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Green Rhino Power

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My dog's fur was continuously shedding

My dog's fur was continuously shedding for the past few weeks. I have seen about Green Rhino Power and thought I would try it. The effect is clearly visible, looking at his coat. My dog fur is growing back beautiful.

Worked-out excellent for our dog

We have been using this product for a while now, and it is a worked-out excellent for our dog. I have only good words to say about this product. It has given a boost to my old pet dog's health. We are so happy.


We have no worries regarding my dogs eating problems she is doing great now. Thanks!

Green Rhino Power never disappointed me!

Green Rhino Power never disappointed me or my pit Tony. So now, they are my regular people whom i trust.


GRP is my favorite product to use for my pet. This never caused any harm to my dog instead he is more healthy than ever.


Choosing them was a great decision. I say this because  this is the best product for my bully.Very good products.

Worth evey penny!

Worth evey penny! This product is the best I ever given to them. They provide only great worthy products. They are my regular suppliers for pet products. Thanks!


I don't usually write reviews. But they deserve this review for their awesome products. I can't say enough, buy it, works.

We highly recommended it!

RECOMMENDED Green Rhino Power helped my pet to grow his hair back. He is more fluffy now. I highly recommend G.R.P.

Make your dog blow up to be a beast!

The Super Grow & the Green Rhino Power together are powerful. These products have the potential to make your dog blow up to be a beast. I am so happy.

I highly recommend them.

I highly recommend them. Its an excellent product for getting building muscle. My pet is much healthier now. Thank You!

I love this product.

Really one of the best place to get power proteins for your pet.

Excellent selection of healthy pet supplements.

Excellent selection of healthy pet supplements. Helpful, knowledgeable pet people. I'll be switching to GRP supplements.

Highly recommended it!

I bought the muscle builder product. It's wonderful. Highly recommended it!

All thanks GRP.

This product is so effective. My dog has gained his weight back. All thanks GRP.

Great products

Always have what I need at good prices great products.


Excellent..!!Reliable and friendly. They have true knowledge about pets and there maintenance formula is the best. You can ask any questions regarding pets and pet products they have the patience to listen and clear all the doubts with clear example thank you.

I have been researching multiple pet nutrition supplements.

I have been researching multiple pet nutrition supplements, and I came across GRP Super Grow. I consulted my vet who confirmed that the formula was safe and would be extremely useful. With this confirmation, I started my one 1/2-year-old stud dog on this product. It has been three months since his1st dose, and the results are remarkable!!! I would refer this product to anyone who wants to add lean solid muscle to any bully breed! It's an overall super product!!!

Her shedding has decreased 10x.

Our dog loves GRP--and most importantly, her shedding has decreased 10x (we were thinking of renaming her to Pig Pen with the puff of hair that trailed her everywhere). Qualitatively, her hair is soft and thick to the touch. She's getting more pets than ever.

I have been using Green Rhino for eight years.

I have been using Green Rhino for eight years. These products never let me down, and I will continue to use it. I told other people about Green Rhino they didn't listen to me, they wasted lots of money on other products that claim to be the best, and now they tell me sorry I should of listen to you sooner. Thank you, GRP for best weight gaining & muscle building product out period!

My Pit is racked tight, AMAZING! I love this product.

This vitamin/supplement has been around over 10 years. I should have been using it and didn't know till a friend told me. It is honestly the best you could get for your dog. Not only does it get them in excellent shape, but it can overall extend their life. It is such a great product that I started seeing results in just a matter of one week. I did not expect it to work that well and was very surprised when I did. Since I first started, I have recommended this product to several people and still buy it myself. My Pit is racked tight, AMAZING! I love this product.

I will continue to purchase this product!

My one year old french bulldog is a picky eater. We have recently started to make his food due to him not eating his kibble. After reading about homemade dog foods, I realized that he would need a supplement to cover his nutritional value. I had used this GRP that was recommended by my vet, so I already knew I could trust this brand. My dog LOVES it. Since he is 65 pounds, I give him a little in the morning after breakfast and again after dinner. He gets so excited when he sees the bottle. I will continue to purchase this product.

