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Florida Business Acquisitions

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Owners (Remys Wine & Spirits)

Dear Sal and Bill, We want to thank you for your efforts in the recent sale of Remy's Wine & Spirits. We entrusted one of our most valuable assets to your guidance and you didn't let us down. In particular, we found your valuation analysis of our company to be excellent & light years ahead of what we had seen from other brokers. That valuation served as the base for the information package you presented so well to prospects. Your screening of sales prospects was also right on. They were all qualified and interested. You presented our company well in the several meetings we had with the sales prospects. Once the sales contract was signed, we noted your efforts to keep the process on track right up until closing. We will be happy to recommend you both to any of your future client prospects. John and Kimberly

Owner (Trinity Eye Care)

Dear Sal,

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your leadership and guidance throughout the sale process of my optometry practice. Saying goodbye to something that was so near to my heart was daunting enough, but from day one you helped me feel at ease and certain that the sale of my business was in good hands.

After interviewing two other brokers, I chose your services because of the rapport, level of comfort and genuine interest that you exuded at our first meeting. Your attention to detail and ability to concisely explain the entire sales process was indispensable for a small business owner. You exemplified going above and beyond the call of duty and have set a powerful example of what business and service is all about.

Please accept my profound gratitude for what was the most memorable partnership I have experienced as a business owner. All the best to you in all of your future endeavors. Any business owner would be lucky to have the opportunity to partner with you. 

Best Regards,

Angela M. Bernardo, O.D.

President (Titan Products Manufacturing)

Brad, this is to acknowledge your terrific job in selling our manufacturing business. Your valuation process was thorough. You promoted the company immediately and got 25 inquiries, while showing the business to 4 prospects, and receiving two firm offers. You followed up relentlessly; we closed the sale 2 months after the listing date. The buyer is a very professional operation with which I now have a

manufacturers rep agreement. I highly recommend your services to anybody who is selling a business. Thanks.


Mark Techler

Titan Products

Owner (The Italian Way Restaurant)

Sal, I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for selling my restaurant. Before signing my listing agreement I interviewed three business brokers. Each broker was professional, knowledgeable and all had good references. What separated you from them was your ability to show me how you were going to sell my business. With your innovative appraisal you told me what my restaurant was worth. The other brokers gave me a range of what they “thought” they could sell my store for. As you explained, people will not buy a businesses based on potential they want to know exactly what they are buying. Sal, I can honestly say because of you, we were able to sell my business for 96% of the asking price. 



President (National Safe Manufacturing)

The process of selling a business is such a unique one. It’s not something you want to do on your own. You need a trusted advisor. Sal Urso and his team were the consummate professionals during this process. From the valuation of the business, which was right on target, to the selling of the business from start to finish. Sal exemplified integrity during our private and public discussions and brought positive realities to each step. With Sal’s help in the details and issues we were able stay on track and close the deal. Sal I want to thank you for helping me close this chapter and move on to open up the next one.

Roger Richards

President and CEO

National Safe

Owner (Subway Franchises)

I recently bought four Subway Sandwich restaurants in the Tampa area. The broker was Florida Business Acquisitions. Specifically, I dealt directly with Bill Burnham and Sal Urso. It was their listing.  

Sal and Bill went beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions. They worked honestly and efficiently and looked out for my best interests the entire time. There are many ways that a deal can fall apart but very few ways to “make it happen.” From the onset until after the closing I found Sal and bill to be determined, persistent and knowledgeable in all aspects of the process. It was pleasure working with these guys.

Sal – He is a Deal Maker! If there is a way to get the deal done, Sal will make it happen.

Bill - He is excellent at managing the details of a transaction and takes a great pride in delivering the best deal possible for his clients. 


Subway Franchisee 

Owners (Impressive Printing)

During the fall of 2009, we engaged the services of Sal Urso of Florida Business Acquisitions to sell the printing business that we had operated for over twenty-three years. Of the three companies we interviewed before making the decision of who to list our business with, Sal was by far the most responsive and professional.

Over time, Sal has developed a unique but aggressive style and method of marketing businesses. His way of valuating a company gives not only the owners but prospective buyers solid information to work from. We found him to be honest and forthright in giving us the facts that we needed to consider, always backing them with solid business principles.

