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Gaia House

Am Jägerhof,7
Hessisch Lichtenau Hessen , 37235


Ich habe im Gaia Retreat House vier wunderbare Tage verbracht, die mich meinen Alltag haben völlig vergessen lassen.
Eran ist ein fantastischer Gastgeber, hat sehr leckere vegane Gerichte für die Gruppe gekocht (bin kein Veganer) und wirklich inspirierende Gespräche mit uns geführt.
Der Yoga-Retreat war eine tolle Erfahrung, die ich nur weiterempfehlen kann!

It was an experience that I will not forget

Entering beautiful Gaia means entering a different frequency, and soon I could leave the daily life behind and feel part of the great group that came there to experience the retreat with me. The rooms are comfortable and nice, with a stunning forest view. The shared space are so welcoming, and it is easy to find yourself in an engaging conversation with a new acquaintance, or just relaxing on the sofa and reading a book. The facilities are also nice and clean, and of course the sauna is a great treat.

In the retreat that I participated in Beatrix was the teacher, and I could get so much from her. She is a great teacher, and a very kind person.
Perfect setting to immerse yourself in yoga while also relaxing and touring around.  The pillar of Gaia is wonderful Eran, the host. All the group had a great pleasure to be hosted by this generous host. The vegan food was the best vegan food in Germany period, and delicious in every rate. Eran's personality and welcoming manner helped the group that started as a group of stranger to form quickly bonds, and feel very close by the end.

If you can hear some call to go visit Gaia, then you probably should. It was an experience that I will not forget.

Great Experience!!

Gaia Retreat house in a cosy and peaceful place close to nature. You definitely can feel the positive attitude and energy of its owner Eran, the lovely host of Gaia house, as soon as you enter the house.

Unity is Eran's central theme, which he makes clear right at the beginning of the weekend. He made me feel comfortable right away and I had relaxing days with the group, the host and Bea, the yoga teacher. Everybody was accepted as he/she was and you could stay on your own or be with the group according to what was good for you.
Bea's yoga lessons were wonderful and included everything which is needed for inspiring lessons. She easily adapted to the needs of the group and adjusted the flows and asanas accordingly - this is what characterizes a good yoga teacher.

Last but not least Eran's delicious vegan food - made with love- you could tell!
Gaia house is a place for inner balance and a place full of positive energy. Keep on going!

Altogether a great experience, thanks to all of you - Eran, Bea and everyone of our group. Special thanks to Eran and Bea - you are special ! and I met you at the right time. Namaste. Monika.

"Yoga on my mind!"

Gaby and myself were new to Yoga and a little hesitant due to our inexperience, but I must say Bea our Yoga instructor made us feel relaxed and confident. Her patients, knowledge and spirit carried us through the 4-day retreat. I immediately noticed a change in just a few days of Yoga, more energy, better sleep pattern and overall feeling of wellbeing. I will incorporate Yoga into my daily life, as one would say, I caught the Yoga Bug! Lastly, our host Eran was top in my book, never have we experienced such a warm, generous and loving soul. He made us feel like family and the Vegan food he prepared was super delicious and a work of art! Well Done!

Saying Goodbye! :(

An unforgettable experience

Words could not even begin to express the experience I had under your warm and loving house.
I could feel the love and the intention in every moment: the insightful yoga classes, the beautiful nature around and on top of everything, your cooking.
All vegan food and yet, so tasty and feels the body with joy, I was amazed with every dish.

Thank you Eran Eisen that you allowed this retreat under your roof which with the help of inspiring, unique guests allowed me to put aside my human-doing and for few day enjoy my human-being. ❤️

One of the best experiences I've had

One of the best experiences I've had - meeting lovely people, sharing lovely vegan food and engaging in loving practices of yoga and walking meditation. The location itself is amazing, plenty of forests and hills to wander around. I'd also like to thank the host Eran, for opening his generous heart and loving home to all of us, and thanks to all the wonderful people I've met!

Worth It!

Definitely worth recommending. After lockdown Gaia Retreat House provided a long-needed break for the mind and the body- awesome yoga and meditation classes, great vegan food. Also everyone that we met was just a great human. We will be going back for sure! Oh, I almost forgot to mention the nature, it's a hidden gem :D

Gaia Online - It helped me grow!!!

