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Glow Architects

4023 N. Armenia Ave
Tampa FL , 33607
United States

Gloria was great to work with!

Gloria was great to work with. I had some of my own ideas and instead of telling me I was nuts she worked with me all the way, incorporating my ideas into a beautiful plan. My husband also had some ideas as to what he would do to facilitate the plan and she worked with him also. She has stayed with us on the project and continues to be supportive and enthusiastic. We highly recommend Gloria Kloter.

Our favorite Designer!

Gloria is our favorite Designer. A while ago, she collaborated us on a remodeling we did in my house and until the day of today, all of her design is admired and appreciated by those who visit us. This is a very professional and talented girl. Tell her your ideas and she does the rest. I wish a great success in her projects.

Working with Gloria Kloter

"What can I say. Words are difficult to produce to describe how well this went... not only once but twice. Our first experience with Gloria as an architect and designer was in Santo Domingo. As a quick background, I am an Engineer, there has always been a rift between the Architect and the Engineer. They want things to be pretty, we need them to work and not fall on people. Design vs function. We where building a brand new apartment with all custom interior features. Not only did she have great ideas but also listened to ours and worked together to make the design beautiful then make it real in our place. The 3D views helped my wife a lot to visualize how rooms will end up looking and since we used real furniture to build the views the results are perfect. After this pleasant experience my wife and I decided to use her again for our place in Orlando. Just look at the pictures of her views...stunning. Again we worked together as a team to make this happen. My wife is a little impatient sometimes, and Gloria was great listening and adjusting her design to my wife's needs...Happy wife equals Happy Man...Thanks Gloria and Team Kloter for all the help. As soon as we get the house we will use again".

We would recommend Gloria Kloter to ANYONE!

Gloria Kloter helped us with the renovation and design plan of our first home. She created an intricate plan in the beginning stages of our home project. This was accomplished using realistic computer animations, floor lay out images and various design options for the renovation. We were blown away by what she created! Gloria always maintained a honest and professional attitude with everyone involved in the project. She was patient with us through the entire process and did not hesitate to answer all of our questions in detail. She strived to learn our design style and accommodate her plans accordingly. We now have a beautifully updated home as an end result. We would recommend Gloria Kloter to ANYONE, with any design preference, looking to change their living space. She is a pleasure to work with and an extremely talented professional.

I had the pleasure to be Gloria Kloter's Student in 2014!

I'm Rosa Margarita Vicente, first of all I want to thank Gloria Kloter for the tolerance and patience she had in my first experience during the 2014 Summer Class in Chavón. Gloria, what can I say about you? a beautiful woman, a beautiful person with a big heart, most of the people we get to know don't teach us how to do the things in different ways, but this woman is a perfect example to show us that the things we want in life, we need to work for it. My experience in that summer was amazing, I didn't know anything about Architecture Design and in that class I learned a lot of things about it. Gloria is a very good professional and talented person, I recommend her in every way. I had the pleasure to take classes with her and I won't forget the experience because it was the BEST, and I thank Gloria one more time for everything I learned with her. God bless you Gloria Kloter.

One of the best Architects I've ever met!

I Love all the designs that Gloria does! She is perfectionist, responsible, and one of the best Architects and Interior Designers I've ever met!

I love all of her work!

"Gloria Kloter is an excellent Architect and Designer! She's very professional and I love all of her work, It is filled with elegance and creativity! God bless her artfulness!"


If you want to have the result of your dreams, you are in the perfect hands. Excellent!!!!!!!!

I highly recommend her!

Gloria is a beautiful person in every way! She is talented, very professional and a great person to work with. I highly recommend her! I had the pleasure to work with her and it was like a walk in the park. She is very reliable and highly proficient.