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NPTE Final Frontier

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Highly recommend

So grateful for the Final Frontier team and program! The independent study bundle helped me outline everything I needed to pass my NPTE on the first try!

I passed my PTA boards!!

I'm now a PTA board passer! I am one step closer to my dream of becoming a PT in the US. Moving to the US from the Philippines in 2019, I wasn't sure how to start this process, everyone I knew suggested to try this review. I was fortunate to be able to attend live classes Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturday with Dr Singh and the team. I was also able to have LSP classes with Ed, Amreen and reviews with Priyam. It was not easy but they have helped me get one step closer to where I want to be. I know I have to keep working on my PT license but I am so happy I am now a PTA board passer. I am forever grateful and thankful . Thank you final Frontier.


I had lost my confidence and seriously doubted if I would ever make it into the physical therapy field. Dr. Singh and Derek were both extremely patient and motivated me to continue working hard. With all their guidance and assistance, I was finally able to pass my NPTE exam and am now at work full time!

My Tutor and the NPTE FF Team

I am ever grateful to NPTEFF, particularly to my tutor, Ed, who got me passed the finish line. Without him and Dr. Singh's vision, I may not have made it. Thank you to everybody on the team!

Great Course!

Final Frontier is an amazing course! I truly could not have done it without them. They were supportive and provided help whenever I had any questions or doubts. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and they truly care about you. I would recommend this program to any PT seeking help in preparing for the NPTE!

God's Favor

This course was super helpful. The FF team are very supportive and knowledgeable in equipping students with exactly what they need to be successful when taking the NPTE. I especially want to thank David for his motivation and encouragement whenever I wanted to give up. Dr. Singh has a calming and reassuring spirit that certainly helped me along my journey. Chase and Vrunda always posts good thought provoking questions that I always appreciated. Thanks FF Team and thank God for giving me favor in passing the NPTE!!

I won the battle

NPTEFF: The best team that helps you to cross the road and be on the other side. Best people to learn from Dr. Singh, Rahul, David and all of the team..

Passed NPTE on my first attempt

I passed NPTE on my very first attempt after a long gap of 9 years from studying and scored 699/800. I couldn’t have done it without Dr.Singh and his amazing team. The course time table is to the point and randomisation of topics really helped me from getting overwhelmed with one topic and helped whatever learned retain better. All live classes were very informative, helpful and Dr.Singh made learning fun. I am so forever grateful to NPTEFF for helping me achieve my dream to become a licensed physical therapist in US. Thankyou thankyou thankyou

Scored an 800! Thank you NPTE Final Frontier!!!


Thank u Dr Bhupinder and FF TEAM, RAVNEET(LSP), vidhi, khushboo for making this attempt my last attempt. Motivation from David, questions from Vrunda and Chase were really helpful during preparation. I have never seen a program like this which works day and night so that their students pass.
Thank u again for helping me pass both PT and PTA exam

Thank You Final Frontier!

I had no idea where to even begin prepping for boards, luckily a classmate told me about final frontier. This program was so easy to follow along! The lectures was very engaging and interactive. The time table made it so easy to keep track and gauge what areas I need more practice. I truly felt like each team member wanted you to succeed and was extremely willing to assist in every possible way. I was able to pass the NPTE on my first attempt! Thank you so much FF team for helping me achieve my dream!

Passed on my first try!

Trust the process! I remember reading these words again and again before starting the program and all I can say is it is so true. I trusted the process and passed the NPTE on my first attempt! I cannot thank Dr. Singh and the Final Frontier Team enough. Not only did I pass my NPTE but I now understand concepts that I never got in school. Final Frontier is the way to go!

I passed and i owe it to NPTE Final Frontier and to God.

Thanks to NPTE Final Frontier i am a US licensed PT. It is a really big deal for me because i am foreign trained and i graduated over 6 years ago. Final Frontier has a really structured time table ( daily reading) that you can follow. Trust me it makes the reading less overwhelming and its easy to follow. The live classes especially makes important concept so easy to understand and remember.
On my 1st attempt i got 598, i was angry for a long time just one question away but with Final frontier they not only teach you, they motivate you as well they genuinely care about your journey and this is my story.
I got extra help with Priyam my LSP instructor, she pushed me and motivated me and thoroughly explained my weakness (MSK). On my second attempt my score increased by close to 90. Honestly it felt like a dream. I can beat my chest to anyone at all and say if i can do it YOU CAN. You just need the right people/team to help you and luckily you've found them; NPTE Final Frontier.


It feels like an eternity that I have waited to see PASSED on my fsbpt screen. It would not have been possible without Dr. Singh's support and understanding. I cannot thank him and my ALPS tutor Priyam enough for providing me support and building my confidence when I completely lost it. Thank you final frontier team for trusting in students like us. Its definitely like a dream come true.

Thank God I Passed!!!!!

First off thank you Jesus for seeing me through this exam! You are so good to me!! And thank you Final Frontier for helping me along the way to pass my exam on the first try!!
This has been such a long and emotional journey. I started with a pretty low score but through the final frontier full live course review as well as LSP with Niraj, I was able to slowly increase my score each week. These two things helped me gain the confidence and support system I needed each week that I would pass. I emailed my scores to Dr. Singh each week and got his helpful feedback as well as a few extra tips. I also want to thank Priyam for assisting me in the non-systems section! It was not until I took the last PEAT exam a week before my exam that my confidence dropped as I did not pass that PEAT exam. I was shocked, confused and very emotional and I called the NPTE office and spoke with Akanksha who really calmed me down and told me not to worry that I will pass! She even took the time to set up a video call with me afterwards that I am very grateful for. Thank you Akanksha! I had to realize that the PEAT exam was still JUST a practice exam and that I could still pass the actual NPTE. However, I had to rebuild my confidence that week before my exam. Going into take the exam I felt confident, coming out after finishing the exam I didn't know how I felt about it. Then throughout the week all I could think about were different questions that I probably scored wrong or other answers that could've been better. That of course increased my anxiety, and so anytime I had those thoughts I just had to stop and say thank you God that I passed this exam. Now come to this morning I signed in and saw the words PASSED on my screen, I am so grateful! Trust the process, keep up with the study calendar, attend the live courses (or watch the recordings after), if you're in LSP attend the meetings, and in the end review weak areas and if possible the bonus content. YOU WILL PASS!!!

Final Frontier Delivers!

Before enrolling in Final Frontier, I knew I needed help. I had taken two PEAT exams on my own and not passed either of them. Thanks to Dr. Singh and the rest of the team at FF, I was able to pass the NPTE on my first try! The course is well structured and highlights all of the relevant material exactly at the right times. I studied for only one to three hours every day and still had plenty of time to live life. The feedback I received after each practice exam helped me redirect and focus on which topics I needed to study more. I couldn't recommend FF more highly. Whether you're taking the NPTE for the first time or the fifth time, if you prepare with FF, it will be your last time!

If you don't know where to start and don't like reading books (Scorebuilders, TherapyEd) then just pull the trigger on NPTEFF, best idea ever and passed on first attempt!!

To keep it short and sweet, the title says it all! I'm a very visual person and the scorebuilders book wasn't cutting it for me because there was just too much to read and words don't process well like diagrams and pictures do for me. I was recommended by a friend who passed the May 2020 NPTE using NPTEFF and he said that it helped him a lot because it was powerpoint based lectures just like in PT school. I personally used the independent study bundle and started like a month late, but got caught up fast thanks to a vimeo chrome extension that allows videos to be streamed at an accelerated rate (protip: 1.6x speed is perfect). I'm not going to lie, I didn't follow the timetable EXACTLY with the daily readings/assignments but the lecture videos helped immensely, and I used my scorebuilders book as a reference if I didn't know something so well. However, I did follow the timetable regarding when to take practice exams and that really helped set a tone and create a structure for the long 2-3 months you'll be studying. It made it less overwhelming for sure.
Listen - drop the money for the independent study bundle and just trust the process... you won't be dissapointed and YOU WILL PASS!!


I passed the NPTE on my first attempt thanks to the Final Frontier Team. I heard about this program from a friend, who heard about it from someone else. Based on the testimonials, we decided to both join. From day 1, I knew that this program was special. I chose to do the independent study bundle and I cannot recommend this more. Although I was not a member of the Full study bundle, the Final Frontier team made it a very personal experience. Most importantly, I want to thank Dr. Singh. I was never just a number to him. I was able to email him or anyone on the Final Frontier Team at any time and I was guaranteed a well, thought out response. The videos that Dr. Singh creates were a total game changer for me. Between the assignments, practice exams, feedback reports and words of wisdom from David, I cannot say enough good things. Take the leap and become a FINAL FRONTIER WARRIOR so that YOU WILL PASS!

NPTEFF never gave up on me!

I finally passed the NPTE!!! NPTEFF never gave up on me, even when I wanted to give up. Special shout out to Pinky Yadav, LSP, who pushed me and my group and helped me cross the finish line!

July 2019 was my 6th (and what I thought, my last) attempt at the NPTE. I thought it was all over. I had taken the study bundle course through NPTE before my 6th attempt and I was 2-3 questions away from passing.

I hesitantly reached out to Dr. Singh and Derek afterwards about maybe taking the NPTE one more time, if it was possible. They advised me to appeal. I was denied my initial appeal in MI, but with their advice, I appealed to NY and was approved. Through some psychological testing, I was also able to get time and 1/2 and a private testing room during the NPTE. On top of these accommodations, i signed up for the live course, and Pinky Yadav as my LSP.

If you are struggling to pass the NPTE and debating the live course and/or LSP; 100% go for it! The combo was well worth it. The LSP was amazing and Pinky really challenged me and our group of students to keep reviewing, revising, and to keep fighting. Her detail in the sessions was very informative and helped me to finally see the "passed" I have been waiting for. So thankful for NPTEFF!

NPTEFF team is the best!

It still feels like a dream to me to see those magical word on the screen. “Passed “ ! I was waiting for this moment since 2 years and finally on my last attempt I could make it.
Honestly ,it was all because of final frontier team I could pass this exam.
I was introduced to the team 2 years back and since then Dr. Bhupinder Singh helped me a lot. He supported me through all my attempts and never let me give up.
Also, I was introduced to Ravneet Singh as my LSP last year and he helped a lot to understand the exam pattern and how to solve questions, exam strategies. He is been always helpful to me and cleared my doubts whenever I asked for it. I am really grateful that he helped me in this journey.
For my last attempt I was introduced to Amreen Kaur as my licensed study partner and she truly devoted everything possible to teach me and be there with me in this unprecedented time. She always praised me and pushed me hard to read and understand lot of different concepts. She focused on my practice exams scores and helped me understand the concepts which I was getting wrong.
Dr. Singh, Ravneet Singh and Amreen Kaur are my idols! just because of these people I could clear this attempt.
Thank you so much final frontier team to help us in this pandemic where I learned so much.
I think it’s about the journey and not the destination which taught me a lot!
Thanks to you all because of me I could pass my last attempt.

Highly Recommend NPTEFF

I was recommend Final Frontier by a friend who was a year ahead of me in PT school. My PT school never told us about this option and I am so happy that I heard about it! I choose to use the independent study bundle. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy for my final spring clinical. It was awesome to watch lectures on my own schedule as I worked late and traveled on most weekends. I ended up watching all of a previous cohort's lectures before I started the April cohort series, as I wanted to get a head start. I highly recommend the independent study bundle for anyone who has a crazy schedule or who wants to work at their own pace. I always felt like part of the cohort, as I was often emailed promotions for other extra weekend courses such as the Mega review day or the Prosthetics class to watch live. Dr. Singh was also willing to give me a performance feedback report after a practice exam which helped boost my confidence and let me know I was on a good track. I found the timetable extremely helpful and it was great to have all the readings attached (quality >> quantity). I followed it to a tee and it was very user friendly. I just want to say a sincere thanks to Dr. Singh and all the Final Frontier staff who helped make PASSNG possible on my first attempt! They handled all the uncertainty with the pandemic very well and it was so helpful to always be in the know with updates on the current situation. I also enjoyed all the jokes along the way as even the most boring topics were made bearable by Dr. Singh. Thanks again for everything!! :D

Forever grateful

I would like to extend my thanks to Dr. Singh and the NPTEFF team for the guidance and the knowledge they provided throughout the process. The NPTEFF coursework was my sole source for review. They were very hands-on & gave concise and relevant information. It was more than enough for me to be able to get PASSED during my first take ????????.

May the team grow and continue to help more aspiring PTs like me in the future. Thank you very much! I will highly recommend NPTEFF to my colleagues interested in pursuing PTA and PT licensure ????????.


Wow! Just wondering where to start and how to put my thoughts together, 1st of all I will say sir Bhupinder Singh and your great team, your selflessness, passion to see everyone pass is unparalleled. You really excel in what you do and I am proud to be associated with your great team.
I had tried to read the therapyed review book on my own before getting into your class, your style of teaching and questions however challenged me so much that I just had to humble myself and follow all your instructions as much as I could keep up with. Besides struggling to keep up with the daily reading, I had to listen to your lectures and the guest lectures over and over again and followed all you said about reviewing all the practice tests I did. I took my time to review almost all the media documents shared on the WhatsApp group and I tried to review my PEAT exams twice so I could really understand how the questions were framed. The 11 weeks course/journey was challenging but your encouraging words kept me going.

I remembered the last email you sent me about my score on the retired PEAT when I was concerns about my score....” Thanks for sending the scores. Anything above 600 at this stage should give you the confidence to pass the NPTE. Try to review the rationales once carefully and try to focus on revising basics in the last few days” It worked!!!

Thank you so much the NPTE final frontier!

This would have not been possible without NPTE

Finally my hard work got paid off...!!!
This would have not been possible without NPTE- The Final Frontier and especially Bhupinder Singh. His strategies, structured study schedule and regular classes were plus points. Moreover the whole final frontier team would respond ASAP if you have doubts or if you want extra material or questions. The whole team and sir would help you, and would make sure that you are getting there on track to pass every day, you would get remarks for all your tests and they would tell you exactly in which area you need to work harder.

Secondly, thanks to my study partners while I met from NPTE final frontier, they were students like me but they pushed me to be at my best, Tyler Rosenberg thanks for all your help, your notes, your motivation. And a big big big thanks to my dearest friend I got in this journey Abhi Gandhi this would have never been possible without you, those early mornings to late nights, weekdays to weekends, fully energetic to fully tired and with motivation to lack of motivation, you were there with me. And again Avni Shethna thanks to you too, your guidance helped me a lot to be here.

This course put me on the right track

Cant thank everyone from Final Frontier enough!!! Finally, after 2 years and 4 attempts, I finally see those green checkboxes. Just when I was doubting myself, this course put me on the right track and helped me make it happen!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!

Thank you to Dr.Singh and the Final Frontier team. Being part of this course really helped me get organized in my studying and concepts I struggled with in school were clarified. The videos really helped me as well as the test taking tips and motivational slides. I am so relieved and over the moon with joy. Thank you thank you thank you! Studying was more fun and more digestible through the study bundle course. You guys are awesome! Congrats to everyone else that took the October test!

Strongly recommend

30th October 2019, 4:37 PM CST , Dallas Texas marks the day when once again I was reminded of God’s faithfulness and kindness . Thank you Jesus, who enabled me to pass NPTE 2019 . I am humbled to be a licensed Clinician. Thank you Dr.Bhupinder Singh and his extremely talented team David Friedberg, Dr.Dani , Akansha, Chase Taylor,Rekha,Derick, Dr.Hajela and Dr.Gera for y’all untiring and consistent help and motivation.
This wasn’t an easy journey at all , it took me couple of attempts to finally see “Passed” on the blue board . I strongly recommend NPTE FINAL FRONTIER to the test takers . Dr.Bhupinder Singh is just not a humble mentor but he is an institution of knowledge in himself and yet so down to earth and kind. Anyone out there looking for a reliable, economical and intellectual preparatory exam course - It’s NPTE Final Frontier . You can trust this program and trust Dr.Singh . Take his lead and follow the plan that he along with his astute team developed over couple of years . It’s based on scientific and statistical approaches . I strongly recommend it .
Last but not the least I’d like to thank my family for their love and support , my community group brothers for praying and locking arms with me and my sister Ashish Hamilton who introduced me to this program . Y’all share my success . I love you guys to the moon and back .
The new journey begins . NPTE - PASSED !!!

So grateful

So just a brief plug. I was skeptical of FF when I first heard about it, but those of you who are on the fence, jump in both feet. Do the live course, watch all the videos, do the readings and follow the timeline. That is the recipe for a pass. I'm so grateful I did. Direct correlation. You won't regret it.

I passed!!

I PASSED!!!!I was a independent study bundle student and religiously followed their timetable till the day before the exam. Forever grateful to the whole team of NPTEFF.

Don't give up

Thinking of giving up? All I can say is DON’T. I took the NPTE in 2005 without any preparation. My second attempt was in 2008, in which my score was in the very high 500’s. I was a new mom, had an amazing job as a custom wheelchairs designer and sales. I had a great salary and gave up on the NPTE. Now at age 45 after over 20 years of graduating in Brazil, I decided to retake this test. Because I took the NPTE through the State of Massachusetts back then, I signed up with Final Frontier thinking it would be a retake in about 4 months. Well, not that easy... Massachusetts was extremely difficult to work with. So I started the process with Florida, where I currently live. FCCPT took forever at every single step. I had to go back and take some courses and also do 150 hours of practice rotation as my hours were done so far back.
Through this whole process, I listened religiously to Dr. Singh's lectures.
In the past 5 months, I gave up everything. Kids sports activities, volunteering, no parties, no alcoholic drinks, no TV. I was disciplined with my time. I tried eating healthier than normal. I exercised daily every morning, even when I felt so exhausted and could barely move. I studied my limit. Many hours a day. The past month and half my LSP Akanksha Sharma pushed me hard! I am forever thankful! It was every night. Either Aks or Dr. Singh. Classes on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday... it didn’t matter. Every day was the same. Wednesday mornings I participated in the office hours. I woke up early, prayed for wisdom and strength and studied. I had two study partners that kept me going.... we talked almost daily. Many days were frustrating. I am forever thankful to the FF team for constant support. The What’s App group was very helpful ( thank you Reka and Chase). Thank you, Dani and David, for all your help as well. Thank you for believing in me even when I did not believe in myself. I cannot express the feeling of seeing the “PASSED” on the screen. Surreal, amazing, rewarding and humbling.
No matter what your situation is, keep on fighting. Believe in this process, your time will come!

Can't thank you enough!

It has been said in so many different ways, but many of us have lived through the "failures" of the NPTE. I saw "FAILED" across my screen three times before I saw "PASSED." If you give it the power, it can be the most discouraging thing in your life. I CANNOT thank everyone enough at NPTE The Final Frontier, including Dr. Bhupinder Singh and my fantastic tutor Allie Wells. I would not have continued to push through the bad times without everyone's support. This program had the highest ratings when I was researching which program to join initially. After participating in the program for several cohorts, I can truly understand why. I highly suggest paying for the licensed study partner with the live class, because I personally felt like it made the difference to be able to talk through my doubts one-on-one. I CANNOT thank everyone enough! I made it because I had great people behind me! Everyone keep pushing!! The light at the end of the tunnel is SOOO worth it!

I'll be forever grateful

I don’t know where to start my story but I had my ups and my downs like most students who is trying to pass the NPTE. I saw the magic word “PASSED” after my 4th attempt. I started my journey way back 2016 and after 3 long years I finally made it! it almost seemed impossible after 3 failed attempts and it was really depressing and disappointing having to do the same thing over and over again with the same result. I heard of NPTE final frontier from a friend years ago but I didn’t tried it. After my 3rd attempt on April 2019 with a failed result I knew something had to change. I finally joined the full live class course on May and studied for 2 cohorts to fortify my basics and really understand the concepts by heart. It was tough during this journey for I have to balance work, taking care of my baby and studying. I used to multitask, studying while treating patients/cooking/taking care of my baby and watching the recorded videos religiously with my headphones on. I was always finding time and opportunity to study and really maximizing the time that I have. Dr. Singh made everything easier to remember and understand and it was great! All the topics that used to be hard for me like research, DDx, reading ECG, postural drainage and non system are now my favorite. That’s his magic! I will forever be grateful for these people who helped me reach my dreams and for those who still haven’t dont ever give up! Study hard and pray harder! Dedication is the key! If you start it, make sure you don’t do it half-hearted but give it your all and give it your best shot in every possible way! Believe in yourself! Always think positive and believe that God will see your struggle and bless your hard work! Stay strong and focus guys! We’ll see you all in the finish line!

If they can help me they can help you

My dream of seeing the word “Passed” on the screen started October of 2017. Thanks to the Final Frontier team I was finally able to see the magic word in October 2019 after my 7th attempt. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for Dr. Bhupinder and my license study partner Ravneet Singh. They believed in me even when I was at my lowest point. I am not a great test taker, English is not my first language and I was beginning to wonder if it was possible for me to pass this exam. Dr Bhupinder broke down the concepts in ways I understood and could remember. The timetable readings were short, specific and right inline with the NPTE content. Additionally, one of the best decisions I made was having Ravneet Singh as my license Partner. Ravneet is the Man. Ravneet taught me several test taking concepts that without a doubt were instrumental in my passing score. During his classes, he broke down questions to the bones. Once I honed these skills my practice scores were off the chart. I have three young children and a working spouse so it was difficult to find time to study. Signing up with Dr. Bhupinder helped me focus my studies on the key topics for the exam and I could use my limited time wisely. I am proof that even if you have struggled with this exam, you can still pass it. Don’t wait until you fail to get help preparing for this test. And if you have failed don’t give up. If Dr. Bhupinder can help me pass it, he can help anyone. Good luck to those taking the exam. Sign up with Dr. Bhupinder and you will see the magic word on your screen too.

Always there for you

Lucky are those who get the opportunity to be a part of NPTE Final Frontier team. It’s a blessing to have a mentor like Dr. Bhupinder Singh. For many of us the journey towards passing NPTE has not been easy and I am sure everyone who have passed this exam or are preparing for it would totally agree with me. In spite of all the hard work, I couldn’t make it to my first attempt and was about to give up. I called Dr.Bhupinder Singh saying,”I don’t think I am ready for this so now what should I do? He replied, “If you ask me for a vote, I would always suggest you to go for it." Today, I am so glad that I stuck to his words and was lucky enough to see the word “PASSED” on my screen. Dr. Bhupinder Singh is always going to be an inspiration to me and I can’t thank him enough.

Niraj Tankaria, I know many of them have heard his name or know him personally, but those who don’t I want to let you know that he is a great human being. Having him as my LSP was the best decision. I haven’t told him yet, but I went through his testimonial on Facebook several times when I started preparing for NPTE. I would always wonder when will I get a chance to talk to him and today he is not just my mentor but also a very good friend. If you are looking for some motivation, you should definitely visit his Facebook page . “When you have an option of being happy, why choose sadness”, these words of him has had a great impact on me. His classes are real fun. We go online, answer some rapid fire questions, ask our doubts, solve practice questions, listen to him talking and of course share lots of humor. Towards the end, a Mega class with a surprise will make your day. ???? For those who wish to become a licensed physical therapist, I would highly recommend you to consider Niraj Tankaria as a LSP.

Mom and Dad, words fall short when it comes to you.Thank you for everything!!

Shweta Bajaria, I could never ask for a better laptop than yours. :P From being strangers, to roommates, to being best of friends, I will always be thankful to you.

Jesal Shah, I am glad we had a chance to celebrate our success together. I will never forget the afternoon of 30th October, 2019. Refreshing the screen several times to bursting out in tears and shouting on top of our voices, we had one of our best moments.

Abhisha Patel, Thank you for always being there!

Thanks to all my friends here at Loma Linda who have constantly motivated me in this journey.

Lastly, a special thanks to all the team members of NPTE The Final Frontier.

For all the future licensed physical therapists, some words for you all,

Be Patient,

Don’t loose hope,

Trust yourself,

It Works,

You are almost there!

Feel free to reach out NPTE The Final Frontier, Dr Bhupinder Singh, Niraj Tankaria and the team. They are always there to help you!!

Thank you for the motivation

Finally a Licensed Physical therapist in the United States on the first attempt!!
Thank you Dr Bhupinder Singh and NPTEFF for all your guidance and constant support. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Singh for his kindness and patience. Thank you for your prompt replies to the emails and all the motivation you have given to me throughout this journey.

Thank you for your guidance

Coming to this country with a dream- to be a licensed Physical Therapist in first attempt. Well first attempt wasn’t as expected but realized that attempt doesn’t matter. All that matters is your hard work and dedication and love and support from your loved ones.
Today as I look back, all those tears and sleepless nights were all worth it. It was not an easy journey though. But what always held me and helped me to hang in there was immense support and belief of my parents and hubby that I CAN DO IT. And YES, I DID IT!!

This auspicious year marks the new beginning and the moment for which I waited for 2 years. I will never forget this day.
It was a normal day in mountains and as the day came to an end the anxiety kicked in. I was super nervous to open the website, my eyes filled with tears of joy as my husband showed me the screen with the magical word “PASSED”
Thank you God for this day

One person, who I cannot thank enough is my husband Nishit Patel - without him this was impossible.
Thank you for always being there by my side in each and every moment.
Not to forget my family members who have always been my pillar of support. Mum whose constant prayers and faith in me helped me achieve this milestone.

Joining NPTE FF was one of the best decision I’ve made.
Dr Bhupinder Singh : Very well known as the NPTE King. His classes are very well structured and well organized. You need not hunt the books for different topics. The everyday readings and the pdfs of each and every topics is just what you need. His patience towards each and every student and he never gets tired of answering the questions.
The level of detail he can get with such simplicity using real life examples made most difficult topics much easier to remember.
Thank you all NPTE FF team members for your constant guidance and support.

