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Great Meals Delivered

4100 Grafton St
Dublin California , 94568
United States

Gr8 Meals Deals is GREAT

Gr8 Meals Delivered makes my dinners easier with lots of options and all of them a healthy. Please visit their website


Hey Aldo... where ya been? For years, this is the gentleman who provided EXCELLENT meals at a local family restaurant. Years of Little League after parties... date-night dinners... large table family and friend gatherings... and smiles everywhere on everyone. This is the Modern Aldo filling a space we all need. And helping us all to continue to smile in tough times. CHEERS!!

Gr8 Meals Deals: GreatMealsDelivered.Com

\With all the craziness going on lately, I decided to order from GreatMealsDelivered last weekend.

Free delivery, no minimum order, great prices, BIG portions, FRESH, and fast friendly responsive. No touch delivery and many great food options.

Got the Laksa Noodle Soup and Basil Chicken Rice. Each set was actually enough for two meals and at a price around $12.50 each. Where can you get a good restaurant quality dinner for that price, free delivery, no overpriced drink and no big tip expectation?

Was delivered right on schedule and was fresh and hot. Problem was I couldnt stop eating this amazing soup - just fantastic! Next day, I consumed 1/2 the basil chicken rice for lunch and it was so good also had the other half the same day for dinner. Im a pretty big 6’3” guy and both times it was totally filling. They have a good variety of options with salads, soup, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. Fish, chicken, pasta, mexican, and vegetarian options.

Restaurant high quality food at about half the price with bigger portions and free delivery - this is a recipe for success. Try them out for yourself:
WWW.GREATMEALSDELIVERED.COM and share your experience.

You will be amazed by the quality...

We ordered tonight from Great Meals Delivered! It was very delicious. We had Ahi Salad, Pear & Chicken Salad, also the Chicken Enchiladas (the bomb), Chicken Rendang and the Blackened Salmon. It came ready to eat (salads) and just had to warm up the entrees in microwave or you can put in oven. Totally fresh and very tasty and at a great price. I have done other meal services and this beats them all as does the price! They are a local Bay Area start-up based in Dublin! TRY IT! You will be amazed by the quality and price - not easy to find these days.

Thank you

Thank you so much for great food and awesome free delivery. We are so happy to find a delivery service this accommodating. They had many Vegetarian dishes, basil friend rice was delicious. We will be ordering again very soon. 

My Experience has been great

My experience has been great
My experience has been great. I am a very happy customer. Haven't had an issue and the meals are delicious.

I May be biased BUT....

I May be biased...BUT The meals are portioned perfectly, and the quality of food is great. During this crazy times our world is going through it is great to have a company who cares about their communities and not charging an arm and a leg for great quality of food. Their Pear Salad is to die for, I always get it with chicken but you can also customize it...for all you vegetarians : ) Great Food. Great Customer Service. 

Great Experience

My experience has been great. I am a very happy customer. Haven't had an issue and the meals are delicious.

WOW....So excited to make my dinner nights easy!

For all my San Jose Friends... I just tried this new meal service Great Meals Delivered, run by my sister Julia Hittler and Aldo from Megabye and I am HOOKED...and once you try it, you will be too!Here’s the scoop:* Each meal (huge portions) is around $12.50* Delivery is FREE* I ordered yesterday by 5pm for delivery between 9AM and 2PM today. * Food was delivered by Luis, a very nice guy who WAS wearing a mask but I asked him to take it off for the photo because I wanted to show his friendly smile * Everything looks delicious and ready to be warmed in the oven at dinner time. * Cost for everything including tax was $67. We cannot get amazing meals like this for this price anywhere!If you are busy, sick of cooking every night, tired of paying extra for DoorDash, frustrated by the cost of picking up a good quality meal (we’ve been eating a lot of fast food by default lately)... then, I would definitely give these guys a try. I can see families ordering meals 1 or 2 times a week. Portions are big so plan for the potential of lunch leftovers the next day! If your family is like mine and spending an arm and a leg on food... Great Meals Delivered can be a helpful solution. Especially nice with the added stress of school. Greatly recommend Great Meals Delivered and will be a weekly customer.


Super happy with Great Meals Delivered. The food is very tasty, free delivery (which cannot be beat) and very affordable. I would totally recommend Great Meals for families who can't cook every single night. The food comes ready to be warmed up in just 3 min!