Hello Anat, I hope you are fine. I wanted to say that I had good experience with your online class. I realy enjoyed the Meditation at home without having a 20 Minute drive afterwards. After the Meditation I went directly to bed😊. It was a good combination Yoga, mindful living and Meditation. I learned a lot during the Mindful Living.
Especially that everything happens for a reason and that we have a free choice.
I learned that I need a bit more fire and that I am too nice sometimes. I remember especially your sentence "what do i realy want?".
And I learned that an end can be a good think.

For me the Mindful Living was a good step after my Training for Yoga teacher.
I can see that I grow 🌱with all this experience and that new possibilities come up. Thank you Heike

“Between Us” Online Class

Anat is a wise and wonderful teacher.
In the “Between Us” class, I learned that others had some similar experiences to mine. It brought to the surface a concept that I knew but hadn’t ever put into words for myself. This gave me a better understanding. I love her courses, online and in person. I look forward to the reopening of the Yoga Retreat House. In the meantime, we can still participate online. We are missing Eran’s great vegan meals, though, unless we use his recipes at home. But it’s nice when someone cooks for me.

MINDFUL LIVING Beginner - The 5 Elements Principle

I had the pleasure and good fortune to join this online training for November and December.
There are so many thing I would like to mention, but I will contain myself to three: the amazing and generous teacher Anat, the warm and special group of people I got to meet and the big surprise for me personally that one can indeed do deep work and truly connect with people online.
I have taken the explorations and learnings into my personal and proffessional life.

I would also like to specially thank Anat for the extra time and attention she has offered to us throughout this journey.

Coming Home

I did the Meditation Training as well as the Online Mindful Living Foundation Training, and I need to say that both experiences were absolutely incredible..

Eran and Anat made me feel like coming home again..

I highly recommend the retreats and the online trainings.. because any experience in Gaia house; will positively change your life forever!

Love and Light,

Life Changing Weekend of Self-exploration, Love & Learning

I was coming from a very busy and stressful week and already
just arriving in the beautiful greeen oasis of Gaia helped me relax.

The balance of silence & looking inward to having space for connection & sharing was perfect! I got to some realizations that I will take with me for a very long time. And now, even when I am home, I am still savouring the beautiful after taste of this amazing experience.

And, I know for sure this was some of the best food I have had in a very long time! And I am a foodie :)

Many thanks to Anat & Eran for opening their home and hearts to us. The world is a better place because now I know there is Gaia in it! :)

Sending love!

A magical experience with lots of compassion, depth and of course.. super good food!

When I arrived I was really stressed out and exhausted. Eran and Anat made me feel so comfortable from the very first moment. It’s hard to describe with words what these few days at the Gaia Retreat House mean to me. Every little detail is filled with so much love. Every single moment was so precious to me. There also was such a loving presence between all participants and it was so easy to open up. We shared so many nice talks, laughs, the food, but also the sad moments and the grief. My heart was deeply touched when I returned home and I’m so thankful and blessed that I decided to visit that beautiful place. I learned so much and I will never forget this time and it will have a very special place in my heart.

Amazing experience

I have done the Meditation foundation retreat and I can say that it was amazing experience for me.
The house feels very warm and cozy, delicious vegan food and very nice location sorunded by forest with some nice hiking routs around.
The teachers were really inspiring full of knowledge and experience.
We had great Yoga class, breathing techniques, meditation class and some group session regarding different daily conflicts each and every one of us facing. which all were very interesting.
I had a very powerful experience which had an influence on my daily perspective about my life.

Definitely recommend for anyone that seek for some peaceful mind.

Thank you Anat and Eran fro this wonderful experience.

Lifechanging week

I loved this retreat! From the meditation, the yoga, the other teachings, the kindness and love, the food, the environment, everything was lovely. For me it was a week where I learned new things and deepened my practice to bring this into daily life. On top of that it feeled like we created a new family.

"Great Time"

I had a great time during the long-weekend retreat. Anat and Eran are extremely friendly and fantastic hosts. You can really tell that they love what they do and this also transmits into the experience. The food is amazing. Vegan, delicious, healthy and fulfilling: There is breakfast, brunch and dinner and snacks. The yoga and meditation classes are very well prepared and support you to go deeper into yourself and your practice.