My Licensed study partner Ekta Ronak Trivedi– You are truly a gem and were really sent by God to me. Coz he knew no one would handle an anxious person like me
All your detailed sessions explaining the concepts just like we can understand.
We got the best comfort zone and tuning with you. Loved your teaching style and concepts and you were very clear on what to study and how to study. Till now I was studying hard but you taught me to study smart
You kept me going when all I could think of was “I cannot do it” You believed in me more than I believed in myself. I could literally hear your voice during exam to be neutral throughout and till 250th question.
I will not forget the morning of result day when the first thing I saw after opening my eyes was the screenshot of “PASSED” sent by you. You had already decided my fate before fsbpt could☺️
I am short of words to express my gratitude to you. You have always been there by my side pushing and encouraging me. As a licensed study partner in my previous attempt and sticking by me in this attempt even though you had a lot of students to take care of. You were the biggest support throughout. I couldn’t have done without you

I cannot thank enough to all my friends who played a major role in my npte journey
Swati Shekhada- The one who shared her all knowledge, who actually was with me when I started this journey. My all-time study buddy. The person with whom my journey started and who continued to be with me even after you passed. The person who pushed me and motivated me throughout. Heartily thanks to you dost!
Chaitali Khaire, Studying with you for past 3 months was a wonderful experience, who always pushed me to my limits, made sure to answer all my queries before end of the day despite your busy schedule.
Amit Hirpara – My MSK guru Thank you for all your help and who always said one thing “Identify problem and find the solution! Do not overthink“
Angna Patel - Studying with you was a wonderful experience and I am glad you were a part of my NPTE journey.
For those who couldn’t make it - I would just say, don’t let small failure define you. You are stronger than you think. Keep going! Everything you need will come to you at perfect time
Prove yourself what you are worth and rise like there’s no looking down.
Be confident!!! Be calm and patient throughout exam, your mindset is very important!

Very Helpful

Thank u Final Frontier!!! I was a study bundle student, timetable is very structured n videos are very helpful to understand topics. Telegram service helped a lot in last 2 weeks. Whole team is super active and supportive.

Now I understand why they call their students FF warriors because they give shield n sword of positivity n knowledge to fight a giant like NPTE.

Anyone new still thinking, I would say just do it u won’t regret. Was best decision of my life.

Thank u Dr Bhupinder Singh n team!!

The timetable is the answer to all

The timetable is the answer to all !! I was hesitant at first, but I continued to go day by day with the readings and the outcome was seeing a ‘PASSED’ on my screen as a 1st time tester.
Very thankful to have had the structure of the timetable
Thank You NPTEFF

Everything is laid out for you

Hi guys! When I was preparing to begin studying for the NPTE, I felt extremely lost and had no idea where to even begin! Luckily, I came across this program and it allowed me to feel organized and less stressed about studying. Everything is laid out for you and I’m so glad I took the chance on this course! Seeing “PASSED” on my screen was a surreal moment for me and I can’t thank the Final Frontier team enough for all their help!

Dream come true

Passing NPTE and becoming a licensed PT on my very first attempt is like a dream come true!

Firstly, I want to thank mummy, papa, Anurag for standing by me like pillars of support, for tolerating me through me for the past 3 months and for your constant love, support and motivation. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

I want to thank Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the team of NPTEFF for guiding me through this amazing journey. A big thank you to Bhupinder Singh sir, without your tips and tricks, mnemonics, teaching strategies and constant positivity this wouldn’t have been possible!

Hiteshri Patel, I know we have been time zones apart and even with your crazy schedules, you have been there to answer my randomest questions, doubts, and endless cribbing and crying. Thank you for being my soul sister from continents apart.

A special thanks to Shalmali Thosar and Radhika Gupta for being my constant support and my family away from home. For every time that I’ve been tensed you guys have always continued to motivate me!

HIghly recommend

I’d like to thank the entire Final Frontier team for helping me prepare for the NPTE in such a way as to make this possible! I highly recommend the Final Frontier course by Bhupinder Singh Sir for anyone who wishes to become a licensed Physical Therapist in the United States!

The journey as a licensed Physical Therapist in the States has just begun, and I’m looking forward to growing more from here on.

Very Grateful

I just want to post a public THANK YOU to Dr. Dani Rosenzweig... I definitely was up against the odds because I was retaking the NPTE, working full time (a new job) and had just moved. I was her LSP and found out quickly how knowledgeable she is about the NPTE content. Her approach to breaking down the material and presenting it in a way to turn weakness into strengths was exactly what I needed. She was incredible with meeting me half way and I was desperate to pass. I never felt judged and she kept me focused all the way to test day. She kept my fears and emotions in check. I think the reason I passed though was because of the ALPS sessions I did with her. I knew I was up against a lot with juggling work and studying that 1:1 would benefit me. I was able to bring certain concepts to her to discuss or sometimes I would just ask her to quiz me on things simply bc I hadn’t had time to go over it yet. Speaking through the material was so efficient for me. Working with Dani and figuring out where my short comings were with studying allowed me to pass and see my first patient last week!! I am very grateful for Dr. Singh, the Final Frontier team and Dani whom I highly recommend using as a LSP or ALPS.

Thank you FF Family

All Glory and Honor belongs to GOD ALMIGHTY who makes all things possible in His time.Though the worst and unexpected scenario happened to me because my score was withheld for more than two weeks .I remained calm and hopeful because I know that the fight was over and I finally made it.Writing this testimonials was one of the things I have been dreaming and looking for and I am hoping that everyone who reads this will find strength and courage in this hard and challenging PT journey. My first attempt was on January 2018, thinking I can do it with just having self review but then I failed with a score of 565. I decided to join the NPTE FF-FEBRUARY 2018 and took the exam successively on April And July 2018 but only a few increase on my scores despite on trying my best. However,now that I passed I fully understood that everything happen for a reason,failing doesn't define us nor define a cohort program but indeed a refining process that shape us into a better vessel for a purpose . I learnt that it is not only a test of knowledge but a test of character-patience and endurance which are vitals in this line of profession.
ToDr. Singh I want to thank you for imparting your knowledge and all the incredible concepts you have been sharing which are easier to grasp. I appreciate the patience and sacrifices you do offer to thousands of PTs reaching out to you. Though I'm passive on the chat and in class Im an active listener and reader of every details and lectures made. Thank you for the well organize time table and updated informations.
The 1st time I joined FF review Dr .Hajela once said. ALWAYS REMEMBER WHY YOU ARE IN THIS PROFESSION, her statement was an eye opener to me and made me realize that God will not bring me this far just to leaved me a loser in the middle of the fight. So,Every time I feel like giving up, this line from Dr.Hajela keeps ringing in my ear and realign my thoughts and interests to keep going towards my goal.Thank you Dr. Hajela your encouraging words are so valuable to me during those tough times.
After 3 failed attempts I already lost my hope so I quit studying for almost a year but then one day I read a testimonial to one who passed last July 2019 on my FF facebook group It made me think that I do still belong to this family and this awaken my desire to be back home to FF and no longer a lost and wandering one. I send an email to the FF Father -DR. SINGH who was happy for me to be back and give me option to have study partner.
Thank you for my friend RIA who introduced me to Niraj Tankariaand I'm so blessed to have him as my LSP.I can see the sincerity and His passion to teach aiming to see us all in the group succeed. Though I was so late in joining his class he was very patient to repeat all the topics just for me.He is a good motivator and coach as well. His test taking skills and smart review strategies especially on basics are of big,big contribution on my success.I do really recommend Him especially for repeat offenders like me.He reiterate things to make sure you got the point not just memorize. Salamat NIRAJ THE GREAT
I thank God for being a part of this NPTE- FF FAMILY .We did it till the end. I can say that it is a complete family with diverse specializations: to Aks and Dani- mind enlightening support, David- a man of encouragement, Chase_ question experts.,and to those whose name i failed to mention--Thank you. Nevertheless you Guys are all part of this victory.
To those who did not reach the cut off score, don't lose hope maintain the pace and you will soon get there.To all those people out there who doesn't know how to start and felt lost,have your first step,widen your base,complete the stride here on FINAL FRONTIER and the journey will soon be over.

Helped me get the job done

Just wanted to make sure I made a post about how great this program is. After failing by two questions on my first attempt, Dr. Singh was able to help me regroup and get the job done on my second attempt. I was able to pass while working 40 plus hours a week. Huge shout out to Allie and the rest of the Final Frontier team for helping overcome this huge obstacle

Such an incredible feeling

Passed on my second attempt thanks to Dr. Singh and NPTEFF. The NPTE was a beast that I couldn't handle alone. The NPTEFF provided me with every resource and tool I needed to see the magic word PASSED on my screen. I had failed my first attempt by 7 questions. Dr. Singh's ability to meet the needs of 500+ individuals each cohort is truly unbelievable- he truly knows his stuff. The classes are well structured and cover every topic you need to know for the exam, as well as are very easy to follow. The timetable provides you with all readings even if you do not have the suggested textbook. Each phase of the program is geared well to prepare you for the real exam, increasing in intensity as you go. Having 2 full length practice exams was a game changer- they helped my endurance and ability to simulate the actual exam! Especially because of the rationales given with each exam similar to the PEATs. Dr. Singh's knowledge is unmatchable and I couldn't recommend his course more! If you are looking to see PASSED in your big blue circle, sign up for this class and don't look back! This isn't some course you just attend where the teacher doesn't care about each individual- Dr. Singh is attentive and responsive, his team is extremely knowledgeable and no questions go unanswered. He provides a relaxed environment, and even throws in a joke or two to keep you awake from time to time. I may have been the one to put in the hard work and take the exam, but I wouldn't be where I am without their guidance and resources. It's such an incredible feeling to be a licensed PT and be welcomed into the other side of this amazing progression! PASS WITH PRIDE!

Without support from all of you I would not able to cross this hurdle.

By the grace of God, my family, and friends, I cleared NPTE after failing in Two attempts. My journey for NPTE was not easy and it comes with lot of sacrifices even there was a certain time where I feel very low during the journey but my family, friends, and mentors always motivated me and believed in me that I can pass this test.
Dr. Bhupinder Singh if there is anyone person I owe this success is to you, thank you for being with me always through my rough time of NPTE and guide me to the Success, I don’t have words to thank you for effort and hard work you Put in for us to make this dream come true. Thank you for everything Dr. Bhupinder Singh Sir!
I started studying in 2017 with NPTEFF Team, I still remember the first time when I talked to Dr. Singh and he told me to forget about everything and believing in myself. He never doubts in me and told me that he believes in me, But I was nervous, I started working with my Basic concepts initially and take one step at a time. Meanwhile, I postpone NPTE a few times due to lack of self-confidence and Dr. Singh suggested me to take PTA to take my anxiety off, I appeared for my PTA exam and cleared in my very first attempts with flying colors and he suggested me to choose LSP, I choose Chhaya Patel. I am grateful for all her supports, Notes and teaching. Her immense hard work and easy reading note always help me to learn hard topic easy way. Thank you so much, Chhaya Patel, for everything. I took the PT test the same time and I failed with a very close margin. I figured out that my test-taking strategy was not good, I always tend to change an answer when I am confused with the Options. (Dr. Singh told me to not to change the answer before the test) and my brain didn’t accept that and I changed the answer for a few questions, I regretted that by failing NPTE. After that, I started working as a PTA under financial Burdon and managing a few hours a week with Basic books (Kisner, Sullivan, Dutton, and Goodman) for selective readings. I was preparing myself for final battle one more time, it took me more than 1.5 years to reach the point where I made my self-clear to take NPTE, during whole year I was regularly taking Dr. Singh’s class no matter what, it’s always tough to manage reading with full-time job, I took off from work for one month and started reading again in full throttle, But I was feeling that I am still lacking in concepts, I contact Dr. Singh again to ask where should I start and what should I do, He listens to me very patiently and told me to go For ALPS study sessions, and I choose “Mnemonics Queen Dr. Dani Rosenzweig” as my ALPS. I still remember the first day when I talked to Dani about myself and Journey for the NPTE, she suggested me to take test next day and evaluate myself where I was lacking on knowledge, I took first test and I passed the practice test, she said she believes in me that I am able to pass and we started working on my week concepts.
what do I say about “Graphic Designer Dr. Dani Rosenzweig”, her Mnemonics and Pictures slides and unique way to teach with storytelling helps me to remember the concepts very easily. She is very upfront and realistic with me and told me what do I need to do to pass the test, believe me, she will push you through the extremes. I still remember that when I called you Dani after the test and told you I am not going to pass the test and you said it's ok you had the same feeling but you passed the test, the same thing happens to me. Thank you, Dani Rosenzweig, for everything you have done for me, without you I would be not able to pass the NPTE. I will always be grateful to you.
I would also like to thank Niraj Tankaria (TED Experts) for Motivation and Believing in me, your quick sessions with Immense Knowledge on other system and Integumentary help me a lot, I remember when I talked with you after test and you said you believe in me and I would pass the test. Thank you so much Niraj Tankaria!
I would also like to thank Dr. Nupur Hajela, Dr. Gettanjali Gera, David Friedberg, Akanksha Sharma, Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam (Rekamurgan) Without support from all of you I would not able to cross this hurdle.

Beyond Thankful

I am beyond thankful that I took this course before my first attempt of the NPTE, because I passed!! The team was so helpful especially David Friedberg and Dr. Bhupinder Singh. They believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and helped to push me to continue to study and not give up on my dream. I highly recccomend taking this course to prep because it gave me not only structure in how to study, but support as well from people in cohort and team members. Also shoutout to Bhupinder Singh he literally taught me things that I never comprehended in PT school before

I recommend NPTEFF for NPTE preparation

I want to thank Dr .Bhupinder Singh and his wonderful team for all the guidance and motivation because of which I could clear npte January 2020 in first attempt.
I would really recommend NPTEFF for the npte exam preparation .Dr. Singh is a wonderful teacher who explains difficult topics with such ease .He knows what's important for the exam . I trusted him blindly during my preparation.
He has a great team which provides support till the last moment because of which I never felt lonely on my npte journey.

Inspiring team

To Dr Singh and the NPTEFF crew, you guys are awesome, you teach the right things, the right way at the right time. Thank you for being with me on this journey. Am happy I found you all. Dr Singh, AKS, Dani, David, Niraj, Chase(MR Hard questions????), thank you so much.

Big shout out to Fresno BootCamp , very very very inspiring and full of great content!
Pls if you haven’t made it yet, try attending the bootcamp. I met some really smart people at the camp and just by conversing with them, you ll gain a lot.

Also to my licensed study partner, Niraj! Thank you so much men. God bless you. Encouragement, exam strategy, content and so on!

We move on

I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking their PT license

Thank you to everyone at final frontier for helping me pass this exam. I unfortunately messed up my registration for the October exam but was able to pass this first time around. I realized that it was meant to be as I did not feel ready for the October exam anyway. I went into and out of the January SL exam with full confident and belief that I will and did pass. Thank you again. I will highly recommend this program to anyone seeking their PT license!

Thank you

Thank you Dr. Singh and the final frontier team. You guys are awesome!!!

NPTEFF made a world of difference

Thank you Dr. Singh! Didn’t pass the first time, but this study platform definitely made a world of a difference!

The program is worth it!

I was afraid to see my results. But, I passed!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!! This is my second try and I will successful. I would not be able to pass without the NPTE Final Frontier. Thank you all!!!! The program is worth it! I am so exited.

I can't thank you enough

Y’all words do not describe the feeling of seeing that blue dot on my phone! I can not thank you enough, to the whole final frontier team and Dr. Singh for the advice and encouragement to pass this January exam!! It might have taken me a little longer to pass but I have finally arrived and it’s going to be an amazing adventure! Again thank you NPTE Final Frontier!!

Thank you for everything

I finally passed my PT exam!!! Thank you so much Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the FF team!! And a very big thank you to my LSP Dr. Darryl Richmond for helping me through everything. All the advice, the strategies, the motivation really helped me a lot. I couldn't have done this without the tips and tricks from my LSP classmates either! And of course, I'm grateful for my friends and family for all their patience, support and prayers.

This has been quite a journey for me. I was depressed, and so frustrated that I almost gave up, but I'm glad I didn't! Also, passing the PTA exam 2 weeks prior to the PT exam gave me the confidence boost that I needed. I'm so glad this part is finally over!

Again, thank you for everything FF team! Chase Taylor and Vrunda Kapadia for their daily questions on whatsapp and facebook, Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam and Dr. Dani Rosenzweig for all the extra notes, pictures and slides that made things easier to remember, David Friedberg for all your motivation and patience with everyone, and the rest of the FF team for organizing and making everything as smooth as possible. And again, I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for Dr. Darryl Richmond who was a huge help to me as my LSP. I'm so glad I chose him and I believe he will help future students pass their PT exam also!

Highly recommend this NPTE prep

I cannot even being to express my gratitude to Dr. Singh, Dr. Dani Rosenzweig and the entire FF team! This was not my first attempt and I was beyond frustrated after continuous failure. I was blessed to find the FF course and I would not have been able to do this without them. HIGHLY recommend this course for your NPTE prep! They breakdown the content and help make sense of challenging material.

Dr. Dani Rosenzweig -- you made the difference this time around. Your helpful hints, tricks and fun mnemonics to remember tricky material made a world of difference. I could not have done this without you. Thank you times a million!

Blessed to finally say, I PASSED!

HIghly recommend

My journey with NPTE Final Frontier began in August 2019 shortly after graduation preparing to take the October 2019 exam. I was unable to clear the exam my first time and was broken down. I didn’t know what to do or how to even start thinking about studying for this massive exam all over again. I had doubts that I would ever pass...My individual score report that I purchased by FSBPT stated that I only had a 2% chance to pass my next attempt.. Instantly I scheduled a phone call meeting with Dr. Singh to discuss my individual exam report and some strategies I should take for my next attempt. I have always been the type of person that prefers to study alone however I looked into the licensed study partner program that is offered and told myself I would sign up this time around to have more guidance in my preparation. Niraj Tankaria-Npteff has been one heck of a study partner and mentor that goes above and beyond in motivating his students, providing us with the resources and materials to help us succeed. His classes were very helpful in reviewing concepts and answering questions from all the categories relatable to the NPTE. His whatsapp group was very interactive and helpful as well and I highly recommend having him as your study partner!!

My biggest advice is to study smart, revise, revise, and revise again. Follow the timetable and go back and revise again. Take a practice exam each week and answer as many practice questions throughout the week as possible and work on test taking skills (elimination technique, finding key words, etc) by reviewing rationals of all questions. Review your weaknesses but also your strengths again!! Dr. Singh’s live classes were phenomenal. He really has the understanding for what is important to focus on for each topic and system. Big shout out to Dr. Dani and AKS for all their help in answering questions and providing mnemonics during classes throughout this cohort and also for David’s inspirational messages throughout!!! Thank you to the entire Final Frontier team in helping me accomplish my path in becoming a licensed physical therapist!! #PassedwithPride

Thank you!

Thank you Dr. Singh, David, and everyone else here who helped make this dream a reality!

Join Final Frontier and Pass with Pride

The best thing I did for NPTE preparation is joining Final Frontier. Dr Bhupinder Singh has formulated the course with precision to focus on important topics and makes it easy for us to clear concepts. He guided me and boosted my confidence along the journey of my preparation. I’m really thankful to Sir and team for organising the bootcamp which was an amazing experience for me to know my strength and weaknesses.
Thank you David for your motivating words which always pushed me ahead whenever I was in doubt.
Its an awesome team effort by Final Frontier which makes your dream come true.
Join Final Frontier and Pass with Pride

Pass With Pride!

It has been a very long journey and I can honestly say it has changed me in various ways. I understand more and more how life’s difficult moments are so important for growth. I am also beginning to understand why it’s so significant to do your best to maintain a healthy and positive mindset through those difficult moments. So thank you so much Dr. Singh and the Final Frontier team. You all go above and beyond teaching, you all are fantastic motivators and a great support system. I could not have done this without this program!

Another special thanks to my friend Bobby Krier For without your guidance (and a very tough conversation) my negative thoughts would have taken over once again.

Last but definitely not least big big thanks to my family and friends. You have all been there for me to encourage me to keep my head up and keep pushing. No one has pushed me more than my mom and I thank you for keeping me in a fighting spirit ❤️.

4th time and I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience as it has allowed me to grow. 4 has definitely become my new favorite number!

Pass With Pride!!

Thank you Final Frontier gang

Finally license Physical Therapist in the USA. Its has been a quite journey for me specially missing the October NPTE by few points. I didn't know how to pick my self and was so devasted, because i know i gaved it my all, but still failed!! So i set up a call to Dr. Singh, him being so radiantly positive and encouraging. Told me that sitting for that 5hrs test will just be a formality.
I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude you to Dr. Singh for not giving up on me.#NPTEKING And to my friend and LSP Niraj. Nir thank you for taking me in your class, and for always clearing my doubts. Thank you for pushing me to do more and for the constant reminders to stop doubting my self.
Thank you to the Final frontier gang. Akanksha, Reka, David, DR. Dani,Chase and guys are rockstar!!
Finally thank you to my support system ! I love u my husband Erwin, mama Victoria, papa Limwell and my son Lucas for inspiring me to do this and for all your sacrifices.
And to those who did not make it. Please held your head up and be proud. It certainly is not an easy exam. It doesn't matter how many times you stumble down the road, its the time you stood up and continued to fought for your dreams that matters.

Every foreign trained Physical Therapist can definitely do this with the help of Team Final Frontier

No words can describe my feelings right now !
I cannot thank God enough to make this happen.
My strongest backbone Janmey ,my sweetheart , my parents and my entire family who believed in me all through my journey.

Just 3 months back I was very skeptical about my preps for NPTE. I needed a direction to work into. I used to read all these testimonials on FB and waited for a day when I would write one!

It was Bhupinder Singh , my LSP Niraj Tankaria-Npteff and the entire NPTEFF team who guided me through every step of my journey. You have an amazing Team Bhupinder Singh taking care of every aspect of preparations for our exam.

Not only teaching us the content but also motivating us to keep pushing ourselves and teaching us various tactics to deal with unknown questions. All the content specialists, Dani Rosenzweig , AKS Akanksha Sharma , VRUNDA , CHASE REKA and many others gave us various tricks and mneumonics. Not to forget David Friedberg whose constant motivation jolted us off sleep on a bad tiring day pushing us to keep going.

For all those who are in a dilemma about is it even possible to pass NPTE with a good score in just 3 month's preps , I would like to suggest ...
Just dive in, Go for it . Give your 100%
The whole team of NPTE Final Frontier is fully equipped with all the tools needed for us to pass the NPTE.
Follow their time table which is very meticulously divided into 3 phases. It is doable and every foreign trained Physical Therapist can definitely do this with the help of Team Final Frontier .

Congratulations to all the warriors who won the war today and all the warriors who even attempted the Jan NPTE2020. It was hell of a battle and everyone who tested is a winner.


Thank you NPTEFF team

This is my NPTE journey. FSBPT blocked NPTE exam for international students in July 2010 . I was having exam on July 12th they blocked on 30th June 2010. I started master in computer science after graduation I started working as IT Operation manager.Last year I got Dr Singh number from Facebook. I called him and asked him about NPTE exam. He told me definitely you going to pass exam. I told him I don’t know anything about NPTE .I don’t have any idea about material coursework, even I don’t remember basics anatomy. He told me to follow coursework and classes. I started NPTEFF. First practice exam I scored 400.i thought of stopping class. Dr Singh suggested me LSP Pinky Yadav. She helped me lot. Sir texted me before final exam . I believe you going to pass. I scored 589 and I was very nervous. Dr sing told me you going to pass this time start studying.This time I joined Chase as my LSP. Today I passed NPTE exam.Thank You sir and NPTEFF team

Finally a licensed PHYSICAL THERAPIST!

I passed in my 1st attempt for that a really big thank you to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and his Final frontier team! It was a difficult journey but made a lot easier by this wonderful team of professionals! Finally a licensed PHYSICAL THERAPIST!

Thank you to the entire NPTEFF team!

Finally waited for this day when I could write my own story about my NPTE journey!
It was a journey with it's ups and downs yet worth it at the end.
Some get it soon. Some take time to achieve it.
But it isn't impossible trust me.
Thank you so much Dr Bhupinder Singh and the entire NPTE Final Frontier team for the Amazing online coaching programme.

Special thanks to my LSP Niraj Tankaria
and Amreen Kaur for always believing in me and motivating me that this is Possible and I can do it!!
Thank you Niraj Tankaria-Npteff
The Mega class was really helpful and a confidence booster before NPTE

What you can do in your NPTE Journey?
- Get your basics Strong.
- Follow the NPTEFF time table and assignments
- Listen to the Lectures
- Solve lot of Practise Questions everyday which will challenge your thinking and review and understand the rationales well
- Attend Office hours if you are a Live Student which was so useful to solve your doubts and get the concepts right
- Keep Revising that's the KEY!!

Lastly Thank you the content specialists -
Vrunda Patel and Chase Taylor with their daily challenging Questions on WhatsApp.
Our chat specialist Akanksha Sharma solved every doubt promptly in the chat
Dani Rosenzweig and Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam for their pneumonics, pictures and notes.
David Friedberg you were always a motivator to all of us with your positive quotes!
This is a tough journey but you can do it.
DON'T give up because you don't know what's in store for you tomorrow and keep Pushing yourself how much ever hard it is till you see Success on the screen!!!
PS: All of you reading this post hope the tips help you in some way or the other in your NPTE Journey.

Thank you once again the entire NPTEFF team!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

While I’m beyond ecstatic that I passed this time around, I have to admit there’s a little part of me that will miss the calming influence that is Dr. Singh. He’s been such a powerful teacher and influence in my life and yet we have never met. I mentioned this to a friend who also has been under Dr. Singh’s tutelage as well in the Final Frontier study bundle, and she admitted she felt the same way. My hope is that someday I will have the opportunity to thank him in person for the encouragement and reassurance he so patiently bestowed. In the meantime, thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Singh!