In the beginning, Sal outlined how he would market our business along with how he would communicate with us. He did everything he promised, making the sale of our business a pleasant experience from start to finish. He was readily available whenever we had questions, keeping our interests in mind at all times.

We found Sal to be very resourceful, as well, in staying several steps ahead of the game, such as the efforts he makes to help a prospective buyer find whatever financing they need. He has intentionally developed relationships with multiple banks so he always has a backup if circumstances require it. Because of his years of experience in the field, he knows what things must be in place for the closing and expends  a lot of effort to be sure everything has been taken care of so there are no surprises at the last minute.

We would highly recommend Sal's services to buyers or sellers and would be happy to discuss our experience with you should you have further questions.

Arden and Barbara Hagele

Former owners of Impressive Printing & Copy Center

Owner (Medical Jewelry Website)

To Whom it may concern,

I just sold my business through Florida Business Acquisitions and it was an extremely positive experience.  The business sold within 4 months which exceeded my expectations!  Brad Freeman was a pleasure to work with.  He is very knowledgeable with the market and his background in accounting was extremely helpful.  Brad's reports helped explain to me how he came up with the pricing for the business.  It was very fair and right on target.  Brad is easy to communicate with and showed lots of patience and understanding during the entire process.

I would highly recommend Brad at Florida Business Acquisitions. 


Jane Sultenfuss

Owner (i9 Sports Orlando)

Sal and the folks at Florida Business Acquisitions did everything you would expect from a great broker. They followed up aggressively on prospects, converted these prospects into concrete offers, and then, most important of all, they stayed on top of it up to the day of closing. Because of this careful preparation, everything went off without a hitch. And they kept me informed every step of the way; I spoke to Sal so much that I feel I know him personally.

Within two months of listing my business with FBA, I had a full-price offer and several other buyers waiting in line. We closed at full price two weeks later.

Sal and his staff bring a level of professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and service that is truly a rarity in a profession rife with charlatans.

Chris Henderson

i9 Sports® - Orlando

Owner (CPA Firm)

To whom it may concern,This is a letter of recommendation to any perspective business owner looking for a competent and ethical business broker. Brad Freeman, CPA, is the only broker who I’ve worked with successfully who remained on top of everything from the search for a sound venture to the actual business negotiation and contractual process. From the beginning, he put me at ease with his ability to ask the right questions of me, the seller, the small business administration, the real estate agents, etc. He was patient, yet persistent and made sure the transaction was a smooth process. I highly recommend Brad to anyone who wishes to own their own business as the decision to purchase is based on a host of variables that require his level of expertise. 


Kurt S.

Owner (Visiting Angels Nurse Registry)

Brad, I would definitely say that you, Sal and Florida Business Acquisitions have been a tremendous asset in the sale of our business. You found us a buyer and helped all through the process up to closing. You were responsive to my questions throughout the process and actually had more tax knowledge on this matter than my own accountant. I would recommend your service to anyone looking to sell a business. 


Eric Samargedlis 

Visiting Angels

Owner, President (Tahitian Gold Salon & Spa)

My experience with Sal and his team was; simply put......painless. After trying to sell my business on my own for 5 months I listed it with Florida Business Acquisitions and we had 2 offers after just 2 months one of whom purchased my business.

This came only after speaking with 5 other brokers that ranged from rude and shady to downright dishonest. I felt relieved after speaking with Sal. Not only was he fair and honest but, through his simple explanations of how everything worked, the whole process of selling a business was easy to understand. Sal was available anytime I had a question and he took care of everything!

Thank you Sal, 

Lisa N.

Managing Director (Accell CPA Firm)

Mr. Freeman,you acted as our broker in one of two acquisitions that we closed this year.  Brad's assistance and professionalism was outstanding, especially in comparison to the "other broker" that we used.  Rather than only looking to close the deal and earn a commission, Brad provided us with a great deal of information to determine whether this was the right purchase for our company.  He ensured that we asked the right questions, considered more than just the financial aspects of the acquisition, and that we could articulate our points during negotiations. Our company is planning to acquire multiple practices each year, and we are looking forward to working with Brad and Florida Business Acquisitions in the future. 

Christopher Hiestand

Managing DirectorAccellCPAs, P.A.