Feels like home

I spent four wonderful days at Gaia house, meditating, practicing yoga and eating the best vegan food I have had in my life. The group was fabulous, all great, friendly and respectful individuals, who supported each other on the little journey we had together. Anat and Eran are such lovable and loving people with big hearts

"I highly recommend"

My experience at the Gaia Retreat House was wonderful! I gained new experiences in different forms of yoga and meditation. As a yoga instructor, myself. I have broadened my experience for my students. The vegan food is absolutely fabulous. The the lodging accommodations are great. Yoga and meditation in nature was also included in our late August retreat and was a fine new experience. I love Anat’s “Shower of Love” that the group did for each individual in the group. I met some new friends that were my family for four days and are now my new friends. I highly recommend a stay at the Gaia Yoga Retreat House.

A wonderful time

Anat and Eran were such wonderfully supporting hosts! The were offering very very nice food (all time around), and made sure all of the time that everyone is feeling happy. The yoga retreat was a very profound experience - I experienced a lot of joy and peace, while learning a lot about mindful living! Thanks to the very inspiring and supportive teacher.

"A wonderful experience"

It was like entering a different world. Anat and Eran are wonderful hosts that welcomed everyone with love and open arms. Anat created an environment where everyone was safe to be vulnerable and share their story. She invited us to reflect about our life and I have learned so much from her! I expected a weekend with "just" Yoga and I came out as a new person. Thanks for everything Anat. With love, Romina

Great Place!!

I enjoyed my time at the Gaia house immensely. Anat and Eran are the perfect host; very tentative and generous with every guest. The cuisine served was an unexpected treat that made me look forward to every meal. I encourage a visit if you are in search of a place to escape and connect to your quiet self.

Danke für unvergessliche Tage!

Der fast erste Satz von Anat war:"Wir möchten das ihr euch zu Hause fühlt" und das kann man bei ihnen. Ich habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt. Ausgezeichnetes Essen und viel Menschlichkeit von Eran :) Mit viel Einfühlungsvermögen, Erfahrungen auf vielen Ebenen führt Anat

Einzigartige und Wundervolle

Es war eine einzigartige und wundervolle Woche. Die Liebe im Haus war (ist) in allen Bereichen spürbar. Besonders Freude bereitete mir das vegane Essen, welches zum nachkochen inspirierte. Gerne möchte(n) ich (wir) diesen wundervollen Ort mit vielen interessanten Persönlichkeiten wiedererleben.

A Great Retreat!!!

During the meditation foundation training in February I had a very good time with a lot of inspiring experiences. Anat and Eran create a welcoming atmosphere and I would come back any time for another retreat! In addition to that, the food is just great.

A wonderful retreat

It was an amazing retreat on so many levels.. very special and lovely hosts, teacher and cook. We learned so many great things, and the food was just out of this world. The location is lovely, next to a forest, in a very peaceful and quiet place. The accommodations were perfect, everything is clean and comfy. And all the participants, including the teacher and cook, are amazingly beautiful and gentle souls. I am honored to have the chance of meeting and getting to know them in this lifetime.

Feels Like Home!!

We are incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to hold a 4 day immersion retreat for women at Gaia Retreat House. From the moment we arrived, everybody felt home and at ease. Anat and Eran create a highly welcoming and loving environment for each and everyone. They were very clear and easy to communicate with throughout the whole process of planning and holding the retreat as well. And not to forget: The food was just INCREDIBLE!!! It carried the taste of true intentions and pure love. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all that you've provided for us and the heartfelt connections to the inner and outer nature that was possible to receive for our participants at your truly special place. Much love Nina & Sophia.

10 Sterne

Liebe Anat, lieber Eran, ich bin immer noch ganz gerührt von eurer liebevollen Ver- und Umsorgung. Nach über 40 Jahren Seminarhauserfahrung, kann ich ohne rot zu werden sagen: Ihr seid die besten Gastgeber. Vor allem Erans Kochkunst ist unübertroffen. Ich habe noch nie besser gegessen. Nach 4 Tagen hatte ich Bedenken zugenommen zu haben aber neiiiiiin. Die Waage zeigt eher weniger an - freu. Ich kann euch wärmstens weiter empfehlen und hoffe bei euch noch viele Seminare anbieten zu können. Unsere Teilnehmer waren auch alle hellauf begeistert und es war fast ein bisschen schwierig die vereinzelten Silencephasen beim Essen durchzuhalten, da immer wieder die AHHs und Mmmms rauspurzelten - kicher. Euch alles Gute, Liebe und Schöne - LOVE

Das beste was uns passieren konnte

Ichwar mit einer Integralis-Selbsterfahrungsgruppe im Haus. Es war von Anfang bis Ende eine optimale Unterstützung für unsere Arbeit. Wir fühlten uns herzlich aufgenommen, wurden außerordentlich kulinarisch verwöhnt und profitierten bei unserer Arbeit von der tiefen, weiten Atmosphäre im ganzen Haus. Sehr gerne wieder!