I couldn't have done it without you guys

I took the NPTE 5 times and passed on my 5th with final frontier. I graduated August 2018 from a US University during mid-depression stemming from some family issues. I took my first exam October 2018 and scored a 460. I had no idea how I was going to improve my score in order to pass because it was obvious I was so far behind my colleagues. My second attempt I studied on my own and scored a 550 but I felt there was only so much I could do on my own. I sought help from the final frontier team for my 3rd 4th and 5th attempt. I still didn’t score too well the first time I used final frontier because I wasn’t completely out of my family situation, I didn’t completely utilize the system, but I did better. The 4th time I buckled down and actually used the program to its full potential and scored a 584 with some added MSK background basics studying. Now I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. However my situation had changed, I was going to have my first son, Money was running low from living on my own for a year and a half with only part time jobs in between, test fees, bills piling up- I was under a lot or pressure to finally pass this January. I emailed dr Singh and told him my situation and sent him my score report. He said “don’t worry you will pass this next time stay confident and don’t give up, sign up for the LSP with Chase for some extra practice and focus on the 3 main areas, well extend your normal live class until you pass” it worked- I passed this time. Dr Singh and the team are excellent with explaining concepts and questions that are difficult to understand. They respond quickly and use laments terms to make it easier to apply during a test situation. They provide a ton of extra materials/charts to make studying easier and even have a group chat with daily questions to keep you on your toes. Like anything in life: You will have to work, however Final Frontier makes it so that if you are willing to put forth that effort the materials are there for you to learn what’s necessary in order to finally pass. Thank you so much Final Frontier team I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Passed with Final Frontier

I am so grateful to the NPTE final frontier team for all their help and motivational words. After failing my test the first time I felt disappointed and discouraged. However, after following their lessons and all their advice I passed my NPTE. Thank you so much!

Thank you for believing in me

Thanks to Dr Bhupinder Singh and Niraj Tankaria-Npteff for believing in me. I passed npte exam In second attempt. I am so grateful to Dr Singh and niraj as they were available 24/7 in my journey! Niraj I can’t thank enough for motivating me and tracking my progress

You won't regret this program

hank you Bhupinder Singh n final frontier team for helping me out to pass this exam on first attempt. . Bhupinder Singh I wish my all teachers were like you . . I m 2011 passed out n was not sure if I would be able to crack it but after I joined classes my concepts were so clear . . Please consider joining this program m sure you won’t regret it.

I did it!

Hello everyone! I want to share my journey of passing the NPTE!

I’m an adult student who returned to school seeking a career as a PT after practicing as a massage therapist for many years. I had some difficulty during my graduate program in testing mainly due to anxiety during an exam and learning how to study for different courses. This did not change when starting to study for the NPTE.

My college in NY required a Scorebuilders weekend course and purchase of the Scorebuilders review book. This is just my opinion - but this book was not helpful for me and many other classmates of mine. Scorebuilders is for mainly more basic level questions and memorization strategies. The Scorebuilders course was a good introduction to what the exam would be like, however, it just scratches the surface of the difficulty of this exam. Initially, I used the Scorebuilders exams from 2019 and the PEATS.

I failed my first attempt with a score of 564 using only the Scorebuilders book and notes from my college courses. I will also mention I failed my school’s mock board exams.

After failing in July of 2019, I found Final Frontier from another classmate and utilized the course’s lecture material a great deal. I took 2 Therapy Ed exams, 1 Final Frontier exam, and 2 Scorebuilders exams. I passed one Therapy Ed exam just prior to the NPTE in October. I was still worried but at this point I did a lot of work, learned a lot with the FF team and Dr. Singh’s teachings helped me overcome the test anxiety I had felt deeply prior to FF and during my previous attempt. However, I failed again in October 2019 with a 589! I don’t think I ever cried so hard - I was truly devastated.

At this point, I had a lot of stress with being able to pay bills and worked several jobs to make ends meet! I also was worried about my family as we had some unexpected health problems occur! This last attempt I was working 3 jobs and studying constantly as I was determined to make this attempt my last and final one! I decided to try a LSP (licensed study partner) with Steven who gave me access to a lot of his study material that he used to pass the NPTE but also resources that I was not aware of such as the NPTE app for additional practice! I also struggled with terminology during the exam and would get easily distracted by a diagnosis or a term that I was unfamiliar with. I got through this by using quizlets on medical terminology, reading Therapy Ed, and going through the resources Steven provided.

This last attempt (my third) I utilized the entire Therapy Ed book - the third therapy Ed exam from 2019, the final frontier reading list, resources from Steven, and the New final frontier Exam prior to my board exam. I did not pass either practice exam but I will tell you this::: taking multiple exams for me did not help me. It only made me more anxious for the real thing. The exposure to the types of questions that could be asked, the rationales, and the seeing the difficulty of the questions were what helped the most - which I will say that Therapy Ed and Final Frontier do the best job of preparing you for the same difficulty as the actual NPTE.

I passed Jan 2020 - by how much yet I do not know but really it doesn’t matter. My confidence was there this time - the exam was and always will be challenging - but I took my time and DID NOT CHANGE my answers. The key for me was learning to trust myself, not doubting or overthinking.

On the top of my sheet given in the exam I wrote: BE GOLD, DONT CHANGE YOUR ANSWERS...when I started to feel anxious about a question - I closed my eyes for a few seconds - did some deep breathing and moved on. I flagged questions I didn’t know right away and came back to them and went with my gut. This time was different - and for those of you on your multiple attempts that are struggling to pass - maybe this will help you.

You graduated your program - you made it this far. The NPTE is the last step and truly it was difficult for me for several reasons. But in the end - all I needed was the confidence and the right resources and the support to make that happen. I would recommend Final Frontier to absolutely everyone. The team they have is like nothing else and they show you not just what the exam is like but they also show you HOW to take this exam. That is very valuable in and of itself.

My sincerest thank you goes out to Dr. Singh, Steven Castro, and the entire Final Frontier team for being there for me during this process.

I did it !!!! I passed!!!

Trust the NPTEFF process

Wow!! I didn’t imagine that one day I would be the one to write a testimonial about my victorious journey of NPTE.

I remember during my childhood my mom teaching me about the importance of Guru... the one who leads you into the path of knowledge and enlightenment. I truly believed that with the right mentor (Guru) you can achieve greater heights.

April 2019, I decided that finally I had in me to face NPTE after 10 years of being a wife, stay at home mom, and dabbling into a different profession. And then I made that one phone call that changed my life... to Dr. Bhupinder Singh. After the phone call ... I knew I found my Guru.... and Final Frontier was going to lead me to other side of this wonderful profession that I am passionate about.

From that first phone call and joining as a FLC student.... I worked harder and harder. I set an aim of 9 months to work hard. I used 2 cohorts to jump back into action. Getting my basics back, working hard on my weakness, and finding my strengths. Each cohort, I stuck to the time table, I finished all assignments and also finished power point for all special tests. I cannot stress the importance of trusting NPTE Final Frontier’s process, sticking to the course, and attending all classes live as much as possible. Then, the last cohort Jan 2020, I used it to push myself harder. I stuck with NPTE Final Frontier’s time table and all the tips and tricks that Sir and his team gave. I started preparing hard mentally and everyday had the same routine that I followed. I did good in all practice exams, but I was still scared... even after the exam I was scared, but Dr. Singh showed full faith in me and here I am today enjoying the success. I also want to say thanks to his awesome team David Friedberg, Dani, AKS, Chase Taylor, Reka, and Vrunda. Each one of them in their own way helped us all to prepare the right way.

This journey tested me in every way possible ... but I never QUIT.... I kept going with the help of NPTE Final Frontier and held on to my faith. Thanks to god who blessed me with this wonderful phase of my life .... and this journey would not have been possible without my husband, who stuck by me and had 1000% faith in me; my 7 year old daughter, who showed immense maturity and was a calming factor in my life; my dad who was here to help me before the exams and always believed in me; my sister ( who thinks I can move mountains ????) and brother in law, both of them relentlessly rooted for me; my in-laws who came and supported me and had faith that I can do it; Leena, my friend, who started this journey with me supporting me all the way through; and my friends and family ... I am really blessed to have a wonderful group of friends and family behind me. Thanks to everyone who were there for me and with me.

Finally, this is to all women and men who either because of family commitments or being stay at home parents paused their careers for a bit.... if I can do it you can too!!! With Dr. Singh’s guidance... you can be unstoppable. Trust NPTE Final Frontier’s process and keep working hard!!

Forever grateful

Thank you. Thank you to Dr. Singh. Thank you to Darryl Richmond and the rest of the team of PT Final Frontier. I am forever grateful.

Everyone should use NPTEFF

Thank you FF crew! We did it! After 2 failed attempts I found this incredible community and crossed the finish line with tears of joy, happiness, & accomplishment. I will encourage everyone to seek out NPTE Final Frontier, sooner the better! Thanks again

I couldn't have done it without this support

I wanted to thank Dr. Singh and the whole Final Frontier team, after multiple attempts I can finally say I passed the NPTE! I want to give a shout out to both Amreen Kaur who was my LSP and Dani Rosenzweig who helped me through ALPS. Amreen is a MSK expert and was super helpful with navigating all the information in the textbooks. While Dani is the queen of neuro and has a very unique way of teaching the material that made learning fun again. I would not have been able to do this without their support as well as the guidance from Dr. Singh.

I made it!

I finally made it and passed my NPTE exam. Its been a rollercoaster ride but hardwork and the amazing guidance of Dr Bhupinder Singh made it happen! I was very heartbroken after I failed twice with a score of 597 in both exams and I was on the verge of giving up and I still remember calling Dr B that day which was game changer for me. I will always be thankful for the immense motivation and encouragement given by him and in came the hardwork again. Dr B and his amazing team had always been there for me to clear my doubts and gave personal guidance on personal weaknesses which helped me attain the score of 662 today!
Special thanks to my LSP Ravneet Singhfor all the help and guidance along the way. I bought the telegram app which was so worth it. You get instant answers in a very short time. Thank you Priyam Mehta and Reka for your instant responses. The in-person boot camp was very helpful thanks Akanksha Sharma for clearing all doubts . I would recommend the NPTE FF course to everyone who wants strong knowledge base and guidance to ace this exam!
Thanks once again Dr Bhupinder Singh. You predicted at the boot camp that I ll pass and score between 650-670 and it happened! You don’t know how much confidence it gave me. Thanks for everything


I have no words in how I should put together the simple statement that I HAVE PASSED. Thank you to Lord Almighty who helped me get through this.

It was my first attempt and I didn't know twenty days until the exam that I was going to take it. Thank you so much to my parents who I owe everything to. Special thanks to all my friends who did not give up on me and kept my spirits high while having to put up with my momentary freak-outs.

Thank you Bhupinder Singh sir for your dedication and all your help with this exam. I wouldn't have passed without your support. A big shout out to Ravneet Singh for being such a wonderful LSP and believing in me even when I didn't. Thank you, Chase Taylor and Vrunda for posting all the questions, Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam for all the pictures and notes, Akanksha Sharma and Dani Rosenzweig for helping in the chat and during the office hours. David Friedberg : your voice kept playing in my head all through the exams and that helped me stay positive all through the exams

The people who are didn't pass or are going to take this exam for the first time, Believe in yourself. Have faith in your knowledge, skills and your ability to pass the exam NO MATTER WHAT. God has wonderful things planned for you, but be patient until you get the desired result. Make a plan, set a goal, work towards it. You can and you will overcome every obstacle that comes in your way. Take all the help that is available to you. The more people you have rooting for you, the bigger the victory will be. Take this exam with a positive outlook and YOU WILL PASS. If you have the mindset and work for it hard enough, the victory will be yours. I will be very happy to help you all in any way that I can.

I passed with Final Frontier

I am so happy I passed using final frontier!! I had previously failed the first two attempts (573 and 586) using other study materials. This time around I used this class, studied a lot of practice questions and exams and studied with a friend over studying content as much as I did the first two times I took the exam

Passed on my third attempt

Final Frontier Team... THANK YOU VERY MUCH for helping me pass on my 3rd attempt, and for your patience in answering ALL my questions. It was challenging to compartmentalize everything I learned and decipher which text or information is accurate. Since NPTE is not written by one author, it became confusing to figure out what the NPTE is actually asking and where they got their answers from; your guidance helped significantly! You helped me bridge the gap between what I learned in my DPT program and the standardized NPTE. I am thrilled to have gained my confidence back, because of all of you (Dr. Singh, David, Dani, Aks, Vru, Chase, Jay & my fellow NPTEFF Jan 2020 cohort)! I am grateful for your help. ????????
Future students: Don’t give up! Trust this team! With their help, your active participation, and consistent studying, passing the NPTE is not only possible, but it’s probable. Just remember, the world does NOT end if you don’t pass; have the courage to try again; ask for help, and everything is going to be okay

Thank you Final Frontier

Final frontier had my back from the moment I enrolled in their program. I failed the first two times I took the NPTE (scored a 597 both times) and I was contemplating on waiting a while before taking it again, but Dr. Singh recommended I get a licensed study partner and take the upcoming exam. That made the greatest difference. Miss Pinky Yadav was my LSP and she was absolutely amazing. She made sure my group mates and I understood the content she would teach and answered all of our questions with additional information. I can honestly say that I owe my license to the Final Frontier Family. They gave me everything I needed (The time table readings, assignments, practice questions, lectures, motivational pep talks, etc) Thank you so much, Final Frontier! Forever grateful to you all

NPTEFF is the best!


This was my first attempt and I made it through. It was a tough journey, but finally it’s all over. I got married on 2nd August 2019 and started the course on 3rd August 2019. The only other person who suffered by my side is my husband, Vissem. Thank you Babu for all the support and help. He believed in me more than I believed in myself. He kept saying “ Babu you will pass this test, you have soo much experience, you will definitely pass”. His words kept me sailing through.

Niraj Tankaria-Npteff was my classmate during BPT and he introduced me to Final frontier. He helped me understand the process and also told me how Final frontier was different from other courses. He is an expert in this area with his experience of the entire process.

When you begin this journey of becoming a Licensed PT in USA, you are surely lost. You do not know where to begin, which course to trust much less what to study. I had all these doubts running in my mind and had no books or resources at all.

It has been 10 years since I passed BPT in 2010. I have worked in the profession ever since, in India and Australia without a single break longer than 2 weeks.
My work experience made a big difference, its easier to understand the concept when you have already seen and treated similar patients in the past.

A BIG Thank you to Bhupinder Singh and NPTE FF team, Akansha, Dani, David for their amazing skills during the live classes. The confidence that David instils in each one of us is so helpful and much needed. His voice is an energiser when you are tired in the middle of the class. Thank you Chase for daily questions and Rekha for pnemonics and pictures.
I have emailed Dr. Singh a billion times with my queries and each time without fail, he answered all of my questions as he promised.

The structure of the course and the classes and the mentors and daily reading materials and assignments and everything else NPTE FF course provides is just the best. TRUST their time table and the material they provide. Try to do extra readings in the areas you are weak. FOLLOW the TIME TABLE religiously. At the end trust yourself.

I cannot thank Priyanka Patel enough for all the advise she gave me. She has been a constant support in this journey. An amazing friend I made during this journey.
A big shout out to Elisa Mora , thank you my friend for all the support. This is your time and you can do this!


Thank you for all the support

I don’t know from where to start because it’s a long story and I can definitely write a book about it but thanks to Bhupinder Singh and Niraj Tankaria-Npteff that I am a licensed Physical therapist in US.

Thank you Dr. Singh for providing us a platform where everyone works as a team and the way you explain advance MSK and gait with the help of prosthetics is really amazing which give us a good visualization.

I joined Final frontier in October 2018 and was not able to give the exam till July 2019 due to one or the other problems but finally when I did and I couldn’t make it. I was really disappointed and read testimonials of several people and all of them were talking about Niraj Tankaria-Npteff and then I realized that this is the time when I need to get a licensed study partner as I was working full time it was really hard for me to work and study so I decided to join my LSP Niraj Tankaria-Npteff.

Niraj Tankaria-Npteff is an extra ordinary human who has amazing knowledge about what NPTE demands and how they ask questions and what are the small special topics which you really need to focus on in order to crack this exam. He provide really amazing study materials and he takes classes which are never limited to 2-3hrs and the great part is that he explains everything with a good demonstration specifically gait and foot orthotics . He takes this quick rapid fire sessions almost before every #LSP discussions which makes one realize that where you stand in terms of your preparation which personally helped me a lot. His mega classes are something which I would recommend everyone as they prepare you to study 11-12 hrs per day and will make you realize how quickly you can finish the entire syllabus in one day.

I was having difficulty with time management and as I was working it was hard for me to keep check on myself so I approached Niraj and explained my situation . He understood my situation and he was available 24*7 for the last 10 days before exam and cleared all my doubts even one day before the exam. Thank you so much Niraj for all the support.

Anyone who is struggling with this exam should definitely consider joining NPTEFF and LSP Niraj Tankaria-Npteff because he alone is the best than any other classes. Thank you Dr. Singh for recommending him. Consider putting your time and money were it’s worth it.

Lastly I would like to thanks the entire NPTEFF team for providing amazing support with LSP, ALSP, Instagram, NPTEFF app, NPTEFF telegram, FF practice test, WhatsApp contents and questions specialist and many more !!!

Dr. Singh helped me pass

Ladies and Gentlemen..This is The Boss and The Man --> Dr.Bhupinder Singh , who will train you and sharpen you to be an elite PT and make you pass this exam with pride. Coming from India, I had a very different perspective of the therapy world , and because of which I could never understand the nature of this exam and hence never took it seriously.. well time passed my outlook changed and under Sirs guidance, I was able to really appreciate and value this exam . This is a important exam yall , specially working in US for a while and seeing how everything is insurance driven, we as PTs need to be sharp and quick at our DD and our examination else we wont be able to treat and serve our patients right... this exam demands that PT from you, and prepares you for that. But again all this needs to be done with a Plan ...and there is only ONE man who has this .Mr.Neo of this Matrix.. Sir, Dr.Bhupinder Singh.
Ill get straight to the point with my Testimony,
Everyone Please ::---> follow Sirs Time Table that included the Daily readings, the Assignments. And the practice exams.
Therapy Ed and Scodebuilders are review books cannot JUST rely on them its not enough..
----> Make the foundation Solid "SOLID" , again by following Sirs TIMETABLE ..everything in the Daily readings is can get challenging to follow the timetable INITIALLY but its ok..take your time..yall will be able to catch Up. Knowing the content is important not just finishing it.
-----> Please take his LIVE classes ..they are INTERACTIVE and a lot of EXTRA TIPS and STRATIGIES are shared and stratagies like mneumonics or tables or charts to make learning easier (thank you Dr. Dani and Mrs.Akanksha Sharma and Mrs.Alice for that) .. alot of Motivation is given..true heartful motivations which is needed ..MUCH Needed ( Thank you Mr.David)
Please Re Re Re Relisten to these classes, when ever possible...every word spoken is important, every concept explanied will enhance your ease of approaching the questions in the exam and your patients at work.
----> there will be a LIVE IN PERSON BOOTCAMP...please attend...I did and it was On Spot..what I recieved from BOOTCAMP --> endurance, more clarity on concepts because there were PRACTICALS on gait and Special tests and active discussion on many other topics.. we were studying for almost 13+ hrs everyday with Sir and his Team-> Mrs.Akanksha Sharma and Mr.Ravneet Singh, were at it. Also ill take this moment to thank Mr.Darek for being a support and giving encouragement as well , what else from the bootcamp?-> made many friends and enjoyed brain storming with them on Rapid fire queations ..
---> Please join the Whats app or the Telegram group , there will be daily, freshly squeezed exam grade questions (level 5) shared by Mr.Chase and Mrs.Vrunda ..these are important yall please answer them..PLEASE .. they are challenging and you may get them wrong frequently, but yall wont in the exam.. also please try to answer questions within 60-72 sec . Thank you for Mr.Chase and Mrs Vrunda for that.
Alot of discussions get trigered in these groups please be apart of them..ask questions and seek your Clarity ..
Mrs.Reka will be sharing alot of extra diagrams and charts, based on the daily readings will take 5 to 10 min to go through them , it will make learning fun and easy ..Thank you mam for that.
---> A Special shout out to Mrs.Shilpa Chaudhary, she was the one who directed me towards Sir and his Coching , and was a great help through out my studies (8 months almost).
----> Just one more thing ..I did not get a chance to study with a LSP because I was Juggling alot between new things happening around me, work and studies, but every name mentioned in this testimony are strong study partners.
Ah few more things I just remembered..sorry yall..I am taking my time with this
---> please solve questions in exam simulated condition.. when reviewing make sure to know the rationales of the right and wrong answers..these exams teach you how to think for the main exam so try to understand their nature .
My style of studying is by knowing and understanding why and how is something happening, it is difficulty to memorize gazillions of terms and conditions ..but if you try to understand them..believe me its a beautiful flow and yall will be wanting to dig deeper its Gait or Research ..and these are the Classes , the Team and The Only ..-->Sir, Dr.Bhupinder Singh who will help yall achieve it.

I graduated in 2011 and it took me 9 yrs..but I wasn't ready back then and neither did I have this kind of a guidance or experience to pass this exam.. but I do now and so do yall :)
"Once in it, give it All"
Full Power and Best wishes to everyone.

Story of redemption

A story of redemption. I would like to start to those who needs to take this exam again i know exactly how it feels when you knew you gave everything and still fail.for those who failed this january attempt let me make you feel better i failed october attempt by 1 question. The easiest thing to do is to give up and the hardest part is not actually passing the NPTE but having the privilege to sit for that exam which we earned from years of school. Always remember that!..Trust the NPTEFF system treat and respect the live class as a real classroom make notes, print the slides and stick to the timetable and most importantly self discipline.

Dr. Singh made me overcome hard concepts Thank you so much sir for the unparallel patience and passion helping students. To the team Dr. Dani who i always wonder how Good is her typing speed responding to hundreds of students in the chat box she is known as the neuro queen, Dr. David for those great and consistent motivations!.. Dr. AKs for answered questions in the chat box and office hours. Chase difficult daily questions, maam reka resources, pictures, PDFs and the rest of the team. Thank you so much.

To my favorite person of NPTEFF who was my LSP in this January attempt that pushed me to be a better version of me who encourage to open the camera participate and answer questions randomly during discussion let me introduce you to the MSK QUEEN Dr. AMREEN KAUR. Till the last day she offered help i will never forget that ma'am. Her dedication,patience, concepts and strategies in all systems specially MSK helped me achieved my Goal. A very big piece of this pie is because of you Ma'am thank you so much for believing in me.

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of the hard work you already did. All the best to everyone preparing for this exam. GOD is good and trust his plan. #NPTEFF

Thank you FF team

My journey with the NPTE began last July. Some unexpected life events happened, but I still gave it my everything and kept going. It took me more than once to overcome this test. I started off as an NPTE Final Frontier Study Bundle student. After attending a free live session with Dr. Singh, I knew I had take the Full Live Course! What gave me the extra push was joining Akanksha Sharma “AKS” LSP study sessions. AKS is a wonderful mentor and is with you every step of the way. It was great being a part of a smaller group of girls where we could have more individualized interactions. AKS has a strong MSK background and will be presenting her recent research at the next CSM conference! Her research is over the importance of inductive reasoning while solving practice questions and importance of not changing answers on the NPTE. I am proud to call her my mentor☺️

I must admit it was exhausting to start over and over again, but I was so eager to keep growing and keep learning. I always thought about the patients I worked with during clinicals as well as the patients on the other side of this exam. They are what kept me going!☺️

As far as studying for this exam: I recommend following Dr. Singh’s time table, attend the live classes, keep reviewing rationales, work on your weaknesses without leaving your strengths behind, and do the daily questions on the Final Frontier app! I also made a commitment to study weekly with a great friend I made in this cohort Tania Shiva Kakran. We would ask each other random “rapid fire” questions over Dr. Singh’s readings/lectures, etc. Typically, I study alone, but this was a fun way of active studying! ???? Do the best you can while also listening to your body, and giving yourself the rest you need.

Congratulations to all the warriors who passed! And for those who didn’t this time around, please do not give up, believe in yourself, and trust in God’s perfect timing. ✨

Thank you to Dr. Bhupinder Singh, Akanksha, David, Dani, and the rest of the team behind the scenes. You all are an amazing team, and I am thankful for each one of you.


Thank you is never enough on how will I express my gratitude to NPTE FINAL FRONTIER TEAM. Especially to Dani Rosenzweig and Dr. Bhupinder Singh who thought us not just to passed this licensed exam but to be a good therapist. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I highly recommend Dani for ALSP. She is awesome.#npteff

They can help you, too

To the Glory of God, finally I am a Licenced Physical Therapist in the USA. My heartful Gratitude to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and entire Final Frontier team for guiding and motivating me . Dr. Singh is a genius and knows what he is doing. He is a real PT king , humble and down to earth and leads a team of professionals and willing to do whatever it takes to make you a Licenced PT in this country. Special thanks to Aakansha Sharma who was my licenced study partner . She taught us selflessly for 3 months , never complained and never said we will fail this exam . She has a 1 year old baby but she never missed any classes and kept a professional approach while maintaining a friendly feel. All the students of her LSP group passed and made team AKS proud. Also i wud like to thank my husband Anshul Gupta who encouraged me to start this NPTE journey , without you it wud not have been possible, love u from the core of my heart. I can never forget to thank my Parents , my brothers and my entire family who supported me throughout this journey. Also Would like to thank my Friends Karigan , Ruth Mercado who got me back on track wen i was distracted and motivated me and believed in me that i can pass this exam, Jaysree, for encouraging and motivating me and special thanks to Tania Shiva Kakran who took special care of me by talking to me every single day wen i felt low and never let me underestimate myself .
Last but not the least i am thankful to my lovely kids who co-operated with me and loved me so much that i cud start preparing for this exam . I know that NPTE is a challenging exam but with proper guidance you can pass this. If u didnot pass -relax and call NPTEFF team . They will help you fulfill ur dreams how they helped me.


