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Golden Organics

2448 Holly Dr
Los Angeles California , 90068
United States


Great product. For me it took about 3 days to get a noticeable amount of pain relief. I have suffered from lower back strain on and off for the last 20years and have tried all sorts of things to deal with it. I have healed faster in the last 3 days than in the last 3 weeks with my current back problem so i will definitely keep using it. Thanks guys.

Speedy recovery

Exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know how much a cbd based product would really help on recovery but after some time I decided to give this a shot because I though the idea of combining bcaa, vitamins, cbd etc. Was great. And after a short week of testing I significantly noticed my body to be a lot less sore than usually. I changed nothing on my training if anything I increased the intensity to really put this experiment to the test. Love it and will continue to use.