Hallo, Ihr beiden, vielen, vielen Dank für Eure überwältigende Gastfreundschaft am vergangenen Wochenende. So freundlich und zuvorkommend, und das Essen war  einsame Spitze!! Ganz liebe grüße  

Das beste Essen der Region

Das Essen im Gaia übertrifft alles was ich seit vielen Jahren in anderen Seminarhäusern gegessen habe. In der Region dürfte es nichs vergleichbares als Restaurant geben. Und selbst in Großstädten wird es schwer sein ein solch gutes Essen zu finden. Fünf Sterne für die beiden Köche.

Ein Bad in der Fülle von Köstlichkeiten

Die Trancetanzwoche "Visionen" ist getanzt! Die Natur um´s Gaia empfing uns, genau wie ihr, Anat und Eran, mit herzlich offenen Armen. Genährt und gefüllt in dankbarer Freude sagen wir "Auf ein Wiedersehen" in diesem wunderbaren Haus mit herzvoller Liebe, die durch den Magen geht. Hier scheint, Dank euch, die Sonne!

Fabulous four days!!

The Yoga Retreat at Gaia house was a fabulous four days in a peaceful and comfortable location with warm and generous people. From the beginning Eran and Anat welcomed us like family. Anat is an excellent yoga teacher, who helped us to deepen our practices with meditation, and a perfect mix of gentle and challenging asanas. The food was delicious at every meal, and the woods around the house are perfect for quiet walks. I highly recommend the retreat, and want to thank Anat and Eran for such a special few days.

Perfect place for retreats and timeout

Dear Anat and Eran, thank you for a wonderful time in your beautiful house! I felt very welcome and enjoyed especially the yoga classes in the morning, the amazing food (everybody should have the possibilty to eat like this every day!) and all the lovely places inside and outside the house - so peaceful! I will surely come back! Thankyou

Thank you for a wonderful time!

Dear Anat, dear Eran, thank you so much for the wonderful time we had at your house in the heart of Germany. Our Sommer Kreativ Retreat has found it's perfect location! We felt always welcome, we loved your hospitality and your amazing food! Anat, thank you very much for the early morning yoga, which gave a great balance to the crafting we did during our days at Gaia. We very much enjoyed our time in Küchen and would love to come back!

Excellent & Relaxing!!

Everything was so wonderful. It was excellent for relaxing and coming down. The meals have been awesome. It was a pleasure to stay there.



Thank you!

Dear Eran and Anat. What a lovely Retreat you have. Peaceful, beautiful and relaxing. I loved the food which was cooked with so much love and so much detail. Thank you very much for making my stay so special. I wish you all the best. With love Tanya

Wonderful Retreat - absolutly recommendable

This has been the first retreat I have ever joined and I am still so impressed! Eran and Anat have created a wonderful retreat and they lovingly furnished everything down to the last detail at Gaia House. Yoga has never really been mine but Anat has explained every excercice with her warm, positive and pacient way of being and convinced me of doing yoga on a regular basis by the end! Eran - on the other hand - is an excellente chef and has created very delicious and numerous vegan plates! The Gaia House is absolutly recommendable and I am planing my next retreat at Gaia by the end of the year!

Amazing experience

Anat and Eran are wonderful people and their concept of combining yoga, meditation, healthy and amazing food with their warmth, kindness, appreciation and joy is absolutely great. We laughed a lot and at the same time had very in-depth conversations, thanks for every single activity.
Gaia Retreat House is the right place to relax, find stillness and come to inner strength. It was my first yoga retreat, I enjoyed every moment and the effect continues. I will come back!
Thanks a lot and love to you both

A Great Retreat!!!