Owner (i9 Sports Tampa Area)

Dear Bill:

I wanted to thank you and Sal for all your assistance in evaluating, pricing and listing my franchise business for sale.

Your company devoted the time in the beginning to thoroughly execute an in depth evaluation of my business to develop a pricing structure that was fair and competitive. This is probably the most critical part of selling a business. Your lead generation was immediate, and your constant follow-up was consistent. Everything was always handled very professionally from start to finish.

I had previously had some bad experiences with local business brokers. However, your company’s approach and follow-up were like nothing I experienced before. Your company would be the only choice in the future, and the only choice I would recommend.

Thank you for all your flexibility, help & support throughout the process.


Richard Helm

Tampa, FL

Owner (Meineke Car Care Center)

To Whom It May Concern:

We have listed my business with several brokers in as many years. Most of the time the brokers just brought potential buyers and expected me to sell the business. Since we had no experience in this, we lost many potential buyers.

Then along came Sal! He came and took all the sales numbers, expenses, P&L statements, tax returns and evaluated the business. He told us what the business was worth based on the numbers. This was impressive alone! We had not seen any broker do this before. The price was what we thought it should be so we listed it with Sal.

The work had just begun. Sal had many potential buyers that he screened, so not to waste our time, and he brought qualified buyers to see the business and to have us answer any questions. Sal told us to be ourselves and to be totally honest. We went thru a few lookers and had some strange encounters. Then SAL sold it!!!

Sal at all times was honest with everyone. The transaction went smoothly and we are happy customers of Sal's.

Thank You,

John & Sheila Taylor

Meineke Car Care Center Tampa, FL

President, CEO (Tenant Check)

Following our recent business transaction we feel that this pleasant experience is worth mentioning.

Beginning of this year, we decided to sell our $1,000,000 business  in order to pursue our goal of retirement. After going through a disappointing experience and interviewing several business brokers we decided to list our company in June 2007 with "Florida Business Acquisitions, Co." in Tampa, Florida.  

They took on the complex task of learning about the nature of our operation rapidly and in a highly professional way; their understanding and educated presentation of our business paved the way for the successful acquisition. In Fact, within four weeks we had 25 serious interested buyers and ended up with 2 written offers before the end of the second month after listing. Impressive was how fast and at the same time professional the broker's staff adapted to the sensitive nature of our business market and how clear the negotiations and contract details were put into place by Florida Business Acquisitions, Co. Their highly skilled personnel ensured that the entire transaction ended up being a win-win situation for both, us as the seller as well as for the buyers who successfully purchased our company at the beginning of October 2007.

We appreciated the easy and clear communication, the personalized service and the quickly established level of trust. We were also pleasantly surprised how little time we as the business owners had to contribute to get this deal completed since we were very busy running our day-to-day operation and making sure no interruption would occur. Our expectations were fully met.

President (Duraseal Asphalt & Sealing)

Sal, Just wanted to express my appreciation to you for all your help in selling my business.  From the first phone call I received from you on a Saturday after I sent you a request early that morning about selling my business, I have been completely and totally impressed with your service.  Not only were you the first broker to contact me on the phone, you were also the first broker to meet with me in person and detail your plan for selling my business.  I had talked to other brokers, one the largest in the county, and did not receive the kind of response that I received from you.  I think I signed a contract with you at our next meeting.  Your use of technology including the Internet, email, converting emails to word documents and always being reachable by phone greatly impressed me, and I'm a real technology nut. Sorry about the numerous weekend calls, but sometimes it was necessary for all of us to communicate at hours outside of normal business hours and you never complained.

I think the one trait that impressed me the most about you was your sense of urgency whenever there were any issues developing between the buyer and myself. You always brought the item up and got both parties talking immediately.  I have known so many people that don't deal with problems in their business and just think they will go away with non action. The problems never go away, they only get worse.  Not only did you deal with any problems between the buyer and me, but also problems between all the lawyers, accountants and other individuals that were involved in the sale of my business.

You were responsible for selling my business in a very short period of time and I am now happily trying to adjust to my new life in retirement.  I really felt like we became friends during this sale process and just wanted to thank you one more time for getting me started on the best part of my life.  If you ever need a reference from an extremely satisfied client, feel free to give out my name and telephone number.

