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APMC improved my trading!

This course was on point! I have tried trading advanced patterns in the past and I never could really understand what I was doing wrong, but you have showed me the way Steven! The simple process going through step by step made it easy to follow you. Perfect course for anyone struggling with advanced patterns. Thanks, steve

Great Course Material

Hi, Steven is great teacher. The APMC is a great course and it really improved on my trading

My best trading decision

The best decision I've made, with regards to my trading, is getting on board with the Advanced Pattern Course and the Advanced Pattern Watchlist. Steven is an awesome coach. I new of Advanced Patterns for a couple of years, but I never could trade them for a profit. This course has changed that. For the first month, I am now a profitable trader, Cheers Steven.

Advanced Pattern Course

The course has been great! Thanks for answering my loads of emails lol I would recommend this course to anyone having trouble with advanced patterns!

EAP is the ATM!!! It is sure a road to riches!!

I have been in search of best training course and haven't found one until I came across the trading channel's EAP program. This was my first day with the program and I am already in love with the way the material is presented with examples and back testing. For a successful trading career you MUST need a trainer/mentor like Steven!!! Your decision of opting for EAP will sure be your road to riches!!

Great strategies

I love Steven and! Cannot recommend his strategies enough! So effective, yet easy so understand! 


Signed up for the EAP around three weeks ago with around $5,000 to play around with and have already seen a 12% ROI! Did not expect such rapid success in such a short amount of time, but its a testament to how effective Stevens strategies are! I know Steven personally and can vouch for the mans character, work ethic, and compassion for teaching a skill that he has so thoroughly mastered. If you want to experience the same kind of success sign up for the EAP ASAP. 

Really helped my trading

I came into the EAP as a novice unsure about what strategies would work for me, and not knowing whether or not Stevens advice would work... I quickly discovered how powerful his lessons can be! Its clear that Steven has invested an incredible amount of time into becoming the expert that he is and I encourage everyone who is on the fence about the EAP or Aggressive Entry Program to sign up and try it out... you will not be disappointed. 

Clear rule based strategies that actually work!

Where else can you find a program that clearly defines applicable rules for entry and exit that work as well as rules taught by the If there is a place I have not found it yet. In fact, there is no need for me to continue searching because I have enjoyed such a drastic improvement in my trading that trying to find another system such as the one Steven has developed would be a waste of time. Highly recommend signing up for the EAP today, you will not regret it. 


Started trading small amounts at a time. Signing up for the EAP has given me the confidence to increase the amount I enter into trades with significantly. Its like having your own personal investment advisor at your finger tips. If you listen to the advice and follow along with his trades I am confident that you will get back the value of your subscription and then some. 10/10 would recommend

Very good content

Very good content. I have improved my trading very much. The strategies used by Steven are ten times more effective than any other trading program I have ever seen. 


The EAP strategy is easy and effective, but most importantly Steven explained it very nicely. Make sure you have some basic knowledge of Forex before hand as it might get confusing at first, I watched the first video twice and i was on track. Worth the MONEY!!!
Thank you Steven.


Hi Steven I'm from South Africa and tell you what your course has improved a lot for me. Thank you

Priceless material

Incredible content, priceless educational value, and real results! Would recommend following Steven to anyone who wants to add value to their trading strategies. So fortunate to have stumbled upon the EAP

Great material even for a professional!

Have been in the professional world for over twenty years, established myself in countless industries throughout Europe, and have met thousands of people striving to create personal wealth for themselves and their families. If you have the drive to invest in yourself in order to achieve a goal you can accomplish anything in this world. Stevens educational program is exactly the kind of personal investment that changes a persons circumstances and creates wealth. I have personally used Stevens strategies to drastically improve my wealth with which I choose to improve the lives of those around me and those in need. Recommending Stevens programs to someone who has the drive to invest in themselves and better their circumstances is an incredible act of altruism that can literally change lives. I know it may seem a bit extreme, but it is the truth... Thank you for what you do Steven! Continue to educate, inspire, and incite change!

AEC drastically improved my trading

Signed up for the Aggressive entry program and have drastically improved my returns over the past several weeks. Cannot wait to see how much I improve my portfolio in the coming months! Thank you Steven!

Great to learn

Hello everyone I come from Taiwan,   began to learn foreign exchange analysis, and finally from youtube and finnaly follow the Steven heart' video, recently began to profit from the foreign exchange slowly, from the basic to the progress is really recommended to learn from him technical analysis,Finally thanks to the tradingchannel such a good platform for everyone to learn.

Steven is a great teacher

Join Steven's EAP. His strategies are easy to understand and he has done the backtesting for you. He never shares something he has not tried yet. If you have doubts watch his FREE educational videos. I am sure you will love his elaborate teaching style and honesty and just view the equity curve to see returns of his strategy. It speaks a thousand words.

