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Simon Feather

14 Ely Crescent
Redcar Cleveland , TS10 3PT
United Kingdom

Flexible and Effective Training!

Having worked with Simon for roughly a year now. I've been really pleased with the progress I've made.I approached Simon with the goal of improving my overall strength and endurance for sports. The program he gave me worked on a 6 week block with progressive levels of difficulty and volume in the training .  Having some previous experience in training programs i already had some ideas on which exercises worked well for me but after skyping with Simon i felt comfortable trying out some new exercises which i ended up enjoying more.Being able to contact Simon via Skype was a massive bonus. We ended up changing my exercise selection to better match the gym i'm using. (Very busy!) This was a huge time saver.( No waiting half an hour for a squat rack)Overall came across very professionally and enthusiastic about the progress i was making on the program! Very friendly and knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend him to anybody looking to get into shape or more specific fitness goals.

Professional, down to earth instructing!

I have been using Simon’s services for nearly two years and to be put simply, I wouldn’t be who I am now without him.


Having Simon as my personal trainer, has truly pushed me in ways I didn’t think I could. Physically, my programme has changed every 6 week, starting from the very basics as a first time gym user. When I had very little understanding of technique and understand of how each exercise would benefit. Simon was able to instruct me very clearly on how I should be using my time productively when trying to meet the goals I had set.


Working not only on what exercise I should complete but also, offering nutritional advice, has helped me clean up what I eat and as a result, I feel fantastic. At any point when I have had any doubts, Simon has only been a quick email or Skype call away from giving me his full support.


Through my injuries, Simon has been able to adapt and help strengthen my areas of weakness and as a result I have been quick to recovering. Offering a lot of time to help prevent injuries happening again. Making sure I had correct warm up and cool down exercises, Simon provided an overwhelming amount of knowledge in the sector.

Very professional, high performance and clear development paths for a very affordable price. A friendly, energetic gentleman who has made me push the boundaries. I have a lot to thank him for and will be certainly recommending him to all of my friends/family.