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EZPet Dental Care

4970 Southwest 72nd Avenue
Miami Florida , 33155
United States
(305) 669-0903

I used Ezpet dental when they came to a pet store in Tampa because one of my westies is old (13) and I worry about anesthesia with him. I was skeptical because I thought there was no way they could get the teeth, let alone back teeth, as clean as anesthesia cleanings. COLOR ME IMPRESSED! Not only did they finish in under an hour for both of my pups but they got the teeth sooo clean and removed all the tartar! I will be 100% recommending not only because of the great job and safety but also such an affordable cost!!

Paul was wonderful with Maxine. I didn't even hear her whimper and when she was done she was smiling, happily excited, and had a pearly white smile AND DIDN'T HAVE TO BE PUT UNDER! Miracle workers.

Miracle workers! I cannot say enough good things about your service.

Couldn’t believe the amazing results we got for our boy! I’ll never put him under anesthesia at the vet again! Thank you!!!

This was a great experience! Paul was so nice with my dog, she came out with no more stress than when she went in, and her teeth look beautiful!!! So thankful that there’s a place to get a cleaning done without anesthetic!

My dog is over 10 years old and I hate putting him under anesthesia unnecessarily not to mention no blood work is required. In 30 minutes he walked out the door with clean teeth so I saved time and money. I will definitely be back.

My Peek-a-Poo had her teeth cleaned today at Health Mutt in Tampa. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. He was so pleasant to work with and Lily Belle went with him willingly and came back to me just as happy as when she went with him. Her teeth look beautiful, so nice and white(wish he could do mine too). I will definitely be getting her teeth done annually, to keep her as healthy as possible.

They are just awesome and Caring with dogs! Def recommend!! My dogs breath was so much better

I have seen this non-anesthetic pet dental done by Janet first hand. Her work is amazing. You can tell she truly loves pets and doing what she does. The results were astounding! The question is.... why would anyone choose to put their furbaby under (unless of course a surgery is required) when you can get the same result and manage their dental health like this?