Testimonial #32

Enjoy taking advantage to the valuable advice given by Steven on the EAP. Whenever I have a question about a concept I don't fully understand or a trade that doesn't seem to make sense he has always answered my emails promptly and describes everything in detail. Please keep up the good work, you are improving the trading, and thus lives, of so many of us out here!


Great course and completely different from available courses on internet.Behind every trade there is a solid explanation why the trade was taken.Clear ST,TP and money risk per trade.No any lagging indicators are used,no any Martingale or Holly Grail system.The EAP service and emails are very clear and correct way to become profitable trader. Definitely I will stay and continue with Steven.Thanks to EAP.

Easy strategies that work

The Strategies that Steven teaches are very easy to understand and this is the first course and program that I have ever taken that gives clearly defined and easy to follow rules for entry that actually work. My account has grown substantially since starting the EAP. I am very satisfied with this service and will be a member for life.

Amazing Experience

I would like to start by thanking Steven personally. He has helped me become a profitable trader. I have been a part of the program for 3 months and have been extremely profitable since joining! The course is amazing and the emails are just as educational and informative. I would recommend the EAP service and Steven to anyone who would like to start trading. 

Changed my trading for good

Before starting the EAP I was struggling very with my trading. I lost over half of my acct. and was very down on myself, then I found Steven and The Trading Channel. Since then, my account is almost all way back up and I am very confident in the strategies that I have learned here. I would recommend the EAP to anyone who is having trouble trading! 
Thanks Steven!

I Love The EAP!

I love the EAP!!!  The training videos are excellent and I want to let prospective members know just how much the EAP has been helping me with my education.  Just as one example, the EAP content suggests members begin to do their own analysis outside of the excellent trade examples the EAP sends out every week.  I’ve been doing that for a while now.  The really cool thing is after being a member of the EAP for several months now, I’m starting to see some of the same opportunities in the market before the EAP offers them as example opportunities.  I know I’m learning.  The combination of the training and the emailed examples are very supportive of my education.  There’s a lot of great content all around and the training videos tie the overall concepts together nicely.  Each release serves to further round out my knowledge of the market and significantly adds to my understanding of trades.  Very cool EAP.  Keep up the good work!!!  

Simple and straight to the point

I really want to thank Steve for this course. I really appreciate the way how he explains the strategies, and the thoughts behind it. His communication style is simple, efficient and straight to the point.I’m happy to be part of this community and i’m looking forward to have some live session with Steve

Satisfied and happy

I am super satisfied and happy with the trading channel and the EAP program. Possibly it is the best resource for seriously learn how to successfully and consistently trade the forex market available online. I would definitively recommend anybody to join the program without hesitation. In my experience, I have learnt more valuable strategies/concepts in few weeks with the trading channel than I did in the previous couple of years attending various renewed and much overpriced professional trading courses. I feel I will be a loyal EAP member forever.

Simple yet effective!

I joined the EAP since the beginning of this program start.As a person who just learning about forex, I found his content in Youtube is very helpful and his explanation is simple and easy to understand.Then he offers the EAP and I hooked up since then.The main advantage of EAP is the training videos; it does really help me build my own trading plan.His email about trade analysis is just a reminder for me.After all he is not offer trading signal.I can feel his sincerity to help fellow trader to learn and progress to become professional trader.Also EAP cost is way lower than any similar product you can find online.Good job Steven and many thanks for sharing.

Australian Member

I joined the EAP about a month ago after watching Steve's youtube channel and seeing how great the content was and how easily Steve managed to convey it across. His startegy's are easily to follow and highly effective giving traders the ability to trade easy to find set ups with fantastic results. If you need proof all you have to do is check out his equity curve and you will see that this program he has going is amazing value and a no brainer. Thanks Steve.


I am loving the EAP.  I am only trading micro lots, just to limit risk while I am learning Forex, but I have almost doubled my investment in two months.  The strategies are simple and easy to learn, but have a depth that as you learn them and get good at them they can earn you even more and more money.  Give it a try, it is the only thing out there that I have found that gives you clear rules for entry and exit.  


I have been using Steven and his Trading Channel, EAP since he started. I have found the trainging videos and the review videos first class and above all really easy to understand and follow. Also if I had any question or querries on the training he's always been around to offer a clear advice.I would fully recommend anyone if your looking at learning more about Trading to get on his course.  

The real deal!

Steven from The Trading Channel is a true professional.  From his YouTube page to his EAP subscription, it is filled with top quality content.  I’ve been a member since the inception of the EAP program and can truly say that it is one of the best resources out there if your goal is to become a professional at trading.I always find myself going back to the training videos to refresh and stay focused.  The EAP setups though out the week are nothing short of brilliant.  Just take a look at the equity curve, it speak for itself.  Do yourself a favor and sign up for the EAP program, the cost is miniscule in comparison to its value.

Great Job

Thanks for all the great content that you provide for the EAP! It has really improved my trading!


Your Teaching has helped me to become a profitable trader and I thank you for that.
~ AJ