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Bakbakan UK Filipino Martial Arts

A true master of martial arts

Punong Guro Peter Lewis is a true master of the martial arts who
embodies the notion that knowledge is meant to be shared. He has a keen
analytical ability and is able to convey the art to others in a way that
makes learning the Filipino Martial Arts easy.

A true warrior scholar

A true warrior scholar! Not only has he mastered his own path, but has the wisdom to guide others down theirs through an impressive blend of perfectionism in technique and effective pedagogic approach.

Bakbakan Canada Member

Punong Guro Peter protrudes an overwhelming sense of kindness with an excellent teaching method and often times humorous overtone.

Droitwich Tae kwon Do Seminar

A true gentleman of the martial arts world, Peter's knowledge and experience on realistic and practical combat applications are both painful and a pleasure to watch.

VERVE Martial Arts Seminar

Punong Guro Peter Lewis has a strong passion for people, FMA culture and the arts development. He is sure to be at the forefront of European FMA for many years to come

Bakbakan UK Member

Bakbakan has changed my life. I have become much more self aware, confident, physically stronger and more focused in everything that I do. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to train with the members of this class!

Bakbakan UK Instructor

Punong Guro Peter has a vast amount of knowledge and experience of the Filipino martial arts and he freely shares this with anyone willing to learn!

Bakbakan UK Member

Training in Bakbakan Kali Ilustrisimo is the best thing I've ever done!