Sassy Loves GRP

My dog has been on Green Rhino Maintenance Formula for about a year now. She seems to have less itching, and her fur is much thicker, shinier, and softer. She use to lick her paws right after we started this product no more licking.

A must supplement!

"Jasper" is a rescue dog from German Shepherd Rescue. When he became a member of our family, he was underweight and didn't have a lot of energy. Proper nutrition, a good home, and Green Rhino made a world of difference. He regained his weight & health, his coat is beautiful, and he's always ready for "a walk"...his favorite two words!

I love these products!

Teddy has been using Green Rhino products 32 days and I can't believe the difference after such a short time I was amazed and now I continue to give him the maintenance formula. I love these products!

I used this product and will continue to use it it's the best out there.

I used this product in the past and will continue to use it it's the best out there. If you haven't tried it you better get it! Also, the auto-ship program has worked out great for me and I know it will be there every month for me. Thanks, rhino labs for the grp keep up the good work.


Here are pics of my dog 31 days after we started giving grp. I bought a 32oz. bottle not knowing what I was getting myself into. I had doubts at first, the days started to go by, and I started to see him change!! It was like miracle grow & I really didn't buy grp to bulk up my dog it was just to help his growth and give him extra nutrients and vitamins while he matured. grp is a great supplement for dogs of all ages. With a little grp and exercising your dog every day you will get outstanding results rapidly. Thanks, Franks and all the staff at Rhino Labs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She Loves It.

My dog is picky, so I was not sure if she would eat it or not. I use a tablespoon, mix it up by hand, and she chows it down. She has gained some weight, and you can see her veins through her fur on her legs and shoulders. She is a Boxer mix. My wife's little Spaniel eats anything. Since I have been putting it on his food, he has gotten a little more active and seems happier.

He licks his bowl clean!

Our six-month-old mastiff loves this GRP! We mix it with his food, and he licks his bowl clean!

She could go outside, after a couple of days!

My 70lb dog tried to get up one morning and couldn't move her back legs, and she was fine the day before. I couldn't afford a vet bill I didn't know what to do, I would put a rolled up towel under her and help her up so she could go outside, after a couple of days I started googling to find out what could be wrong, I came across Green Rhino website. I finally decided to order muscle formula. I can't believe the results I got just after three days of my dog taking it, she's walking good by herself now, not perfect but she's old.

Dogs love it.

Got this to put a little more weight on my dogs after breeding. This worked great without costing too much. They are high energy and burn off a lot. But they love the taste, and now they wait to eat until I add it to the food. Highly Recommend.

Green Rhino Is the Best!

This was a great product for when my younger dog was so picky he would drop weight. After a month on this with his food, he started eating more and noticeably gained weight quickly.

We will be continuing the GRP supplements!

We feed our dogs high-quality food, treats, and toys. We use quality shampoos, ear and teeth cleaners and give them supplements for joint care. So when we started noticing both of our babes having dehydrated itchy skin we began to research what might help. We tried adding expensive conditioners and itch relief sprays, but it didn’t help. Their skin was still flaking, and they were clearly unhappy with the constant need to scratch. So we decided to give a supplement a try. After narrowing down, we settled on Green Rhino Power. It’s only been a little more than a week that both dogs have been on the recommended dosage and we already see a huge difference. The itching has stopped and so has the dry, flaky skin. They are resting peacefully, and the even colder dryer winter air seems not to be impacting it. So far we can’t recommend this product enough. We have bought a months supply to test but if this first week or so is any indication we will be continuing the supplement.

WOW! GRP by Rhino Labs is an excellent mineral/vitamin supplement for all dogs.

WOW! GRP by Rhino Labs is an excellent mineral/vitamin supplement for all dogs. I was skeptical at first, but I gave it to my Shih Tzu while she was nursing her 2nd litter of pups, She was thin, frail and was losing hair from nursing, but after only one week I noticed a difference, She stop losing hair and started bulking up and after one month she was healthy and fully recovered, Her coat came back thicker and shinier than it's ever looked, I was truly impressed because It took 3X longer for her to recover from her 1st litter without GRP. Thanks for this amazing product.

GRP is the best!

Green Rhino works fast in the first week was amazed! My brother used this product in the past he said it would work fast, i didn't think it would this fast.