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Cangem Global Corporation

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Excellent, professional and practical training program

Shanu Chadha is one of the rarest entrepreneurs and professional mentor I ever came across who not only shared the secrets of the trade but outlined each training session in such a manner that at the end of last session, attendees are motivated enough and cannot resist themselves from jump-start into this thrilling world of Export-Import & Commodity brokerage.

Motivational Training

Thank you so much Shanu Chadha Sir for your guidance and support, You provided us complete knowledge regarding import export business. Your lectures were very clear up to date and useful to understand different contents of whole business model, and at the end of each lecture question answer session was so supportive that cleared our confusion during whole lecture we can ask easily whatever we had in our mind and On the Top of it you guided us to build whole business and convey us with motivation how to run the business that is amazing I really appreciate your support.

After this course I stopped thinking about job just going to start my own setup be an employer.Once again thank you so much for your great effort for us. Whoever wants to start the Import Export Trading Business, this is the Best opportunity to learn and start the successful Business

Practical & Hand-On

Shanu is a great teacher. He not only covers the topics, but also volunteers his time to help after the course work is over. It is clear he has a passion for what he does and this course is worth every penny. Trust me, this is different from anything out there.

best place to learn export import

Shanuji is a great mentor as well as a very good teacher. He Shares all the knowledge and techniques, he has gained by his years of experience in the industry. And that's helps a lot specially to new comers in the industry to over lap others in expertise. I strongly recommend Cangem's Training to whom, who wants to do export-import business specially in commodities.

Excellent Training

I would like to express my most sincere appreciation for Cangem’s training. It was an excellent program, besides all the technical knowledge, it was very hands on with lots of practical advice and very professional. I recommended to everyone interested in joining this industry! I felt very supported and motivated to pursue a new career in the commodity trading world. I can not give enough thanks to Mr. Chadha, my deepest admiration to you.

Amazing course!

This training program is above and beyond what I expected. I now feel 100% confident in taking the next step to become a successful Commodity trader and broker. If you are serious in wanting to start a new business or career in the import and export industry then this is the place to be!

A course worth my time!

When I signed up for this course I never thought I would take so much from it as I did. With each class I learned new things, things I thought I already knew were revealed to have a different side to them, untold stories of the real business were shared and with each one, motivation was fomented by our mentor.

Our mentor was kind, patient and very respectful of each and every students pace and understanding of topics. Not one question was left unanswered and I am completely satisfied with the course, I would most definitely continue to take courses from CANGEM in the future and recommend them to anyone with passion, interest and genuine intentions of succeeding. Thank you dearly!

You learn from real life experience !

The training was extremely good and a rare one in that a very successful businessman is doing the training. So, what one learns is from real life experience. It was quite detailed. I only wish, it was actual face to face training instead of online. But due to Covid 19, it was not possible. I am looking forward to applying the knowledge and starting an export business. Thanks

Best training program to learn about real world export import & shipping

I highly recommend this course to anyone who want to learn about international trade, shipping or brokering. Mr. Singh is a great mentor and he provides detailed information with examples. It covers each and everything which needs to start a trade business ...,

Irrespective of someone is beginner or advanced Trader or Shipper, this is the best training for all of them.

I have had a great time learning all the practical issues and nuances of International Commodity Trading and Shipping from the person who has done it successfully . I am thankful to almighty to come across Mr. Shanu Chadha.

I was feeling a little lost in the world of international trade

I was feeling a little lost in the world of international trade and was hoping to find some guidance. At that moment, I found this training opportunity at Cangem Global. After all the classes, I have to say I am very pleased that I took the decision. Shanu is a great mentor, he tries to share as much information as he can during this short time. With his help, I am better equipped and knowledgable now and the picture of the international trade business is not that blurry anymore to me.

I couldn't have had a better learning experience without cangem.

The training was to the point ,what you get is a package including future help from the mentor Mr.Shanu. Overall the entire batch loved it and are working towards our 1st batch of imports . Thanks shanu for making this happen.

You won't regret for learning export and import process.

Dreams do come true....

This course is for anyone who has a business intention and wants to pursue it. Taking this course opened the door to a world of opportunities for me and helped me to realize that dreams do come true. The course was short and compact; valuable information was passed on in printed form and verbally, as Mr. Chadha taught from his experiences and business knowledge, and this made a great difference. I enjoyed my time and rapport with my group members and wish all every success. Great work, Mr Chadha and much success in your endeavours!

The training was an eye opener

The training is an eye opener for me. Mr. Chadha’s way of mentoring his trainees is exceptional. I truly enjoyed each and every minute I spent at the training. The course curriculum being very vast, Mr. Chadha made it very easy to understand by sharing his own experiences. Overall the training enlightened me to pursue my passion and reach out to my full potential. My sincere thanks to Mr. Chadha and hope more success to Cangem.

