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Primal Cut

Endor Crescent,25
Burley in Wharfedale England , LS29 7QH
United Kingdom

Lovely keto bread & Bacon!

Great to be able to buy keto bread, and it’s very nice too! Gluten free keto sausages lovely, though perhaps could do with a few more herbs? The bacon was delicious!


Great range and service - shall be ordering again

thrilled to have found good wholesome natural food with no nasties

Received my first order and couldn't wait to get cooking, so much so I cooked some sausages as soon as they arrived and all I can say is "Yummy". The bacon and ham have yet to try but the bacon is on my today's eating list. ha! ha! Dave my delivery man was really friendly and curteous and followed my delivery instructions. Kate and Mike added a special little touch of an added double choc biscuit which, to be quite frank, brought a tear to my eye as it made me feel special. Thank you so very much Kate and Mike for being so thoughtful and helpful, particularly during these hard covid times. My very best wishes to you both. Stay safe. Jaqui Wall

Happy with my order!

I'm really glad I found Primal Cut, the keto bread and bagels are tasty and came very quickly! I will be ordering again in the future and can't wait to try other products too

They're The Best!

They're the best keto Sausages I’ve ever had. I’ve been ordering from them for a while and the customer experience has been wonderful. I love all their products including the keto bread and keto bagels 10/10 from me.

Cambridge Sausage - Superb!

Having searched for Cambridge sausages locally for years following the closure of our local butcher we had no success. Years later I was determined to find them and found Primal Cut's. I wasn't disappointed, quality product and tasted just as i remember them. Superb quality, tasty and value for money.

Great choice from the bakery for diabetics and vegetarians.

I ordered the keto breads, bagels, cookies and pizza bases. All I can say I have placed another order because that's how amazing the products were. The natural and pure ingredients come through in the taste. Customer service also very good. I had a query and the gentleman answered very quickly and concisely as well as giving extra advice on storing the food in the freezer.
Price obviously is a little high but then health is something not to be comprised on. The ingredients used, being able to buy locally and the variety all make up for it. I feel blessed knowing I can get good, pure food suitable for a diabetic, vegetarian, gluten free. Not many companies have all these choices.

New customer review

Having recently discovered Primal Cut and their range of keto foods we couldn’t wait to receive our first order last Friday of keto sausages, bacon, breads and cookies. I can’t recommend them highly enough, the best sausage & bacon we’ve ever tasted!! Yes more expensive but worth every penny. We shall definitely be returning customers. Super service and delivery,

Great Meat

We first bought your food at Bingley Market and lost your card. But after finding you again we ordered a load of your delicious food and are looking forward to getting “Stuck in”, especially the different sausages

Fresh, Clean, Delicious and Excellent Value!

I bought some cured meats and sausages (The Yorkshire and The Breakfast) in my first order. Both were absolutely delicious. Fresh tasting and 'clean' for excellent value. Delivered on time and brightenin up my Whole 30. I will definitely continue to buy my sausages from Primal Cut even post-White 30. Thank you!

Finally, Decent Bacon and Chocolate Biscuits!

I finally found decent bacon! Their bacon tastes like pork that has been made into bacon - you can still taste the pork because of the lack of chemicals. Also it has a very short shelf life compared to 'commercial' bacon and I always wondered why that was supposed to keep for a month now I know - it's the chemicals. The only complaint with the bacon is they pack 5 slices in a pack and you can't equably share out 5 slices - please up packs to 6 slices! Keto bread and biscuits also fabulous I've had bacon sandwiches for the first time in months and a chocolate biscuit with my mid-morning tea. The biscuits seem expensive but you really only need one, you don't need to eat the whole packet at once to feel satisfied with them. The sausages are good too although I have to say I didn't find those exceptional as was the rest of my order. But no complaints about them.

Premium Products and Excellent Service.

There was some uncertainty about my order not arriving in time due to a bank holiday weekend (which I think a lot of us overlooked given the current situation we are in lol), thankfully it did but I was otherwise offered a full refund and free delivery on my next order. Thanks for your fantastic service Kate and to you both for doing what you're doing, I thoroughly enjoyed the sausages/bacon. Premium products at a not so premium price point.

