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Generation Write Now

640 Frederick Road
Catonsville Maryland , 21228
8887749917 ext. 1


My elementary age kids just completed the July summer camp workshop and they had a blast. It amazed me to see their wheels churn when it was time to write and illustrate a writing prompt. They really looked forward to their Wednesday sessions. The teachers were amazing and engaging. We are looking forward to other workshops in the future. If you are looking for a way to have your kids be interested or become more interested in writing this workshop is for you.


This course for one, gave my girls something else to do throughout the day to stimulate them cognitively and allowed them a positive means in which to express themselves. The encouragement given by the teachers and founders spilled over into the children and the children in the program began encouraging each other, as well. Which in turn filled my girls full of confidence in their writings that they really didn't possess initially. It's one thing for a parent to tell their kids they're great or their work is great. However, having your peers and a professional writer and owner of a publishing company solidifies that. And their creativity has flourished. Their interest in becoming actual authors astounds them and something they're still questioning, as in, "we're kids, and can have a book published?" They're excited about the notion of being considered authors of a book and can't wait to be able to show relatives. My children are writing outside of class and not always prompted to do so which I love! I'm so grateful and thankful for the phenomenal group of people involved in this program. Mrs. Graham and her family go out of their way to make this special. By way of the content of the kits, to ensuring any kid that wants to be apart can by securing sponsors. Mrs. Graham and Mr. Logan both pop into every class and the kids are excited to see and hear from them. The love they put into this and the children shows and I am so excited as to what the future holds for these amazing people and their progam. I definitely recommend signing up your kids. Thank you Generation Right Now!

I Highly Recommend Generation Write Now

Generation Write Now turned a child who was hesitant to write a sentence into someone who wakes up and immediately starts writing. The two teachers work beautifully as a team, and they are enthusiastic, inclusive and encouraging. I am very grateful for how they have empowered my son. May all children know this kind of support, as they develop as writers and people. I highly recommend Generation Write Now.

This group is an awesome group!

This group is an awesome group. My kids start this week and probably will moving forward. Thank you all for that Saturday workshop. My kids would never have even been interested ( and were quite annoyed I'd signed them up for the workshop) believing they had to come in as poised authors and writers. That 2 hour workshop speared a great deal of confidence in them, one more so than the other two. And writing more in another. I can't wait to see what this class does for them. There's another class in August with early registration now.

It allows them to believe they can accomplish other things...

Generation Write Now is a program that made a significant difference in people’s lives. I am a program coordinator for a non-profit in DC that works with young adults who are in poverty, suffering from mental illness or substance abuse. I was able to experience firsthand how this writing class was able to do that. Ashley and Tony are fantastic teachers, who really understand how to communicate the writing skills needed to create a successful story or poem in a clear manner. The way they worked with these students really inspired hope in them that they could complete this task and get a book published. And because they could successfully complete this class/book, they are now using that same mindset for

their other goals in life, such as staying off drugs, finding employment and obtaining independent housing. Putting hope in young adults that they can accomplish something meaningful is a very powerful thing. It allows them to believe they can accomplish other things that they previously thought weren’t possible. For that thank you Generation Write Now.