I have been in your place for the yoga retreat and felt so warm and welcome, it was a real nice experience the yoga and meditation you thought me and in so many different ways and with a free mind and body I took part in it. We as a group felt immediately very comfortable and gave us the feeling of a warm family. The food was completely delicious and variable there are no words to describe the goodness of both the food and the being there in the wonderful house with two fantastic hosts Anat and Eran

Wonderful Yoga Retreat

I don't usually write reviews, but I felt so welcomed and happy during my stay that I have to share it with others. At Gaia Retreat House there is everything you need to have the most beautiful experience, adorable hosts (Anat & Eran) who will care for you as a member of their family, a wonderful and peaceful location surrounded by nature, lovely and healthy food that nourish your body and your soul. That was my first yoga retreat and I was afraid to not being able to follow all the activities, but I always felt invited in doing what I could, what my body was ready for and I had all the support needed to finally opening myself and realizing I could do so much more than I thought. If you need a break from your daily routine and stressy life and get fully recharged then I can only recommend to visit Gaia Retreat House, you will want to come back again!

wundervolles Familienfest

Keine Ahnung, was ich zuerst nennen könnte - Eure Herzlichkeit und Gastfreundschaft, Euer Haus, in dem man sich in jedem Winkel willkommen fühlt, die vielen Möglichkeiten, die man bei Euch hat, die Natur, Eure Gelassenheit, das köstliche Essen...mmmmmh! - es war ein tolles Fest!
Vielen Dank für die schönen Tage bei Euch, liebe Anat und lieber Eran!

Our Family GetAway

Anat und Eran sind unglaublich herzliche und tolle Gastgeber. Schöne Räumlichkeiten, wahnsinnig leckeres Essen und eine super Stimmung. Perfekt, um ein Wochenende gemeinsam zu entspannen, Yoga zu machen, sich zu erholen und zu endschleunigen. Wald und Wiesen in direkter Umgebung sind ein besonderes Plus.
Thank you so very much. We've enjoyed our family stay at your place, not only because of the beautiful house, but most of all because of your exceptional hospitality.

Great Place!!

Beautiful place, beautiful people, beautiful surroundings. Our family really enjoyed spending some time at Gaia. We were spoiled with good company, generous hosts, excellent food, peaceful nature within the house and outside. It rained the whole time but we hardly noticed. Thank you, the birthday present I wished for myself, a stay at your place, was much much better than expected!

Our two night stay was perfect!

The welcome was relaxed and genuine, like we were old family friends. Such a down to earth delightful family. The food was fantastic! So good that even as a meat eater I did not miss meat for a moment! The space was simple, warm, inviting, relaxing, tranquil. The surrounding nature, large rolling forested hills, is beautiful and perfect to unwind. We will definitely be back!


Gaia Retreat House war wundervoll. Die Abstimmungen vor unserem Yoga Retreat mit Eran waren schnell, unkompliziert und immer freundlich auch wenn wir viele Sonderwünsche hatten. Das Essen von Anat und Eran war köstlich und ihr Service und Art Gastgeber zu sein absolut perfekt. Wir planen unser nächstes Retreat für den Herbst. Vielen Dank! Namasté!

An Amazing Experience

The days with you, Eran and the whole group
were amazing. They gave me a lot more than word can say. It was a feeling of
coming home in a family were all are welcome. Welcome with all the fear,
anxious, doubts and joy people can carry with.

A perfect weekend

What an awesome Yoga & Spiritual Spa Retreat I had just experienced during last weekend at Gaia Retreat House.Thank you beautiful Anat Feingold for creating the perfect space for an amazing yoga experience, for relaxing, healing and sharing such precious moments with warm and open souls.Thank you for offering me the opportunity to teach one of the Yoga Classes during the retreat.Thank you for the awesome vegan food, for your unconditional love, thank you for transforming your space in a garden for our souls to grow and heal.I am so looking forward to your next awesome retreats...

"Life changing experience!"

I've been to yoga retreats in the past but this was the most amazing experience I've ever had. Peace and kindness were the marks of the days. The yoga and the fellowship were great, and the food was simply delicious. Can't wait to go back.

"Gaia is when your heart finds a home"

I really loved this awesome Yoga retreat! Anat and Eran really know how to make you feel home. Everyone coming there is not just a visitor, but a friend and a part of the tribe. Everything was really perfect. I still feel how warm it makes my heart. The Yoga sessions were really really nice and the vegan food we got was incredibly delicious! I highly recommend this to everyone searching for their inner peace. Thank you so much, you beautiful people! :)

Yoga tut mir gut

Seit ich bei Anat im Haus Gaia an den Joga Kursen teilnehme
kann ich deutliche positive Veränderungen bei mir spüren.
Ich fühle mich jünger und beweglicher als zuvor und das schon nach nur kurzer Zeit.
Joga ist für mich auch wie eine Meditation, es eröffnet mir einen erweiterten Zugang
zu mir selbst.