Proper Yorkshire Food

Primal Cut normally visit the Hebden Bridge Market every other weekend. But of course at the moment they can’t come. However, we’ve just taken delivery of lots of their delicious sausages for dinner tonight and for storing in the freezer. The sausages are gluten free, and full of proper meat and spices. No nonsense proper Yorkshire food. We love Primal Cut and highly recommend them!

Amazing & Lovely!

Amazing products & lovely people

Customer Confidence

Having bought Primal Cut products from their market stall in the past and finding them to be amongst the best we'd ever tasted, we decided to try home delivery. Initially impressed by the efficiency of the service, with email updates about progress, we became concerned when the delivery hadn't arrived by late Friday afternoon. A phone call was answered immediately by Michael, who was puzzled. Kate phoned back shortly afterwards with an apology that was clearly heartfelt: the courier had let them down! An email from Paypal confirmed a refund shortly afterwards. Even though we were disappointed , we will definitely return to Primal Cut, with confidence in the product and the customer care.

Wow! Excellent products.

I loved the Burley sausages, very tasty. Just had the Truffle snd Porcini- wow- absolutely delicious. Next to try is the Bratwurst. I will most definitely be ordering again. Excellent quality products. Thank you

Cookies, Sausages & Bread - delish, yumyum

I loved the triple chocolate cookies, the Cambridge sausages. so delish. ordered few of different kinds of sausages and a bread. keto friendly loved it. yumyum

What's Not to Love...

Fabulous service along with great tasty good quality food . What’s not to love

Amazing Gluten Free Bakery

Just ordered the fatty seed bread and macadamia cookies, they are amazing. Already tried the chocolate cookies and pumpkin seed bread which we’re also amazing. Absolutely love this shop thank you Kate

Amazing and Brilliant!

Amazing products. Brilliant service. Was really nice to receive our order at. Thank you

Top Class - Healthy Sausage Company

Anyone looking for a great healthy sausage company, I can’t recommend Primal Cut enough. Extremely tasty sausages that are gluten free, nitrate free, sugar free with no fillers, cereal, soya, dairy, preservatives, legumes and delivered to your door. Top class

Best Sausages / Faultless Customer Service

Amazing!!I seriously can’t fault their customer service and their sausages are the best out there. Thank you

Grateful Keto Customer

Ordered my Keto friendly bread, pizza bases and cookies early this week.
Arrived next day after sending out all in perfect condition, ice pack still frozen.
Thank you.
Looking forward to my poached eggs on your seeded keto bread toast now and will be making Keto pizzas tonight for me and my husband.
Still quite hard to source Keto friendly products in the UK, everystill is still full of sugar! But lost 3 stone on keto so it’s become my lifestyle rather than a diet and finding a company like this is a good send!

Shall order again...

Best Sausages I've Ever Had!

These are the best sausages and meat balls I have ever had. I have worked in high quality restaurants and owned my own and these products are wonderful. The sausages just don't shrink when you cook them as there is so little fat. Michael was kind enough to make a batch without salt for me as I have to avoid it these days and the flavour is fab. Thanks

Fab Pizza and Awesome Charcuterie!

Alway love the sausages but tonight had pizza! Fab bases & awesome deli meat!

Really Nice Sausages!

We bought some of your sausages off you today at Hebden Bridge market, had them for tea tonight, they were really nice

Lovely Sausages

Tried Primal Cut's sausages today, decided on the pork, venison and bilberry ones (The Burley sausage) from the Hebden Bridge Farmers Market.
They were so lovely and, just great to support a local business.
Thank you and look forward to trying your other varieties soon.

Up For More

The best sausages we've ever had - definitely be getting more

Best sausages and bacon ever tasted.

Delighted to have found Primal Cut! These are the best sausages and bacon that we have ever tasted. Really like the fact that they are wholesome and gluten and nitrate free. We will be regular customers.

Delicious Whole30 Sausages and Bacon.

We’ve tried both the bacon and sausages and they are really delicious. Great to have Whole30 compliant sausages that taste so good! Delivery service was excellent too. Will definitely order more. Thanks!