There are absolutely no words to describe my feelings since I saw “PASSED” on my login screen. I was awestruck and still am and felt as though I was on the top of the world. I could not stop jumping with joy with my husband by my side equally cherishing the moment (his hardwork in the kitchen has finally paid off…lol). Thank you Dear Husband for being so kind and understanding I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your support.
This was my very first attempt and was not sure if I would get through this although I had put all my hard works into it. The constant push and “You can do this” attitude of Final Frontier Team had made me confident enough to go through this and now I can proudly say “I did it”.
I am very grateful to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and whole Final Frontier Family who has helped me to get to the other side. Dr. Singh is the most patient and knowledgeable person I have come across. Derek making it so easy and convenient to join the course, David with his daily quotes and motivational speech and Dani the fastest chat person I have seen (She has answers for everything and within seconds of asking I wonder if she has multiple hands like deity in Hinduism). Chase and Vrunda with daily questions and Rekha with everyday Chat update and Akanksha(AKS) keeping us updated with new info. You guys are a rock solid team and I would like to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has helped my dream to come true.
Few wise words for upcoming April Cohort:
· Follow the timetable. It is the key to passing the exam.
· Do not miss the live class. If you do, please do watch the recording in your time(very important, new questions you don’t want to miss)
· Take Practice exam and review them as soon as possible ( I took 3 TherapyEd, 2 NPTEFF exam and 2 PEATs practice exam)
· Study with a friend if possible. Both can help motivate and push the other to achieve daily goals (Jaya, I can’t thank you enough for being there everyday pushing me to meet the goals, you are truly one good friend and sister in need)
· And for those of you who are not yet enrolled in the program and in dilemma of choosing, I say “Just do it, you won’t regret. NPTEFF program is the answer for you to pick.”
Today I can confidently say that “All the Final Frontier Warriors you got this too. If I did this so can you. I believe in this system. I believe in you”

Best online course available

I finally cleared NPTE and I can call myself a “Licensed Physical Therapist in United States. Yeayiee????????
4th of February was day I had been waiting for since a long time.
I remember how anxious I was day before and the day the results were gonna come. When I finally checked it showed the words”Passed”. I could not just believe my eyes. I logged in and out like 100 times to confirm that it is true or not.
This was not possible without the perfect guidance of Bhupinder Singh and his superb Team .It is the best online course available and it covers literally everything that you need to study for the exam. Thankyou so much for believing in me. To be honest I was still not sure before 8 days wheter I should take the exam or not but he just told me one thing. “You are ready this time”. I am so happy that I sticked to his decision and took the exam and passed it.
But the most important person that I would thank is my LSP Amreen Kaur. She is the “MSK EXPERT”. Amreen you are not just best you are the “BESTEST”. I literally had classes every other day either for Amreen or Dr Singh. After attending her classes I came to know that there were so many basics that were not clear in my head. She would Answer to my dumbest question in classes and in personal chat too. She knew that my weakness was MSK she make it 100% sure that I understood the basics by asking questions. Her classes are so interactive that you cannot even think of losing your attention even if you want too. As the exam was approaching near she used to take Rapid fire’s ever other day and I guess that is part that helped me the most in clearing this exam. Amreen was always just a phonecall or text away whenever I needed her. She believed in me when I was doubting myself the most.
It was difficult for me to study for a long time because I working Full time too. But all those sleepless nights and months of hardwork paid off.
For anyone who is thinking of taking the exam just contact Dr Singh or anyone of the team members and then are going to give their 100% to make sure that you pass this exam.

I passed!

Hello everyone, it gives me immense pleasure and feels almost imaginary that I’ve finally got this opportunity to post that I HAVE PASSED THE JANUARY 2020 NPTE!!

The feeling of calling yourself a licensed PT in the United States is way way bigger than your fears and challenges that you face before taking the exam. Just hang in there and you will post your story on this timeline too!

Even though this journey is tiresome and takes a lot from you, it can and will always be better with having the NPTEFF team by your side like they were there for me.

I can’t thank Dr. Bhupinder Singh enough for seeing the good in me when I couldn’t and motivating me all this time. His lectures are concise, crisp and so full of content that I never had to look back on those concepts and usually never even had doubts arising. Dr. Singh’s vision is to not just teach students to pass the NPTE. He strives to help us become better PTs in the clinical world. Thank you Dr. Bhupinder Singh, I feel privileged to have you as my teacher!

Secondly, I want to thank my LSP Niraj Tankaria. He has been the best support system I’ve had in this journey and couldn’t have asked for anything better. He was constantly in touch with me, keeping a track of my progress and plotting out different strategies so that I could focus on my weak points and this achieve a better score! He was even there to solve my last minute anxiety doubts literally the night before the exam( PS : this is not a thing that you should do. Do not study the day before the exam!). His rapid fire sessions in class made me alert, prompt and prepared. It helped me gain the confidence about knowing my content better. His physical demonstrations in gait analysis have helped me understand gait a lot more better.
His MEGA CLASS was the best!! He totally nailed it! That 14 hour long class where the entire portion is being reviewed in one day, where we gained knowledge as if drinking water from a fire hose!! That was the final push and made me feel like “I’m so ready for the exam!” Kudos to the powerhouse and a big thanks Niraj Tankaria-Npteff

Lastly, the entire FF team has been super supportive, encouraging and some of the coolest people I’ve come across! Thank you so much!!

Couldn't have done it without NPTEFF

I became US licensed Physical therapist FEB 04 2020 but I couldn't have done it without the help of Bhupinder Singh and the NPTE- The Final Frontier team. So i want to sincerely thank you for your selfless passion and love that you sacrifice into putting smile on the faces of PTs writing NPTE and their families.
I unreservedly recommend NPTE Final Frontier to everyone who is planning to write the exam or has made an attempt before. you will surely PASS!!!!!!!
I wrote NPTE and made it at my 3rd attempt, the truth is i could have made it at the 1st attempt if i trusted and followed the process by Bhupinder Singh. There are several obstacles that I faced and conquered to get this win, but this is no more about me but about you...yes! you out there looking forward to be licensed. Below are summary of suggested approach that i used.
Sign up for NPTE Final Frontier
Make your own personal note with the cohort daily reading. (this was my main ingredient)
Revise your PERSONAL NOTES on daily bases and add new information
For old graduates pls read your ANATOMY every week
Have a recent licensed mentor
Have a forum that you are free to ask question without feeling awkward
Get used to 250 practice question; it eliminate fatigue on the day of actual exam.
Drop that social media and create time for this once and for all.
you got this; you will PASS.

Thank you

I finally cleared the NPTE in my 2nd attempt and I sincerely thank the whole team of Final Frontier. What helped me crack the exam in the 2nd attempt was religiously following the FF timetable, solving the daily mcqs and of course, the live lectures. Without their support and guidance this would not have been possible. Thank you

Finally.… Passed!

Finally.… Passed!!! I am extremely grateful to Dr. Singh for his guidance and encouragement. He has the greatest mental vision of how to make others understand difficult concepts and get prepared for the exam. One of the most remarkable part is his timetable, which is concise, spread-out, and contains all the topics which would help us cover all the contents. This team has been consistently helping people to transit from the initiation of exam preparation to completion of exam without anxiety and fear with a very high success rate. I will highly recommend future test-goers in taking NPTE Final Frontier live classes. I would also recommend to use Telegram Group Study Chat service where highly talented Final Frontier alumni members assist with discussing and clearing doubts on difficult concepts. I extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Singh and his team and the entire Final Frontier support staff. I wish future test-takers, good luck with the exam.

You can't go wrong with NPTEFF

I did it!! I passed the NPTE on my FIRST try with the help of Final Frontier!! I truthfully don’t know if I would have seen this beautiful blue circle had I not joined! I came from a problem based learning Physical Therapy program which is completely self directed and I began to panic when I thought of how I was going to study for the NPTE. There is SO MUCH information and I felt overwhelmed thinking of where to start and which topics to dig deep into or which topics to know basic information on. I found The FF team on a different facebook page when a former student recommended them. I knew I made the right choice when I saw the program outline. The readings, live classes, assignments, and constant professional support through the whats app group was everything I needed and more!!! Aside from joining the live class I decided to get an LSP to help further focus on my needs as I prepared for this exam. Darryl Richmond is an AMAZING LSP and you cannot go wrong with him! His rapid fires, constant support, and teaching method was perfect!! The LSP group also gave me the opportunity to become friends with some truly amazing people from across the country and I give them just as much credit in helping me iron out my weaknesses and conquer this exam. Final frontier has the recipe for success!! You will not go wrong with them!! Thank you Bupinder Singh and all of the members of the final frontier team who truly care about helping their students pass the NPTE!!

Thank you for the support

Let’s roll back from where I started, June 2019. I gave my first attempt in October 2019 and unfortunately couldn’t clear it. I was completely collapsed and couldn’t accept the fact since I have never failed in my career. I was in a DENIAL phase. After couple of days, my friends Shalmali Surlakar Jessica Gaekwad Shweta Bajaria Jesal Shah and Alisa Meghani explained that this isn’t the end of the world. Jessica somehow managed to convince me to talk to Niraj Tankaria sir. Immediately I called him and we spoke for an hour, I explained him about my situation and he told me about his journey. He asked me not to give up because that’s what he did and that’s how my second phase started.

I started attending Niraj sir's classes and started gaining confidence. Attending all his classes, one on one sessions, MEGA class, being consistent and working hard eventually helped me clear NPTE. I am grateful to meet Niraj sir and thank you so much for all your efforts.

A big thanks to Dr Bhupinder Singh sir, his classes covered all the points which is required for NPTE. Thank you so much sir, it wouldn’t have been possible without you too and also thanks to NPTE FINAL FRONTIER team.

I thank my parents, Sanjeev V Joshi and Sonny Sachdeva for the constant support and believing in me.

Kartik Kulkarni thanks a ton for supporting me mentally, bearing me and being Anna data for almost a month.

Swapnil Joshi thank you so much for your support too and Ravneet Singh sir thanks to you too for telling me that the first step is to believe in yourself and to be confident.

Rahul Shah a big thanks to you for being my study partner, you made a good decision ???? and Mayuri Mankar yessss we did it.

The only mantra I believe in is “ Hardwork is the key to success” with appropriate guidance (Dr Bhupinder sir, Niraj sir, and his team)

Good luck and see you all on the other side soon. Never give up!

Radha Joshi
USA Licensed Physical Therapist

Best team ever

I am writing this post not to brag about my success but to show sincere gratitude to people who made this difficult journey so easy for me.Yes there are many people involved who helped me to pass the National Physical therapy License Examiantion and become the licensed Physical therapist of the U.S.A.
Passing this exam is a miracle in my life. I thank my husband for all his support and this was his dream tat was accomplished today.Thanku for ur constant support and motivation.i thank my parents Lilly Easowand Easow Varghese,Reji papa,Lucy mummy,Dani chechi,Abey Achacha,Doni,Amit,Ritty chechi and my lovely daughter Katherine.they all fasted and prayed and wer on their knees asking the Lord that i cud taste this victory today.Nothing is impossible for God.i thank the Lord as i passed in my second attempt to know how miracles happen in life.
Passing this exam needs you to know the content which is covered wonderfully by NPTE FINAL FRONTIER.

NPTE FINAL FRONTIER is the best team ever which helps you see the magical word "passed ".First i would like to thank DR Bhupinder Singh: He is the most humble person and full of knowledge and has the right direction for each student .Thank you Sir for teaching me what is Physical Therapy.GAIT and many other MSK topics which were hard for me to cram ,He made it so easy to understand with wonderful examples that there was no need to cram any thing.Just after reading the question and highligthing keywords i knew the answer already and the answer was there in the options. What a wonderful feeling it is ! Words are not enough to thank you Sir for this wonderful community you have made where everyone is so helpful.One day before the exam Sir texted me saying you ll pass it with a good score. Thanku for that ,really boosted my confidence.I too wish to do Research under your guidance.
My Licensed study partner Niraj Tankaria-Npteff:Thankyou so much for convincing me to join live classes.i would definitely recommend joining his LSP classes.His special classes wer like a bonus after Live lectures.We met twice or thrice a week according to the need.We got to see live demonstrations of all the gait,special tests and many other things that could be demonstrated by him.His knowledge is great .He covered each topic system wise .His constant guidance,strategies and motivation led me to pass this exam.His classes wer 2-3 hours long which improved our endurance to sit for the 5 and half hour exam.He always encouraged to solve questions and was ever ready to solve doubts, there are two three sessions exclusively to solve all your doubts. Thank you for all the study material you shared.He knows it all and will prepare you well for the exam.His strategies how to quickly review all the important books needed to study helped me a lot. His rapid fire questions helped me retain so many things.He never doubted us and always was positive that we will pass. Thank for the one on one sessions where you encouraged me with all your amazing study strategies.Thanku for those words"TUM SAB PASS HI HO"
Also i would like to thank Akanksha Sharma and Dani Rosenzweig and Allie and David Friedberg: They are the chat specialist in the live classes when the class is goin on.You can ask them any doubt and they all are ready with the answer.
Dani Rosenzweig: thanku for all the wonderful chat summary ,u made all concepts so easy to remember with all wonderful Mneumonics.You should release a book on all your mneumonics and tricks.Thanku for the neuro office hours,it made a difference for sure.
Akanksha Sharma:Thanku for always being there to answer all my doubt and guiding me throughout the process.She is so full of knowledge and such a kind person to talk to .Answering everyone s doubt at a time without missing any question is a gift that u have. She was always on time for the classes to help us out inspite of having a toddler.
David Friedberg: Thankyou for all the motivation needed to boost our confidence.we heard him say endless times during the live classes that i cud hear u even during the exam "YOU WILL PASS".Also few weeks before i changed my wallpaper to "PASSED" just as you said. thank you for making pharmacology all in one place and so easy to understand.
Chase Taylor: Thankyou so much for posting all the wonderful questions each day. i looked forward to it.Most beautiful part was it was based on the daily readings from the timetable.Many of the concepts i cud remember because of your questions.Thanku for sharing ur beautiful notes
Vrunda Kapadia: Thankyou for all the beautiful questions you also put up each definitely made a difference .
Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam:Thanku for adding all the important content tat was needed to review in a nutshell on the whatsapp group frequently.
Derek Camilleri: Thanku for everything.
So that is about the content . if u want to pass the NPTE, I Would highly recommend NPTE FINAL FRONTIER,as it is surely a team of experts. There is no looking back after u join the class.
proper timetable to read each topic daily which is not stressful at all.
live classes with chat summary,motivation,office hours where DR Bhupinder Singh is there to solve all doubts.Trust me he makes each concepts so easy and can answer any doubt 10 times if needed with 10 different interesting examples.
you have bonus readings and stuffs for important concepts which are difficult to understand.
the most systematic way to study such a volatile topic.
they provide 2 practice exams which r wonderful with rationales.
They have wonderful app wer u can watch lectures,have all reading materials available,question coming daily.Its a wonderful package.
Personal tip:stay away from social media as Dr. Bhupinder Singh always says.
Make precise notes that you can review content faster.I took 10 practice exams in exam simulated condition with 15 min break only for the 5 hour exam.

Reach your goal

Where to begin.. I just wanted to give a huge shout-out to Dr. Singh and the ENTIRE Final Frontier team. A little story about myself is that I was so close to passing the initial time on my July attempt. I scored a 596. I then took it again in October and scored a 584. I wanted to seek out a program in order to help achieve my goal to become a licensed Physical Therapist and I decided to go with NPTEFF with the full live course. In a couple sentences, this program is significantly organized and user friendly. Providing live lectures, readings, assignments, bonus content and much more with a timetable, making studying a lot more focused thus you are able to understand the material without reading the books cover to cover. I can now say that I passed with flying colors with the help of this program. I am not sure what I would do without Final Frontier. Do everything it offers and you will for sure pass. They provide key strategies, rationales, pneumonics in order to help retain material and all I can say that is was extremely helpful. They care about each student and will be there every step of the way. I was so distraught, and unmotivated when I did not pass for the SECOND time. I then got on a phone call with Dr. Singh and we discussed on how we can strategize and figure out a game plan. Their reviews from past cohorts speak for themselves and I honestly recommend this to anyone without reservation. This exam is no joke, so it is so helpful to be able to learn the material in a way that makes learning almost fun. I was always excited for the lectures as I was just learning so much, probably more than my lectures in PT school. Not kidding. David, AKS, Dani, you are all extremely wonderful. All of your patience throughout the process goes unnoticed. I hope to meet you all soon. I am happily ecstatic to be able to help the future cohorts to be able to reach their ultimate goal.. GOOD LUCK!

Amazing prep course

Big shout out to the entire Final Frontier team and Bhupinder Singh for designing such an amazing prep course that helped me pass on my first attempt! There is a sense of family and unity with this group and I love that! They have the winning recipe with a timetable that covers all the content in digestible bits. Hands down the best part of the course was Dr. Singh's dedication in teaching the material and his uncanny patience in keeping us engaged. It was NOT easy to sit through all the online lectures, but the team found ways to keep me engaged 90% of the time! haha. Thanks everyone. WE PASSED!
It was an epic journey. One day, I hope to meet everyone so I can thank you in person.
This quote by Nelson Mendela - "I never lose. I either win or learn" was crucial in changing my mindset that getting questions or concepts wrong was not the end-all. It is an opportunity to re-learn and move forward. This allowed me to use my practice tests as a guide to focus on my weakness. This quote will stick with me for the rest of my life- thanks David Friedberg You helped me push through and ultimately win the mini battles, so I can be a warrior that conquered the NPTE!

I passed NPTE exam in my first attempt

I passed NPTE exam in first attempt. Thanks to the final frontier team which not only helped me brush up my concepts after a long gap but also helped me clear the exam in the first attempt. Thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and Pinky Yadav, my LSP, who helped and guided me in every step.

It was a difficult journey for me to achieve this goal with small kids and after a long gap of 12 years. But Dr. Bhupinder and my LSP Pinky supported me and helped make it possible.
Special Thanks to Pinky Yadav . Pinky brushed up all the basic concepts, covering all the topics in detail. Her concepts are very clear and in depth. And she has that ability to pass-on this information to students. She is very patient and ready to help you anytime. She went extra mile and even took some additional classes to discuss my doubts. If you are looking for LSP, I will definitely recommend Pinky Yadav.

Thank you NPTEFF

Thank you so much final frontier for my success
Special thanks to Bhupinder Singh Vrunda Kapadia Juhi Patel Jayshree Lalwani.
My mom dad god thank you each and everyone who helped me in this journey

I have no words to describe my journey but all I can say is

I've waited for this day!

I waited for this day where I could write a testimonial and with the blessings of God Almighty and support of everybody, I am here today.
- I gave my Oct 2019 attempt and had just 6 weeks to prepare and didn't make it. I scored 561. I felt thrown off but I was ready to put up a fight again. There was this one thing running in my mind, "One crack doesn't mean that you are broken. It means that you were put to test and you didn't fall apart"

After my result I spoke to the Godfather of NPTE licensing, Dr. Bhupinder Singh, believe me, his calm voice, the energy he transfers to you, the fire he put in my soul is something that got me where I am today. I owe every bit to this great man. He said " Rahul, tu tension mat le bas mehnat kar aur result acha hi ayega, meri guarantee hai" (You just work hard and the outcome will be right for you, I assure you) I felt that.
He always was there whenever I had doubts, needed help, felt low on confidence, always. Right from being a guide to comforting as a friend, he did it all. I might have done real good deeds to get that!! All the NPTEFF online lectures, the time-table, daily readings, assignments, FF exams are like a Bible to succeed in the NPTE exam. I relied on them more than any other book (More than TherapyEd, Scorebuilder, even Sullivan and Magee) because it has such perfect content concised to the point that it is enough for everything.
Bhupinder Singh had said that Rahul I want to see an improvement of 100 points in your score and that stuck my mind like hot iron.
I can proudly say, Yes sir I did it. My score improved by 122 points and I scored 683 in my January 2020 attempt !!

"Out of sufferings have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars " This always pumped me up

Guruji Niraj Tankaria-Npteff: I am short of words to explain about this amazing person. He carries a teaching tradition so well that it is significant like magic. He is such a gem of a person who is so selflessly dedicated to helping you, at times we had to tell him to take care of himself. He took classes like even till 2 am in the morning but he always made sure that we got it right. He would regularly follow up one on one with calls and keep motivating on text messages, he just was like running the race together with us. I can't stop before mentioning the Mega class that he took for us. Can anybody imagine how long did he take a class? 14 hours at a stretch. Isn't it crazy? That is the dedication of this man. Thank you so much, Niraj Tankaria. I can keep praising him without a pause.
" If my Mind can Conceive it, and my heart can believe it. Then I can surely Achieve it!!" Niraj Tankaria-Npteff made me realize this.

A big thank you Akanksha Sharma, Dr. Dani Rosenzweig, David Friedberg (#legendaryDavid) for being such an amazing team and always helping. I am so thankful to Ravneet Singh Sir for the constant support and motivation right from where I started. He always kept me going. Thank you Chase Taylor for those amazing lecture slides that you posted they were very helpful and not to forget the questions. Vrunda Kapadiaa , Priyam Mehta, Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam, Amreen Kaur Ma'am for the support.

Final Frontier has a plan for you

For those of you now preparing for the April NPTE, know that Final Frontier has a great game plan for you!
I was asked to give some words of encouragement and the strategies I used.
I did all the daily readings and used board prep books to supplement those, and watched all of the lectures while writing notes on the power points. I used the Final Frontier App and NPTE pocket prep App (quick 10 questions daily). I took 2 peat exams, 2 therapy Ed exams and the Final Frontier exam. Over the weeks and months studying I saw scores increasing (first PEAT was a 602 and I had a 56% on cardio pulm) and it helped build my confidence.

Another large key to my success was my classmates / study partners. Taking time a couple times a week to check in on areas of struggle helping bounce thoughts and ideas off of one another. These are the same folks I mostly studied with in grad school so we knew how to motivate each other and keep spirits up.

Use the material that comes with these prep courses but also know you’re not going at it alone, you have people in your corner. The entire Final Frontier team and student alumni believe you can do it. Believe in yourself. You made it through practical examinations and written exams in PT school, survived those and graduated (or will soon). Know you belong here and you’re on the right path!!!

800 on first attempt

When I first started to study for the NPTE I felt totally overwhelmed. I attended a weekend course from one of the other big test prep companies, and left feeling even more lost and directionless. I didn't know what to do, other than read their test prep book cover to cover. Then I learned about the NPTEFF study bundle. The study calendar was absolutely on point. It breaks every thing down for you, day by day, with readings directly from the source material. It tells you exactly when to take your practice tests throughout the prep process so that you peak on test day. The recordings of the live classes were perfect because they allowed me to listen at my pace on my time. The structure and guidance was exactly what I needed to feel confident on test day that no stone was left unturned. I was able to make an 800 out of 800 on my first attempt, thanks in large part to the NPTEFF study bundle and team. Signing up for the study bundle was the best decision I could've made, and I'm so thankful that I did! I can't say or recommend NPTEFF enough! I always recommend it to anyone and everyone that asks me about how to prepare for the NPTE. Thanks again!

Wow!!!! What an amazing journey I have had with NPTE Final Frontier.

I was coming back to the PT world after an hiatus of 9 years. I realized things have changed, and I would need guidance to crack the NPTE. I was a busy stay at home mom and worked in a different profession for about 2 years as well. April 2019, I decided I wanted to get back to what I always loved doing. May 2019 I joined in as a FLC student. Dr. Singh is an amazing mentor, and he designed a perfect course. I knew I needed to work hard. I followed the time table readings, attended all classes live, finished assignments, and worked hard. I worked hard for 9 months and changed my life and passed in my first attempt with the help of an amazing team of NPTE Final Frontier. If you are reading this then you have come to the right place. You will pass!!!

From overload to simple!

I have always been the student that believes every detail is important. Leading me to sweating over the small stuff and at times missing the overall concept. Final frontier helped me condense and focus on the topics that are more relevant. Which helped me learn better and grow more into the role of a clinician. With Final Frontier, I was able to pass my NPTE. They are a great staff and always willing to help. Thank you!!!


I am glad that I finally started taking classes from final frontier, After registering full course, I have realized apart from passing NPTE, what I need to study and how to study as well as how this learning will help you further practice. Just follow whatever Bhupinder Sir taught you, Work hard. I am really thankful to the whole team for supporting us and helping us towards bright career.

Failed 2 times took Final Frontier and passed

I passed the January 2020 exam after failing 2 times before. I have used score-builders and therapy ed programs both. I bought both of thier books and read both books from cover to cover. I was studying 6-7 hrs a day but still could not pass the exam. I got a 593, and a 575 on previous attempts. what I found is that I knew the material I just did not know how to read the NPTE question stem properly. I only wish I had found this program sooner. 3 Main things I like about this program is 1st, they have all of the work you need to do for each day prepackaged for you so with the click of a button you can study everything you need to for that day. 2cd, I like the live lectures that are recorded so that you can ask questions or re watch lectures if you need to. 3rd is they are very accurate in what they tell you to study it is the most efficient studying that I have ever done. Thank you so much Dr. Singh and the Final Frontier team you helped me achieve something I started to think was impossible and I am forever grateful.

I cleared my PT license exam in the first attempt

I cleared my PT license exam in the first attempt and the whole credit goes to NPTE The Final Frontier team. I am not only grateful to Bhupindersir and also to Priyam, my mentor. She always stood by me to helped me out with doubts and motivated me. I suggest to get licensed study partner to all students who know the content but have fear to attempt for exams

Can’t thank the NPTEFF team enough

Can’t thank the NPTEFF team enough. I followed your guidance and stuck to the plan and went into the test confident in what I knew. I will sing your praise to upcoming graduating classes. Thank you!

