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SureCan Incorporated

2727 North Washington Blvd. Suite 201
North Ogden , 84414
United States

Best Gas Can We Have

Recently bought the 5 gallon SureCan and it is the best gas can we have. My wife is able to put fuel in the mower.


Best invention since sliced bread. Wish someone would have thought about inventing this 50 years ago... As they say "You can't cry over spilled milk", but count the number of times I've been so frustrated with spilled gas whileusing traditional gas cans... SureCans needs to expand their marketing so these cans can be found outside of northern Utah, like getting them into a Big Box store so this invention can be shared, and available, with a wider audience....

Everything ATV UTV Reviews

We find ourselves gravitating toward the Surecan whenever we need a dash of gas in our ATV's and UTV's.  Well made and mess free design is great when dealing with all types of fuels.  Great Job!


Simply the best! I'm especially pleased with the no spill factor for environmental purposes, especially with small water craft and on our mountain trails. I enjoy giving them as gifts too. People are stunned by the many awesome features and go right out and purchase the various sizes to include the diesel can. Thank you!

Strong and easy to use

This is a very durable gas can. It's very easy to use and I love being able to dispense without tilting the can. It's just shocking how strong and well built this can is, and considering how much other gas cans cost in the 5-gallon range this is a much nicer alternative.

I love this can!

I love this can! I ordered it for myself because I'm usually mowing or snow blowing during the day when I don't have help, and have a terrible time lifting a full can and hitting the opening without spilling. No more!

The design of this can is amazing. The gas never leaks...

After I purchased a 2.5 gallon Sure-Can it was an simple decision to purchase the 5 gallon model. The design of this can is amazing. The gas never leaks and literally as soon as you release the handle the flow of gas stops immediately. These cans are unequivocally the quintessential gas cans on the market today. You will not be disappointed with these gas cans. No learning curve. A monkey can use it!

Super easy for me!

Ordered and received one can, ordering 2 more for Christmas gifts. Super easy for me, a girl, to use!

Someone finally did it right. A gas can that makes sense & ACTUALLY works.

Finally, a gas can user invented a gas can! These are THE BEST. We've purchased EVERY type of gas can on the market. All those ridiculous new 'spill proof' gas cans that require a collar be pulled back in order to dispense are absurd. We run multiple generators all day every day to support our business, which requires at least 1 refill a day. Trying to fill the genny's without spilling on yourself with the 'spill proof' cans requires 2 people. We lose so much gas to those poorly designed gas cans - not to mention, the generators were always covered in gas, in addition to our gloves or hands.

We bought these and it was GAME OVER! We instantly threw out all of our newer 'spill proof' gas cans & then purchased 6 more of these gas cans. They're ingenious. Seriously, why wouldn't you put the dispenser at the bottom of the can? These have made filling a generator or small engines a breeze. They don't leak, they're sturdy, they actually work & they're easily manageable by my wife. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

One of the best gas can i have ever used

I use this for my motorcycles both at home and at the track. Have not seen any leaks

This is an Awesome Gas Can!

This is an awesome gas can...... A little pricey but worth every penny! Construction is great, made from thick sturdy plastics (not your typical thin flimsy gas can that leaks everywhere). Gas can is very easy to use without spilling any fuel whatsoever, the flow can easily be controlled via the thumb trigger. Also it's very easy to position the fill nozzle to the position needed ... and best of all is that the gas comes out at a nice steady flow without any chugging thanks to the self-venting vent under the thumb trigger. Now I'm just hoping they come out with some water/multipurpose cans in both sizes (hopefully rust proof against salt water as these would be great for transporting saltwater for my aquariums)

Excellent Quality

I purchased a 2.2 gallon and 5 gallon Sure Can. Use for lawnmower and snowblower. Trigger and dispensing mechanism is great with no spillage. Excellent quality!