Best Taste Ever!

Just received another load of primal cut sausages. best I have ever tasted


Not a big ‘sausage’ fan but these are lovely. Very tasty and as they say you get what you pay for! They don’t shrink when cooked because they are made from wholesome quality ingredients with no rubbish! The meatballs are also great along with the very tasty bacon! Very friendly & knowledgeable owners. Great that you are now in Ilkley every week .


Excellent sausages and would highly recommend. I am gluten intolerant and have tried many gluten free meat products but these are the best

GORGEOUS!! Chorizo

Bought the chorizo sausage at Bingley Market today - used it to make a paella this evening; GORGEOUS!! Can’t wait to try something else next month!!


I absolutely love Primal Cut Sausages! For the past few years I have been working on cleaning up our eating as a family and these sausages tick all the boxes, so meaty, gristle free, gluten free and no crap! The perfect sausage - at last I’ve found you!! I’ll be ordering more very soon x


lovely food first time purchase from the pop up store in Ilkley. the burley sausage were fabulous


We have tried the sausages and bacon so far and they are all consistently high quality and full of flavour. Highly recommended.


Thank you Primal Cut, for the fabulous bacon and sausage received today! Great people, great product!


Hi I have low kidney function and only eat minmal salt which up to now meant that sausages were off my personal menu but thanks to Kate and Michael listening I now have a batch of Salt free breakfast heaven.

Lovely Sausages!

Lovely sausages and great info from a passionate owner! Will definitely be getting more


Visited Baildon Food Market today and met these lovely folk, I was treated to samples of some of their gorgeous tasty products, it is great to be able to purchase food that has been produced with care and thought and without additives, I cannot recommend enough. Thank you.


Very good quality and taste


I stumbled upon the Primal Cut during Leeds Farmers’ Market. My partner and I decided to give a Sicilian sausage a try. We had it with our home-made tomato sauce and pasta tonight, the flavours coming through it were amazing - especially fennel and garlic. Will definitely buy more

Highly Recommended!

Kate gave me the chicken chilli sausages to try, very nice you could taste all the flavours can highly recommend thumbs up to primal cut


Working my way through my recent order. The Yorkshire was a loveLyn peppery coarse sausage. I had the bratwurst last night and can honestly say it iwas the best sausage I have every eaten. I'm looking forward to trying the rest. I am also delighted to see you are now doing nitrate free bacon.


Excellent choices, great products. I can highly recommend Primal Cut.


Awesome - just awesome. Love these sausages


I bought the Greek sausages in Baildon on Saturday. Best sausages I’ve had amazing taste


They are very very helpful if you are wanting to know about their produce, They have got very good recommendations,


I'm not somebody who normally posts reviews, but I must and will recommend primal cut within a heartbeat. So far I've tried the meatza, burley and currywurst ranges, and I can't recommend them enough. You can most certainly tell and taste the difference, and I can't wait to try the rest of the ranges on offer!. Yummy they are indeed!!!!


I'm not somebody who normally posts reviews, but I must and will recommend primal cut within a heartbeat. So far I've tried the meatza, burley and currywurst ranges, and I can't recommend them enough. You can most certainly tell and taste the difference, and I can't wait to try the rest of the ranges on offer!. Yummy they are indeed!!!!


I'm a real sausage aficionado, I know a good one when I see one. "The Hunter's", "The Greek", "The Burley", "The Meatza", all tried and all thoroughly enjoyed. Need to work my way through the full menu, almost too much meat for one man to take, but I'll push through!


Very nice flavour. High quality beautiful thick sausages. Better than any you might buy in the supermarket.


Just tried Currywurst and these were excellent very high quality and very tasty, just enough flavour not over the top. Can't wait to try the others, would highly recommend.


Tried a pack of the Cambridge sausages. Good quality sausage with an excellent blend of spices.


The susages are very tasty and of a very high quality. Looking foward to my next pack.


We tried the Hunters Sausages and found them to be delicious! Very tasty with excellent quality ingredients. Really enjoyed them and can't wait to try the other varieties.


Amazing products and the holy grail of sausages.