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Video Testimonial - Original Formula Capsules

My 30 day testimonial & my amazing results! Thank you Green Gold Nutrition! #getgreen

Just 3 days

I feel amazing on day 3 of trying this wonderful product! My energy levels are fantastic!

Love Green Gold

We have your product and love it

Highly Recommend

The Original formula vitamins are fantastic! They are so worth taking! I have really bad fatigue, tired all the time. I noticed a huge improvement in my energy levels when I started taking these supplements. I stopped taking them a couple of times and when I did I started feeling tired all over again. I am really happy with this product! I have my whole family taking them, which is another thing I love about these vitamins, I only have to buy one supplement for everyone.

Natural Nutrition

All in one formula powder formula. This the best form for better absorption, I just add it to my morning juice. It's packed with so many of vitamins & minerals and without synthetic, man-made nutrients! For me, this product is a natural choice for good nutrition! I highly recommend trying this product.

Feeling Great

I just want to say that Green Gold's supplements are the best and that is where I'm going to be getting my supplements from now on. I feel great!

Original Formula Capsules

Love the new capsules! More energy! I can definitly notice a difference in my energy levels and seem to be thinking clearer.

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Great Nutrition

I heard about green gold from my sister it gives me so much energy Im so glad I found out about it!

Something on the Amazing side of Life

For me this has been a heaven sent formula 😍. Its truly the best nutritional supplement available, no cons at all to this. My sister was always someone I could look up to and she is the person who introduced this to me. My life changed for the better as soon as I began taking it. It's truly a powerful choice choosing to take this knowing how healthy it was I knew I needed this in my life. So I just took advantage of the spring sale trying the capsules you get 1 free bottle while paying for 1. That gave me the advantage once again to share something great with others who truly deserved to have something great for themselves to count on. So as far as me I will stick with this supplier and continue taking the supplements they offer. You should give it a try trust me it's more of reliable resource for yourself then anything you can care for yourself and family by taking the step getting it for yourself and sharing it with the ones you love. Thank you! It's an Amazing Product! One of A kind dont miss out. Healthy insides for a happier life! 🤗

HealthTea.... Sciatica, Knees, All over getting old aches and pains! WoW!

HealthTea is amazing! I didn’t think it would really work, but I was so wrong! My sciatica, knees and my all over getting old aches and pains were horrible! Michigan cold weather is really rough on the body. I hurt all winter with an achy body. I’ve been using HealthTea for about 4 months. Within the first couple of weeks alot of my pain started to subside, after about a month or so I was about 90 percent pain free! When I use my tea as directed I get great results! To test the tea, because I still found this hard to believe. I stopped using it for a couple of weeks and my aches and pains started coming back. Getting old just hurts sometimes! The HealthTea takes those hurts away! I stopped the HealthTea twice, with the same results each time. When I started back on the tea it only took about a week for my all over aches and pains to be gone again! This tea is a must try for anyone experiencing pain! Like I said I didn’t believe it at first, but YES it works!! I’m super happy that this teas exists! I now drink it about 3 times a week to maintain! Of course I still get occasional pains, I’m 57 years old it’s to be expected. But 90 percent of my pains are gone and I won’t be without this tea in my home! My husband and I both drink it!  Highly recommend!

Narcolepsy & Blood Pressure

Narcolepsy runs in my family, my grandmother and my brother both lived with it their whole life. I am 58 years old and have not taken very good of my health. I developed Narcolepsy about 5-6 years ago. I decided it was time to start taking care of my health better, so I tried Green Gold Nutrition’s all In one formula. I didn’t expect it to help with my Narcolepsy, I thought it was something I would just have to live with the rest of my life like others in my family. After about 3 months into using Green Gold formula I noticed I was no longer fighting to stay awake while driving down the road. Narcolepsy and driving are a deadly combination, it comes on with no absolutely no warning. When it happens it’s even a struggle to get over to the side of the road. Later I started having issues with my heart racing, so I went to the doctor to have it checked out. I now had high blood pressure, probably caused from a lifetime of not eating as well as I should. I was told to stop taking my supplements, so I stopped taking my Green Gold. What a mistake that was! I noticed in a 10 day period the Narcolepsy was back. I tried to tuff it out, live with it, but decided it just wasn’t worth it. So, I went back on the Green Gold. After about 5 days of being back on my Green Gold, I was no longer dealing with the Narcolepsy issues! I also decided to change my diet and started using additional Green Gold supplements, my blood pressure is way down now as well. Over the past 4 ½ years of using Green Gold Nutrition’s products I have learned it is the foundation of nutritional Support! I thank God it is available to all! Thank you!