The place where work is cherished

And #NPTEFinalFrontier is the place where WORK is cherished better than WORDS! Thank you the whole team!
I won’t write WORDS here, since my and my final Frontier team’s WORK is speaking aloud!
Dr Bhupinder Singh has been an amazing mentor! I am so glad that we still have such knowledgeable, down to earth and selflessly helpful teacher like him in this world!
I am not surprised or overwhelmed seeing this Pass result since Passing the test with such strong supportive study group has been like a cake walk for me!
My Journey with #NPTEFinalFrontier has not been ended but it has got a new start since I made very good friends and I got a new PT Family!

The journey has just begun

I’d like to thank the entire Final Frontier team for helping me prepare for the NPTE in such a way as to make this possible! I highly recommend the Final Frontier course by Bhupinder Singh Sir for anyone who wishes to become a licensed Physical Therapist in the United States!

The journey as a licensed Physical Therapist in the States has just begun, and I’m looking forward to growing more from here on.

After 4 Attempts, I Finally Saw the Word PASSED!!

Where do I even begin?! I'm a bit late posting this testimonial, probably because life got busy with things other than studying once I finally saw the amazing word PASSED back in July!! I can honestly say this would not have been possible had it not been for Dr. Singh, Dani Rosenzweig, and the NPTEFF live course! I had 3 failed attempts prior to finding final frontier, and once I spoke with Dr. Singh I quickly realized this program was just what I needed to succeed. He recommended a Licensed Study Partner, in which I was paired with Dani - and it made ALL the difference in the world! I cannot say enough good things about her. She truly devoted SO much time to me and her other students while we prepared for the exam. She checked in day and night to make sure we were feeling ok and to answer any and all questions we had. I was in complete shock when I finally saw that I had passed in July after 4 attempts. If you are struggling with this exam, look no further. This is what you need! I highly recommend the live course, as well as a private LSP. You will not regret it. Thank you again Dr. Singh, Dani and the rest of the NPTEFF team!


I was once reading people stories, I can't believe it's my time to testify. I remember when I was reading people stories and said to myself I will be testify to my pass. I know it's kinda of late for my review but I just cant fathom, I am on the other side.
My story began on my first attempt Oct 2017 when I was so ignorant and highly underestimated NPTE. I enrolled in this prep course NPTE final exam, independent course. I thought too confident of myself but I failed to my 400s thanks goodness it wasnt less, perhaps I won't be testifying. I was ashamed to tell my friends I failed instead I lied, I just couldn't face them. I went into isolation, didn't want anyone around me until I found myself again. I retook the exam at the available slot Jan 2018 another huge mistake thinking I have seen it all. I can do this, I enrolled in another prep course TEP. She thought me how to read the stem to eliminate distractors in quest ions, that helped me a lot but it wasn't sufficient to get my 600s. I didn't have a structured reading and I only read what I have. I had no mentor to guide me, I did all practice questions. This boosted my score to 566. I was so angry at myself and cried a lot.. I was depressed but also encouraged that can do it again since my score went up. I took my time this time, I felt I failed on my second attempt due to insufficient time to retrace my mistakes and study more. I retook the exam again Oct 2018. I enrolled in NPTE Final exam another stupid mistake, I went back to the course that gave me 400s thinking I should just enroll in the live course since I already did it twice, i know the strategies of reading the stem properly, I should be able to pass. That was a false, I felt this prep course repeated the same from previous cohort WORDS for WORDS, there was no change or more areas you need to focus on for different months you are sitting for the exam. It was too late to back out I had paid for the prep course and felt defeated already. I sat for the exam and it was just like de javu of my 1st attempt. I didn't see familiar topics I have studied a lot on. I felt blank and told my husband I have lost once again. He encouraged me but I felt the defeat already. Like everyone do after NPTE, I reviewed my books to see if I got those questions I saw in the exams, i will cry when I know I didn't. On the day the results were out, I had the glimpse of hope that maybe I will see a pass. But you and I both know NPTE is not a gamble game, you will surely know if you did well or not in the exam. Of course I failed and even got lesser than 566 in my previous attempt to a score of 524. At this point I gave up. I lost all hopes in any prep course, I felt they were all scams and never check up on you after you fail. I told my myself and my husband that my 4th attempt I will do it myself, study and even shadow a licensed physical therapist in their clinic to have a better grasp on intervention. That was the area I felt less confidence in, because I am foreign trained. Then one day, I just decided to browse on the best npte prep course and I saw final frontier. I checked reviews which I never did in my previous attempts, I saw most of my colleagues in other prep course and PT school testify that they passed with final frontier. Mind you no one told me I researched final frontier myself. Just like someone out there is reading my story, I was once in your shoes reading other people story. I felt confident again, if this person I know could pass I believe I can. I immediately contacted Derek, he told me I could enroll early since the money you pay can last you for 9 months. Omg it felt like the real deal. Like most of you know most prep course out there is just for 3 months. I enrolled and contacted Dr Singh, I sent my performance scores to him and he gave me tips on how I can do better in interventions and non system domains. Those were my weakness and I struggled a lot in. I studied materials, followed diligently to the timetable, ohhh that was my saver. I had sat for NPTE 3 times but I didn't know so many topics that I felt I know. I re watched online courses after the live course and did all practice quest ions. Also this time I didn't enroll in PEAT because it was just repetition so I followed TED and scorebuilder, also final frontier practice exam. I focused on my weakness too. Dr Singh is actually a blessing to people like me that was struggling to pass. Omg!!! I have never seen a man so dedicated to helping people to be licensed. He is very calm and patient ready to listen and understand your questions. You already know I have seen other prep mentors none of them is ready to listen to your question during the live course, they will tell you to send a private email. Dr Singh will answer your questions live in the class and even dedicate extra time after the recording for questions. Can you believe it? Yes he does. I have sent in emails and used whatsapp group to ask questions to my fellow final frontier warriors. They helped me tremendously, Reka will give you all the pictures you need, Chase will give you all questions to study and rationale, David will give you all the encouragement you deserve to pass. God bless these people they are the best. You also have quizlet to quiz yourself at work or anywhere, I did that many times at work. I was continuously informed which I didn't get from other prep course, although I didnt have a private licensed study partner, you can have if that's what it takes to get a pass. But instead I went to PT clinics to shadow PTs since I couldn't get a PT aide jobs. I struggled and wept a lot at this point in my life. It was not any easy journey financially and emotionally but thanks to my husband who supported me financially with bills and others. I had to work part time to study more.
On the day of my exam, the prometric center had technicial issues and we were given options to reschedule but I said to myself this is my time to be licensed God is with me. I sat in front of the computer recited my declarations I had made for my self that I have passed. I prayed to God to help me. Mind you I believe in God, i have fasted and pray a lot prior before the exam. I started section one and I couldn't believe i saw familiar topics that Dr Singh had taught us countless time, I said I know this. Till my 5th section I was smiling looking at the camera like wow these are topics I have tackled and dedicated time to study very well. I smiled out of the prometric center fulfilled that it was all over, the staffs in the center said I was the only one smiling out and I said I know I have passed and I can't wait to see those magical words on my screen. The staffs smiled and I called my husband that I will pass this exam this time. I was relaxed this time, didn't go through materials to check which questions I got right. I just believe it's over. Lo and behold on my result day, I waited for my husband to check my result, he lied to me I failed and started faking cry and I ran towards him that I needed to see it myself, that was when he laughed that I passed. I fell to my knees and cried that I finally saw those impossible words "passed".
Words of advise to someone out there reading my story, you might have have your own unique story may be the 6th attempt but believe me if you enroll in the prep course, pray to God and trust in the Lord. You will definitely see your pass on that screen soon.

Falling short of words to express my feelings after seeing the word passed! Finally a licensed PT in USA

It feels so amazing to achieve this milestone in life. And I can't thank my parents enough who helped me through my thick and thin to achieve this, for constantly motivating me and for telling me I can do this ! I could have not done it without you being my constant support.
Thank you Dr.Bhupinder Singh, Ravneet Singh and The NPTE final frontier for your guidance and help to make my dream come true. You guys are the best! I strongly recommend NPTE- The final frontie to everyone!


To be a licensed PT in US is like a dream come true.
I would like to thank Dr.Bhupinder Singh who is not only a great mentor,motivator but a great person too.His dedication,hardwork towards his students is immense and he listens everyone and answers their queries patiently.I followed npteff timetable religiously, watched all content videos , took all practice tests that boosted my confidence.Moreover,the study material shared by Chase, David ,Reka in the WhatsApp group is really commendable.The questions shared by Chase in WhatsApp group are challenging and help you think through the topic.The photos shared by Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam are awesome as they store in your visual memory and they are good for quick review of topics.Most importantly, I would like to thank my study partner Ravneet Singh who constantly supported and helped me .He is always there to reply to your questions and without him it would not be possible.I am always grateful to all my study partners who were a part of my journey.Akansha is always there to help in clearing my doubts.I would say this is the best study program that is available which focuses on “Study Smart’’ rather than study hard!!
Thank you again Chase Taylor for posting challenging questions in the whatss app group, it made me think hard and pushed me to go to textbooks for the answers. It helped me a lot.
Also, thank you Dr.Bhupinder Singh for the boot camp, and final review extra classes. Boot camp gave me the real confidence. I highly recommend people to attend boot camps. It was one of the biggest advantage I got just before the exam.

What a journey!

I scored a 569 on my prior “2” attempts in January and April. I felt defeated and discouraged as I felt in my mind I had given it my all. I debated not taking the July exam to give myself a break and attempt again in October. I spoke with Dr. Bhupinder Singh who encouraged me to push hard and try again in July- I’m glad I did‼️ The full time course was a huge help. I changed my strategy. I started to fall in love with the learning process. I’m thankful for Dr. Singh and the entire Final Frontier Team! #PassWithPride #NPTEFF

Thank you Dr. Bhupinder Singh and NPTE- The Final Frontier for this success. I am forever grateful.

I'm very grateful. I will recommend NPTE FF to everyone

I'm not a fan of „big words” or „empty motivational speeches” so I will make it simple and straight. This was my third attempt and I passed. For the first time I felt that I know something about all questions in the exam, and that I know correct answer for most of them. For the first time I felt that I don't need luck, because my knowledge is just enough. Dr. Bhupinder and His Team are amazing.

July 31 2019

I can’t believe the day has finally come to see the word “passed”!!

Thank you so so so so so so much Dr. Singh, David Friedberg, and Dani!!! I would not have been able to do this without y’all. Such a great program, y’all are awesome!
August 1 2019

Now it’s time to celebrate!!

I have had a long rough journey since graduating. I failed the NPTE three times and was completely defeated. Without NPTE- The Final Frontier I honestly don’t know where I would be. I cannot express how thankful I am to the whole NPTEFF team. Seeing this on my screen today completely changed my life, and I can finally start doing what I am meant to do

I finally did it!

Thanks Bhupinder Singh for helping me to find the direction!

I am so grateful for this program!

I had so much anxiety about taking this exam all year and was not sure where to begin! The Final Fontier program was great! I loved having the timetable, readings, and lectures! Dr. Singh explained everything so well during the lectures and I was able to understand the concepts better than before! Thank you everyone on the Final Frontier Team for answering my questions and being so encouraging! I couldn’t have done without you guys!
August 1 2019


Came across Final Frontier’s booth at the last CSM conference in DC. Anybody stopping by the booth had an opportunity to win a prize by spinning a wheel and I was fortunate to win the study bundle. Initially I was just happy to get another practice exam as i already had purchased score builders and therapy Ed. I used SB for the most part to prepare for my exit exam from my DPT program and while I was able to pass the test (it was a PEAT), my studying felt very unfocused. So when preparing for the NPTE, I watched all the live class videos and utilized many of the study aids (the quizzes mostly) and I felt much more focused in my studying. What I really appreciated from the course was tips on testing strategies and exam questions expectations that is just not provided by SB or Therapy Ed. I was able to pass on my first attempt and I highly recommend Final Frontier’s services for anyone considering them in preparation for the NPTE!


Graduate of NPTE Final Frontier University.

My score of 1st attempt was 572 (72.5%)
Now it is (87%), it is the same score of final frontier exam.
Really I appreciate your efforts Dr.Bhupinder Singh
You let me stick to the plane????.


I am a man of few words. I will let my wife say what I cannot(please read below). I am speechless, grateful, and humbled. Do not give up on whatever you set your mind to, life is too awesome to live in regret!

Thank you to NPTE- The Final Frontier for keeping my head in the game. If it would motivate someone out there who thought it was GAME OVER, know that it IS STILL POSSIBLE. We did it family!!


Thank u NPTE final frontier. Your program Study Bundle help me to passed in just 1st attempt. May your Review program be more success and become the number 1, not only in USA but in many other countries.


Just want to say thanks to Dr. Singh and the team of NPTE Final Frontier for helping me pass the NPTE in my first attempt. I followed along with the study bundle consistently for the weeks leading up to the July exam, as well as attending the MSK series and the review sessions live. Knowing the community support was there was the most helpful thing for me psychologically in preparing for the exam. Watching the videos and doing readings and practice exams according to the schedule helped me grow academically and strategically. My practice exam scores consistently improved during those weeks. It’s still a little unreal that I’m now a licensed PT thanks to clearing this final hurdle. So. Thankful. ????????????


Yaay!! PASSED on my First Attempt!
A big shoutout to Dr.Bhupinder Singh, FINAL FRONTIER and their entire TEAM for constantly encouraging us and guiding us all the way!
This program came highly recommended to me by my sister Aparna Dorai who is working as a Licensed PT herself here in the USA. Therefore I always knew I had to join this program when I was ready for the exam.
‘This is all possible through hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Constant encouragement from my family also kept me going till the very end.
This journey would have been impossible without the sacrifices made by my husband and my two year old !
Thank you NPTE FF and Congratulations to all those who made it to the other side!!


Thank you Dr. Singh for all your guidance that helped me pass NPTE. All the study material was immensely helpful for the preparation. All your lectures make the harder topics easy to grasp. Truly you are the ‘ NPTE Guru ‘


A very big and sincere thanks to the whole NPTEFF Team!!
Especially, keeping faith even when their warriors were feeling lost.

Deepti Singh

I am extremely happy to share that I PASSED the NPTE in my first attempt and finally I am Lisenced Physical Therapist in the USA. Thank-you team Final Frontier and Dr Bhupinder. Each one of you is part of my journey along with my family and friends. I highly recommend their program to anyone looking to pass NPTE.


Finally my turn to post this testimonial on Final frontier group!!! “PASSED- LICENSED PHYSICAL THERAPIST”. I should say this as my biggest achievement, I would dedicate this success to my mom, dad and my uncle. A millions thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and Ravneet Singh and the whole NPTEFF Family. My NPTE journey started 1year ago, I faced many down falls through the journey, but reading testimonials about Dr.Singh inspired me to join the group. After joining NPTEFF group I could see change in my study pattern, timetable is the skeletal structure, and the lectures ???????? they helped me a lottt, even the toughest concepts are made clear, I would highly recommend joining Bhupinder Sir’s lectures if you are taking the NPTE step. Now I got the concepts, improved my skills but was lacking in something which I didn’t knew until I joined with licensed study partner Ravneet. That was the best choice I made, when I 1st spoke to him he made me feel so confident, he explained strategies, how to design my studying; his constant support, guidance and last few days he was very helpful posting random questions and answering questions at odd times of the day. And the big hit is regular exam discussions, it improved my critical thinking, rationalizing skills.
This journey not only gave me best teachers but also good friends, big thanks to my study partners Pavankumar Raja, Shibani Fogueri, these two always had my back, believed in me more than I did; Singaraiah Swarna, Jinal Patel, Medha Naran, Arpana Thakar, Kajal Singh, Divya Neegi, Pria Thakkar,Kalpana Wasnik a huge thanks and hugs for you guys ????????. And my constant emotional supporters, who always believed in me and encouraged me throughout this journey my brother Karthik GV and my best friend Charan. I truly believe in “apnatimeaayega” patience is all that’s needed, hang in there, maintain consistency, follow lectures, engage in discussions, bcoz reading the concepts alone doesn’t help, this is a tough exam, think like PT not student and yo


I'm really grateful to NPTEFF for the help in studying for NPTE. it's not easy to study for such a long time, and it can be stressful when you don't know exactly what to study. I even had to take the course more than once and the FF team was really kind and supportive. I'm grateful to my licensed study partner Jyoiti who was also there to answer any questions and clarify subjects. I'm extremely relieved and happy to have been able to pass and now be licensed. Thank you for helping me get there

Uma Natarajan



I was a study bundle student and it makes me Extremely happy to read the 6 letter magical word- "PASSED".

But celebrating success of clearing the NPTE on my very first attempt without acknowledging people who are behind this is incomplete.

This would have not been possible without constant support from my husband, my parents and my brother.

Special thanks to Dr Bhupinder Singhsir and The Final Frontier team for making study bundle resourceful of knowledge which helped me during my preparations.

Thanks to all my teachers, seniors, friends, juniors and my students because of whom my basics were very strong.

Last but not the least all the patients whom I have treated till now in my country of education- INDIA.


Thank you to the Final frontier team for Working with us and making this dream a reality, one of the best decision I ever made. Thank you Bhupinder Singh sir and special thanks to Jyoti panchal, my licensed study partner for your guidance. Everything fell in place with your support. Moving ahead with new challenges. #passwithpride. You are the best study partner dear Ichchha thank you for everything. It was not possible without you. Jayshil Patel thank u for being my rock in this time. Wishing you guys all the success in the future.


Thank you so much Dr. Bhupinder Singh, master David Friedberg, Dani Rosenzweig, Tulsi Harshil Amin, and Abhi Gandhi for all of your help studying for the NPTE. For anyone that is wondering if which NPTE course they should take I highly recommend the NPTE- The Final Frontier. Officially Tyler S. Rosenberg, PT, DPT


Finally Am a Licensed Physical therapist in USA........... I PASSED in my first attempt...

Thanks to Almighty.....This wouldn't have been possible without NPTE Final frontier and Dr Bhupinder Singh's team,Mona Mehraj.

Dr Singh is an amazing mentor,a pioneer in teaching, his classes are highly structured, high level strategies, concepts are so well taught;you engross it unconsciously..... He is a such a positive person, great patience in answering doubts and helped me get through.. Thank you so much Dr Bhupinder Singh for your confidence in me

I used to read Mona Mehraj testimonial, never thought she would be my licensed study partner... I was lucky to have her, she is a very pragmatic teacher...She helped me a lot in each step...look over my weakness and move ahead, approaching questions,applying concepts and gave me soo many small tips that helped me keep moving and reach my final destination.. I am so thankful to you Mona Mehraj

I was planning to give October but as rules changed I had to give July; Initially I was struggling(Managing a super active toddler and studying was very hard), felt less confident.. Whenever I speak to Dr Bhupinder Singh he says you can, there is still time.. I was just going with the flow, attending live classes, completing the assignments.. One thing that helped me a lot was completing the time table on time and following Dr's and Mona's instructions strictly...As days went I can feel i was improving in practice exams and was getting more confident.


This was my second attempt at the NPTE. I was in a tough spot with an incoming newborn and a 5 year old to take care of all while trying to battle my inner demons and trying to figure out how to pass this time around. My resources have been exhausted at this point and I felt lost. When I reached out to Final Frontier they were able to guide me and put me in the right direction. They helped me connect the dots and think more outside the box. Dr. Singh and team did an amazing job with making things very clear and provided support from all aspects of the internet. I would recommend Final Frontier to anyone wanting to pass the exam.

When I took the exam, I felt very aware and present with the topics presented and I was able to work my way through the exam with much more confidence. Thank you Final Frontier for making this a community that worked together to succeed. God Bless!!!


I wouldn't have made it without Final Frontier!!!! 5 Years ago I had to withdraw from my PT program due to poor academics. I was fortunately blessed enough to be accepted into another PT program (Which is extremely rare and almost UNHEARD OF) I struggled throughout PT school and originally planned to Sit for the April Exam...Despite our school persuading us not to! I reviewed with TherapyEd and went through the entire book and with an Intense Final clinical that really pushed me I didnt think I could handle it! 10 days before April NPTE I withdrew from the exam and pushed back to July! I heard about Final Frontier from a friend who took it and signed up!!! I will say the test strategies and Content provided allowed me to increase my practice test scores by 10-12%! I refused to not pass on my First attempt and despite my fears when I saw Passed I couldn't help but scream! 5 years reaching for a dream and goal was finally a realization!!! THANK YOU DR SINGH!!! THANK YOU FINAL FRONTIER


PASSED!!!All set. Couldn’t have done it without NPTE- The Final Frontier. The team is amazing. ????????Thanks, Dr. Singh for leading the pack,. ????????Dr. Dani for your knowledge, mnemonics and ability to respond to emails. ????????Dr. David for your encouraging words and tips throughout the course. ✨✨TAKE this course if you want to pass NPTE. You’ll thank me later‼️‼️


PASSED!! Where do I begin?!! My Journey unlike lot others is NOT a unique one with unsuccessful attempts in past & studying on my own, last year I came across one name which came consistently online as Numero Uno was Bhupinder Singh Sir.
All the testimonies online about Bhupinder SinghSir is 100% true and much more. He is the backbone and the heart of the dream team The Final Frontier! He is Calm, extremely knowledgeable and above all the Best teacher you will come across. He really understands and works with you to devise a plan which is practical and suitable to you. Final frontier classes and “D Timetable” are GOLD and essential to PASS. His examples of his first date , Pitting dent in his car, decongest proximal cars and many others examples stick in your neurons forever! You don’t have to completely memorialize things but understand the concepts- that’s the core of Final Frontier classes. To top it all there is a fantastic team handpicked by Sir including David ( A true Monk who trained FF warriors-plus meditation video , constant encouragement and helping with everything and anything) , Akansha (A guide on all systems and encouraging us through and through) ,Rekha (constantly sending those pictures on whatsapp for revision of topics for the day was extremely helpful) and Dr.Dani (extremely knowledgeable and Neuro genius) Thank you so much for being a huge part of the Army pushing.
P.S: The MSK bootcamp as well as Non-System Bootcamp was immensely helpful and covered all core concepts as well as trained us for mental endurance needed to sit for the exam.I would highly recommend everyone taking the test to take those.
A big guiding push which added the ultimate push happened on Sir's recommendation was due to my licensed Study partner Niraj Tankaria. I joined him last September. I kept pushing my next attempt since I was not able to get any leave off of work. After I postponed my test he kept in touch with me and kept pushing me and others to keep studying and not give up our dream. Niraj Tankaria and Bhupinder Sir never gave up on me or anyone in the group. Niraj constantly kept checking and taking all our group's viva at random times. He takes classes in Hindi and English. This guy barely sleeps and is always available for any doubts. Albeit strict about basics, but he makes sure you know things on the tip of the your tongue and have test taking strategies inbuilt in the way you function and think about a question. We had classes way past midnight at least twice a week and sometimes more. His Mega class of 8-10 hours -1 or 2 weeks before the exam really prepares you for the finale. Towards the end of the class Sir came to wish all the students good luck and boosted our confidence and made us on track to Pass. Thank you to my little sister- you inspire me each day -We did it! Big thank you all my study partners -You are all wonderful!
Thank you Bhupinder Singh Sir, Niraj Tankaria and the whole NPTE- The Final Frontier team for all you do for us, going above and beyond for Upliftment of the whole PT community. Anyone thinking about taking the test -This TEAM is THE BEST there is!!

Anwaya Joglekar

Finally a LICENSED PHYSICAL THERAPIST IN USA in my first attempt????????
I don't know where to start, that being one of the primary reasons I am posting this so late :P
Beginning with my parents, I would not have achieved this huge feat without their immense support, love and encouragement. I owe this completely to you aai baba.
Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the entire NPTE FF team for the guidance and motivation. Your timetable and teaching made everything easier. Despite being a Study Bundle student, thank you for always promptly replying to my emails Dr. Singh.
Dr. Ravneet Singh thank you for the ACSM and Gait lectures, I am glad you could come to Loma Linda University to teach us. The concepts you taught are rock solid in our heads now.
Cheers to the entire team who passed.???????????? Keep spreading positivity.


I could not have done this without the Final Frontier!! The entire Final Frontier Team goes above and beyond to meet the need of every student.

I was able to score a 748 on the NPTE!!! A huge thank you to Dr. Bhupinder Singh as I could not have done that well on the NPTE without his timetable, lectures, bootcamp, MSK series, office hours, and answering all my emails.

So thankful and so grateful for the NPTE Final Frontier!!


Hello everyone! I scored 721/800 in this July NPTE, 1st attempt.
I was a study bundle student. I just thought of sharing how I prepared for my exam with a hope that it may help someone who is preparing for the upcoming exam.
Consistency in schedule and dedication are the most important aspects to clear this and feeling the motto of this group "PASS WITH PRIDE".
Would love to Quote a line from movie 3 idiots- Don't run after success, run for excellence and success will follow!
Just keep in mind that you don't get stressed out when you read someone's post that they read for how many hours. Time is important but everyone's mind and capacity is different. Its quality reading which is important. So prepare your daily schedule and be consistent in the schedule. Balance study and fun!
Clear your basics- anatomy, physiology, biomechanics! If you have strong concepts, its easy to rule out 2 options out of 4!
I divided my daily schedule in 3 parts-
1st part- Following Daily Timetable from study bundle atleast till the end of phase2 strictly! From Phase3 I focused more on my weak portions from the timetable. Make sure you do all assignments as well and read all bonus content.
2nd part- Read major portions from blue book, therapyed, scorebuilders. I wasn't able to complete entire book but as I followed the Daily Timetable which has contents from basic to advance topics from our major textbooks- Kisner, Sullivan, Maggie - I covered almost every topic.
3rd part- Saw all video lectures of Dr Bhupinder Singhsir of April as well as July cohort once! They are just superb. Sir explains every topic in a very simple way with unforgettable examples!
4) Gave 3 mock tests from therapy ed, 3 from scorebuilders, 2 from PEAT and 1 From NPTE- The Final Frontier! Read all rationales once irrespective of whether the MCQ was right or wrong.
It will be my pleasure if this post helps someone!
Once again Big Thank You to Sir and entire The Final Frontier team


Graduate of NPTE Final Frontier University.

