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Gold Leaf Botanics

38460 King Court
Murrieta California , 92562
United States

I'm so lucky to have come across Gold Leaf Botanics.... The products are honestly amazing.... I take the B.I.E. Fit meal in a ball daily they are delicious and a great fullfiing snack when you are on the go. Recently I suffered pain, swelling and redness on both legs I was told it was an allergic reaction to antibiotics. Seen several doctors and they just tell me it will diminish in a few weeks. I ordered the Trauma Cream Pain Relief and amazingly in just 1 day the symptoms are diminishing like magic. I'm in awe honestly. These products are trully amazing. I truly recommend them. And will definitely seek to Gold Leaf Botanics for my family, friends and my health needs.

I LOVE Gold Leaf Botanics. Not only are the products amazing quality, they are priced so well. I’m a huge fan of the mood oils that I use in my diffuser daily. Although there an oil called “stress” it’s actually really amazing to diffuse as a decongestant at night when you have a cold and/or cough!!!

Nothing but the highest quality and best from Regina and Gold Leaf Botantics! She is my skin guru!

Great Products!!

These products are amazing ! I love the Le Cresta Skin Care , I love knowing the products are all natural and good for my skin. I highly recommend these products to anyone. Amazing products being made by amazing people.

What relief!

I am a 74 year old woman who was having trouble sleeping due to irritation and sensitivity in my calves . I heard about gold leaf Botanics and deep rapid relief. I mix a few drops of Deep Rapid relief into Gold Leaf Botanics and then I rub it on my calves. I go to sleep right away what a relief I recommend these two products to anyone having these problems .

CBD for pain

I have been using the Goldleaf trauma ceram for muscle and joint pain related to athletic activities. It has helped relieve muscle pain to allow me to continue all my fun activities. This cream has worked so well I have recommended the cream to family members with chronic back and muscle pain. They have been so surprised with how well it has alleviated the pain. I highly recommend this cream for muscle and joint pain relief.

Gold Leaf Botanics

Nothing but the best products out there! All of the oils & creams I have purchased have helped me and my family tremendously. Regina and I have become great friends through her awesome products.

Testimonial #3

Regina really helped me out with a holistic approach to an eye issue I was having. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. I spoke with her about some other problems I was having and she gave me a few different options to try and I am feeling a lot better. Regina can help you on your path to wellness, and in a healthy, non-chemical way!

Testimonial #2

I have had the good fortune of meeting Regina of Gold Leaf Botanics at a time in my life when I had been struggling with a lot of pain. Since using her pain relieving lotions and oils I am now able to have pain free days and nights! I was so impressed with her knowledge I changed my skin care to all of her products as well. The benefits of Regina’s knowledge and products has been a true godsend for me. Her customer service is amazing which is a rare find these days. Gold Leaf Botanicas is more than just a business; it is a healing gift from the heart.


Regina had introduced essential oils to my family and it does wonders! My fiancé is a Marine vet and suffers from chronic pain the oils and lotions helped him so much he stop taking his medications! While I was in labor the CBD oil, rose water, lavender oil helped me so much not only did it manage the pain, it soothe me through the whole process. Thank you so much for being such a blessing and educating us about essentials oils and lotions.