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Tyr Fitness

1001 Sheldon Drive
Cary , 27511

Excellent Results

Aaron is everything that you look for in a fitness trainer. He is knowledgeable, meticulous, and prescribes customized workout routines based on a trainee's goal. I have been working out with him for almost 3 months now and the results have been excellent!

Professional and knowledgeable

Aaron is really great! He is very professional and knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend him!

Back pain fix

"I had met with rear ended car accident and I was in sever back pain for more than an year. I have explained my situation to Aaron and he suggested to me a plan of action.It is just 4 sessions since we started and I now have hope that I will be pain free soon as I am already feeling better.Aaron is very helpful and very patient and flexible.Excellent trainer. Aaron will make sure you will have his full time attention and he is very helpful in explaining how to do it right and also in detailing how the plan and excercises can help

Excellent Trainer

I used to be very active in my early/mid 20s, but because I worked all the time and I injured my back (I had a herniated disc), i slowly started becoming less and less active until it got to a point where I gained a ton of weight and was completely out of shape. I weighed 174lbs (20lbs more than what I used to weigh) and was completely unhappy with myself. A couple months ago, I decided to take control of it and contacted Aaron after looking up several different personal trainers that could accommodate my schedule and had various qualifications. After meeting him the first time, I knew that he was extremely knowledgeable and would push me to achieve my goals, as well as make sure that I would not re-injure my back. I went to him twice a week for 2 months now, and because of it, along with a decent diet, I have now lost 15 lbs and am back into the physique that I used to be in. I cannot stress how satisfied that I am and how much I recommend people train under him. My girlfriend is even going to start training under him after seeing the results that I have gotten thus far. I HIGHLY recommend anyone of all ages/sizes/goals go to him.

Aaron Kline Gets My Vote

"I’ve been training with Aaron for five months. He is the fourth trainer with whom I have worked over the past few years and the first to whom I have committed two sessions per week. He is smart and experienced. He is attentive and invested in my success. He sees improvement when I can’t and offers encouragement when I feel uninspired. He reminds me of my personal achievements and celebrates them in his gentle way. I've already achieved more than I thought I would!Aaron designs training sessions that are challenging, and he has high expectations for success. He changes up the workouts regularly and remains tuned into my personal goals. He is aware of my physical limitations as he pushes and pushes. Aaron ensures that my form and technique are correct and works diligently to help me avoid mistakes. He is flexible and willing to meet outside the gym to accommodate my needs and the demands of my personal life. I highly recommend Aaron. He is truly loyal, trustworthy, and dependable. I plan to sign up for at least six more months. I’ve got more goals to reach and am confident that Aaron is the trainer to help me realize them."

Knowledgeable, Skilled Trainer

Aaron has demonstrated a level of experience and knowledge of physiology that has had an impact on my ability to get back in shape without risking re-injury of some trouble joints, etc. I have appreciated his friendly approach.

Aaron is the best!!

I couldn't be happier than I am training with Aaron. He has taken the time to understand my lifestyle and age (71). I am early in the process but he's got me doing things I didn't think I was capable of doing - and he makes it easy to accept those challenges. I look forward to our sessions and the on-line nutrition and health programs are logical and very doable. I've worked with trainers off-and-on for the last 20 years, and I have absolute confidence in Aaron.


Thanks for helping me!!! You didn't just show me, you taught me to help myself. Thank you.

The best fitness experience

Aaron is an EXCELLENT trainer. Not only has he been extremely motivating and inspirational - he is an awesome teacher. I feel more in tune with my body than I ever have, and my fiancé (who is training with us, and is much more experienced in fitness than I am) has been pain-free for the first time in 5 years after a back injury after working with Aaron for 1 month. Aaron is thoughtful, flexible with my schedule, and is helping me overcome physical and psychological obstacles related to my health and fitness. I HIGHLY recommend Aaron - from beginner to expert - for realizing your potential and reaching your goals in fitness.

Results with little time

I started training after a weekend in pain, my right shoulder had seized up and I couldn't move it. My chiropractor said he could help, but it was really about needing to build core strength and to work on my posture. I am a busy professional with a family to financially, physically and emotionally support. Long daily workouts were just not an option. I also HATED the gym. Let's just say that is where a lot of my worst moments from junior high and high school took place. I knew I wasn't going to be able to do this on my own. That is when Aaron walked in.Aaron was WONDERFUL. He took the time to listen to all of my concerns and experiences. He was patient with my resistance and he constructed a plan that worked for me. Kettle bells 4 times a week, 15-30 minutes a session and a Paleo meal plan. I haven't looked for felt better in a decade or more. My clothes are fitting better and I have more flexibility and strength than I have ever had. This is all just in 2 solid months of training with Aaron. I couldn't recommend him more confidently!

