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Frank O Sullivan

Limerick Limerick , 063


We have two of Franks paintings and are absolutely delighted with both. They are a conversation piece and make a strong statement in our rooms. I derive a great deal of pleasure from them and never tire of looking at them. We will definitely be ordering again. Highly recommended!

Irish Artist with Integrity

I have been a collector of Frank's art since I bought my first painting of his at auction in Belfast in 2010. I love his street scenes, houses, quirky cats and stretched and bendy cars, his Japanese women with fans, colourful teapots and kimonos, his collection of sinister but 'friendly' criminals in his various rogues galleries paintings, his aviation paintings from balloons populated with long tongued dogs and picaresque characters to two-seater airplanes piloted by young girls with fly away hats and obligatory dog and all of his figurative work. Check out Frank's books 'On the Road' and 'Cat Thoughts' which are both great introductions to the artist's work and particular style. At last count I have 26 of Frank's paintings, bought mainly at auctions in Belfast and Cork although I have met up with Frank in Limerick on several occasions to talk about his art and collect paintings I reserved from his website. Frank O'Sullivan is a fantastic and talented artist who I can't recommend or praise highly enough. He also frames his own work to a professional standard.