My score of 1st attempt was 572 (72.5%)
Now it is (87%), it is the same score of final frontier exam.
Really I appreciate your efforts Dr.Bhupinder Singh
You let me stick to the plane????.


Graduate of NPTE Final Frontier University.

My score of 1st attempt was 572 (72.5%)
Now it is (87%), it is the same score of final frontier exam.
Really I appreciate your efforts Dr.Bhupinder Singh
You let me stick to the plane????.

Improved 58 points with NPTEFF, Failed 3 times prior

STOP LOOKING AT OTHER REVIEW COURSES AND PURCHASE THIS ONE!!!! It is with the utmost gratitude that I write this review. I took the competitor's course PT Final Exam and was VERY disappointed. There is not enough instruction and the NPTE is much more than what they provide. Will Crane's a good presenter but his course has many many gaps in it. Too much search and destroy in terms of trying to find answers to challenging questions. It may work for some but it did not work for me and about 7-8 people that I knew. Dr. Singh's course makes it so that you wont have to go looking into your books from PT school to find answers. He has the PDF versions of the actual textbooks for your reading that day. My 1st and 2nd attempt was with PT Final Exam, 3rd attempt I went solo with Scorebuilders basecamp and individual reading and missed it by a few questions. My 4th attempt was with NPTE Final Frontier, not only did I pass I improved my score by 58 points. Heed my warning if you want to get past the NPTE, take this live course and get yourself with one of the licensed study partners. You will not regret it, I am a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and practice owner thanks to dedication and perseverance and my support system at NPTE Final Frontier.

Thankful to Final Frontier Crew and Dr.Singh!

I am beyond blessed to have met Dr. Singh and Final Frontier! From the start of my long journey, Dr. Singh and his team had been there for me, always willing to help me and always answer questions immediately as well as clear any doubts. When I failed the attempt, I was truly devastated. But nonetheless, Dr.Singh continued to motivate me and said that I can make it on the next try and he assured me that he will do whatever it takes for me to pass. That's when I met Niraj sir, study partner. One of the best study partners ever!!! He emphasized so many important concepts and repetition and TED/other books were the major aspects of his teaching method. Niraj was always available to answer any questions and always provided me with resources and helped clarify concepts. His classes were truly helpful and was another major contributor to me passing! I am so very thankful to Dr.Singh and Niraj for trusting in me and always motivating me that I can pass the NPTE! THIS IS DEFINITELY THE COURSE YOU WANT TO TAKE TO PASS THE NPTE! No doubt! Your money will be worth it and Dr.Singh and his team members will do all they can to help you succeed!!!!

join with Dr Singh & his Final Frontier team with out a second thought

I passed in my first attempt. I am grateful to Almighty.
I have graduated more than 20 years back and exactly one year back I arrived USA without any preparations for taking NPTE.I came to know about Dr.Bhupinder Singh and Final Frontier team thru Simrat,PT. I spoke to Dr. Singh and he said you will pass in your first attempt. It happened and I am grateful to Dr.Singh and final frontier team.
If you are person seriously looking for a way to pass NPTE, I would suggest you, to join with Dr Singh & his Final Frontier team with out a second thought. The reason is that Dr. Singh & his team are highly organized, they will orient you regarding what to study, how to study and will help you to understand all difficult concepts in a clear and concise manner. The program is highly structed and goal oriented.
One of the outstanding feature I noticed is that Dr.Singh will gradually and systematically build confidence in you along with the knowledge & skills to answer questions with clarity in thinking. I feel as an NPTE test taker this is what a person required.
Once again thank you Dr, Singh & all team members of NPTE Final Frontier team.


This was my second attempt but certainly my last and extremely grateful for Dr. Singh and staff for their dedication to helping and encouraging students. I am full of so much gratitude for this moment. BEST MOMENT EVER!!!

I really want to thank Bhupinder Singh for making Final Frontier possible which was necessary for me to pass the exam

Where do I begin? This has been a crazy journey getting this far. Now that I see the glorious 6 letters show up on the screen, I don't even know what to do anymore. After juggling two jobs and contemplating if this is really for me, the new chapter can finally begin. I really want to thank Bhupinder Singh for making Final Frontier possible which was necessary for me to pass the exam. I couldn't have made it this far without the guidance of this course. If you're like me, someone who does well clinically but when it comes to theory and test taking, we don't do so well, this course is definitely for you. After making adjustments into how I'm supposed to absorb new information and change what I thought I knew, I succeeded! Also, if you're not a morning person, definitely definitely definitely take the afternoon exam, it helps!

I passed. Thank you final frontier. I did something untraditional, where I decided to take the exam early and do no studying ( I took a practice exam and did not pass by 1 point) . So my only studying consisted of listening to the shows via the study bund

thanks to Sir and his amazing staff my family and friends I have passed the NPTE and I am ready to start practicing

Sorry for the puffy eyes but there from tears of joy, I have been dreaming of this moment where I’d be putting my own personal testimonial. Well it’ll be somewhat short but sweet, this was my second time taking the exam and I prayed it be the last and thanks to Sir and his amazing staff my family and friends I have passed the NPTE and I am ready to start practicing. I promise to put in all those long hours of studying stress, tears, doubtful nights to good use. I PROMISE TO BE THE BEST PT possible and to treat all my patients with respect and care they deserve and that I wish would be given to my own family members. I know you guys may hear this a lot but don’t give up, even in your lowest lows God has a plan, he gives you battles you can defeat. So hold your head up high and go conquer that exam!
Thank you also to all my classmates around the world you all made this a journey to enjoy ????

Thank you NPTE- The Final Frontier for the knowledge you provided.

Alhamdulillah!! Finally saw the word passed!
Thank you NPTE- The Final Frontier for the knowledge you provided. Thank you Bhupinder Singh. For your lectures! They were very productive and the practise question/answers slide incorporated in between the lectures made me listen to every classes of yours and reka for your daily postings.A very very Special thanx to Mona Mehraj you are the best and it was a blessing to have you as my license partner. Thank you for investing your time and effort while being a mother of two lovely twins and being there whenever we needed you. You made us learn in a conceptual way rather than mugging things up which will always stay with us. You are awesome and I am glad I met you.
Heba Moustafa studying with you was so much fun with kids screaming at the back lol. Karen Deasis Garima BhatiaMrinal Gadhade Nandini Shah love our discussions together and my rescuer Hemanshi Bhatnagar who encouraged me in the last moment to go for the exam saying u can do it and yes I DID it. Thank you all ????

I am forever grateful for this program and will recommend it to anyone needing assistance in passing the NPTE!!!

To anyone considering Final Frontier: Unfortunately, I failed the exam in January 2019 and was very discouraged and hard on myself. I had studied hard (maybe too hard?) for months, reading both the Score Builders and TherapyEd manuals, only to fall short. After the recommendation of a professor as well as a classmate, I looked into Final Frontier. This course quickly showed me that it was less about HOW MUCH I knew, and more about how to apply that information and WHAT EXACTLY the exam was looking for. I’m happy to report that in April of 2019 I passed the NPTE with ease! I am forever grateful for this program and will recommend it to anyone needing assistance in passing the NPTE!!!

April 30,2019

NPTEFF is such an awesome program that provides the guidance and positive atmosphere to PASS the NPTE. Dr. Singh is truly the Dumbledore (Harry Potter reference) of the NPTE, trust his process!

First, I need to thank the Man Upstairs for giving me the strength to strive for this huge achievement. It’s been quite the journey and I couldn’t have done it without His grace and guidance. Furthermore, this accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of my awesome parents, family, friends, and mentors including Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the entire NPTE Final Frontier team! NPTEFF is such an awesome program that provides the guidance and positive atmosphere to PASS the NPTE. Dr. Singh is truly the Dumbledore (Harry Potter reference) of the NPTE, trust his process! It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to finally write out: Ashley V. Alvidrez, PT, DPT.
Stay tuned for Part 2 soon☺️I remember having a phone conversation with Dr. Bhupinder Singh shortly after joining NPTE Final Frontier and I told him that my goal was to get my scores withheld. I was determined to do much better during my upcoming 2nd attempt. On April 29th, I received an email stating my scores were “withheld”! There are a few reasons why scores are withheld; in my case, I had a score increase versus my initial attempt. As I mentioned before, Dr. Singh is the Dumbledore of the NPTE! I owe the entire NPTE Final Frontier a huge thanks for guiding me towards achieving my goals. Below are a few things I did to prepare for my 2nd and final attempt at the NPTE (by all means, feel free to message me if you have any questions!):
1. Have a consistent life, study, work, family/friend fun schedule. What I mean by this statement is that it is important to manage your time appropriately and keep a healthy balance. Below was my typical schedule:
1. Monday-Friday:
1. 6:30 am —> gym (love my gym family!)
2. 9 am - 2:00 (sometimes noon or 1 pm) —> study time with small breaks (40 minutes:10 min break) at my local coffee shop (shoutout to Global Coffee in El Paso, TX check them out!)
3. Afternoon-Evening: flashcard reviews, practice “dump” sheet
2. Saturday: attend class, 2-5 hours of studying
3. Sunday: 2-5 hours of studying, working on assignments
4. Fun time with friends/family at least 3-4 times a month. It is possible to do if you manage your studying time appropriately.
2. FOLLOW THE TIMETABLE! I stuck to the timetable to the T! I used the resources recommended by Dr. Singh and took thorough notes on a 5 subject, college-ruled, spiral notebook. About 90% of that notebook is filled with notes! I made sure to cover each topic of the day.
3. Attend EACH CLASS. It is extremely important to attend each class! Dr. Singh does an amazing job explaining concepts and providing test taking tips!
4. Review each rationale for the practice tests you take! Yes, even the questions you get CORRECT! It is important to understand whether your reasoning was correct and the WHY behind the answer. Practice tests give you a great insight about approaching questions you could see in the NPTE.
5. Surround yourself with POSITIVE PEOPLE. I am blessed to have such an amazing support system including my parents, family, mentors (all of my previous clinical instructors), and friends. I even met some incredible people through NPTE Final Frontier who were there to lift my spirits up and provide me with tips to approach studying (shoutout to Steven Castro ! I truly appreciate you answering every one of my messages and all your positivity!). This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing support system!

A big shout to my NPTE final frontier

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."
I am Foreign trained physical therapist from India, who graduated 12 years ago , mother of two ( 9 and 4 year old) . I moved to New York after passing my PTA last year and decided to work , after working for 3 months I realized NPTE is demanding and one needs to not only work hard , but smart. Nobody else but NPTE Final Frontier helped me achieve my dream of becoming a licensed physical therapist in USA. A perfect recipe needs right amount of spices and ingredients for it to be an exceptional dish . Let me introduce NPTE- The Final Frontier prodigy Dr. Bhupinder Singh , a most humble person I have come across, had a privilege of meeting him in person , words would never suffice if I have to talk about him. Dr Singh has a unique way of explaining vital Musculoskeletal concepts ( heavily tested section on NPTE exam) and has a great mastery of NPTE blueprint , examination gimmicks and his unparalleled pragmatic approach towards every student, which opens the doorway to success. Timetable perfectly organized from NPTE blueprint perspective. Live classes, Bonus classes, Boot- camps, facebook page , Instagram community , NPTE final frontier app, Whatsapp group, Quizlet, to sum it up ONE STOP SHOP for PASSING NPTE in you next attempt.
I equally owe my success to my Licensed study Partner Niraj Tankaria, recommended by Dr Singh and my close friend Shilpa Chaudary . Niraj is a marvel and a virtuoso , when it comes to being your study partner. He understands every individual’s needs and accordingly gives you daily tasks and takes updates. His unmatched dedication towards late night classes, one on ones sessions, solving practice questions with tactics, RAPID FIRE’s and Mega class before the exam are beyond description , I am sure everyone in Niraj’s group will agree with me on this. He pushed to bring the best out of me. His competence with review books like Therapy Ed , Kisner , Sullivan etc is phenomenal . In other words he is a man who never sleeps and hence always accessible 24X7. He is simply the best without doubt . A special mention to Nidhi Shah , Genius with crystal clear concepts , who managed Niraj’s whatsapp group with outstanding practice questions and brief rationales and more over a great friend.
I want to thank almighty god for his hand upon me , my loving husband who supported unconditionally , my parents and family . A big shout to my NPTE final frontier friends Shilpa Chaudary, Prathyusha Lanka and Navdeep Sharma . Kudos to Rekha, Aks, Mona and Chase for posting pictures , questions and detailed explanations in chat group . Last but not the least, everyone who has been a part of my success story.


Thank you to Dr. Bhupinder Singh for an excellent prep course. It came recommended to me by a classmate, and I was very happy with the content and structure. Also, I was impressed by the level of Dr. Singh's involvement. It seems there are more and more choices for prep classes, and the array of options was getting confusing for me. So happy this is available. Thank you.

I am so thankful for Dr. Singh’s videos, encouraging words

7 years and 10+ attempts later, I am so proud to say that I am a Licensed Physical Therapist in NY!! I was starting to think this dream of mine would NEVER be a reality but God made a way to introduce me to NPTE Final Frontier through a friend and allowed me to have multiple appeals even when the board had their own restrictions. It’s been 9 months since I joined Final Frontier but was not officially a student until past few months. I am so thankful for Dr. Singh’s videos, encouraging words when I thought I would fail again, organized time line by the entire FF team, bonus material, practice questions, and just his availability to answer questions at any time of the day. I also want to thank my study partner Priyam Mehta who is so knowledgeable in this field and was very tough on me during this last attempt which was much needed. She made herself ready to answer questions via texting, audio messages and live sessions. I am so thankful for you Priyam. God used all these resources and test taking strategies to finally allow me to pass. If I can do it after these many years, I truly believe anyone else can do it. Thank you to Chase, Rekha, and David for keeping us all engaged on the what’s app group.

) I am convinced that Dr Singh and “The Final Frontier team “deserved this recognition

Im a bit shy doing this testimonial because I graduated 18 years ago and have worked in corporate world. I am doing this as a sign of gratitude. I am convinced that Dr Singh and “The Final Frontier team “deserved this recognition.
They were a big part of my FIRST AND LAST attempt for NPTE.
Sa aking mga kababayan na patuloy na nangangarap, I highly recommed Final Frontier. Please take the FULL LIVE CLASS. Dr. Singh rebuilt my foundation and enhanced my clinical application.
You can send me a PM, if you have any queries.
Thanks again Final Frontier team, specially to you Dr. Singh. Mabuhay ka!

Thank you to the entire NPTE final frontier team for making my First attempt the last one

The golden word I always dreamt to see .. Completed my Master's from the USA two and a half years ago and moved back to India for work.. I never imagined I would be able to balance work in India and NPTE preparations at the same time, managing the different time zones. Thank you to the entire NPTE final frontier team for making my First attempt the last one. Special thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh for the amazing lectures and planned study schedule. Also a special thanks to Dr. Ravneet Singh for always helping me go about with the study preparations.

Final Frontier and its leaders do extremely well and I owe them many thanks

Many appreciation posts will continue to be posted in this group in the coming days. I want to add to the pile of "thank-yous".
I began studying nearly a year ago and went through a difficult time in my personal life. I found Final Frontier on recommendation from a friend, and I am glad to have crossed paths with this program. No study program is perfect, but Final Frontier and its leaders do extremely well and I owe them many thanks. I was not the greatest student but I benefited greatly from having a timeline to follow.
My biggest help, however, was the "non-academic" help and encouragement I received from Jyoti Panchal and Bhupinder Singh. As I mentioned, it has not been a great year for me, but Final Frontier was there to provide the moral support I needed to at least attempt my first (and yes, last) attempt at the NPTE. The few phone calls I shared with Jyoti and Dr. Singh made a big difference for me personally. It is refreshing to find such caring and human leaders who are not out for your money, but to help others wherever they are at in their journey.
With all due respect, I am glad I do not have to listen to Dr. Singh´s lectures, because it means I passed the NPTE. I wish the whole Final Frontier the best in the future and I applaud your mission. If I could pass the NPTE, anybody can, and Final Frontier was a huge part of that journey. Thank you also to Ravneet Singh for your advice on preparing this exam

She introduced me to Dr. Singh and NPTE Final Frontier and the result is in front of you

Hello friends and group members,
Few months back I read a post from Simrat on how she scored so well on NPTE and she offered to help everyone. She introduced me to Dr. Singh and NPTE Final Frontier and the result is in front of you. I want to keep the tradition going of helping this wonderful group.
I wanted to share some tips and strategies with everyone to help pass the NPTE.
1. Be Gold- As we learned in classes, NPTE is about following protocols and procedures as given in textbooks. Things in clinic might be different but NPTE is just an entry level exam.
2. Avoid going to Assumeland- Very often we gets distracted with the question and start assuming the patient's condition and symptoms. Just go by the face value of the question and don't fall for 'what if the patient also has this'.
3. Treat the course like a full class, not just a prep course. Listen to the class live (if possible) and recordings the last month before the exam. Everything is covered according to the NPTE syllabus. We are lucky to have a brilliant professor who is teaching all these concepts in a simplified manner.
Finally, Be Yourself. Study the same way you used to study in undergrad, don't get distracted by someone studying 15 hours a day, focus on your quality time with books and get good with concepts. I am sure you all can do this! I will be happy to help anyone. Please feel free to contact

Big Big Thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and his 11 weeks live classes

Finally, I see the magic word “Passed”
To become a PT in US is like a dream. I couldn’t believe I made it.
First of all, I would love to thank my wonderful family and friends who always supported me.
Secondly, Thank you Niraj Tankaria and Singaraiah Swarna. They were introduced me to Bhupinder Singh and study partner. They always encouraged me and answer questions when I have some doubts.
Thirdly, Big Big Thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and his 11 weeks live classes. It is very organized with a time table which go through every topic that were covered in the exam. Also, Ravneet Singh, my licensed study partner who always encouraged and helped me with my doubts and weakness. I remember, Ravneet told me the key of success is consistency and believing in the system. Staying positive during the exam is very important. It helped me get through the hard questions.
I also must thank all my study partner group that helped me by discussing the practice exam questions, clearing up my doubts and weakness area.
Finally, I would like to thank the Final Frontier team, Rekha, Aks, David and Chase who regularly posted questions, examples, and answered questions on the WhatsApp group and during the live classes.

A big thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the team at NPTE The Final Frontier for preparing me to tackle this exam

Never been more happy to delete an app off of my phone. A big thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the team at NPTE The Final Frontier for preparing me to tackle this exam. I’ve taken a different review course in the past and this is by far the most comprehensive. Helping you to figure out what to study and what not to do that you don’t waist your time reading non essential topics. They keep you focused and on track with test taking tips and strategies. I couldn’t have done it without your team. Thank you again so much

it wont have been possible without the guidance of Dr Bhupinder Singh.

Finally its the day!! Passing the NPTE and becoming a licensed PHYSICAL THERAPIST had been my dream since the day i came here in US. It was a long journey but totally worth waiting and it wont have been possible without the guidance of Dr Bhupinder Singh. Your guidelines about following the time table, reviewing the practice exams and taking mini breaks really helped me. Special thanks to Ravneet Singh for believing in me and boosting my confidence when i needed the most. Above all blessings of GOD and support of my parents helped me navigate this test with patience. I am grateful to all my study partners and each and every member of NPTE- The Final Frontier who helped in learning new things and passing the test with flying colours.

Thank you Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the NPTE Final Frontier staff for your help and dedication in helping us achieve our goal

The day has finally arrived. This has been a journey, but all glory belongs to God. Months of prayers, fasting and studying. I can finally say that I have passed the NPTE and I am now a licensed PT. Thank you Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the NPTE Final Frontier staff for your help and dedication in helping us achieve our goal.

when my day will come and here it is and the whole credit goes to Dr. Bhupinder Singh classes

Ahh!! finally I have seen those magic word in my dashboard. I have always been reading other stories and thought when my day will come and here it is and the whole credit goes to Dr. Bhupinder Singh classes.
Being a foreign trained it was not an easy journey for me. It took more than one and half year for my credentialing and then NPTE. I have joined couple of courses before which turned out disaster for me and I have almost gave up to join any course in future until my friend called me and told me how she passed after joining Dr. Singh classes. when I called Dr. Singh he talked very practically with no gimmick and I made a decision to join his classes which turned out a boom for me and today I am so proud of my decision. He is very genuine and a patient teacher I have ever seen. I still remember my one to one session which was supposed to be half an hour but turned out two hours (because of my doubts). He is a person of golden heart who is here to help students (like me) struggling to pass because of lack of guidance at any extend. He knows how to develop interest in some monotonous topics like research. His and Dr. Hajela strategies are great I was keep mumbling the word "think GOLD" throughout my exam. I wish I could find his classes before and has saved my thousand of dollars.
Apart from Dr. Singh classes my pillars for success was my Son, Husband and my family, because without there support it won't possible.

I was prepared to pass on my first attempt

I heard about this class from a friend from a different PT school who took this course. She suggested calling Dr. Singh personally to discuss which course option would be best for me. We decided on the study bundle since it would be easier to manage during a full time clinical. The recorded lectures were very well structured, as were the assigned readings. I loved that the readings came from textbooks that the NPTE frequently uses as a reference. The included exam was able well made and comparable to the actual exam. I was confident walking into the exam that I was prepared to pass on my first attempt!

Thank you too to all members of final frontier

It is such a anticlimax to have a witheld score but I am so relieved and happy that I finally passed after my second attempt. Being a 1997 graduate , it was indeed a struggle but my determination, focus and prayers,Thank you Lord, did it. Thank you to the final frontier, I may not have long log in hours but I voraciously used all the materials posted in the study bundle , it has given structure and focus to my review. Thank you too to all members of final frontier, for your comments and answers to questions posted, to all the testimonials which are very inspiring and encouraging, all of this one way or another helped me achieve my goal. Again,thank you.

I won’t ever forget who played an important role to make this dream come alive, ‘Final Frontier and Team’

It’s almost been a year, I passed my Npte now. Every testimonial I read here is so special, warm and inspiring at the same time.
Every one has their own interesting story. Students passing on the first attempt as well as the sixth or sometimes on appeal attempt. It just makes me feel so proud of all who don’t quit and continue with their mission of passing NPTE.
We dream big. And when we do ,it’s obvious that we will face obstacles. Be it ,the debts, student loans or insufficient income for your needs or needs of your family.
Our small needs are compromised because your conscience makes you aware of your debts and loans. But all this doesn’t stop us, we continue to dream and make them come true.
But after all this struggle, isn’t it amazing how failure or compromises, make us learn so much. The importance of perseverance, growing stronger every time you fall or fail, focusing on good habits , disciplining our mind , believing in ourselves no matter what and making our dreams come true. And I won’t ever forget who played an important role to make this dream come alive, ‘Final Frontier and Team.’ Welcome everyone to the other side of this great profession.
Thank you for letting me express this through my art.

