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Chimney Rock Farms

500 County Road 175
Bayfield CO , 81122
United States

I'll be back!

I had been hearing good stuff about these guys for a couple of years now. I’ve been growing and have dealt with other companies from Telluride-Norwood region to Pagosa Springs. Wasn’t going to grow this year until plans changed. I decided to plant late and gave Rich and Jeff at Chimney Rock a call to see if they could help with some CBD seedlings. They were very accommodating. I arrived at Chimney Rock the next day where Jeff showed a selection to choose from. These were some of the healthiest seedlings that I had seen in many years. The operation was well organized, clean and immaculate, this was professionalism. A class act. No wonder the seedlings looked so good. Driving home with my wife, Karen, we spoke of how we felt very comfortable with the whole experience. Rich and Jeff went the extra mile. Much appreciated. I’ll be back! Ron


River Rock, well Rocks!

River Rock from Chimney Rock Farms was one of the major varieties grown by Professor Sievers for his research. I'm Professor Sievers assistant and I can tell you that not only is this variety high in CBD, it grows big. We had one plant that weighed over 27 lbs at harvest and which produced over 6 lbs of dry extractable biomass and was almost big enough to hide a car behind it (see picture). Chimney Rock Farms has great products and is a great research partner for us.

Damian's Hemp Farm

As a first year hemp grower I checked around alot and ultimately decided to purchase plants from Chimney Rock. I purchased their Rock variety hemp starter plants for the 2019 crop. The plants grew eight feet tall and eight feet in diameter. Three to four inch in diameter flowers laden with oil. I plan to continue purchasing seeds/seedlings from Chimney Rock. Dealing with Chimney Rock management was very professional but also casual.


I've seen a number of Chimney Rock hemp strains flowered and each one has produced high quality plant material. My last crop performed exactly as advertised, finished with high oil content and passed CO. Dept of Ag testing.


Our team spent the day on the farm learning and seeing the hemp cultivation best practices in action. We covered all the data from seed to harvest in as much detail as we needed, and then some. The accommodations were great. Jeff is an experienced knowledgeable and engaging professor of agriculture. We look forward to maintaining and growing the relationship.