is hard that I do and it relaxes my body.


I absolutely love the tonic. I started using the tonic when I was in New York. I felt so much better when I take it. It helped me a lot with the virus. One day in New York I started to feel fatigued and weak all of a sudden. Right away I went to buy the tonic, drank it and felt better right away. It also helped my son who had a sudden cutting sore throat. I got him the tonic, he drank a whole bottle and was at work the next day. I like that the products are organic and authentic. Thank you so much Shakima for caring so much. This stuff really works. I do and it relaxes my body.👍

Face Oil and Body Butter

I am a super fan of the hair and body butter as well as the face oil. My pores has significantly reduced in the inner cheeks around those tzones areas. As I was getting older the pores were getting larger, but not anymore due to the face oil. The body butter I use for a lot of things. I use it on my face for those harsh winter days, I use in my scalp after wash days and my body to fight inflammation and keeps my skin soft. Highly recommended Everything for Healing products.

Thanks so much

I suffer from depression anxiety and I have high blood pressure, the first day I took the tonic drink about 20 min later I felt like I can do anything. I felt so much energy and the best part when I went to bed I was able to sleep all night without taking my normal sleeping pills. I've been taking it for a week now and I feel different in a great way plus my blood pressure is down which is a great thing. It also works wonders for my boyfriend, who one night got really drunk - even after he fell asleep and still woke up drunk. So...I gave him some of the drink and again 20 minutes later he began to feel better! This super drink is amazing! Thank you for creating a safe natural product that really helps people.


The tonic helped 8 family members, my Cousin's had the virus and the tonics help them detox and help them get rid of the mucus that develops in the body with the bone broth combination it helped boost there immune system. The tonic helped me strengthen my body when I was on chemo it detoxed all of the chemicals that would damage the body and it helped boost my immune system. Got rid of mucus from the body and the tonic helped with my gut health.

Tonics helped w/Covid symptoms

Day 1 - Covid symptoms April 17
- I drank the bone broth as soon as you dropped it off. My breathing has improved My taste and smell is coming back. Fever was a low grade and it's gone. Just a little chill.  Still have a dry cough though I also suffer with very bad gas and acid reflux. After I drank half bottle of tonic I feel good. The cough is doing much better Acid reflux stable. a light head pressure, but I slept like a baby thank you. Day 2 - Covid symptoms - I am feeling a lot better. Just a little stiff neck and a light head pressure, but I slept like a baby thank you, No more pressure I had the whole bottle Everything is perfect now. Thank you so much.  Day 3 - Covid symptoms - April 19

- I drank another bottle today and I am feeling great Thank you so much!

Arthritis pain gone!

Drucilla Nicolson Bloome - South Carolina

Yessssss it really works I have arthritis in my neck and lower back and I was experiencing constant pain in my left shoulder.  I must say for the first time in over 5 months I have been able to sleep through the night without any pain. My energy is through the roof before starting Tonic and CBD oil.  All I wanted to do was lay around and take pain pills along with using a heating pad nightly just to fall asleep. It really works!  -Tonic and CBD Oil.

NY Mararthon 2019

Thx for the Blessings & positive vibes was a good day yesterday. Needed the smoothies 👍🏾 on point...

I feel great, even though I'm in rest mode been walking daily to remain flexible.. got you on the balance by Friday great! no aches and pain not at all...👍🏾🙏🏽 yeah lost a good 5 - 10 lbs Lol! 
All about recovery now.. feeling great!
bout stretching and staying loose.

Tonic and smoothies on point. Energy levels definitely up ☝🏾libido up ☝🏾💯🤣

I sleep so well now!

This really works!! I have so much energy and I sleep so well now.  I was taking meds to make me sleep.  I suffer from insomnia.  I haven't taken any in 2 weeks.  It works!

Tonics for pain

The Tonics do work... I suffered with spiral injury, joint pain in my back it hurts a really work!  People and it gives you energy!  Thanks Anthony for putting me on and I will be in touch for more!