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Simply Amazing

Font Fixation has really created amazing products. Their attention to detail and caring about their customers comes 2nd to none! I cant wait to order again!

Wow, just wow!!

Absolutely fantastic stamps, I ordered 2 fonts and 3 design stamps and I couldn't be more impressed. They are made with such care and detention to detail, down to the packaging! Shipped and recieved them in lightning speed compared to other manufacturers offering theses type of high end stamps. Each stamp provides a nice crisp indentation. Couldn't be more pleased!


I have been stamping for about 2 yrs.  Like others I started with the craft store fonts. They stamped well but I could not get my letters to line up or space correctly.  Somehow I got connected to FF FB page.  I went out on a limb and purchased my first set, Margarita 3 MM, then Margarita 5 MM, then Shadow into Light, Hide aways and Lastly Taffy 1.5.  Not to mention many design stamps.  Need I say more?  No but I will.  Not only are the stamps suburb but so is the customer service.  Ask a question and either Stephanie or Brian will answer it extremely quickly.  Stamping is now fun again.  Thank you Brian for awesome stamps.  Stephanie for your creative ideas with ea. new stamp.  

Awesome Design Stamps

Received my first FF stamp, and the Roots design is phenomenal. Like butter. I will definitely be buying more from Brian. Thanks!


Came across your store on Facebook. Love the designs, love the quality even more. Excellent customer service . Will be back to shop soon!

Font Fixation - the best stamps EVER!

I can't thank you enough for these amazing stamps. I'm currently in the process of getting rid of ALL of my old font sets to replace them with all of the FF sets. They are so crisp & clean and make the stamping process easy and fun. As a full-time stamper, good stamps are important, and these stamps are the way to go. Thanks're so amazing! -Chloe


I've tried every brand of metal stamps and I am so pleased with the combination of quality and price of Font Fixation stamps. I'm also impressed with their ability to come out with new designs in a timely manner!


Do not hesitate to order from this vendor, not only will you receive the HIGHEST quality stamps but you'll also get the best level of customer service. The stamps all stamp like butter, the lines are so crisp you will immediately notice a difference between this and stamps from alternate vendors.  Turnover time is extremely fast.  Also, don't' overlook the stamp holders, I was literally able to eliminate a storage table next to my stamp station because all of my stamps now fit on my main desk.. which is SO MUCH BETTER.


Everything Font Fixation does exceeds expectations! Excellent customer service. Very quick response time to any questions you have. Amazing turn around time on product. When my stamps arrived the packaging was absolutely first class. Then the best part of all is the stamps themselves.They are sharp and easy to use. The impression they make in the metal is fantastic! Highly recommend!! Thanks for making such a phenomenal product.

Testimonial #11

Just received my first Font Fixation stamp set. Hideaway is now my fav set!

Best Stamps!

If you're looking to step your game up in the hand stamping world, look no further than Font Fixation. Highest quality stamps on the market, coupled with superior customer service, you can't go wrong with these. #BringOnTheStamps! 

Great stamps, great service. I've been stamping f

I highly recommend Font Fixation!  I've been stamping for over 7 years and have tried literally every brand on the market.  Font Fixation has quickly become my favorite.  Brian treats every customer like a VIP and the stamps are fantastic.  I'm a stainless stamper and they cut through and leave sharp impressions every time.  I love that the edges of the shanks are slightly rounded for comfort, and they don't rust.  Truly a five star company, so glad I gave them a try!

Testimonial #8

If you are debating whether or not to purchase from Font Fixation STOP and order today - these stamps are so stinkin' sharp and a breeze to line up. Not to mention the excellent customer service and speed of order fulfillment. Absolutely amazing quality - you will not be disappointed!!!

Blows the Competition Away

I had heard about Font Fixation from other stampers, but was hesitant to try them out because I had been burned by other companies. When the 2.5mm Shadows Into Light was released, I decided to take the plunge. Brian was absolutely amazing to work with, my stamps arrived incredibly quickly, and they are by far the best I have used. As long as Font Fixation keeps making stamps, they will have me as a customer. 


I am so in love with these stamps ... easy to use and just beautiful!  Customer Service is a plus too!  All of these stamps are my go to's right now!  Love!

Testimonial #10

I can't say enough good things about this company. The products and the customer service are above and beyond. I primarily use stainless steel, so sharp stamps are a MUST. The impression I get from Font Fixation stamps are the crispest and cleanest of all the brands I have, and I have them all. Brian's attention to detail and eagerness to please his customers cannot be beat. And the SPEED! I've had my Font Fixation orders delivered faster than it takes me to get a quote from other companies! I love that I get a superior product at an affordable price, and I don't have to wait weeks or months for my goodies to arrive. These are my absolute favorite tools for my business. No complaints whatsoever! 

5 Star Review

These are the most amazing stamps! The sharpness is next to none. The tapering makes it so easy to see where you're stamping. The engraved writing on the side includes the name the font and has an easy to read letter indication in the perfect spot at the top. They are small and very light shanks, which I love. They fit easily in cases--the one he sells is particularly awesome because of it's size. The cases they come in are also superior. And his customer service is excellent to boot. Can't ask for much more! Waiting impatiently for his next font offering...

Amazing Stamps & Accessories!

The stamps from Font Fixation are some of the sharpest stamps I have ever used! The taper and sharpness of the fonts and design stamps are unbelievable and paired with the engraving (displays font name, "font fixation" and letter of stamp) on the side, it makes these stamps so easy to use. 

The full set font holder is also incredible! It is smaller than any other font holder on the market and can fit my full set of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols from Font Fixation!

I cannot rave enough about the quality of these stamps and the stamp holder that I've received.

The perfect stainless steel stamp

I stamp on stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, nugold... you name it! These stamps consistently leave a clean, sharp, crisp impression, and haven't dulled in the time I've been using them. They are comfortable to hold, fit in my ring jigs, and the font has been my go-to for stamping. I love them! I can't wait to add more Font Fixation stamps to my collection!