Proud to be part of the final frontier team

It took me a week to sink this in! But wanted to write on the wall:) When I looked at the screen ..that weight on my shoulders was finally taken away. I just couldn’t believe it that I saw ‘Passed’ on the screen that I logged out and logged right back in to make sure! I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am to my Mom Mariagladys D'Souza and sister Mearl D'souza. I’ve had a roller coaster ride while having to take the boards. I decided to talk to Sir about it and he was ready to give me that push. When I took the exam in Jan, I had all the help I could ever need. Classes to guide me, jyoti ravneet mentoring me, things to read, timetable to me I did it all..yet things went south. Sometimes life wants to just take its moments to teach its lessons. I was so disappointed with my self cause all I wanted was to make my mom proud, I felt I let everyone down. People were moving on with their lives and I just felt so trapped in this NPTE phase that I just wanted to get out of it.
When you come to USA to study, trust me, they select the best of students so don’t let your self think otherwise. All you need is to push yourself and trust your instincts when selecting an answer. The Final Frontier team can give you everything you require in terms of study material, mentoring etc but you need to make your own study time as well.
For all the people who have pulled me out of this phase, I truly truly appreciate all your help! I’m gonna write a big thank you list bear with me. Thank you to my mom and sister who have pushed me to be positive in life and listened to me whine about npte since forever. I couldn’t have done this without them encouraging me everyday that I am worth it. And the pray before the exam with the 2 of them was all that I needed. Mearl D'souza who possibly tried to do everything for me to just make me clear this exam. From cooking food, watching Netflix, game of thrones far away from me, to driving me to a center 2 hours away, and making me sit for the exam cause I had literally lost all the confidence in myself. No doubt I owe this to them. Thank you Glen Noronha, the guy has patiently waited to speak to me, gave me time to study and listened to all my drama, and just believed in me. Thanks Tejas Wakkar for being a great brother and giving me the “lucky jacket” for the exam ????. Thank you Anjali Ghodake I couldn’t have done this without you. From sharing my pain and just motivating me to not listen to anyone but myself.@Ravneet Singh really didn’t know me initially but he has helped me like no other. From powerful words of wisdom, to explaining basic concepts, and just answering billion questions thrown at him. He made sure Gait, orthotics,prosthesis be on my finger tips. He made me smile this entire journey and for that I am so thankful to you. Jyoti Panchall a great friend and mentor to me has shoved the most toughest concepts in my head. She made things so simple, forced me to read all the text books, cleared so many doubts, answered my exam questions at odd hours, put ECG, the entire MSK and neuro in my head, really taught me what I am supposed to look at in a question, but most importantly picked me up from the lowest point in my life. The 2 of sirs angels have taken so much time off their schedules that I can’t thank them enough. Thank you Krisha Patel for being there for me and all your help. I used all your tips. Thank you Mayuri Mankar for sharing my ups and downs. Nency MehtaSiddhika KoreDarshana Boricha for making a lot of plans that I had to say No too and making me push myself out of that phase. Thankyou Nwanne MaduabumHsu Helen Sergio Talaboc Sarza Jr. Radhika Gupta for checking up on me this entire journey. Last but not the least, big thanks to Bhupinder Singh (Sir) I am so so happy I do not have to listen to the class anymore. Your final msg to me was the greatest booster and made me focus in the last final hours. I couldn’t have got my license without your encouragement. I have learned so much from your classes that I am definitely going to put things in practice. You truly consiced a lot of info in few ppts which was helpful. I know you had said not to read anything before the exam but I went through most of them a day prior????. Thank you for selecting a great team of therapist to help all students out there just like me. Proud to be part of the final frontier team, FF LLU alumini group and a Licensed Physical Therapist in USA. And for the therapist going to take the exam, don’t worry Sir will make sure you make it the other side. But you gotta fight for it. Good luck:)

Dr. Bhupinder Singh and his team are absolutely awesome

I was once clueless about NPTE preparation and anything about PT because it’s been many years since I graduated from PT school. However, through the guidance of Dr. Bhupinder Singh and my wonderful licensed study partner, Mona Mehraj, I finally passed!
Dr. Bhupinder Singh and his team are absolutely awesome... I couldn’t ask for more.
To those who haven’t passed the exam yet, your time will come. I’m sure of it as long as you follow the timetable, listen and trust Dr. Singh, and study smart. Lastly, I want to share this quotation with you by Jeffrey R. Holland, “No One has failed who keeps TRYING and keeps PRAYING”

It wouldn’t be possible actually with out the help of NPTE- The Final Frontier

Passed on my first attempt . It wouldn’t be possible actually with out the help of NPTE- The Final Frontier , Dr.Bhupinder Singh the program itself is outstanding. You just stick to time table and the lectures and it will be enough .
Special thanks to Dr Ravneet Singh who has been an amazing study partner , supportive , following up from time to time making sure you are doing good .and his powerpoint lectures were to the point.
Thank you again , and hope you all pass your exam

I would like to thank Dr Bhupinder Singh, couldn’t have done it without you and your team

Fall down 9, get up 10” This is what my friend used to tell me if I feel like I’m giving up. NPTE was never an easy journey for me. It was frustrating to see Failed in my dashboard. I hated it but I couldn’t stop myself from trying to take the exam again. My result was temporarily withheld and got it last Thursday. It was the best feeling when I finally saw PASSED in my dashboard. I was screaming, crying, jumping and laughing! I’m glad I didn’t quit!
I would like to thank Dr Bhupinder Singh, couldn’t have done it without you and your team! I tried some review class but you’re the best!!! Thank you for the encouragement, patience and generosity to let me attend several times in your class. Sir, I admire you and your team for your dedication to help your students achieve their dream for becoming Licensed PT in the US! I can’t thank you enough! Huge shout out to my Licensed PT study partner, Priyam Mehta, you’re awesome! I was always excited to attend the class because I know you will make things easier and made sure I understand the concept! I love that you even send me recorded explanation of a question if I dont know how to solve it. You’re a big help why I made it to Florida!!!! ????????????
To all who passed, Congratulations! For those who didn’t, please don’t give up. If I did it, you sure can do it too! ???????????????????????? We are the team never quit!! I would like to share this before I end. I posted this on my wall where I could see everyday... “One important key to success is self confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation” Arthur Ashe

Most importantly Dr. Bhupinder Singh who's good heart is contagious and he has build an empire of good Samaritans

The day has come when I saw ''MY'' word PASSED. To God be all the greatest glory!
I am humbly grateful to my Mahal, NPTE Final Frontier and my NPTE Final Frontier Filipino group. Here are my thoughts
Why you should feel secure choosing the NPTE Final Frontier lead by Dr.Bhupinder Singh
1. NPTE FINAL FRONTIER is listed number one on APTA website for the preparation for NPTE
2. A well systematic personalized course page module (better than most University pages) for you to navigate whenever you want and wherever you are.
3. Access to ALL review materials, lecture recordings and time table modulated at your own convenience. A verified question qiuzlet.
4. A community whose values are centred on lending a helping hand. In my case? Members of my cohort gave me a new Therapy Ed, ScoreBuilders and Blue book free of charge. BEAT THAT! Thank you Amir Zakaria, Karen Deasis and Mona Mehraj
5. Mentors who will guide and teach you beyond your expectation (24/7). Thank you Akanksha Sharma, Derek Camilleri, Niraj, Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam, DavidFriedberg and Dr Nupur Hajela.
6. A family who will be there for you in the beginning (cognitive phase), during (associative phase) and autonomous phase of your PT journey.
7. And most importantly Dr. Bhupinder Singh who's good heart is contagious and he has build an empire of good Samaritans.
To YOU who failed NPTE, got discourage and lost hope. Remember that you are not alone on this battle. GET UP! TOGETHER WE WILL FIGHT HARDER!
To YOU who PASSED NPTE be a BLESSING to others!
To YOU who also desire to see ''YOUR'' word PASSED, let us be part of your NPTE journey. TOGETHER, WE WILL PASS NPTE!


Thank you so much for Dr. Bhupinder Singh and Chase Taylor. Thank you for your belief in me and the encouragement

Thanks to NPTE - Final Frontier !!!. I passed at my first sitting.

With my busy schedule, I thought I may not cope with the demands of exam preparation, but thank God for all the support and assistance I got from Dr Singh. The Final Frontier program is well organized, and if you follow it you will pass.This is a program that you can count on if you follow instructions and schedule and Dr. Singh is very dependable. I pray that God will continue to increase this program to help as many PTs out there.

Dr. Singh strategy given in class, you will never get stress and you can achieve your goal.

##I made it …##
NPTE exam cleared by me with the god grace, with the blessings of swami Bapa, my parents and last but not the least my In-laws.
One day, I read one of the FINAL FRONTIER student testimonials on Facebook. I came across the name called Niraj Tankaria and then for a week I just thought do I contact him or not. Almost, one week later again I came across his name on one of Facebook post than I thought to give Niraj a call. I talked with him in a general way and he asked me a few random Question. He found my weakness and sent me a list of topics to review.
I still remember the day when I had a conversation with Dr. Bhupinder Singh, He gave me time from his busy schedule and talk with me almost 50 min to motivate me and build up my confidence for this exam that I can do it. Dr. Singh belief on me is really giving me great courage.
Niraj Tankaria is an amazing study partner. The way he revises the things is too good, especially for basics I do recommend to join Niraj. His Mega Class is astonishing that was almost 8-10 hours. Niraj covered almost all topics from all reference book(Kisner,Sullivan,Bluebook etc). He is the person who is ready to help at any time and use to took classes late night. Even on his job time he will help us in his lunch time. Niraj makes study easy with fun.
I must say one thing about NPTE exam, this exam is not only about knowledge but it is more about strategies, positive attitude, & passions towards it. FF Team and Dr. Bhupinder sir is just superb mentor. In addition to this, FF is best because of their planning and well framed well planned timetable which covers almost all-important topics. Dr. Singh gait class and bootcamp is great and worthy. If you follow the time table as well Dr. Singh strategy given in class, you will never get stress and you can achieve your goal.

Special thanks to my Husband, my own motivational speaker, one and only person who able to build up PASSION IN IMPATIENT GIRL. I could not do it without your support and your tremendous belief on me. I think you know my ability more than I do. At last thank you for giving me lots of love and care.
WhatsApp group is really helpful. Thank you, Reka for all the WhatsApp images. It’s really helpful to review when u are getting bored with books. Thank you Chase & AKS for update daily Questions and solve doubts. Whatever we demand you updated within few mins amazing network of FF team.
Thank you my study partner Priya always ready to discuss any silly doubt. Heartily Thank you to all my friends, colleagues who helped me throughout my Journey. — feeling happy with Bhupinder Singh and Niraj Tankaria

I cannot thank NPTE- The Final Frontier enough for providing me with the best tools for success to prepare for this exam and finally conquer it.

They say that "third time is the charm" and it's true because I JUST PASSED MY BOARD EXAM ON THE THIRD TRY! ????
I am officially a LICENSED PHYSICAL THERAPIST! Introducing: Dr. Marleigh Mlinac, PT, DPT ????????
Yep, I failed my board exam not once, but TWICE. Both times I failed by about 7 questions. Talk about the most embarrassing, disappointing, heartbreaking and hardest things I've ever been through. I wanted to hide and never show my face again. I was terrified of letting all of those people who loved me down. I was angry, I was bitter, I struggled, and I definitely cried a lot. ❌
But you know what? I just recently read this quote in an amazing book, and it said, "God has perfect timing, and it's highly possible that by not being where you thought you should be, you will end up exactly where you are meant to go."
This is it. God's timing IS perfect. This experience has changed me for the better. I didn't have the answers and I didn't understand, but God did and He definitely led me through this time. ????????
I joined Final Frontier after failing my first attempt in October and enrolled in the full live course. I was pumped and ready to take January's exam head on. Unfortunately, January's exam did not go my way.
knew something had to change, I knew I needed to do more. I reached out again to Dr. Singh who worked with me very closely and had a licensed study partner review my material. I attended the live classes again and really focused on my areas of weakness. This was key.
Did you know that Michael Jordan missed the game winning shot 26 times in his career? ????
Did you know that Walt Disney was rejected 302 times before receiving financing for creating Disney World?
Did you know that J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before her first book was published? ⚡️(If you don't know who J.K. Rowling is, we seriously can't be friends)
All of these people failed over and over again, but never gave up and look at all of their outcomes. This is me. And this can be you. If you didn't make it now, PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP. I know the feeling of failure all too well but there is a purpose and YOU CAN DO THIS!
I cannot thank NPTE- The Final Frontier enough for providing me with the best tools for success to prepare for this exam and finally conquer it. Last but certainly not least, a special thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh for never giving up on me, always believing in me and going above and beyond his duties to make sure I found success with this exam. The world needs more people like him. I am beyond grateful for everything FF has given me, and I am so ready to change so many patients' lives! ????

A huge thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the team for helping me clear in my first attempt!

A huge thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the team for helping me clear in my first attempt! I cannot stress enough how helpful the STUDY TIMETABLE was! It’s really the perfect way to ensure you’re reading the important topics, but also not burning out with just blindly diving into reading all the resources out there. The lectures are also great for building your foundation knowledge; I can assure you you’ll need this for analysis q’s!
I was a study bundle student but Dr. Singh would always take the time to explain concepts, as well as give sound advice during practice exam times (I passed all practice exams but would always panic about concepts that I was getting wrong).
If you’re having any doubts on what to do for your preparation, I highly recommend sticking with the NPTE-FF 11 week program! The team is here less of as a business, but more as colleagues genuinely helping you to get that license! Beyond thankful for what you do, Dr. Singh!

This would not be possible without guidance of Bhupinder Singh sir and team Finally licensed PT in USA

My npte journey started a year ago I gave exams last year but couldn't make it than I contact Dr. Bhupinder sir and I took his classes regularly and followed his time table. I worked hard to see Passed word. Sir guided me to make a weakness list amd work on that I started doing that and same while I was taking classes and read timetable contain everyday. This would not be possible without guidance of Bhupinder Singh sir and team . To all other students who didn't make it don't lose hope. It just a matter of time. Like after every storm they will be beautiful rainbow ????. You guys will see Passed word soon. Follow final Frontier_PT time table and sir class and work on your weaknesses. And Slove questions as many as you can.
Special thanks to Niraj Tankaria sir my license study partner . I can't forget last min revision class. And this everyday motivational though which gave me confidence that I will pass NPTE. When I see Passed word in PTA he told me that I'll see same screen in PT too. He was so supportive all time and help me out with my stupid questions. Can't forget rapid fire which use to help us think fast and Slove the difficulty questions in one min. Thank you for not enjoying your weekend and giving us time and Slove our questions and one and one session.
Never fill that he is bored to my question, always helped me amd he make sure that I understand concepts behind topic. Thanks you Jinal, Nidhi, Priya and all my colleagues and friends who support me.
Highly recommend final Frontier_PT class and license study partner to those students who looking for true guidance and support. Best team ever. #passwithpride #nptepassed #nptefinalfrontier #ididit #joinnptefinalfrontier

I met NPTE- The Final Frontier and now I have created history

Few years ago, I gave my NPTE and got a 401 (FSBPT bans you if you get less than 400). I gave up the dream of being a licensed physical therapist. Until, I met NPTE- The Final Frontier and now I have created history. I took the April 2019 NPTE and improved by more than 200 points! I don’t even know what to say, I am literally speechless. My score was withheld for 20 days, I guess even FSBPT was trying to find out what happened to me. But there is someone who knows what is going on- NPTE Final Frontier.
I used to hear from a lot of people that NPTE Final Frontier can help anyone pass, they are a good team and they are changing the face of physical therapy in USA. One day, I met Niraj Tankaria at an Indian event (unrelated to NPTE) and he said he worked for Dr Bhupinder Singh sir and NPTE- The Final Frontier. I told him my story and he patiently heard everything, and told me to take NPTE again. I thought he was joking, but then he said- We are the number 1 program in the world for a reason and we will prove it. We will help you step by step and make your next attempt is your last.
For some reason I trusted him and starting attending classes. First week of classes, and I was sold. With students from every background in the class, Dr. Singh magically managed to explain the hardest concepts in the simplest way possible. Class after class, everything became clear and I started liking topics like PNF, Gait, Research (never thought I would get it).
My main hero of the story,@ Niraj Tankaria who pushed me every day. His sessions are the biggest reason I got everything revised again. He gave his 100%, always followed up one on one, and never let me feel alone in this journey. He will always say’ We are going to create history. Just keep going’. He would stay until 2 am to answer our questions and he made sure everyone in his group will pass.
When results came out, everyone around me was passing. Mine was withheld; I got a survey from FSBPT. Dr. Singh said fill it with pride and let it be known what you are our student. He was so positive and said you are going to pass (improve 200 points). Few days later, all withheld results were out but not mine. Niraj Tankaria texted me everyday, and Dr. Singh talked on the phone regularly. I could not believe how they are so involved. They had more than 100 students who passed but they had the time to follow up with me. At the end, Dr. Bhupinder Singh sir asked me to email FSBPT to release my result and when I got my result- It said PASS. I can’t believe it but let me tell you one thing- I don’t know how many attempts you have taken, or if you need 20 or 200 points to pass NPTE. Give them a try, they are out to create history and we should join the mission. Let me know if you have any doubts.
Thank you so much Dr Bhupinder Singh sir and whole NPTE- The Final Frontier team . Thanks you for making my dreams come true!#passwithpride#NPTEFinalFrontier

April 2019

Thank you Dr Singh & the whole Final Frontier Team, April 30 2019.

PASSED!!! Thank you Dr Singh & the whole Final Frontier Team for making this possible. I graduated 20 years ago and worked in the corporate world for the last 19 years so sitting in front of a book for 30 minutes was already a struggle in itself. The timetable was very precise & concise feeding me all the necessary pages from specific text books that i needed to study for the exam. It was structured in a way that it was not overwhelming. The live lectures was were hard concepts was discussed for us to have a better understanding of difficult or confusing topics. Dr Singh entertained all questions after the lectures and he promptly replied to all my emails regardless of how silly my questions were.
Thank you again Final Frontier for BRIDGING THE 20 YR GAP & TAKING ME TO THE FINISH LINE!!!

Truely the most successful program in the NPTE coaching industry - NPTEFF

NPTE is one of the hardest tests, especially for foreign-trained PTs as we are trained to take written tests and not just multiple choice. If we look at 2018 statistics on the FSBPT page, only 26% of non-US first-timers could clear NPTE. I too failed when I tried taking NPTE without the help of this course and I got to know if I want to pass I will have to have a course that can find their students' weaknesses and works on it. That's when I found Final Frontier and Dr. Bhupinder Singh, the best tutor indeed! Sir guided me where I was lacking those 3-4 points and was failing. I am writing this testimonial which itself is proof that I passed the exam on my first attempt AFTER taking the class, not just by those 3-4 points, but by 40 points. I made a mistake not taking the class the very first time or this would be THE first attempt for me. I would recommend to all the future PTs if you want to make it your first and last attempt, don't waste time and join Final Frontier without any doubt. Let us all increase that 26% to 100% by joining NPTEFF as I know they can make this change. They will go above and beyond to help you succeed. Lastly, I would just want to thank Dr. Bhupinder sir and his team, especially Sir and Akanksha for being in touch during the final stressful days, that means a lot!! Thank you!

Big thank you to Dr. Bhupinder Singh and Priyam..!!

I lost hope to pass the exam and then I came to know about sir and his classes. I talked to him cleared my doubts about the classes and felt that it is worth to enroll. And also I joined study partner Priyam. They are awesome, they gave me confidence to go for exam. A special thanks to Priyam, she is vey helpful and she is always there whenever you need her. Came to know lots of new things and that increased my knowledge. I felt confident. And finally I passed NPTE.
Thank you sir and Priyam for help and constant support. I strongly recommend the NPTE Final Frontier and believe that it is worth...!!!


I am a recent NPTE passer (april 2019), and I can truly say that I wouldn't have made it without the Final Frontier Team. The lead instructor, Dr. Singh, is truly one of the best. Because of him, I was able to prioritize what to study and that helped me a lot in the exam. The study materials can be overwhelming so it is vital that we know which materials to prioritize and study the most. With their help, I was able to conquer the NPTE. I have no regrets with enrolling in Final Frontier. It is the best NPTE prep course. You'll get your license in 11 weeks :)

NPTEFF: The Passion And The Ability To Help Is Real.

I am a foreign-trained PT and graduated at a time when a lot of current examinees were still toddlers or not even born yet. As most foreign-trained PT, my goal was to practice here in the US, but for some reason, It fell short and I lost the will to carry on until recently when we came to the US as immigrants. It was a long and tedious process from credentialing to finally taking the NPTE.
My thought then was that I would pass NPTE by studying the 2 major reviewers available in the market, but I fell short and got 558 on my first attempt. I got so upset with the result and re-assess myself... if there was something I've missed and thought of enrolling on an online review to get a passing score. So I began asking around and reading online reviews before choosing Final Frontier, as it was strongly recommended by an old friend. I enrolled in Bundle 2 and It turned out as the best decision I made in years. I missed the "PASSED" by a hairline on my second attempt 3 months ago, then finally passed it on my 3rd attempt.
What's really good about Dr. Singh is his seemingly unmeasurable knowledge with the topics and his passion to help. The videos are well done with the topics well explained. Another thing is that the students can access the review materials without having to pay again should they fail on their previous attempt.
I am forever grateful to Dr. Singh and the rest of the FF staff.
God bless you all.


GLORY BE TO GOD!! Words cannot explain this feeling of finally seeing "PASSED" on my 5th attempt at the NPTE. This would not have been possible without the NPTE Final Frontier! Dr. Singh and his staff have been the most amazing group of individuals to coach for the NPTE. They are very informed and guide you based off of the NPTE Blueprint. They're extremely patient and open to speaking with you literally at any time you need in order to encourage you, review concepts, and any other assistance you may need. Hands down the best Prep Course anyone could ever hope for. I am also so grateful that even though I didn't pass on my attempt after initially taking the Final Frontier course (or the 2nd or 3rd), after each attempt, Dr. Singh took time with me to see what we could do differently in order to make my next attempt my final and I'm so grateful that I was able to clear the exam on my 5th attempt. Thank you so much Dr. Singh and the rest of the staff for all of your help! I truly appreciate it! P.S. After my initial enrollment in the January 2018 cohort, I'm so happy to finally achieve my goal of writing my testimonial on how awesome the NPTE Final Frontier is! You guys ROCK!!!!


Finally, One word made my day. PASSED ........ Yes, I Passed NPTE. LICENSED PT in the USA ...
This was my 3rd attempt. This could not have possible without the NPTE final frontier. Special thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh. He is truly mentored for Aspire PTs. He always encourages me with positive words.
I did not achieve this without the support of my family and my husband Aadit Modi.
There is no substitute for hard work. I am sharing my experience to motivate all students who are preparing for NPTE. Never give up. Please don't lose your hope.


I don’t know from where to start from but definitely a big thank you to the Final frontier team specially Dr. Bhupinder sir and Niraj Tankaria without you it was impossible for me to clear this in my first attempt.
It has been a long journey which I started in January 2017 and being a foreign educate, I was totally unaware about the NPTE exam format.
I remember that in August 2018 I came to know about final frontier team and I approached Niraj through messenger. Without any delay he replied me back and made me aware about this team and guided me through this journey.
I consider it to be the best decision of my life that I have joined Dr.Bhupinder sir. I remember my first class with sir. There is some positivity in his aura which he transfers to the people around him. I was really assured that I was in the right hands and as the days passed, I slowly got that confidence that it is a doable thing and all because of the accurate topics which are relevant for this exam was covered by Dr.Bhupinder sir and finally it helped me clearing all my doubts. I am really thankful to sir for exploring my knowledge and for making my practice more safer now .
I hereby specially want to mention Niraj for my success .He is just an amazing tutor, energetic in his approach and a very positive person. It is very rare to find such a good human being .His ever smiling face and encouraging attitude helped me clearing Npte in the very first attempt. I remember Niraj used to start his class at 10 pm and usually till 1 am. On the weekends full day classes from 9 am to 9 pm but it was worth spending those time listening to you because when I was reading the questions and was answering I thought of you Niraj because the way you have made us to mugged up the important concepts that I am not going to forget in my future as well. He was the person who helped me in completing the whole therapy ed and emphasized the importance of the words described in brackets in the book .Because of you I have revised the book 5 times including all single details mentioned in the book.
I also want to thanks Aks, Mona, Rekha and the entire team of Final frontier for their immense support.
I would highly refer everyone preparing for Npte should join NPTE the final frontier because Dr. Bhupinder totally understands the pattern and format of this exam.
I remember the lectures taken by sir in the last two weeks and specially the boot camp one had really covered many key topics that helped me in passing this exam. My words are not enough sir.
Also, I am thankful to my family and teachers who always had faith in me.
I want to say a big thank you to my husband, Shivankar SinghShivankar, who had immensely supported me throughout this journey. He took care of my food, household chores be that grocery, cooking or laundry. Without you it was not possible hubby.
Last not the least, a heartfelt thanks to all those people who were part of my journey and lastly to the almighty god for blessing me always.


What a feeling by seeing these words. Thanks to God Almighty that He made this happen in my life. Thank you Bhupinder Singh Sir, you are best teacher and your trust in me push me to achieve that day. I want to thank all Final frontier team, Dr. Hujela, Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam, Akansha, Mona Mehraj. Your team work is best.


Dr. Singh and the Final Frontier Team, Thank you so much for all of your help in preparing for the boards. I passed on my 3rd attempt! My state only allows 3 attempts so this was my last chance and I am SO HAPPY and relieved with the outcome. My score went up 62 points from my previous attempt. The studying timetable and live lectures helped me tremendously

Thank you Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the staff at Final Frontier for all of your help! I passed the NPTE!


Thank you so much Bhupinder Singh and Final Frontier for helping me pass on my first attempt! I was just under passing all my practice exams and you helped bump my score into passing range!!


Dr. Singh and the whole staff at Final Frontier are top-notch when it comes to preparation for the NPTE. I enrolled after a failed first attempt and was immediately welcomed by Dr. Singh with words of encouragement. With the full course, Dr. Singh guides you through live courses and then daily readings that kept me on track and allowed me to improve my weaknesses and harness my strengths. I took the exam again in January and was so happy to see the PASSED logo on my screen when results were released. Final Frontier and Dr. Singh gave me the tools and confidence I needed to pass and I am so grateful for them! I highly recommend Final Frontier whether it is your first attempt or repeat attempt!


Hard work really pays off! This was my third time taking the NPTE and I am so excited to be able to say that I passed this exam with the help of the Final Frontier team. I was enrolled throughout two test cycles, but this time I finally found the study life balance that one other classmate discussed that was fortunate to pass the October exam. This is the key! With the assistance of Bhupinder Singh and the rest of the team this dream has become a reality. Their care for all of their students and their knowledge is unmeasurable. Sir always states that he has confidence in you even when you don't. Right before walking into the test center, I was feeling low on my confidence so like Sir says, I borrowed some of his. I truly believe that with their assistance and the support of my family and friends I was able to cross this final hurdle to become a licensed PT. :) #passwithpride


Thank you Dr. Bhupinder Singh and the NPTE final frontier for giving me the opportunity to work with you. My gratitude goes to Derek who allowed me join this amazing exam prep group. My heart goes to Ravneet, my licensed partner, who also gave me the opportunity to join the licensed partner group. To all my colleagues in this January cohort group, I thank you all.


