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Free Your Pain

Belfast , BT16 2EX
United Kingdom

Posture Correction

Would like to say a Big thank You to Mario to help me with my back problems which are most likely caused by my bad posture from toes to my neck. Within only three months of treatment and regular exercises I can see big progress with my posture, my body looks straight again and most of pains are gone. Mario has a very good knowledge, provides a professional service, and what is most important, his treatments really works! Would recommend Free Your Pain to anyone who suffers any type of back pain, headaches etc.... Thanks again Mario!

Cancer Warrior

So pleased to be part of Melanies healing journey using Havening techniques,
Melanie is a cancer warrior and has campaigned tirelessly for a cancer strategy in Northern Ireland to get NI parity with the mainland.
Havening Techniques has helped Melanie release her emotional burden and stresses.


Through 1:1 Havening Mario has helped me deal with the trauma of my cancer diagnosis and treatment and let go of things I've been holding on to for a long time which may have contributed to my dis-ease. I feel so much stronger and resilient since seeing Mario, this treatment could literally change your life and some of the results are instant! Highly recommend Havening for anyone, for anything, but particularly for anyone that has experienced any kind of upsetting or traumatising event/period

How Havening Helped Me


Hi Mario, I've been waiting to send you an update until I was sure, but today I touched a spider in the bathroom just to be sure so I think I'm fine to now say it. Something major has happened. I still don't like spiders and I don't want them to come near me, but that’s how I feel about bugs in general. I’m no longer filled with sheer terror when I see or think of a spider. Now when I see them they look harmless where as before they looked like killer beasts! I was at a workshop yesterday and the bathroom was filled with spiders. Prior to the Havening I would have had a panic attack and prob left the course to use the bathroom. I feel so much relief. The absolute terror I felt before was awful. I feel so much freer now. Its hard for me to even conjure up the feeling of terror I had before. But now I'm glad I don't have to look like a crazy person when I see one. Esp at work, I felt like such an idiot those 2 times there was a spider. So I can't say a big enough thank you. I honestly didn't think it would work. My fear was off the scale. But it has changed. And I am forever grateful to you and the havening techniques. Let me know when you are open for business as there are a few other things I would like to work on! Thank you!!   I can't believe I touched a spider today, it wasn't too big but not only did I touch it but I didn't kill it, lol can't believe it!   Paula.

Improved Focus

This morning I just realised that I have acquired another gear. I can't explain the difference but it is making my life so much more enjoyable. I am organised for the first time ever! I just decide I want to achieve something and it just happens. I do things without thinking. I am down to my last four reports and they don't need to be ready until Friday!!! I am looking forward to the reaction tomorrow when I hand them up. I remember thinking that Havening sounded good but I didn't think that it was my sort of thing, but I am so delighted that I went to that first session with you. Yesterday I achieved so much - I could go on and on describing what I have achieved...... Thanks Mario for making a difference. Wishing you continued success, Rose Ann

Reset Class

Mario's "RESET" Class, Really useful exercise programme for my spine. I liked that Mario was able to adjust exercises for my spinal issues! Relaxed skilled facilitator with a good sense of humour!

Neck Pain

Over a year ago I pulled a muscle in my neck, I tried a variety of treatments which only relieved the pain for a short while. Mario designed a programme for me and after only 2 weeks I was able to drive without experiencing the pain I used to get after only 10 minutes. I now feel that I am finally on the road to recovery. I would not hesitate in recommending this type of therapy.

Posture alignment

"Mario is a dedicated and conscientious therapist, with an impressively wide range of knowledge and skills.  He pays great attention to detail and expects us, the clients, to work as hard as he does - and it gets results.  He is realistic, and does not make empty promises.  My particular condition has improved slowly but surely after over 3 years of pain.  Posture Alignment could be seen as essential for anyone who uses a computer, sits at a desk or is involved in sport, whether or not you are aware of any pain.  It is bound to help avoid the problems and injuries which bad posture makes us more prone to.  I would highly recommend anyone to book an assessment - you will gain so much understanding of your posture.  Correct posture makes us feel stronger and taller!"

Sore Back

I cannot recommend highly enough. Mario has been a great mentor and has helped me improve my posture so much in such a short space of time. I no longer complain every day about having a sore back. Still a lot of work to do but now I have the guidance and the have been given specific exercises to do for my body I know I will get there. Could not be happier ☺