Mr. Singh's wide network of contacts within the market are invaluable for entrepreneurs

1- Curriculum: Course curriculum was comprehensive to cover the main critical areas for one of the most secretive industries with a lot of ambiguity for new entrants.

Difficult understanding subjects were simplified and delivered in a practical approach to grasp the main critical points that the trader should be looking at. I would say overall, with such a very short time frame, the curriculum was informative enough to confidently kick off a new business in commodity trading.

2- Training / Mentoring Style: The Course was delivered in the most flexible way to accommodate the team knowledge and experience differences, which enable everyone to benefit from it. Mr. Singh's ability to deliver the information was great and cooperative to answer all questions in your mind and adding more into it. Mr. Singh encourages peer discussion and experience sharing between the team and building practical scenarios for the team to work within a professional work environment under Mr. Singh's mentorship.

3- The program was so rich in market intelligence and trade compliance techniques, and more on load optimization and how to succeed as an entrepreneur. Moreover, accessing Mr. Singh's wide network of contacts within the market are invaluable for entrepreneurs to help them launch their business and immediately compete with existing established traders for a pie slice.

I would recommend it to anyone who is hesitant to launch his venture into a very competitive industry.

What I learnt in one month with this program is more practical and fulfilling than what I did in one year college program in international business.

I would like to say that this program is a life changing one for me. What I learnt in one month with this program is more practical and fulfilling than what I did in one year college program in international business. 
The curriculum is very rich and covered all aspects of export/import program/business. This program is very focused and hands on practical than any other program out there. 
I like Mr Shanu's style of teaching. He explains technical stuffs in an easy way with stories and real life experiences that help you to understand and retain the topics being taught. Mr. Shanu is a true mentor, humble and wants his trainees to succeed in life.
Above all, this program made me to see commodity trading from a different point of view and more practical. It has completely equipped me with everything I need to start my entrepreneur journey towards success. 
Thank you  Mr. Shanu Chadha.

I had no idea how in depth the import/export industry was.

I loved the training, it was fantastic. Plenty of information given, I had no idea how in depth the import/export industry was. I had a friend who piqued my interest initially, he made it seem kind of complicated and I think he was wrong in assuming you need to acquire an LC from the buyer right away before you can give prices. So needless to say, I feel the pace and size of the class was perfect.

I can't believe I've already registered a corporation. I think the only thing I would suggest is to show the whole process in real time when you have acquired a buyer, like visually show calling the freight forwarder and lining up the shipping 
dates and coordinating everything. Maybe something like this could be done in webinar format down the road. But other than that very excellent training and mentoring from Shanu Chadha.

The course helped me to look at the world in a different way

The course was very well structured to understand and gain the knowledge required for commodity trading business and I liked the way you shared your realtime experience and how supportive you were to us during the training. Since it was a very different domain for me you made it very simpler for me to understand. In my opinion, the course helped me to look at the world in different way as how the world operates.

Once again I would like to thank you for bombarding this knowledge into me and giving me a starting point to commodity trading business.

By far the best training I had received on commodity trading & brokering !

Hi Shanu, 


I absolutely loved the 9 days of training that you had provide us with,  they were very informative with great example and stories. This was by far the best training I had received on commodity trading & brokering , this program has helped me paint a clear picture on the world of international trading , much better than any seminar that I have attend or any books that I have read on the topic. 


I gave the program a 10 out of 10 as a whole and would definitely recommend this to anyone who is planning to get started in Export-import. Your explanation on each topic was crestal clear and at most time to the point. Mr. Shanu is a great teacher and lucky to have been mentored by the best. Thank you Mr. Shanu Chadha.

I totally changed myself !

Hello Sir, The day I started the class and to finish, I totally changed myself. Not only with knowledge, but also to help others. This is everything I learn from Mr Shanu Chadha, once again thank you sir and I wish you reach your goal and also please keep helping people like us.

A life changing experience

Thank you so much Sir. I would have never thought that there was so much to the export import business world. This training has been a life changing experience for me. Starting my export export import business was the best step of my life and coming to you under your wings was the best decision of my life. 

The best export import business training program !

Please allow me to join Mohamad (a fellow mentee) and extend my thanks for the expertise and knowledge you shared with us in this exclusive Export/Import Business training program. I so much appreciated the passion you demonstrated in every session as it made your training course inspiring, enjoyable and insightful. I’m all revved up with my new knowledge and I can say the same about the team whom I had the pleasure and the opportunity to meet.