Thanks Sal,

Jonathan Leonard

Duraseal Asphalt & Sealing

Owner (Sun City Flowers)

Brad & Sal,It has been such a pleasure to work with you both.  From the first time I met with Sal, I felt completely at ease.  I wasn't sure how or if I really wanted to sell my flower shop after 16 years, but Sal walked me through how he could arrive at a price I felt was right on & since I wasn't in a spot where I HAD to sell, i could sit back & wait for the right buyers - not only as far as the money was concerned, but more importantly, someone I felt had the right fit for the flower shop.Brad and Sal both were available to answer any questions I had as we went along, and even more so once they found the right someone.  Brad made sure we all understood everything as we went along from the buyers making the offer all the way to the closing.The absolute best thing was that I felt I could trust both Sal & Brad...neither one ever seemed to be shady or that they were just there to collect the commission.  They really cared about how I felt, all the way from the first time I sat down with Sal to go over all the important financial info to the closing.

A big Thank You to you both!!


Owner (Brooksville Chiropractic)


Hey I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work you put into selling my business. You came with a strong recommendation and from the moment I met you I had a good feeling about a business relationship. I appreciate the fact that you are not the type of broker that puts his accounts on the MLS and lets them sit there gathering dust. You were always proactive in disseminating information and creating leads for purchase. I also appreciated all the hard work you did in helping my buyer find a good purchase loan. For the first time I have a broker that actually deserves his commission and I was happy to pay it. Not only did you sell my business in a timely manner but you helped me sell it for the list price. I feel that not only have I found a person I will enjoy doing business with in the future, I feel like I have found a good friend. Have a great day and keep up the awesome work.


Dr. Roy S.

Brooksville Chiropractic

Owner (Fantastic Sams Salon)


I want to thank you for all your help in selling my business. When I interviewed you, I made the decision to hire you because I wanted the best. You didn't disappoint me.

You took a business that was almost impossible to sell, which needed to be sold in a short amount of time, and you did it for me. You didn't merely list it, you SOLD it. You didn't merely sell it, you were quick in your response, always ethical, and showed an amazing amount of wisdom, common sense, and tact toward all parties concerned.

You went above and beyond what was expected of you, and you continued to do so even after the sale was over and your obligation was gone.

You made the process as painless as possible, smoothed over the bumps in the road, and made the transition seamless.

Not only would I highly recommend you to anyone who is selling their business, but I would also call them foolish for choosing anyone else.

Most Sincerely,

Freda D.

President (Total Package Cleaning)

Mr. Urso,

I want to thank you for all the hard work and proficiency you put into my acquisition of JP Commercial Cleaning. This deal would have fallen apart many times without your expertise and skills in dealing with the fluid conditions that kept arising after we were in contract. You creatively structured this deal such that the seller and I were both protected no matter what the outcome.

I recommend you without reservation to ANYONE selling or buying a business, knowing you will always do the right thing that is in your clients’ best interest.


Tony U.President 

Total Package Cleaning

Owner (New Concept Salon)

Dear Sal,

We want to thank you for the great job you did in selling our business (hair salon). Your evaluation of the business we believe was a huge asset in its marketability. The extra time you put into making sure our new buyers were able to meet and secure the lease was over and above. Your accessibility to us and the new buyers was also a big asset. In all the service you gave was superb.

Thank you.


Grace W. & Linda W.

Owner (Luminair Lighting & Fans)


As we look at the calendar, we can't believe it has been a year since you listed and sold our business. It has been a tremendous year for us, and we have you to thank. The way you handled all of the research and negotiations was nothing but professional. We truly appreciated the way you were available at all hours to answer any questions that we had.

We wish you nothing but success! We will happily continue to refer new business to you and give references if anyone is interested.


Dave and Paula S.

President (Luminair Lighting & Fans)

Mr. Urso,

It is my pleasure to provide a strong letter of recommendation for you and your firm. Our experience with you during the purchase of Lumenair was completely positive in every respect. Your assistance and professionalism was instrumental to the success of our purchase and resulted in a transaction that was truly to the benefit of both parties, buyer and seller. Certainly, you can have any prospective clients contact me to discuss this in more detail. Thank you again for your help.

Lee M.President,

OwnerLumenair Lighting and Fans