Thank you! Danke!

Great house, great atmosphere, thank you! We will be back.

Wunderbarer Aufenthalt

Ich habe das Wochenende im Gaia genossen, vor allem auch durch die herzliche Rundumbetreuung von Anat und Eran. Besonders herauszuheben sind dabei die köstlichen und vielfältigen Speisen, die uns zu den Mahlzeiten (und auch zwischendurch) aufgetischt wurden. Danke und bis zum nächsten Mal!


Gaia House with Anat and Eran is: delicious food, heartfelt hugs, cozy rooms! ...oh dieser scharfe Koriander Dip!!!


Liebe Anat, lieber Eran, durch eure so aufmerksame und unkomplizierte Fürsorge, haben wir uns als Gastgruppe so wunderbar unterstützt und umsorgt gefühlt. Jede Mahlzeit war eine Überraschung und hat uns jedesmal entzückt.. Wir werden sehr gerne wiederkommen. Habt herzlichen Dank


Liebe Anat, lieber Eran, danke für das tolle Essen. Durch Eure Renovierung ist das GAIA heller und noch freundlicher geworden. Ich freu mich schon auf unser nächstes Semnianr bei Euch

Wunderbare Begleitung unseres Frauenseminars!

Als wir mit unserer Frauengruppe Anfang November drei Tage im Gaia-Haus verbrachten, wurden wir mal wieder mit allerlei Köstlichkeiten aus Israel verwöhnt. Ob Vorspeisen, Aufläufe, Salate, Beilagen oder Desserts: Geschmacklich gab es immer etwas Besonderes. Der Seminarraum mit dem Blick in die umgebende Natur hat uns bezaubert. Einen ganzen Tag lang haben wir in der Gruppe mit Schweigen verbracht, und auch dabei haben uns die Beiden freundlich und diskret unterstützt. Vielen Dank!

Peace - Nature - Hospitality

As soon as you walk into Gaia Retreat House your breath gets slower and your mind stops tangling. The house is located at the end of a beautiful village in the middle of the forest with a most beautiful view. The rooms are welcoming and the whole house is created with so much love and humbleness. Anat and Eran the owner of this house welcomes you in their own home – and you always feel welcomed. It is a wonderful place for spiritual work of all sorts. I will definitely return.

House of love

Thank you very much Anat and Eran for creating this space and fill it in with plenty of love and peace. Great location, amazing house and best human beings! Muchas gracias
(Maya´s Retreat)

So peaceful / Dank von Herzen

What a wonderful place to be, the Gaiaretreathouse! I am so thankful to have met Anat and Eran and their wonderful daughter. Looking back into history it is such a beautiful signal for the world that a couple from Israel comes to Germany to create a place like the this to offer a space for people from all around the world to get into peaceful contact. Thank you so much, Anat and Eran for this special place and your loving hospitality!Anat und Eran haben mit dem Gajaretreathouse einen ganz wunderbaren Ort erschaffen, in dem Körper, Geist und Seele zur Ruhe kommen können. Ich durfte bei beiden samt ihrer Tochter eine ganz besondere Gastfreundschaft erleben. Sie nahmen sich Zeit, mir von Ihrem langen Weg zu erzählen, der sie zu diesem Projekt geführt hat, das hat mich tief berührt. Welche Begeisterung herüber kommt, wenn sie von den Menschen berichten, die sie nun kennen lernen dürfen und wie gern sie sich liebevoll um ihre Gäste kümmern – sei es mit der gemütlichen Stimmung in diesem so wunderbar in der Natur liegenden Haus oder mit welcher Liebe sie für alle kochen! Herzlichen Dank an alle drei!

Wie wunderbar

Dank Euch beiden, Anat und Eran, ist es möglich, im wiedereröffneten Gaia mit unserer Authentic Movement Gruppe zu sein- wie wunderbar ! Ich bin beeindruckt von Eurer Aufmerksamkeit und Herzlichkeit und - vom super leckerem , abwechselungsreichen Essen. Die Atmosphäre, die Ihr schafft, unterstützt und lässt Freiraum und Wohlgefühl entstehen. Ich tauche ein und freue mich auf viele weitere Seminare bei Euch im Gaia.

