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Just confirmed with the nub theory girls that our sway has in fact worked, it took 5 months to conceive and they’ve just told us our 13 week scan shows a girl nub with a 99.9% confidence! I am bursting with excitement!! Thank you x


I swayed for a baby boy and it worked.


I purchased the Girl Gender Sway package at the beginning of January.. I have 2 boys and knew the third and final baby would be the final! Me and my partner had tried for a girl on the second boy and well obviously that didn’t work! I came across the nub techs a few years ago and have been watching their page grow! I thought I have nothing to lose so I followed exactly what to do for a whole month, and tried in February! I got pregnant, and I had confirmed today that baby number 3 is indeed a healthy baby girl!!! After 2 boys we are over the moon! I’m so excited for this new blessing! Thank you so much to the nub techs for their help! Stacey has been amazing! Highly recommend if you want a certain gender. Thank you again!🌸


Love this programme so easy to follow and the coaching advice is amazing!! Well worth the £30, I’m having a daughter and I’m so excited. Thank you stacey.


I did the girl sway and it’s confirmed girl after two boys.

Thank you so much!


What a complete rollercoaster our journey has been! We swayed boy and confirmed via nub theory that our baby had a very boyish nub. We then did a sneak peak at home test which also confirmed a boy, roll on to our 20 week scan and we was told a girl ???? nub techs advised our potty shot wasn’t exactly ideal and we should have a rescan. We did go for another scan as we really wanted to know what baby was and today they confirmed our baby is actually a BOY!!!!! He was very proud and very clear to see!! The staff are wonderful and I can’t thank them enough!


The nub techs sway plan is easy to follow and the steps are explained carefully! The online support is absolutely amazing and you girls deserve a raise!! Stacey and Naomi excel themselves in their knowledge and always respond in a timely manner. I’m so impressed with this sway and the fact it actually works!! Well done nub techs.....I follow a well known page on Facebook and the failures of sways on there is what made me decide to come to you guys. I’m so so happy I did I actually get to have a boy x


Can’t believe it, it’s a boy! Thank you nub techs ???? after two girls I finally get my boy. X


Used this plan after a failed BDM sway two years ago. Just confirmed we are having a boy at 20 week scan.


I had been on the sway plan for several months to make sure I perfected my sway to a T. We’ve just found out our sway worked and we are having our very longed for baby boy. Confirmed at 20 week. Thank you very much for all your help, you went above and beyond.


Superb information and detailed plan to sway for a boy and I’m delighted to say we had a beautiful baby boy, thank you so much!! ????

Confirmed boy sway

Worked for me - boy confirmed


I haven’t had baby yet. I’m due in 2 weeks. At 20 weeks it’s been confirmed girl ????



THANK YOU for everything, after 3 lovely little boys, I am finally having my own little princess. Great plan, great advice and it actually worked!!!!! You guys are the best.

Confirmed girl

Hi Stacey,

Sorry me emails haven’t been working properly.
All confirmed as a little girl ????

Thanks so much again xxxx


Oh my gosh, thank you so much Stacey,
Thanks amazing news. You have been totally fab all the way through, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

I can’t thank you enough

Please let me know where is best to write a review or anything else I can do for you.



I got my boy after 4 Girls ???????????????????? I’m in shock!! Thank you thank you thank you. You guys are the best!!

Girl sway plan worked

Hey, I purchased a girl sway plan and wanted to let you know it worked! my nipt blood test showed XX


Never heard of this method,
only shettles and baby dust. We failed with both of those before so thought I would try it. Confirmed via NIPT to be a girl - 3 boys and now I have a daughter.

Buy this plan

Annoyed at myself, didn’t follow the plan properly and changed the intercourse part to the shettle method. We are having a boy!! Next time we will be following this plan completely. Your support was invaluable. Although I messed us my sway and it was imperfect I will definitely be back in a few years. Highly rate this sway programme for all the support!! Nothing is ever to much for them and well worth the money. Seriously kicking myself ????

Baby boy YIPPEE

Purchased a boy plan - 20 week scan showed he wasn’t at all shy! Thank you guys ????


Morning, swayed Boy NIPT confirmed boy. Thank you for all your support. Can’t believe I got my boy. ????

My dream came true ????

Had my baby girl confirmed at 20 weeks. Great booklet, great detail and even better constant one to one advice. Thank you so much. SHE’S A GIRL


Hi Stacey, as you know I followed your sway plan for 3 months and got pregnant! You also did a nub theory prediction, which predicted a boy!! 20 weeks scan today confirmed a baby boy. Thank you I’m so happy. ????


Hi Naomi,

This email is coming to you with so much love.

I bought a girl sway back in June. I have followed the plan for 5 months and did get pregnant. I have just left my private scan at window to the womb and I can’t even believe I’m saying this but......we have our girl. 4 boys between us and now our princess is due to arrive in august this year. I can’t thank you and your team enough I’m beyond emotional.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart