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Gruber & Schwartz

63 Mark lane
+44-208 089 2036

To who ever got scammed...


To the people out there who have been hurt and/or scammed by Forex/Binary options fakes, there are still people that you can trust! I know it's hard to find people like this these days, but they do exist. One of which I have found (on Forex Peace Army) and recently been working with to recover my scammed funds. Nicholas Peri from ‘Gruber & Schwartz’ is truly someone you can trust!


He obviously can't promise results, but can certainly increase your chances of winning through his guidance and huge amount of experience in the field. In addition to this, Nicholas' partner is a top lawyer so together they combine their expertise, ultimately presenting solid case for you, against the Forex & Binary options brokerage. More important than this, is the fact that Nicholas has chosen to devote his life to helping people get what they deserve.


I was obviously concerned when I first approached Nicholas as I really had no idea of whether he was just another fake or not. However amongst the other trust he instilled, he stressed that he only gets a commission if we are able to retrieve the funds. I know for a fact he wishes he didn’t have to take any funds, however as he works on many cases with many people 24/7, it is only to make a living.


To be honest, Nicholas sees this as a win-win situation. The moment you work like this, you as a customer know for sure that you share the same interest. At the end of the day, if you don’t win back your funds, he does not get paid for all the time invested.


I only write this post as I want people to know there IS someone out there that can help! With Nicholas' help, you have a REAL chance of getting your hard earner money back!


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any further explanation of my experience. Otherwise, go straight to Nicholas' website:


Good luck!

Dont think twice...

For the purpose of this review id like to let everyone know who has been scammed by Forex companies that there is a way you can attempt to get your funds back..
i myself was in the same position. my account manager lost all my fund which i took 6 weeks to build up taking my account from 1750 usd to 8500 usd. i contacted a guy called Nicholas who help me recoupe my initial deposit through all his knowledge of how Forex companies scam their clients.
it was a no win no fee service Nicholas offered, and im more than satisfied with all what he has done for me... and would recommend his services to anyone in need.