Top ervaring

Een plek waar je je thuisvoelt en echt welkom voelt. Ideaal gelegen in het Meissner natuurgebied en vlakbij Kassel voor wat toeristische uitjes. Oprechte gastvrijheid is hier doeltreffend. Heel kindvriendelijk ook. Aanrader!

Begeistert und dankbar! Anke Teigeler: Leitung Discipline of Authentic Movement Retreats

Nach einigen Jahren in anderen Tagungshäusern konnte ich zum ersten Mal seit der Wiedereröffnung des Gaia wieder dort sein mit einer Retreatgruppe des Übungsweges Authentic Movement. Durch Eure Gastfreundschaft, Offenheit, Flexibilität und dieses täglich mit neuen Überraschungen gefüllte wunderbare Essen ist das Gaia der Ort, an dem ich sein möchte und einen Raum gefunden habe für die Discipline of Authentic Movement. Danke euch von Herzen Anat und Eran


liebe anat, lieber eran!

herzlichen dank für eure warmherzige gastfreundliche präsenz!  ich fühlte mich willkommen und geborgen in gaia. mit den köstlichkeiten aus eurer zauberküche habt ihr uns reichlich verwöhnt. 

die lage des hauses und den freundlichen seminarraum empfand ich sehr unterstützend für die tiefgehende arbeit in unserem 5tägigen gruppenretreat. ich freue mich, daß wir weiterhin unsere retreats bei euch machen.


Wir waren mit unserer Gruppe  im Gaia Retreat House bei den neuen Besitzern Anat & Eran. Die beiden sind sehr freundlich und ganz wunderbare Gastgeber. Das Essen war einfach toll und vielfältig mit der vegetarischen Küche aus dem mittleren Osten. Das Haus ist jetzt renoviert und heller geworden. Die Lage ist schon immer richtig schön in Stille und im Grünen. Wir haben uns sehr sehr wohl gefühlt. Auch dadurch hatten wir ein wunderbares Retreat! 


Liebe Anat, lieber Eran,vielen Dank für die schöne Zeit bei Euch. Ihr seit fantastische Gastgeber. Das Essen war einzigartig. Eure Gastfreundschaf legendär. Danke Peter

Dipl.-Psych., Leiter der irelease Akademie für integrale Entwicklung

Zum ersten Mal seit der Wiedereröffnung des Gaia war ich nach einigen Jahren Pause wieder im Gaia. Anat und Eran erwiesen sich als fantastische Gastgeber mit einer unglaublichen köstlichen Bewirtung, die ihresgleichen sucht. Insgesamt ist es heller geworden und profitiert natürlich auch von Anats und Erans Renovierungsmaßnahmen. Ich habe mich noch wohler im GAia gefühlt als in früheren Zeiten - ebenso die Teilnehmer meines Männertrainings, mit denen ich dort war. Danke euch, Anat und Eran, may your place blossom further!

die Atmosphäre im Tagungs

ein Wochenende im Gaia Haus war ein Wochenende Gastfreundlichkeit tanken von A bis Z..  die Atmosphäre im Tagungs - Retreat - Seminarhaus, räumlich und personell hat sich sehr positiv auf unseren Gruppen und Arbeitsprozess ausgewirkt.  Vielen Dank


herzlichen dank für die einfache und unterstüzende Art.Wir sind bald wieder Gast bei Euch mit unserer Gruppe.

schon wieder

Liebe Anat, lieber Eran,Ihr seid wunderbare Gastgeber!  Wir freuen uns, Euch gefunden zu haben und kommen mit unserer Gruppe bald schon wieder.

Marketing Director

Danke!!! Es ware wundervoll, bei und mit euch zu sein. Liebe, Natur, Offenheit, leckeres Essen, den Kaffee "fast" ans Bett. Die Gegend ist für mich mit die schönste in Deutschland und dann noch in diesem warmen Hause mit Eran und Anat - was kann man sich da noch wünschen.

Great and Enjoying!!

I enjoyed so much. The hospitality was amazing. The rooms are great. The scenery in the area is amazing. I recommend to come and have a few days in nature, enjoying the area and the place. I know this place will become a huge attraction. Better go there while it’s new!!

Gaia - The perfect place for vacation

Gaia Retreat House is all about the perfect combination.

The green peaceful forest surrounds a beautiful house.

The hosts, Warm and loving Anat  and Eran a super cook with a smile and perfect conversation partner.

Beautiful glass studio to practice in house, and lots of places around to practice and meditate in nature.