Defination of Narcolepsy

 A neurological disorder that affects the control of sleep and wakefulness. People with narcolepsy experience excessive daytime sleepiness and intermittent, uncontrollable episodes of falling asleep during the daytime. These sudden sleep attacks may occur during any type of activity at any time.

More Energy & Depression Gone

I am 62 years old. I had been out of work for about 8 weeks, the longer I was was out of work the more lazy and more depressed I got. Then a friend of mine told me about Green Gold. So I thought I would try it, it can't hurt! In about 4 days I found myself doing stuff around the house, from sitting on the couch all day to now painting some rooms in my house! I started keeping my house clean, which i was slacking on too. I am feeling so much better and no more depression! I am amazed and thankful for your product, it is awesome! GreenGold All in One Formula.

Best multivitamins I've ever tried

When I got pregnant with my 1st son, I scoured the internet to find prenatals that are good and dont contain a whole bunch of extra crap. When my husband told me to try GreenGold I was a bit skeptical, but after I took it for a week I noticed an improvement in my energy and over all health! Also when I was pregnant I couldn't swallow pills because of my gag reflex so the powder in a smoothie blend worked out so perfectly. After I gave birth everyone would always remark at how strong my baby was by being able to hold up his head so well! I have taken greengold as prenatal vitamins with both of my pregnancies and so far, have two handsome healthy boys! I continue to take greengold and will always come #1 recommend by me!! Because I'm a mother of 2 I dont always have a chance to make myself a shake(hehe) but, whenever I feel a cold or sickness coming on I take my green gold and I get better within a day or so! I even give this to my children, I sneak it into their cereal or smoothies and I feel confident that they are getting enough fruits and veggies and good vitamins that will help improve their overall health and immune system! Just give them a try and I promise you they are so worth every penny! Im also super excited to try their capsules!!!! You go GreenGold!!!!!❤❤❤

Blood Test Results

In October 2016 I went for my doctor appointment and had some blood drawn. My results were not good. Glucose 303 High, Hemoglobin 11.40 High, MCH 33.6 High, HDL 30.8 Low, and Triglycerides 252 High On November 2016 I had a blood analysis. It was suggested that I start the following... Kidney cleanse, Probiotics Essentials, Enzymes Essentials and GreenGold Nutrition. I also changed my diet to less carbs and sugar. On Jan. 6 2017 I went back to the doctor for another blood test, the results were great! My Glucose went from 303 to 103, Hemoglobin 11.40 to a 5.80, HDL from a 30.8 which was low to a 35.1, Triglycerides from a 252 to 22.6!  thank you Green Gold!

Changed our lives

My wife, daughter and I all started taking Green Gold several months ago and it has made an enormous difference. For me, I had very bad brain fog and had been taking very large amounts of Potassium daily because my of a condition that made me waste it, Green Gold and an adrenal support have eliminated both problems. We all have more energy without the crash. My wife has better focus and my daughter, that is age 13, isn't having the normal physical problems that come with being a teen girl. We have told many friends and they are all noticing a big change in their lives. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!!!

I love Green Gold Nutrition

I love the Green Gold Nutrition product. I have more energy and feel good all over my body. It helps with leg cramps from Neuropothy, muscle aches and doesn't taste bad either when added to apple juice. I use this every day. Thank you Green Gold.