Strength and Recovery

Aaron of Tyr Fitness has become the personal trainer for my husband, a man 66 years of age who four years ago had a stroke and brain surgery. We are so grateful for Aaron's expertise with seniors including seniors who have had strokes. Aaron assessed what Ward could do during a casual walk together. He carefully watched Ward's movements and stamina. He then customized a plan for Ward with simple, easy to start with exercises aimed at strengthening muscles that were weak. When we ran into a few difficulties in following the exercises, Aaron promptly came back to our home and used a different way of helping Ward to remember what to do...carefully checking if Ward could manage to follow the instructions and how they were presented. We appreciate Aaron's knowledge, wisdom, dedication to people, patience, and integrity. He does an extremely good job with Ward. We recommend him to you and encourage you to give him a try...even if you are a senior with health issues. Step by step, he will help you go to the next level of your potential.

Dedicated Coach/Trainer

Aaron is a knowledgeable physical trainer and dedicated coach. He was a great resource and friend as I struggled to overcome a hip injury. You shouldn't hesitate to reach out to him.

In Shape Again After Kids

I've wanted to tone and gain strength ever since having children about a decade ago. Aaron Kline was incredible, he was patient and willing to let me take pictures of each exercise for reference and helped me come up with a plan that was perfect for me. I would highly recommend him-kind, caring and knowledgable and able to work with you at any level, from beginner to advanced.

Fitness After 40!

I started working with Aaron after my 39th birthday when I joined a gym with my 17 year old son.  I have 6 children, was feeling weak, middle aged, and a bit fearful of turning 40.  My weight was decent but I was flabby with no real arm strength at all.  Aaron was quiet, encouraging and so intuitive.  To my great surprise, I loved working out and lifting weights!  My body is so much stronger and leaner than it has ever been and it turns out, turning 40 doesn't have to be traumatic after all.  Aaron was the catalyst I needed to turn this ship around.  I miss him at our gym.  He was always happy to answer my questions and address my specific weak spots.

Never been to a gym before

Aaron's knowledge and his willingness to share it and answer all our questions was so helpful. With his help I've firmed up and feel comfortable being at the gym which was completely new to me.

Not Stopped by Injury

Aaron is  a great trainer. He has taken  the time to understand my goals. Taken the time to show me  how to reach them with my injuries. He has taught me to understand how to strengthen my muscles and bones with diet and exercise.  That it's ok to loose it slow. Thank you Aaron with helping me with my 30lbs weight lose so far and good luck to you and your family on your new adventure.Christine

Back pain 95% Better!

Before I started with Aaron I was sitting in a chair whining about how bad I felt. I couldn't stand for very long at a time or go walking. Aaron saw that it was all related to the sciatic pain and my other back issues. He designed a program just for me and was always available to me and my friends who worked out with me. Now my back is 95% better and so is my sciatica. Now I enjoy exercising which I never did before. I want to thank you for all you do and will miss you at our gym. 

Running and Strong

I am a long distance runner who started a strength training
program with Aaron to address muscle weaknesses caused by sitting for a living
and muscle imbalances caused by running long distances for the last 5 years. My
goal was to prevent common running injuries and to address some issues with my
knee. I have literally no interest in strength based exercise and have very
little confidence when it comes to anything that doesn’t involve stepping out
my door and going for a run, hopping on a bike, or jumping in a pool. In fact,
if you would have asked me when I first started whether I would be able or
willing to commit to any kind of regular strength training program I would have
told you flatly, no way, but Aaron makes it fun and interesting and I have been
doing strength training sessions three times a week for about 4 months. He has
really helped to boost my confidence when it comes to what seemed to me to be
complicated exercises. He is really great at pointing out how I have improved
and notices progress that I would never have been able to notice on my own. I
would highly recommend Aaron.   

Changed My Life

Aaron was encouraging and positive especially when I was unsure of moving into new challenges. When I started I thought I'd be doing well just to maintain my current physical condition as it was, considering my age and ankle injury. You started me out slowly, cautioning me to take small steps. You showed me safe ways to strengthen my "problem ankle/leg" which I had been favoring. Because of your help I was able to achieve more than I thought I could; strengthening my whole body even doing pull-ups. I really appreciate you sharing the massage ball therapy techniques I've really seen the benefits. Thanks Aaron for all you've done for me in my exercise program. I'm encouraged!

You gave me confidence

I wish I could have seen you more often but in our time you did a great job. I wasn't used to going to a gym or exercising. It wasn't something I liked to do, but now I don't have that problem. Your personality really gave me confidence. Now I am gaining strength!

Vacation without pain

I started with Aaron because I was going on a big vacation and wanted to have strength and not be in pain. To be in better shape. I am really feeling the improvement.