For the kids, there are all kind of attractions within 15-40 min drive. We loved the wild park where you can feed dears in the open and the barefoot park. Even in the high season it is relaxing and not crowded. In between attraction the kids spent time jumping on big trampoline in the backyard.

We had perfect vacation and plan to come back and explore the bike trails marked all around the area.

Avi & Ruby.

Relaxing days

We are a small family and really liked Gaia House, the views, the nature and the people. In just a few months, Eran and Anat have already done a lot and developed many ideas for the house. They are very easy going, inviting and caring, already before we were there, and also during our stay. For our daughter of seven, it was a nice to experience that she can have a good time with other children, also when she does not speak their language. Her comments: ‘I liked the trampoline: I practiced somersault. I went to a barefoot path. And my mother saw a deer – even two.’ 

Vielen Dank!

Die Lage, das Haus, alle Räumlichkeiten und die Mahlzeiten sind perfekt. Anat und Eran sind wundervolle Gastgeber. Ich freue mich auf das nächste Mal!


Liebe Anat, lieber Eran, es war wunderschön, Euer Gast gewesen zu sein. Euer Haus steht in Ruhe spendender Umgebung und bietet auch innen alles, was man braucht, um neue Perspektiven
zu entdecken. Dazu gibt es von Euch liebevoll zubereitetes und sehr schmackhaftes Essen. Herzlichen Dank!
Thomas aus Berlin

Love made visible

I facilitated my first seminar at Gaia House last weekend. I can only say massive "Thank you" to Anat and Eran for providing a space so full of love and care, that I felt supported in every single aspect.
The grouproom is ideal, full of light, clean and fully equipped with everything needed.
The vegetarian food was just simply delicious, prepared with so much love and variety, no wishes left open.
The bedroom was cosy and comfortable.
I am very much looking forward to the next one.
Thank you so much!

Nur zu !

Wollen Sie ein ruhiges Wochenende? Dann nur zu!Im Gaia house hatte ich ein tolles und ruhiges Wochenende erlebt. Ich hatte genügend Platz im Zimmer und das Bett war angenehm wie eine Feder. Das Essen ist dort vielfältig und sehr lecker, dazu auch frisch gemacht. Man schläft ruhig ein und wacht auch so auf mit Pluspunkt den tollen Ausblick.Außerdem sind Anat und Eran, die Haushälter, sehr nett und liebevoll. 

Perfect retreat place

Thank you Eran & Anat for a wonderful weekend at Gaia House. It has been long since I slept so peacefully and for so long, waking up with a great smile on my face. Your hospitality, delicious vegetarian cooking and the perfect retreat location in the country side, generated new energy in me. We will meet again, surely in one of the future seminars & retreat at Gaia House. Take Care and greetings from Berlin!

Danke meine Freunde!!

Ein wunderbarer Ort, geführt von wunderbaren Leuten !

Ich habe mich sehr gefreut, dass meine israelischen Freunde den Mut hatten, hier in Deutschland dieses Seminarhaus zu kaufen und zu betreiben. Und ich bin begeistert davon, mit welcher Klarheit sie sich jetzt auf den Weg machen, ihre Vision von Gaia als einem Haus der Begegnung, der Erholung, der Heilung, des Austauschs und des vieldimensionalen Lernens, besonders auch für Familien, umzusetzen. Das Gaia-Haus liegt in einer Landschaft zu Füßen des Meißner, in der die Kraft der Natur wie kaum sonst wahrnehmbar ist. Man kann direkt am Haus loswandern und herrliche Strecken gehen. 

Im Haus ist für alles gesorgt. Die Gästezimmer wurden renoviert, der Saunabereich neu gestaltet. Anat und Eran kümmern sich mit viel Liebe zum Detail um das Wohl ihrer Gäste.

Wir haben die Zeit hier sehr genossen, haben Yoga gemacht, meditiert, Gesellschaftsspiele gespielt, eine Modenschau entwickelt und präsentiert, wurden wunderbar von Eran bekocht und auch durch die persönlichen Gespräche mit Anat inspiriert und beschenkt.  

Daumen hoch für Gaiahouse ! 

Relaxing and homey

After few days visiting in Gaia house, we were all very relaxed. Great food (the owner of the place cooked), stunning glass studio with green forest surround so we could enjoyed the yoga practice. Area was full of attractions and the place vibes are beautiful. i highly appreciated what the owners built and shared with us as gusts here.