I know my story is late (and long), but I still wanted to add to the growing success stories. I finally passed this exam after my 4th attempt. I hate admitting that it took that long and that many failed attempts, but I know I couldn’t have done this alone. I have never struggled with written exams and so I never expected this exam to be such a barrier for me.
My first attempt was January 2018 and I know now that I wasn’t properly prepared. When I failed, I rolled with the news and signed up for the Final Frontier classes. I loved the daily tasks and weekly meetings. It kept me constantly moving forward and motivated. I also found the study tips very helpful. It was a real eye opener to absorb all this information. It made me realize how unprepared I was for the 1st exam.
When April came around, I thought I was ready. That is until the actual exam day. I hadn’t fully processed the first failure and I let the stress of everything build up during my April exam. I was so worried about failing again, letting myself, my family and my potential employers down that I completely shut down. During the 15-minute exam break I went into the bathroom, sat in the corner and broke down. I just couldn’t pull myself together. I failed again, and I felt awful.
But the team at the Final Frontier never gave up. I spoke with Dr Singh via phone. We went over study material and strategies. He suggested the amount of time I should be spending each day to study and reminded me to focus on weaknesses. I have never been particularly strong at study strategies, so this was very helpful. I stuck with this study plan, followed the daily readings again and attended the lectures. By the time the July exam rolled around, I was feeling very confident. I was recognizing material from the lectures and studying guides that I never fully understood in school.
I felt great during the exam. I was reading questions without creating alternate scenarios and I could quickly pull out answers that just didn’t make sense. So, you’d imagine my surprise when I failed a 3rd time. This time I only missed the exam by 10 points. I knew getting a 600 was possible for me now. Unfortunately, this was also the 3rd attempt in one year. Now I had to wait until 2019 to retake the exam.
Since I had some time, I took it off from studying. I spent time with my family and friends. This really helped to recharge my inspiration for the January 2019 exam.
Again, the Final Frontier team was there to support me without judging. While I was doing a fantastic job putting abnormal amounts of pressure on myself, the Final Frontier team only provided me with encouragement. I reached out to Dr Singh again for assistance. This time I took advantage of the Licensed Study Partner and that was the push I needed. After taking the exam 3 times, I had a good idea of my consistent weaknesses. I forced myself to review those daily in the last month, depending on the daily reading.
I completely owe my passing score to the Final Frontier team. From beginning to end, my score increased over 120 points. I know I never could have done this alone. The team and the other students are a great force of knowledge and positive motivation that will encourage even the most crushed student. You just need a tiny spark, and this team will help that to grow so you can reach your goals. You CAN pass this exam. You WILL overcome your fears and weaknesses. ANYTHING is possible if you ask for help.


Finally, a USA LISCENSED PT. It was indeed a dream come true moment to see the word PASSED!!
A big thanks to Dr. Bhupinder Singh, who has constantly encouraged me and believed that I will PASS this exam. The 11-week journey of knowledge with NPTE FINAL FRONTIER helped me to strengthen my concepts. Also, sirs’ valuable tips of not changing answers, taking 2 minute breaks or telling myself that,” yes I know research” were a contributory cause to my success.
Next, I would like to thank Shweta Deshmukh who encouraged me to take the January attempt and also kept pushing me to work hard throughout. I would like to thank Mayuri Mankar and Krishma Shah. It was great studying with you guys. Also, thanx to Sai Sansare for constantly trying hard to wake me up early in the morning to study????. Last but not the least I would thank Mitali Hudlikar who was so caring and supportive throughout, I really appreciate you for that.
The message I would like to give to the next cohort is that, “The journey may be rough but the destination is worth it”. So, keep working hard, join NPTE FINAL FRONTIER and let it be a part of your journey


Adding to the group of people who have passed!!! I took my first attempt of the NPTE October 2018. I didn't have quite the best luck right before my exam. I ended up getting a head to toe allergic reaction to an antibiotic and had to go to urgent care 5 days before the big exam. I was itching everywhere and so incredibly stressed. That unfortunately lead me to have so much anxiety and difficulties concentrating on the exam in October. I don't recommend taking benadryl one week before the exam. It does funky things to your brain. I unfortunately did not pass. I failed by 10 points!!!! I was so close!!! I then immediately called a colleague of mine who had used FF, Dave Friedberg and after talking with him over the phone. I decided to use FF for the 2nd time around. I printed out all the daily readings, watched every single lecture!!! Printed out materials for the lecture. I wrote notes during lecture. I color coded my notes.
A few new things that I did the 2nd time around....
1. Using a whiteboard several times a week writing out important things to have for my brain dump. I practiced this for 1hr a week.
2. I made myself study topics I don't have a huge interest in.... Like forefoot varus and valgus, modalities
3. I read the daily readings and during the readings if I didn't understand something I Googled it and tried to find pictures to help solidify concepts.
4. I created a Google slides document of topics I knew I didn't like and with every reading I didn't like I forced myself to take key concepts and put it onto a few slides that I could later review.
5. I created special tests Google slides how for all the tests I had trouble remembering over the course of the week. I used pictures and then found videos online to help solidify material.
6. I tried to enjoy 2 evenings a week without looking or studying.
7. Spend time with friends and family who are deeply supportive, helpful, and unconditionally kind to you!!! Text those people daily and text them something new you learned every day.
8. My first day of PT school my professor's said we are lifelong learners!!! It is so beyond true. Try to think that you are learning facts to help you someday. Think about learning things positively.
9. Try special tests on your friends and family, try manual treatments on family or friends, try hand positioning for mobilizations. Use your body while studying and then while you take you practice exam and NPTE.
10. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! I decided to stay positive and be optimistic and was with final frontier. I decided to screenshot someone who had passed their passed "button" I then made that my wall paper and lock screen on my phone so all day every day from Christmas to January 29th I saw passed on my phone every time I used it!!! It kept me positive and kept me going.
11. Create a Playlist on Spotify of your favorite "pump up" "game day" songs that you can "lose yourself" in!!!
Thank you Eminem.... I listened to it constantly the weeks leading up and made me get ready like it was game day... Like the superbowl!!!
12. Enjoy this time to study be with friends and family... At the end of the day as my parents told me... You have the rest of your life to work... A few more months studying won't hurt you in the long run.
I hope some of this advice helps!!!
Keep going keep pushing yourself!!!
Message me if you need a boost chat or some more advice on studying tactics/techniques/ approaches!!!
Thank you so much final frontier and David Friedberg


I was exceptionally nervous about the NPTE because I had been told based on stats, I may be one of the ones who do not pass on their first attempt. But I did...thank God!!! I graduated in Dec. 2018 and had a little over a month to prepare. Based on those stats I was told and the limited time to sufficiently prepare, I thought it best to postpone taking the exam until April. For those who are considering postponing their exam like I did, reach out to Dr. Bhupinder Singh first! Postponing may not be your best option when what you more than likely need is some proper guidance and strategies to tackle this exam. Dr. Singh was so encouraging and personable. We came up with a feasible plan of action and he instilled some much needed confidence. It was the boost I needed. While I did not pass any of my practice exams, I was diligent and positive, telling myself, "I can do this, I can pass with pride!" During one of the classes, I was overwhelmed hearing everyone unmute and say they will pass the actually got me a little emotional. Anyway, I absolutely love NPTEFF and am so grateful I turned to them for guidance. Dr. Singh and his team are amazing, incredibly helpful, and really do care about the students. He wants everyone to pass and will get you there! Thank you so much, Dr. Singh and the NPTEFF team!!!!


I’m a day late, okay maybe two. I had to let it sink in that I passed this exam. I needed verification, so I had to check it the next day to make sure a mistake was not made. But I received my letter from the state board as confirmation. I want to thank Dr. Bhupinder Singh, his staff and everyone in this group for the support and positive energy. Congratulations to everyone that passed. If your result was not in your favor, stay encouraged, stay focused because you will own your next exam. Thank you all and God bless.


Thank you Dr. Singh, couldn't have done it without this class!! Congrats to everyone else!


Thanks a lot Dr Singh and his team for the amazing classes and support!!!


Having a newborn and studying to pass my NPTE was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Final frontier made it possible for me to succeed. I was able to watch my lectures on my time and Dr. Bhupinder Singh was always quick to respond to any question I had! Thank you final frontier!
Our first baby was born January 28th and we named it Dr. Singh in honor of his excellent teaching skills #texas


Thank you Dr. Singh and the Final Frontier crew!!


Got this earlier. Hope you guys are getting the good news too. Thank you Dr. Bhupinder Singh


Hello Everyone, I have also passed my NPTE like many others but my story is little different and I hope it will help motivate hundreds of people who have lost hope of becoming a licensed physical therapist. So this post is not about how great @NPTE Final frontier and why Dr. Singh is called the PT King, it is about resolve, determination and not giving up. I am a physical therapist from India and it was my LAST attempt (that is correct, I failed 5 times and all scores were less than 500). I read a post from Niraj Tankaria where he openly said he passed on the sixth attempt and how he wanted to help others, so no one had to go through it again. I approached Dr. Singh in May 2018, send him my report and said I am not even mentally prepared to take the exam. He said ‘I can work with you to identify weak areas’ and we agreed to go for Jan exam. Then I talked to Niraj Tankaria and found out he graduated from the same program and was my senior. He said we will work together till you PASS. In the last 9 months, none of these two or anyone in the NPTE Final Frontier team said a single time that I was a weak student, my scores are less than 500, or I will fail. They just spoke at a level of positivity, which I had heard from any of my professors in all my years of schooling. You literally have to talk to them, and feel it! I started attending classes, following the timetables, listening to what they said. If Dr. Bhupinder Singh taught a 5 hour boot camp with just one glass of water, niraj matched it with a 10 hour Sunday class to clear all doubts with just one snack break. They were on a mission and joined in. I started discussing tough doubts, I debated on why the answer was correct (even TMJ questions, scoliosis S and C shape, gait , EMG,), and they never had the arrogance of discouraging me. Dr. Singh encouraged doubts and answered them with peace and Niraj said ‘Your goal is to get your score withheld- means I have to jump 100 points or more, and FSBPT should be forced to think what changed your score. And on results day, the score was withheld, I was not panicked, I had goosebumps. It was like my destiny had already been written by god with help of Final Frontier and it was just unfolding in front of me. I texted Dr. Singh and said Score withheld, he said congrats and still so calm, and he said 11 people in our group are taking their 6th attempt are withheld and everyone will Pass, and rest is history.
Thanks to my backbone my better half who never allow me to work until I study and pass this exam against other family members! He fulfilled my dreams and always be my side whenever I get mood swings. My life is just impossible without Parin and my mother in law who treats me like her daughter and she had done so much for me from cooking to babysitting! I miss my father in law who always wanted me to pass this exam. But this one is for you dad .My parents who make me happy as always just by talking in video calls from India..
Thanks to everyone on the team I passed with Pride, and Dr. Shah is a licensed physical therapist ready to change people lives in New York area.


It’s an amazing feeling to be finished with school after all these years. I’m thankful for my family, friends, and especially my bub Emy Rita for being there throughout the journey. I strongly recommend physical therapy students to take Bhupinder Singh (Npte final frontier) prep course to be successful for the NPTE. I am finally a Physical Therapist PT, DPT.


Finally saw the most awaited magical word on the screen, yes I passed with pride finally a licensed PT in states with God's grace and constant support from my family and friends....
A big thanx to Dr.Bhupinder Singh and NPTE Final Frontier team without them this would not have been possible.....
Cannot thank you enough Dr.Singh, sir the confidence you showed in me helped me reach here once again thank you so much sir for everything and specifically for helping me fight my negative thoughts???? after repeated failure.
Thank you so much papa for believing in me always ???? Jagdish Bhesania you are my strongest pillar, someone who always motivated me whenever I was down, special thnx to my friend cum sister ???? Niyati Kapadia who was always there for me when I was struggling with my exam pressure.
Best decision I ever made was joining final frontier which helped me make my this attempt last attempt once again thank you so much Dr. Singh
Lastly all I would like to say to anyone who missed it this time is that don't lose hope, if I can do this you will also do it, hard work will pay off, stay focused, stay positive, follow Dr.singh and he will make your dream come true.......


Thank you to my family and friends, classmates and professors, and everyone who supported me throughout this journey. Officially passed my boards and now a licensed physical therapist!


4th Feb 2019 was a big day for me. Passing NPTE is a big milestone achieved till now, and I am sure there are many more to cover. But talking about this 1 year was a rollercoaster, one would literally love to ride !! I am a person who is stressed during exams no matter what. And for this I really want to express my genuine gratitude to Bhupinder Singh sir to guide me in a right direction and he always used to tell me, Swati aim for high score not just passing scores which worked this time, I literally aimed for high scores and I nailed it????????. Thanks to my parents and brother who motivated me throughout this journey. Thank you to Amit Hirpara who was my motivation pillar and my best study partner. Thank you Drashti Patel for all your help and last but not the least, thanks to final frontier team Niraj Tankaria Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam for all your constant support.
trust your gut feeling, have patience and faith and keep moving. You are almost there!
“Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not capable of doing something “


Officially licensed physical therapist. It’s a great feeling that one day you wake up and you realize that your dream is no longer just a dream, but a reality. It was not possible to achieve this without you sir, Dr. Bhupinder Singh Sir. After repeated failures with the same score (524), I almost lost all the hope that I CAN become a PT. Then I joined “NPTE FINAL FRONTIER”.
I strongly believe that every student needs a proper direction and a strong determination.
3 years before when I started to study for my exam, I was not sure where to study, which book, how much to study????????? All questions????????? But then I found my answers in “THE TIME TABLE”, the most important thing. And of course the harder concepts that are next to impossible to understand, sir will make it simple in the live classes by the easy “STEPS” to understand and you no longer have to mug it up. And of course the best study software where you can turn on your audio or video if you still confused.
All the videos are recorded and the class notes for your later reference.
If you are looking for “QUESTIONS”, don’t worry. MONA and CHASE are always there to post multiple choice questions for you every day and with rationales and detailed explanation. And how can I forget about the application where you can answer the “DAILY QUESTION” too. QUIZLET also has a storage with all the systems like musculoskeletal, neuro, cardio, other and non-systems.
“NPTE FINAL FRONTIER” practice exam with high correlation with actual NPTE. 85 % to be precise.
If you have any questions, you can email to the business manager and he will answer within couple of hours but of course on the same day.
If you are a picture person, don’t worry. REKA MURUGAN posts 15-20 pictures of all content that are correlated with the “TIME TABLE”.
If you still don’t understand a concept, than this TEAM has the best whatsapp group where you can ask your questions and REKA, MONA and CHASE are there to solve your questions with pictures, video links and photos from the big textbooks to simplify and ease your work. Most of the times sir answers.
If “NEUROLOGY” is hard for you, don’t worry. Dr. NUPUR HAJELA (LSVT Certified) will take care of it. Vestibular, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injuries and lot more.
And last and the best part, if you lose hope and courage for this big exam, you can call the king. Of course, “SINGH IS KING”. Dr. Bhupinder Singh Sir.
If you can find any coaching program worth comparing “NPTE FINAL FRONTIER”, please let me know.
This TEAM is growing under the supervision of Dr. Bhupinder singh sir, CHASE and LEAH are the new members.
I just love “NPTE FINAL FRONTIER”, and I highly recommend to all the FUTURE THERAPISTS.
Thank you soooooooooooooo much.


Not many people knew that I had failed the NPTE (not once BUT TWICE) because no one wants to talk about failure...but I did. Everything that I had worked so hard for fell apart the moment I saw those letters "FAILED." I was ashamed, broken, and discouraged; however, my support system NEVER failed me. They lifted me up and encouraged me each and every day because they BELIEVED in me even when I didn't believe in myself and reminded me that God had a different plan for me. So thank you for never giving up on me and trusting in me!
But most importantly, I want to thank Dr. Singh, Alyssa Maples (my licensed study partner), and Kyle Rice for helping, teaching, and encouraging me every step of the way! But most importantly, helping me to realize that my anxiety was a key factor in my failures. Each and every person played a significant role in my success in more than one way. I honestly cannot express my gratitude to you all! I am forever grateful! And to those that struggled this time, YOU WILL GET THERE! Trust in yourself because YOU WILL BE A PHYSICAL THERAPIST SOON!!!
Today is a day to rejoice and celebrate as I accomplished this tremendous hurdle and am now known as Ashley Phillips, PT, DPT.


What a feeling!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you God???? for showing this most IMPORTANT day, I have been EAGERLY waiting for!!!!!
Thank you Mom and Dad????????... whatever I am today is all coz of you both!
Thank you to my FAMILY: My strongest pillar…in my LIFE❤️
Big Big Thank you to Dr. Bhupinder Singh...Sir you made this day possible for me! I am never going to forget any concepts that I have learned from you! Your lectures, those 72 sec countdown, amazing question solving strategies, doubt solving, and boot camps all have helped me so so much! Thank you for believing in me and saying I am doing good...and I will PASS! Sir I really can’t thank you are truly the King???? of NPTE...
Jyoti Panchal my licensed study partner! You have been wonderful???? I can’t thank you enough…Thank you so took me through this journey...from basics to silliest doubts to the hardest topics...u have been patient and really gave your best and I got the BEST results!!!! Your DISCUSSIONS made everything so meaningful... RATIONALE REVIEW taught me what was missing in my thought process!!! I am so glad you were with me in this journey......????????????
Thank you so so much Ravneet’re an amazing licensed study Partner!!! You really turned GAIT from Complication to simplification.... I never would have understood it better....Your MOTIVATION has helped me come up each time….All your discussions, motivational talks, your belief always gave that positivity that I can do it.....I answered each question to the best of my knowledge as you asked me to do… and here I am! Thank you????????!
The entire Nptefinalfrontier TEAM had been amazing!!!! Big shout to NPTEFF!!!! Nptefinalfrontierrocks# PassedwithPride#Licensed PT!!!!


Licensed Physical Therapist In USA✅
Passed on my first attempt.
It wouldn't have been possible without Bhupinder Singh sir and his NPTE- The Final Frontier team
I efficiently followed this Timetable n lectures which made it easy for me to ace the exam.
Note to all future Therapist:-
Be humble and work hard. Surround yourself with positivity. Follow Bhupinder sir n his study techniques and you'll make it.


This is my story. After 2 failed attempts on the NPTE I was absolutely devastated. I felt like the biggest failure of all. How will I tell my friends and family that I have failed my exam not once but twice? I then started to doubt myself and doubt being a PT but no one tells you that this exam has nothing to do with how you're going to be as a Physical Therapist. Test taking was never something that can easy to me, even before PT school. I never thought I would be able to get through this. All I can say is I've worked by butt off these past 7 years of my life and I've had so many doubts and struggles but my family, boyfriend and friends were right there by my side telling me that I could do this. All I can say is don't let anyone tell you, can't accomplish your dreams because I did. I am officially Dr. Rachel Koller, PT, DPT and I earned every bit of this title. Thank you Bhupinder Singh, my licensed study partner, Kyle Rice and the entire Final Frontier team because without you all I would never have achieved this goal. You all are truly incredible and I've finally achieved my dream. And please, if you didn't make it this time, DONT GIVE UP. You will pass. This was the hardest exam of my life and don't ever think you're a failure because you didn't achieve it the first time around. You will get there I promise. You will all be amazing Physical Therapists.

22) Thank you Bhupinder Singh for your guidance. I truly couldn’t have done this without your help and preparation


Where do I even begin... My journey with the NPTE FF began in preparation for the October NPTE. I had felt defeated lost and hopeless. I let fear set in and tell me that I would not become a PT. However, one of my classmates recommended taking Bhupinder Singh NPTE FF course so I decided well why not. Although I did not receive the results I was hoping for October, I stuck with it and contacted Dr. Singh who helped devise a study plan and game plan on how to attack the January exam. Within that plan included a study mentor/tutor Chase Taylor. Not only was Chase diligent in keeping me accountable... but he also pushed me and helped me develop a different thought process... but even more importantly he did all of these while being a friend and one of my biggest supporters who didn't allow me to think negatively or even think twice about failing this exam. This exam is not an easy test... its hard... its hard mentally, physically and emotionally and you have to surround yourself around people who can provide that help. Dr. Singh and his team do all of that in addition to providing you with the necessary information needed to succeed. NPTE FF was more than a prep course they were a family who were constantly there to help you in any way possible. This was a team effort and with that said thank you Dr. Singh, the NPTE FF Team and Chase for all of your support and help I wouldn't have been able to reach my dream without you all.


This was my second attempt at the NPTE. Thanks to Final Frontier I was able to finally see the words PASSED. The first time around for the October exam, I studied from mostly Therapy Ed prep books. I felt prepared prior to the exam but I freaked out during the test; basically because it was more difficult than I anticipated. I nearly cried during the test and definitely cried all the way home after the test. I ended up getting a 568.
I later discovered Final Frontier from a friend who took the course & what a blessing that was. This time I exclusively focused on this course; focusing on the timeline daily readings, live courses, and my weakness list. During the last 3 weeks of the course, I literally studied about 8-9 hours a day which was necessary for me to conquer this beast of a test.
This time, for the January 2019 exam, I knew I was ready. I walked into the test with confidence and excitement. During the test I started to get excited because I knew that I knew the answers! I left the exam feeling pretty good. It was like night and day compared to my first attempt; no comparison.
Like many, I've been through a lot during my journey in pursuit of my PT degree and license including being pregnant during PT school and finding study time around a toddler's schedule. I believe that if you want this bad enough, you can do it. Prayer to God and sticking to Dr. Bhupinder Singh's timetable was the key to my success in addition to walking into the test with confidence and no doubts.
Congrats to all who have passed and are now licensed Physical Therapists!
To those who aren't just yet, work hard and trust the process. You will get there soon enough!
Thank you so much Bhupinder Singh (Npte final frontier)!!!!


I did it!! I finally passed NPTE. I wanna express my deepest gratitude to Dr Bhupinder Singh and the entire Final frontier team. I am not so good with words but I am extremely grateful and forever in debt of Dr Singh. His guidance and smart studying strategies has brought me here in achieving one step closer to success and opened doors to many more. Just like other foreign grad PT’s I have similar story and struggles but I know you can overcome it with hard work and persistence. I wish the best to NPTE Final Frontier and future student, trust me you are taking the best decision of your life by enrolling. Writing this testimonial is surreal for me I still feel I am dreaming.


The California results were posted around 2:10pm yesterday. I had the FSBPT log in page open for 6 hours and 30 minutes. The fear of failure a 2nd time was too real and it was a feeling I never wanted to feel again. It wasn’t till 8:40 pm after heavy encouragement from friends that I clicked the log in button (thinking it was going to take me to the additional security page) when this beautiful image appeared. Thank you so much Dr. Singh and everyone at The Final Frontier who helped make my dream a reality.


I know I am a day late, but it is never too late to show my appreciation! I can NOT thank Bhupinder Singh and the final frontier team enough for the results that they supplied for me! The constant motivation and willingness to answer any question I had, as well as provide some support when needed during my anxiety attacks is more than what I can ask for! It is one thing to supply information and teach it, but to be personable and willing to work with you anytime you need was amazing. Y’all helped me to achieve my life-long dream, and words cannot express how thankful I am. If you are on the fence about using this program, DON’T BE! This program will supply you the results that you want!


The truth? I failed my first attempt at boards in October 2018. I FAILED. Honestly, I saw the word “failed” and I immediately went through the stages of grief. Overall, I felt defeated and embarrassed. I didn’t want to tell my closest friends that I had to retake boards. I didn’t want people to look at me differently, question my intelligence or question my future as a PT. In fact, it’s still hard for me to admit. Thankfully, I swallowed my pride and despite some skepticism I joined a study program. Studying alone the first time DID NOT WORK and I needed structure and someone to tell me how to adequately prepare for the new content on the exam. I decided to join the full live course for Final Frontier. They provided a schedule, a mock exam and weekly live classes to cover all the content covered on the NPTE, while strictly following the new NPTE blueprint to a “T”. I made amazing friends in the live chat, met with Dr. Singh for individualized office hours and prayed incessantly. I am the least confident person when it comes to testing, but I had an incredible peace and excitement before and during the exam. I walked out with some uncertainty and my typical hysteria, but deep down I felt good and felt SUPER prepared. Tonight, I checked my dashboard and saw it said “passed” and really can’t thank God, Dr. Singh, AKS, Mona, the rest of the Final Frontier staff and the rest of my classmates enough for their efforts and belief in me. Believe me, victory will be yours if you’re willing to take the step and ask for help. I know you’re unsure if it is worth it, but it is. You were born to be a PT and this program WILL get you there. Feel free to message me if you have ANY questions about the FF program. See you all on the other side! Proud of everyone who saw this screenshot today. Sincerely, Lauren E. Miller, DPT, PT


I would love to thank Dr. Singh for motivating me to pass the NPTE. There were times when I wanted to give up, but Dr. Singh and his team made me feel secured. The exam last January 29,2019 was difficult/ confusing, but I know I did well because I was prepared For the past months, I had to focus and study hard just to do well on that exam. I PASSED! Yes, I FINALLY PASSED! I so am proud and grateful to say that I PASSED THE NPTE THIS TIME!
Shout out to my very supportive study buddies Shevvie and Nestor whom I share this amazing experience with. The three of us did great and we deserved all the best. Can’t wait to celebrate with you guys! See you the soonest


I had only been reading success stories and wanted to write one myself and finally this is the time I get to share my journey with Final Frontier. First of all Hearty congratulations to all the newly licensed PTs and the entire Final Frontier team! I passed both the PTA and PT exam. I am grateful to Mona Mehraj for being there and supporting me through this journey, making me believe in myself and guiding me through the past few months, it wouldn’t have been possible without you Mona! I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor- she is the most hard working, humble person I’ve met and I’m glad we not only had a mentor/student bond but grew into friends! Her whatsapp questions, constant motivation, immense knowledge and sweet personality made me confident in the exam. Thank you Dr Bhupinder Singh for constantly attending endless panic calls and pushing me to take the Jan exam and not postpone it in spite of traveling to India and helping me keep the confidence and head held high up! A big thank you to Gowre Anurekha Arunachalam for the fun images on group chats. For the future cohorts- please go through them every week, they really helped me solve questions when the clock is ticking in the exam. Akanksha Sharma thank you AKS for being the sunshine in the live class with your humor and positivity! Special shout out to Chase Taylor for checking in every week, making me feel more confident and belief in myself and posting practice questions on the whatsapp groups and helping us out through this journey! To all the future cohorts/PTs taking the test- I highly recommend joining NPTE Final frontier! #passwithpride #FFteam #yeswecan